Chapter 32 – Whoever wants to humiliate me, I’ll retaliate back

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Since he was a child, Wen Mingyi had hated the way people beat around the bush. What qualifications did Shang Chengze have to talk to him like this? His own assistant’s conduct, wouldn’t he already know about it ?

If his assistant didn’t kick the cat first, would he have knocked against the assistant? He’d be too lazy to bother with such people otherwise.

“Shang-ge.” Wen Mingyi smiled. “The staff would have wanted you to familiarize and cultivate feelings with the Siamese cat. Having the cat outside the car and ignoring it, isn’t it a waste of the crew’s kind intentions?”

Shang Chengze looked at him, his tone indifferent. “What does it have to do with you?”

“If you need me to help your assistant pick up a mobile phone, then I think your assistant also needs to apologize to the Siamese cat. The cat is for acting as a pet in the drama, not for your assistant to treat it like a ball to kick around.”

The assistant retorted, “You purposely bumped into me! It’s not that you didn’t notice!”

Wen Mingyi tilted his head. “So, you’ll apologize?”

“Why should I apologize? But you, you pick up my phone.”

Wen Mingyi snorted coldly.

Shang Chengze stated, dissatisfied, “What kind of expression is this! Your parents haven’t taught you to pick up things after you bump into someone?”

Wen Mingyi laughed upon hearing the words. “Then your parents have never taught you that all beings are equal, and we should treat all equally? With this sort of common sense, how did you even graduate from the nine-year compulsory education? Has your teacher never taught you to live in harmony with nature and other beings? Such basic common sense, seems like you have already returned it to your teachers.”


“‌How can you talk to Shang-ge like this!” Shang Chengze’s assistant snapped.

Wen Mingyi shrugged. “That’s what I said. Don’t you understand when I’m speaking Chinese? Then you’re even more awesome. Haven’t even graduated from the nine-year compulsory education, even your listening comprehension fails.”

Shang Chengze’s assistant wanted to hit him when he heard that, but Wen Mingyi avoided his throw.

Seeing this, his manager hurried over and questioned, “What happened?”

Shang Chengze brushed it off. “It’s nothing, just a newcomer nitpicking things, that’s all.”

Shang Chengze’s manager couldn’t believe it. “Kid, is it your first day in this circle? Do you need me to tell you the rules of this circle?”

At this time, Cheng Lu also saw Wen Mingyi there. She ran over quickly and asked him about the situation.

Wen Mingyi calmly explained the facts. Cheng Lu was anxious. While apologizing to Shang Chengze, she explained, “Ming Ming is young, he just entered this circle. There are some things he doesn’t understand too well. Shang-ge, please don’t blame it on him.”

“Okay, fine.” Shang Chengze folded his arms and looked at Wen Mingyi. “He was rude to me and deliberately knocked down my assistant’s phone. You get him to apologize to me, pick the phone up and then apologize to my assistant once more. Then I’ll treat it as his inexperience in this circle and won’t blame it on him.”

Cheng Lu looked at him with a smile and said in a good voice, “I apologize to you on Ming Ming’s behalf. I’ll pick up the phone for him too.”

Shang Chengze sneered. “Who are you to be picking up my phone?”

Cheng Lu was a little embarrassed.

Wen Mingyi lightly pulled her behind him. He walked to the side, bent over and picked up the little Siamese cat on the ground, rubbing the area where it had just been kicked. The little Siamese cat’s big blue eyes looked at him innocently, big question marks written on its tiny black face.

Wen Mingyi looked at it. As the weather gradually got cooler these past few days, the little Siamese cat’s face turned darker as well1Did You Know: Siamese cats turn dark in cold temperatures? Also, more interesting facts about them: . Alas, it was such a pitiful young fellow, having to dig for coal and support its family to the point of getting kicked. It was too sad.

“I’ll take you to dinner,” he said warmly.

Then, he glanced at Cheng Lu and told her, “Let’s go.”

Cheng Lu: ? ? ? ?

Shang Chengze narrowed his eyes. “Wen Mingyi, you haven’t apologized to me yet.”

Wen Mingyi rubbed the little pitiful fellow’s starving convex stomach and smiled. “Isn’t it like what you said? That I don’t have common sense. My apologies, but it seems like you’re really correct. I really don’t have common sense.”

Shang Chengze never expected that Wen Mingyi would use his own words to block himself. He gritted his teeth. “You’re not ashamed, but proud instead?”

