Chapter 30 – Shang Chengze schemes while filming & Si Junduo’s night meeting with Wen Mingyi

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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The female protagonist, Mo Mo, was a newly graduated university student, working as a copy editor at a company.

Winter had come, and there were a few stray cats in her community. Amongst them was an orange mandarin cat that had always followed her on her way back home after work. The kind-hearted Mo Mo adopted this orange cat1. Later, she also adopted a disabled Corgi2 that had been abandoned. At the same time, a good friend’s Ragdoll cat 3 was also under her care.

Taking care of two cats and one dog… life was very comfortable. Until one day, when Mo Mo returned home after work had ended early, she found that her two cats were not there. Mo Mo was shocked. After searching for a long time in the neighbourhood, the orange and ragdoll cat were found in the male protagonist, Cui Yingbo’s house. The former was busy eating and drinking whatever was available, while the latter was also under the negative influence of the orange cat.

Cui Yingbo was a well-known designer in the national and international fashion circle. One winter day, he found an orange cat curled up at the entrance of his house. The orange cat meowed at him, and Cui Yingbo ended up bringing it home.

Cui Yingbo was a busy man with an irregular schedule, even when he realised that the orange cat was not at home sometimes, he thought it was used to roaming around and did not like being kept inside. So, he let it come and go as it pleased. Later, the orange cat brought a ragdoll cat back home, making him firmly believe in this idea even more. Look, wasn’t it bringing his little stray friend?

So Cui Yingbo left a door open for their convenience, allowing the orange cat and the ragdoll cat to come and go, until Mo Mo appeared.

Mo Mo was stupefied! She never thought that her cat daughters would have a ‘dad’ outside! The red flag at home wouldn’t fall, but the colorful flags were fluttering outside! 4Proverb: 家里红旗不倒, 外面彩旗飘飘啊! : Keeping the family intact while having an affair outside marriage.

Cui Yingbo was also stunned! He looked at the orange cat rubbing against his calf and then rubbing its head against Mo Mo’s calf. He didn’t know what to say for a while, only feeling that the top of his head was a little green.

The father and mother sat on the same sofa as their worry-free cat daughters; one recalled the history of this scum cat derailment, while the other felt it was not easy to be a cat parent.

Thus, the two became acquainted with one another and began to raise the scum daughters together. While raising the two cats and Corgi, they fell in love with each other. Finally, Cui Yingbo confessed to Mo Mo. Together with these three pets, the two of them lived happily together.

This was a very warm love story. The two cats at home caused their strings of fate to be intertwined. Hence, the title of the book ‘Pet Romance’. It was just obvious that Le Chi was not the main focus here.

Rather, the main plotline for Le Chi was at the company where Mo Mo worked.

Unlike Mo Mo who came from an ordinary family, Le Chi was a standard rich second generation. In order to let his son experience the difficulty of making money, and guard against arrogance and rashness, Le Chi’s father threw him into his own company after he finished the university entrance examination. No one knew his identity. The HR manager only said that he was an intern, so everyone treated him as an ordinary intern.

The intern Le Chi couldn’t do tasks properly. In the end, he was assigned to the publishing department, starting with text proofreading. Le Chi didn’t like this job at first, but under Mo Mo’s guidance, he gradually gained a sense of accomplishment in proofreading and gradually became interested in his job.

When Mo Mo had joined the company, she had ideas and motivation, but older employees in the department were not willing to spend their energy on her. Hence, it was Le Chi who worked hard with her. Gradually, Mo Mo was isolated by some employees in the same department. Mo Mo began to wonder if she had done something wrong and whether it was better to follow in their footsteps, no innovation, no new thoughts. She wanted to reduce her workload.

Instead, Le Chi told her, “The wood canopies in the forest will be destroyed by the wind.5木秀于林风必摧之:It’s the taller trees in the woods that get their tops blown off. If you don’t want to be destroyed, then you have to work hard to make a stand on your own.”

Mo Mo didn’t expect a boy younger than her to say such a thing. She cheered up once more, continued to exert her creativity, and moved forward in her own direction.

As for Le Chi, with the help of Mo Mo, he discovered his sensitivity and love for words. After the internship, he published his first novel.

Unlike Cui Yingbo’s warmth and sweetness, the character of Le Chi was specially used by the author to adjust the atmosphere of the writing. Therefore, Le Chi, a young master leading a pampered life, often did something that made people laugh and provoke readers to laugh in turn. Due to his good looks and young age, everyone could only like him even more after laughing. Therefore, in this whole book, the popularity of Le Chi was not low, second only to the male and female lead, and even more popular than the second male lead Mu Kai.

