Chapter 35 – Wen Mingyi, the cat-eared youth

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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After which, he threw himself into Si Junduo’s arms.

Wen Mingyi: “Meow?”

Si Junduo touched the cat’s head, and took out a robotic mouse1This cutie right here. from the bag behind him. “It seems you quite like what cats like. Here, a robotic mouse.”

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi ignored him. Teasing this cat was fine. Why would his ge think he liked this fake old mouse! He wasn’t stupid!

He simply rolled in Si Junduo’s arms, causing the latter to give up on the robotic mouse and instead scratch his fur. En. To scratch was more comfortable.

The next morning, whilst Si Junduo was asleep, he felt someone else rubbing against his jaw. He instantly opened his eyes, but when he saw the scene in front, he was taken aback.

The orange cat that had slept next to him last night was gone, now replaced by the familiar young master. The youth’s head was between his shoulder and neck, with one hand over his body, he was in a deep sleep.

Si Junduo hadn’t been hugged to sleep by Wen Mingyi since a long time ago. At the beginning, when Wen Mingyi was still young, this was how they used to sleep together. When Wen Wei and Zhao Wangyu had left, entrusting Wen Mingyi to the Si family, he likely couldn’t adapt, and afraid that Si Junduo would leave too, he became very sticky, wanting the other to hug him to sleep.

Inside the bedroom, this habit had also slowly changed. Later, when Wen Mingyi’s rebellious period came, he moved out of the Si family directly. It was difficult for the two to even see each other, let alone sleep on the same bed.

Si Junduo recalled, and his smile dropped for a moment. This hard-won warmth was something he cherished.

He gently looked at Wen Mingyi. Slowly, his eyes moved to the place that made him startled in the first place — a pair of orange cat ears that did not belong to humans.

Si Junduo raised his hand and looked at his watch. At 8:10 am, Wen Mingyi should still be in the form of an orange cat. Yet today, he became a person, a person with cat ears. Si Junduo thought of something and reached out to touch the bed covers. Sure enough, he felt a long fluffy strip — an orange cat tail.

This situation was really unexpected. He didn’t push Wen Mingyi, simply softly calling out, “Ming Ming, wake up.”

In a daze, Wen Mingyi opened his eyes. Rubbing his eyes, he asked, “What? It’s nine already?”


“Then let me sleep some more,” Wen Mingyi dreamily answered.

Si Junduo stretched out his hand and kneaded those cat ears. “You should first see what you look like now.”

Wen Mingyi was puzzled. His morning brain took a while to process this. With a startle, he sat up straight. “Didn’t you say it wasn’t nine yet? How did I turn back?”

He looked at his hands in disbelief. “I don’t need to be a cat anymore?”

Si Junduo looked at the orange cat ears twitching with every word on his head, and helplessly asked, “Remember Inuyasha?”2It’s a classic! Is there anyone who doesn’t know about the series? :0 Inuyasha – Wikipedia › wiki › Inuyasha .

PS there’s a new series ongoing now! Yashahime, Sesshomaru x Rin’s! 

“I remember.” Wen Mingyi nodded. “Why are you mentioning him suddenly?”

“Because you are almost a nekoyasha now.”3A mix of cat and demon. Neko = cat, yasha = demon. Get it? Hehe

Wen Mingyi: “Huh?”

Si Junduo picked up the mobile phone he had placed beside the bed, turned on the front camera, and handed it to Wen Mingyi. “Take a look at yourself.”

Wen Mingyi suspiciously took it, feeling confused as he glanced at the phone. Then, he saw a pair of pointed and fluffy orange cat ears standing upright.

Wen Mingyi instantly stood up. The cat ears on his head twitched. Si Junduo saw them, and his hands itched to touch them.

Wen Mingyi sat back, and then felt something weird — he felt as if he was pressing on something. He tremblingly lifted the blanket, and saw a familiar fluffy coloured cat tail.

Wen Mingyi fell onto the bed. “This must be a dream. I must be blind!”

Si Junduo was amused by his series of actions. He reached out and touched those cat ears. Wen Mingyi felt the touch on his ears and looked at him in shock. “Do you know what you are doing?! ”

“I know.” After he finished touching, Si Junduo kneaded even more, commenting, “Feels good to the touch.”

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi kept silent. This ge had changed! His ge was not like this before! His ge didn’t have this bad taste before!

“Why is this happening?” Wen Mingyi’s head hurt. “Turning into a cat or dog is enough. Why am I turning into a half cat now!”

Si Junduo had discovered this earlier than him, and had his own speculation. “I woke up at 8:10, and then found that you were like this. Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake earlier to see when exactly you’ll change from a cat to a half-cat. As for why you become like this, I guess we can consider this to be an improvement.”

“An improvement?”

“Yes. It wasn’t that you could turn into a cat or dog right from the start. Some conditions must have been triggered for this change, because this isn’t your inherent ability. These changes will thus disappear one day; I believe through a gradual process. After all, your current situation is indeed more human-like than the orange cat, isn’t it?”

Wen Mingyi considered it for a while. “From what you’re saying, according to this theory, one day, I can really change back completely. At night, I won’t be a cat or dog anymore?”

Si Junduo nodded. “If my guess is right.”

Wen Mingyi immediately held Si Junduo’s hand and gave him a firm look. “Your guess must be right. I believe you.”

Si Junduo raised his eyebrows. Do you really believe me? You just can’t wait to change back!

He patted Wen Mingyi’s head. “Okay, since we are awake, let’s get out of bed.”

