Chapter 33 – Youth and Cat; multiple damage from netizens

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Wen Mingyi was watching the little siamese cat eat dinner when Shang Chengze’s assistant arrived. Seeing Yan Feifei, he immediately put a smile on his face. “Yan-jie, Shang-ge wanted me to bring the siamese cat back.”

Yan Feifei nodded. She picked up the siamese cat and handed it to him, together with some cat food.

“Thank you, Yan-jie.” The assistant reached out and took both the siamese cat and its food from her hands respectfully.

“You’re welcome. By the way, this is Xiao Wen. You should have met before.” She glanced at Wen Mingyi and smiled. “Xiao Wen is our company’s newbie, my shidi. He’s a newcomer, and not yet familiar with this circle. If there’s anything that’s unsatisfactory, for my sake, please don’t be too bothered about it. After all, he’s a newcomer. It’s inevitable that there’ll be times when he’s not doing well, right?”

The assistant complained in his heart. Where was he not doing well? He did well enough to ascend to heaven! Lighting this spark was just like exploding firecrackers! Such a newcomer, even if he were to search the entire entertainment circle, he likely wouldn’t find someone like Wen Mingyi!

But no matter how dissatisfied he was, Yan Feifei had already spoken. He could only nod his head and add, “Since Yan-jie said that Xiao Wen is already in this circle, he should learn the rules of this circle. Shang-ge has a good temper; he won’t argue with Xiao Wen. However, should he meet someone who can’t be talked with, then Xiao Wen would be the one who suffers, right?”

Wen Mingyi rolled his eyes in his heart. Shang Chengze has a good temper? Then he himself would be Buddha’s reincarnation or Virgin Mary, with a golden halo solidly hovering over his head.

Yan Feifei heard these words and smiled. “You’re right, but Xiao Wen is an artist from Zhaoyang, after all. Zhaoyang will take care of him if something goes wrong. You don’t have to worry for him.”

Her tone was mild and gentle, but her words were the opposite. When Shang Chengze’s assistant heard her say this, he wasn’t sure if she was angry. He said some perfunctory words before leaving with the cat in his arms.

Wen Mingyi watched as Shang Chengze’s assistant took the siamese cat away, and couldn’t help but feel a little worried. He didn’t know if the cat would be abused when it returned. However, it had been arranged by the crew for Shang Chengze, and he couldn’t take it away. He only hoped that Shang Chengze would keep in mind it was a crew cat and stop bullying it.

“Thank you, Yan-jie,” Wen Mingyi turned to look at Yan Feifei, “Had to bother you.”

“No problem. I’m your shiji, after all. Mu-ge specially asked me too, so I’ll naturally take good care of you. If Shang Chengze knows of these current affairs, he shouldn’t trouble you anymore. And if he still doesn’t know of the current affairs, then it’s no wonder he’s still dangling in the line for these past two years.”

Wen Mingyi smiled, feeling that Yan Feifei’s words were quite incisive.

He and Yan Feifei talked for a while, before hearing the deputy director call for them to go to the set and start shooting.

Yan Feifei and Xu Jingjie were the first to shoot. Wen Mingyi and Shang Chengze stood at the set and watched, listening to the director discussing with Yan Feifei and Xu Jingjie. Soon, Yan Feifei and Xu Jingjie officially began filming. The two entered the scene very quickly. Yan Feifei swapped onto Mo Mo’s innocence, and Xu Jingjie also showed Cui Yingbo’s gentleness.

One scene soon ended, followed by the pet scene. In the entertainment industry, of all the scenes, the ones with babies were the most difficult to shoot because they didn’t understand what one was saying, so actors had to cooperate with them, and not the other way round.

Yan Feifei and Xu Jingjie were now in this situation — the orange cat laid on the ground. Like a son of heaven, ignoring everyone, whosoever left the ground was considered a pig. At the side, the staff members urged the orange cat, which continued ignoring them, even yawning lazily.

“What should I do?” the staff member asked with melancholy.

“Try a cat toy stick1Looks like this: ,” someone suggested.

The orange cat saw the cat toy stick. Indeed, with its two eyes and two front paws, it chased after the toy. However, as soon as the cat toy left, it collapsed back down. Even the Ragdoll cat laying beside it didn’t dare to mess around. Rather, it was the Corgi that walked over with its short legs, its butt twisting as it went prancing around Yan Feifei.

“Why don’t I hold it? Let’s not have it walk anymore,” Yan Feifei suggested.

“Can’t,” the director refused. “If you hold it, the subsequent scenes can’t progress.”

Yan Feifei heard these words and once again lowered her head to coax the orange cat that was sitting like a clock. It was an orange cat she wouldn’t be able to coax. It was as steady as an old monk in the middle of meditation, seeming as though it’d fall asleep in minutes. Seeing this, one of the staff members couldn’t help feeling anxious, and his hand lost his grip.

The orange cat was frightened. With a slash, the paw almost scratched his hand.

Wen Mingyi was about to have a sip of water when he saw the orange cat hunched over the staff with its hair fluffed upwards. He quickly handed the water to Cheng Lu and walked forward and persuaded, “These cats just need some coaxing. Just coax them, ba.”

With that, he squatted down. Looking at the defensive eyes of the orange cat, he clarified, “I have fed you a meal just now. You don’t remember me?”

The orange cat remembered the smell on his body. It felt that Wen Mingyi was of the same kind, so it placed away its anger and retorted, “You didn’t feed me. I ate myself.”

Wen Mingyi smiled, and raised his hand to touch the hair on its back. “You can’t just lie on the floor. You have to follow this sister.”

The orange cat was unwilling. “Just ate. Too lazy.”

Wen Mingyi: …

No wonder you’re so fat! If you’re not fat then who else can be! There’s a reason why you’re so fat!