This character who was positive, lively and interesting, occasionally a bit stupid with a touch of cuteness, Wen Mingyi rather liked it. Although it was different from his character, Le Chi had a good personality. Therefore, after reading the original work and the script, he began to recite the lines seriously.

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Initially, Si Junduo was hesitant whether it was the right decision to let him start acting so early. But every day when he returned from work, he saw Wen Mingyi reciting his lines with a lot of focus. When he was not busy, Wen Mingyi would even pull him to accompany Wen Mingyi in reading the script. Si Junduo looked at the smile on his face and silently swallowed the hesitation back into his stomach.

As long as he was happy, thought Si Junduo. Anyway, no matter what happened, Wen Mingyi had him to watch over. If Wen Mingyi wanted to act, then why not. He thought while looking at Wen Mingyi’s eyes and couldn’t help but be more gentle.

In mid-October, ‘Pet Romance’ officially started shooting. Cheng Lu picked up Wen Mingyi to attend the opening ceremony. Along with them were the assistants and drivers who were assigned to Wen Mingyi.

Wen Mingyi said goodbye to Si Junduo and got into the nanny car happily. Si Junduo looked at his unhesitating back and felt that his heart was still big.

Xu Jingjie and Shang Chengze had arrived ahead of time and were currently chatting on the set. Cheng Lu brought Wen Mingyi to take the initiative to greet them, which could be considered as building good relations.

Xu Jingjie smiled a little and didn’t say anything. Shang Chengze told Xu Jingjie only after Wen Mingyi had left, “This is the newcomer who squeezed out Zeng Fengshi.”

“To be honest, he is indeed more suitable for Le Chi than Zeng Fengshi,” Xu Jingjie said blandly.

Shang Chengze snorted coldly. “Actors are actors. It’s about acting skills, not about faces. Fresh meat like him who come out of talent shows are like leeks, after cutting one crop there’ll be another. In the end they’re just material to eliminate.”

Xu Jingjie faintly smiled at his words and didn’t express his thoughts. He said a few more words to Shang Chengze, checked his watch and left.

The young assistant who followed him said rather emotionally, “Couldn’t tell that Shang Chengze had such thoughts, even feeling unfair for Zeng Fengshi. Xu-ge, I think he’s not bad.”

“Do you know why your Liu-ge is now promoted to an agent, but you are still an assistant?” Xu Jingjie asked him.

The little assistant shook his head.

“Because you are too innocent,” Xu Jingjie calmly said. “Do you think he feels sorry for Zeng Fengshi? He and Zeng Fengshi are neither relatives nor friends. What is he sorry towards Zeng Fengshi for? He just feels pity for himself. Le Chi’s popularity is higher than that of Mu Kai. If Zeng Fengshi played Le Chi, there would have been a big gap in his and the characters image, not matching the character’s look meant that he couldn’t attract fans and become popular. Now he has been replaced by Wen Mingyi, whose looks and tempartment are in line with Le Chi’s personality. In a drama, there can only be so many rising characters. The more popular Wen Mingyi is, the less hope Shang Chengze has of rising. What he feels is pity for himself, not Zeng Fengshi.”

The little assistant was suddenly enlightened. “So that’s why he said that in front of Xu-ge. To make you hate Wen Mingyi.”

Xu Jingjie slightly raised the corners of his lips. “Do you think I am that kind of person?”

The little assistant shook his head.

Xu Jingjie greeted the passing director politely, then continued with a calm tone, “So, he thinks too much.”

Once Wen Mingyi, the director and the deputy director all greeted each other, they sat down to rest. As soon as he was about to report to Si Junduo about the situation on the set, he was pulled up by Cheng Lu. “Quickly, Yan Feifei is here. You go and say hello to her. You are from the same company, and Feifei is like your Shijie6师姐 senior sister working in same company.. Understand?”

Wen Mingyi obviously understood, but to call out Shijie in front of everyone would cause others to suspect him holding the thighs. Thus, just like everyone else, he called Yan Feifei as Yan-jie.

Before Yan Feifei started filming, Mu Ziang had sent her a WeChat message, saying that he had a little brother who would be shooting with her as a crew this time, please take good care of him.

Yan Feifei was a little surprised after reading this news. “Your little brother? When did you get a little brother?”

“My friend’s little brother, isn’t that also my little brother?” Mu Ziang argued with conviction. “Anyway, just take good care of him, don’t let other people bully him.”