Wen Mingyi sighed, he unwillingly lifted the quilt, stepped over him, and got out of bed. Si Junduo looked at the furry cat’s tail protruding from his pajamas. His hands felt itchy.

After washing up, Wen Mingyi stood in front of the full-length mirror and stared at the cat ears on his head, feeling a bit strange. He turned around to have a look. This… the cat tail from his butt was even stranger. He questioned Si Junduo uncomfortably, “Do I look weird?”

Si Junduo was currently arranging his morning’s work with Lin Mu. He replied, “Not weird.”


Si Junduo nodded and beckoned him over. Wen Mingyi heeded and Si Junduo motioned for him to lower his head. Wen Mingyi looked at him suspiciously, and then felt his ears being touched.

“It’s cute.” Saying so, Si Junduo continued downwards to rub his head. “Just don’t let others see it.”

Wen Mingyi: …

At this moment, Wen Mingyi thought his ge probably really liked this pair of cat ears on his head. What a bad taste!4Here, it’s written 辣鸡恶趣味: Literally spicy chicken tastes bad!

The two ate together at the hotel. When the minute hand reached the 12th position, the cat ears on Wen Mingyi’s head and the cat tail on his buttocks disappeared. Wen Mingyi breathed a sigh of relief, and confidently went out with Si Junduo.

As usual, Si Junduo sent him to the set before saying goodbye to Wen Mingyi, seeing him head to the dressing room.

Si Junduo looked at his back, recalling this morning when Wen Mingyi was nuzzled in his arms, still in a daze after waking up. His eyes filled with gentleness. Though he had just sent him off the car, Si Junduo couldn’t help but want to pick him up again. It’s just that he still had work to do, and so did Wen Mingyi. Hence, Si Junduo could only let go of his thoughts. Once night came, he would then pick up his little cat again.

When Wen Mingyi arrived in the dressing room, Cheng Lu had already arrived. Seeing him there, she informed him about today’s shooting and watched the makeup artist style him.

After the makeup and styling, Wen Mingyi went to change clothes, but found that Le Chi’s clothes were rather reduced.

“Wear this one today.” The makeup artist handed him a dark blue sweater and a pair of jeans.

Wen Mingyi looked at the T-shirt in his hand and asked, “Isn’t yesterday’s clothes the same as today’s white shirt?”

“There was a re-designing. It has changed.”

“Why didn’t you inform us in advance?” Cheng Lu asked, “I think there are a few pieces of clothes on Le Chi’s side missing. Many good styles are gone. What happened?”

The clothing designer steadily responded, “I’m only doing what Teacher says. This morning, Teacher Sun re-designed the clothes of the three male characters. Now Le Chi’s clothes are these. I’m simply following the Teacher’s words for him to wear this outfit.”

“In that case, let me contact Teacher Sun,” Cheng Lu said.

She left the clothing room and went to the stairwell to call Sun Chuan, who was in charge of clothing design.

At that moment, Sun Chuan was searching for outfits for the actress. Hearing the phone ring, he glanced at the caller ID, and apologised to Yan Feifei before going out and answering the phone.


“Hello, this is Cheng Lu, Wen Mingyi’s agent.”

“I know.”

“Teacher Sun, I don’t understand why nearly one-third of Le Chi’s clothes were removed. And the majority of those were good styles. I’m sure you’re5formal you aware of the fact that the image of the character is reflected in their outfits and style. Isn’t it better to revert back to the previous clothing style?”

Sun Chuan has done many clothing designs; in the film and television industry, he was considered a well-known figure. Without beating around the bush, he simply stated, “I used to design the clothing based on the characters in the drama. But as you know, the protagonist’s greatest fear is to be suppressed by supporting actors. He has to have the best makeup, have the best styling. In the same way, the clothes also have to be the best.”

“Xu Jingjie took a fancy to those clothes. They are about the same height and body shape, thus Xu Jingjie decided on them. But I can’t allot Mu Kai’s clothes from Shang Chengze to Wen Mingyi. Hence, there’s only this many clothes left for Le Chi.”

Cheng Lu had the feeling this situation might have in fact happened, since there were instances where supporting characters could indeed suppress the protagonist. When celebrities signed to become the main lead, they would be very cautious in this regard. Their position must be the best; their number of scenes needed to be the most; the character styling also had to be the most outstanding in the shoot. Some would even bring their own stylists in order to prevent the supporting role from suppressing them. Or when signing the contract, they would specify just how many sets of outfits the other people should have.

She originally thought that with Xu Jingjie’s popularity, he wouldn’t care about Wen Mingyi, let alone worry he would be pressured by the youngster. Unexpectedly, on the surface, Xu Jingjie remained silent, but he had already made moves in private.

Xu Jingjie didn’t return the clothes he took. Furthermore, Sun Chuan didn’t want to spend on an extra set-up for Wen Mingyi, resulting in their current predicament.

“I see. Seems you really can’t exchange other clothes for Le Chi. Then, how about this, we’ll pay ourselves to buy a few new sets of clothes for Le Chi. There should be no problem with this, right?”

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  • 1
    This cutie right here.
  • 2
    It’s a classic! Is there anyone who doesn’t know about the series? :0 Inuyasha – Wikipedia › wiki › Inuyasha .

    PS there’s a new series ongoing now! Yashahime, Sesshomaru x Rin’s! 
  • 3
    A mix of cat and demon. Neko = cat, yasha = demon. Get it? Hehe
  • 4
    Here, it’s written 辣鸡恶趣味: Literally spicy chicken tastes bad!
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    formal you

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