Wen Mingyi blinked, deliberately continuing, “Yes dear, muah muah2kisses the cat. You’re right, muah muah. Happy, muah muah?”

Shang Chengze: …

Shang Chengze felt his chest fill with anger, wishing to thoroughly beat the person in front of him.

Cheng Lu tugged on the hem of Wen Mingyi’s clothes, trying to remind her little ancestor to restrain himself. However, from his birth till now, Wen Mingyi hadn’t known how to write the two words ‘holding back’ and neither did he want to know.

In the past, whatever he wanted, he got. Whatever he didn’t have, Si Junduo would get it for him by any means.

His parents didn’t care much about him from early on. Only Si Junduo was in charge of him. But Si Junduo had never taught him about holding back. He always stood in an accommodating position, telling him whatever he did, as long as it didn’t violate any laws, didn’t damage moral values, whatever he wanted to do, he could do.

That’s why Wen Mingyi didn’t care about Shang Chengze. What was Shang Chengze? Frankly speaking, what was this TV series ‘Pet Romance’ worth? If he wanted to, he could just secretly film his own TV series. It wasn’t that he had no money. All these years of his parents’ neglect corresponded to the amount of money they owed him. When converted into cash, it could easily kill Shang Chengze, this dog!

That’s why Wen Mingyi didn’t care. He lifted up the little Siamese’s paw and waved it towards Shang Chengze. “This cat is hungry. Based on our relationship, I’ll help you feed the cat. No need to thank me. After all, these civilized etiquettes, you have already returned them back to your teachers.”

Wen Mingyi left with the little Siamese cat in his arms.

Shang Chengze couldn’t believe it. He looked at Wen Mingyi’s back and pointed to his manager, then asked, “He obviously doesn’t have me in his eyes, does he.”3 Meaning, considering Shang Chengze beneath his notice.

The manager opened his mouth but then closed it again. It was hard to tell whether those words were accidentally aggressive or intentionally like that.

Shang Chengze found it ridiculous. “He, a newcomer, has such a temper. Is he just seeking death?”

“He is from Zhaoyang. This drama is Zhaoyang’s investment,” the manager reminded.

“So what!” Shang Chengze discontentedly argued. “He dared talk to me like this, obviously looking down on me. If I don’t settle matters with him today, then everyone will climb over my head tomorrow!”

The manager heard these words, but didn’t speak. What Shang Chengze said was right. Wen Mingyi, a newcomer who had just entered the circle, clearly provoked Shang Chengze’s authority today. If he didn’t take any action, wouldn’t he appear to be afraid of this newcomer?

“I’ll settle this. You stay out of this,” instructed the manager.

Shang Chengze reluctantly let out an “en” and then reminded his assistant, “Get that ugly cat back. Even if I look down on it, it’s not his turn. A little toy? Ridiculous!”

The assistant complied and hurriedly chased after Wen Mingyi.

Wen Mingyi hugged the cat and searched the area for cat food, but couldn’t find it. He asked the staff and they mentioned it was with Yan Feifei. He could only go back and find Yan Feifei again.

Seeing him turn to walk back in the previous direction, Cheng Lu quickly stopped him, and whispered, “My little ancestor, you still plan to continue quarreling with Shang Chengze? His position is higher than yours, he is your elder. Stay calm and take it easy.”

“I plan to find Yan-jie,” Wen Mingyi explained. “To feed the cat.”

“Then let’s go this way.” Cheng Lu pointed to a new path.

Wen Mingyi indifferently walked the new route with her.

In her mind, Cheng Lu pondered, “I’d better apologize to Shang Chengze in a bit, otherwise when it’s time to shoot, he’ll definitely make things hard for you.”

“It’s okay,” Wen Mingyi said calmly. “We’ll take appropriate actions as per the situation 4兵来将挡水来土掩: Confront soldiers with generals, stem out water with earth.. Should he come, we’ll block the enemy’s retreat and destroy him.5关门打狗‌: Shut the door to hit the dog )

Cheng Lu: …

Cheng Lu finally understood what her boss emphasized to her before the job. “He is young and born in an influential family. He has been pampered since young. When you’re with him, try to follow along as much as possible. Don’t make him unhappy.” What was with this sentence?

But the problem on hand was, Wen Mingyi was happy but Shang Chengze wasn’t. Once Shang Chengze was unhappy, he would find ways to make Wen Mingyi unhappy. Therefore, she still had to solve the problem of Shang Chengze’s unhappiness.