Mu Ziang was Zhaoyang’s Yige 7一哥: First brother, but can also mean top of the top in the company.. Since he had asked, Yan Feifei naturally agreed. Cheng Lu unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief as she watched Yan Feifei and Wen Mingyi converse happily. Wen Mingyi was a newcomer. Newcomers were the easiest to bully in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, Yan Feifei seemed to like Wen Mingyi quite a bit. In this way, other people would have to consider very carefully before thinking Wen Mingyi was an easy prey. Good.

People arrived, the opening ceremony was officially held, and the official blog posted the opening pictures, announcing the official start of the ‘Pet Romance’ shooting. All fan groups were actively controlling and commenting, striving hard to let the crew see the popularity of their idols.

Wen Mingyi also forwarded the first image of the script with the words: Work starts!

His fans quickly left a message under his Weibo: “Little brother, act well. Don’t be pressured, we all believe in you!”

“Little brother, you are the best!”

“My little brother looks so good today. Today is also a day to cry for this little brother’s beauty!”

“What a beautiful little brother! He’s an angel descending to earth, my little angel!”

Yingyingying, so relieved to see that my little brother’s growth is getting better and better. I’m so happy!”

Among the rainbow farts was a “Son, it’s cold. It’s time to wear long underpants!” This old mother-like admonishment looked very different.

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi looked at his fashionable jeans and coldly snorted. This fashion trendsetter has never worn long underpants before. What long underpants? There were no underpants in his dictionary!

After the opening ceremony was over, the crew organized a dinner with the actors. Yan Feifei ate two bites, answered her phone, and left first. As a newcomer, Wen Mingyi sat down beside Shang Chengze until 8:30pm, and then left the table with the excuse that he still had a school webinar to attend.

Shang Chengze slowly spoke after he left, “Didn’t expect Xiao Wen to be a busy man.”

“That’s youth,” the director said with a smile. “Xiao Wen is still in university.”

“He hasn’t graduated from university before coming out to film?” Shang Chengze asked deliberately.

“Hai8A sound of a sigh, young people nowadays are all like this. They want to be famous as soon as possible, coming out to film before they graduate.”

“That’s really too early,” Shang Chengze pretended to casually state. “It’s not as if he’s doing it professionally. It’s not necessary to go this far. Wouldn’t it be the same even if he comes to film after university is over?”

“Shang-ge, you don’t understand,” Dai Jiayin, who played the second female role, answered. “He came from this year’s talent competition. If he waited for a few years to finish university, who would even know of him? It’d be better for him to take advantage of his popularity and hurry up to film in dramas.”

Shang Chengze nodded. “True. Compared to learning, being famous is indeed more important.”

When the director heard this, he couldn’t help frowning. He was a little worried that Wen Mingyi only wanted to become famous and whether he would end up getting into trouble while filming.

Xu Jingjie glanced at Shang Chengze, but did not speak.

At the dining table, everyone brewed their own opinions on this matter in their small hearts.

As soon as Wen Mingyi walked out of the hotel’s dining area, he received a call from Si Junduo. “Are you finished?”

“Finished. Just finished dinner. Today was just the opening, I haven’t started filming yet. Actual filming starts tomorrow.”

“I see. Then come out, I’m at the entrance of your hotel.”

Wen Mingyi: ???

Wen Mingyi walked out of the hotel door in confusion. Indeed, there was a car he was familiar with.

He quickly walked over and opened the front passenger’s door, pleasantly surprised at the person in front. “Why are you here?”


The author has something to say:

【Small Theater】

1. Ming Ming: Why are you here?
Ge Ge: See. Are these human words? A few days ago, didn’t you say, ‘wherever I go, you follow’. What’s wrong with you now? If I don’t come, what happens after 9pm?
Ming Ming: This lord has clever plans~
Ge Ge: Like being trapped by a dog dealer?
Ming Ming: …
Ming Ming chooses to get off. Ming Ming refuses to talk to you!

2. The pet theater in the script

Orange cat to Cui Yingbo: Meow, meow, I am a pitiful wanderer.
Cui Yingbo: So miserable. I’ll raise you.
Orange Cat: I also have to take care of a ragdoll sister and a Corgi brother.
Cui Yingbo: Is this much food enough?
The orange cat eating contentedly: Enough!
Orange Cat: I feel my image has crumbled.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
    Proverb: 家里红旗不倒, 外面彩旗飘飘啊! : Keeping the family intact while having an affair outside marriage.
  • 5
    木秀于林风必摧之:It’s the taller trees in the woods that get their tops blown off.
  • 6
    师姐 senior sister working in same company.
  • 7
    一哥: First brother, but can also mean top of the top in the company.
  • 8
    A sound of a sigh

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