Wen Mingyi coughed, and emphasized, “You have to stand up and walk. You have to go with this sister.” He thought about it, and continued, “I’ll give you snacks after your walk ends.”

The orange cat heard the word ‘snacks’ and its beautiful cat eyes lit up instantly. With suspicion, it asked, “Really?”

Wen Mingyi nodded. “En, you follow this sister. You follow after her wherever she goes, and I will give you snacks later.”



“Whoever lies will have no dried fish for a lifetime!” The orange cat brought out the cruelest punishment.

Wen Mingyi, who had no attachments to dried fish, was very calm. “En.” He didn’t need it anyway.

Assured, the orange cat was now willing to stand up. It shook its orange head, and said to the Ragdoll cat next to him, “Let’s go, sis. For snacks.”

The Ragdoll cat responded obediently, “Alright~”

Yan Feifei saw that the cat had finally arrived, and was pleasantly surprised. “Xiao Wen, you are very good, even able to coax cats. Do you raise cats at home?”

“No.” What ‘raising cats’? He was enough to raise himself.

“Then you are very good at coaxing cats,” Yan Feifei said with emotion. “It just doesn’t listen.”

“It’s just that I usually watch some cute pet videos.” Wen Mingyi pulled a guise. “For orange cats, nine out of ten of them love to eat, and this one especially loves to eat. So coaxing them with food will never go wrong.”

Yan Feifei nodded. “It seems so.”

Seeing that the cat actor was in place, the director quickly asked Yan Feifei and Xu Jingjie to start filming. The orange cat was very cooperative this time and followed Yan Feifei all the way. Under the clear blue sky, the handsome man and beautiful woman walked side by side, with a dog and two cats by their feet. This picture was shot separately, and posted directly at the official blog of ‘Pet Romance’. Book fans screamed, saying it was too warm and too beautiful.

“I’m dead! Don’t save me! Xu Jingjie and Yan Feifei are really just-!”

“The cats are so cute! The corgi too! This drama is really a merger of looks and cuteness!”

On the other hand, Cheng Lu had also photographed Wen Mingyi coaxing the cat. After Wen Mingyi came back, she sent it to his WeChat and asked him to upload it on his Weibo.

“Just have the captions be ‘An image of behind the scenes’,” Cheng Lu said.

Wen Mingyi followed.

Fans looked at the behind the scenes photos he suddenly posted, in which Wen Mingyi was squatting halfway down to coax the orange cat on the ground. The youth was wearing a simple white shirt and jeans. A clean-cut look as he tenderly looked at the cat in front of him. However, the cat on the ground turned his head proudly and did not look at him. The youth was not annoyed and smiled with his eyes curved.

Wen Mingyi’s fans received a shot to their heart. Their little brother was just too good-looking! They quickly posted this photo to the forum – 《The Youth and the Cat. A scene from the dreams. Too beautiful!”》

Passerbys exclaimed in surprise, “Who is this? So handsome! And so gentle!”

“Ah ah ah, Le Chi!!! For Le Chi to be like this, my God, Wen Mingyi is so good-looking!”

“I just saw Xu Jingjie and Yan Feifei’s behind the scenes photos. Now that I see Le Chi’s, I think the crew of ‘Pet Romance’ is too great! Such creation, this drama is stable!”

Very quickly, ‘Pet Romance’ became a hot search.

The staff in charge of the official blog also forwarded these behind the scenes moments on Weibo previously posted by Wen Mingyi, adding the words: A juvenile cat, an idyllic lifestyle!

Le Chi fans called out on Wen Mingyi one after another, saying excitedly, “Yes, that’s Le Le! From now on, the 18-year-old in the book finally has a face!”

“This choice of Le Chi is really too good. Before I had seen Wen Mingyi, I felt that no one in the entertainment circle could play Le Chi. After seeing Wen Mingyi, he became the Le Chi of my heart! The cast god chose right!”

“I didn’t feel much about Le Chi when I was reading. But now, I am crazy about Le Chi! This Wen Mingyi’s face is just too much of a cheat, such face value ah!”

“If you can’t hold back, then just surrender. The little female book fan upstairs, I give you this clean-cut little Mingyi brother. Salty, sweet, super loving, strongly superb, dazzling on stage, not a loss to invest!”

The warm and welcoming water sisters actively sold Amway 2卖着安利: Some form of slang as Amway is a health company, selling products good for you., and Le Chi fans also ate Amway with interest. The sisters who sold and bought Amway had a lively discussion about Wen Mingyi.

Looking at the popularity of Wen Mingyi on the hot search, Shang Chengze couldn’t help frowning. He quickly remembered what his assistant had said, “Wen Mingyi and Yan Feifei are from the same company. Yan Feifei seems to like him, asking Shang-ge to forgive what Wen Mingyi does — treat it as giving her face.”

With such clear words uttered by Yan Feifei, he would not be so stupid as to go head-on against Yan Feifei. Though he was dissatisfied, he had to press it down. It’s just that the tv drama had also rushed to third place on the hot searches alongside this. Rather than not making use of it, Shang Chengze also posted a behind the scenes photo.

However, not long after this picture was sent online, a book fan noted, “Where is Mu Kai’s little siamese cat? Momo’s two cats and dog are there, why is Mu Kai’s little siamese cat not present?”

Shang Chengze’s fan explained, “Maybe ‘cause the cat hasn’t arrived. Our brother likes cats a lot. If he sees the siamese cat, he’ll definitely be happy.”

“The siamese cat’s face this season should be black hahahaha. It’s time for the coal digger to work!”

“Still unsure how the crew’s little siamese cat looks like. Thinking about it, it should be very cute!”

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    卖着安利: Some form of slang as Amway is a health company, selling products good for you.

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