“Ming Ming, I know your family’s qualifications are good. But since you have entered this circle, you should know that this circle also has its rules.”

“I know. But I also have my own rules. Don’t provoke me, and I won’t provoke others. Once someone provokes me, I won’t stay silent. Cheng-jie, I understand you’re worried for me. But it’s not necessary. Do you think I’m afraid of him? A person like him, if he can bully a cat today, bully a newcomer today, then he can bully another group of newcomers tomorrow. Luckily, I can help others resolve this person. You can take it as punishing evil and promoting good, a good deed done.”

Cheng Lu: “…Still, there’s no need to be hard on yourself.”

“No other way,” Wen Mingyi calmly explained, “I’m this kind of person. Since childhood, I’ve never suffered any hardship or loss. If anyone wants to bully me, I’ll let them know the taste of being mowed down. Whoever wants to humiliate me, I’ll retaliate back. Because you’ve just recently started representing me, you may be unfamiliar with my personality. You’ll get used to it in the future so don’t worry about it, because the next time I encounter this, I’ll still do the same. You can’t put a stop to it.”

Cheng Lu: …

Cheng Lu suddenly felt that her managerial career seemed to be facing another kind of problem.

Wen Mingyi walked towards Yan Feifei’s nanny car and saw that she was feeding the orange cat, so he put down the Siamese cat in his arms. “Give some food to this one too, it’s hungry.”

Yan Feifei moved the bowl in front of the orange cat towards the Siamese cat. The orange cat immediately jumped at it. Yan Feifei had to pick it up, persuading, “You’ve eaten enough. Let the little brothers and sisters eat.”

However, the orange cat was meowing loudly: Let go of me, I can still eat!

Wen Mingyi: …This big orange cat’s size truly doesn’t deceive.

“Why are you with this Siamese cat?” Yan Feifei asked him. “Shouldn’t this cat be with Shang Chengze? In the book, it’s Mu Kai who keeps the Siamese cat and not Le Chi.”

Wen Mingyi briefly told what had happened. Yan Feifei was stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect her little shidi6For those who love wuxi / xianxia novels, shidi = junior brother to be so tough. As she thought about it again, Mu Ziang did say that Wen Mingyi was the brother of his friend. Mu Ziang’s family background was rather prominent. His friend should be the same. It seemed that Wen Mingyi should have a good family background too.

The young master born in a wealthy family did not fear Shang Chengze. However, “Shang Chengze’s likely going to get you in trouble.”

Wen Mingyi “oh”-ed, obviously not caring.

Yan Feifei smiled. “Of course, being your shijie7For those who love wuxi / xianxia novels, shijie = senior sister, I will help you.”

“Then, many thanks to Yan-jie.”

“You’re welcome.” Yan Feifei waved the orange cat’s paw at him.


The author has something to say:
For Ming Ming, entering the entertainment circle is different from his two brothers – Qingchi and Zhou Zhou. [Covers face].

One is because he is young. The other is because he has been unscrupulous since childhood. Third is that his resources are solid.

So don’t think of him as an ordinary newcomer. Ordinary newcomers don’t have a handsome tyrant brother or a huge director as father. So he does everything according to his mood, making sure he is happy at all times~

As for Cheng Lu, she is an ordinary agent. She takes the approach of bringing in ordinary newcomers, so she feels that she shouldn’t make conflict with people who are her seniors / artists, and not offend people as soon as they enter the circle, but Ming Ming no care8Raws stated 不care, literally No Care. 😉. Cheng Lu will gradually adapt to Ming Ming~

Hahaha, I saw a young girl in my comment section yesterday saying that their cats are very interesting. Let me copy it for you:

My dad feeds the stray cats three times a day. In addition to my house, there are three to four such canteens. After eating at my house at 7am, they head to the house on the third floor to have another meal. Leave after eating, not allowing to touch or play. Scum cats!

  • 1
    Did You Know: Siamese cats turn dark in cold temperatures? Also, more interesting facts about them:
  • 2
    kisses the cat
  • 3
    Meaning, considering Shang Chengze beneath his notice.
  • 4
    兵来将挡水来土掩: Confront soldiers with generals, stem out water with earth.
  • 5
    关门打狗‌: Shut the door to hit the dog )
  • 6
    For those who love wuxi / xianxia novels, shidi = junior brother
  • 7
    For those who love wuxi / xianxia novels, shijie = senior sister
  • 8
    Raws stated 不care, literally No Care. 😉

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