Chapter 26.1 – Exposed, Wen Mingyi kisses his male lover in public

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Si Junduo drove the car back to the police station.

There, the policemen took out their camera to take photos of the rescued dogs, and then posted them on Weibo to search for their owners.

When Wen Mingyi saw this, he also clicked open his Weibo, wanting to forward the police’s lost-and-found post. Just as the app opened up, he found his name trending on the hot search.

He looked closer.

Not just one tag, but two tags!

What was ranked first was staggering: [Wen Mingyi’s Homosexual Lover EXPOSED]. In comparison, the fourth-ranking [Wen Mingyi Saves Dogs] was definitely not as popular.

Wen Mingyi and his fans were left flabbergasted.

Even his fans hadn’t expected that he’d hit the trending search in just ten minutes, and that too as the number one hit! The water armies distorted Wen Mingyi’s sexual orientation, even spreading rumors to slander him.

What’s New in the Entertainment Industry: Isn’t this hug by Wen Mingyi too enthusiastic! Such a fervent hug, is he really just an ordinary friend? Thinking about it, during the competition, Wen Mingyi’s progress was too smooth. Was it because he had someone behind him…? [Shh]

Attached below the post was a GIF. Wen Mingyi got out of the car. As the dogs lined up, he quickly rushed towards Si Junduo and pounced on him. Since the camera was facing Wen Mingyi’s back, one could see that after leaping on Si Junduo, the latter had lowered his head and gently hugged the youth in his arms as his eyes filled with adoration.

Soon, this Weibo post was swept through Wen Mingyi’s Weibo dashboard via different accounts. Some marketing accounts furthermore directly added the words: Wen Mingyi fervently embraces an unknown man. [Exposed: Financial Sponsor or Homosexual Lover?]

Wen Mingyi’s anti-fans smelt the scandal and arrived whilst flooding the comments section, “Hugging so tightly, he must be a boyfriend!”

“If not a sponsor, how could he win the competition back then?”

“Yoooooooo~ Look at that posture of throwing out his arms to hug. Wen Mingyi is too skilled!”

“My gay-dar is starting to stir. A gay, no doubt about it.”

Wen Mingyi’s fans also retorted, “When you see a hug, you say either financial backer or boyfriend. Just like Mr. Lu Xun1A well-known Chinese writer had said, ‘Seeing the short sleeves, immediately thinking of pale arms, immediately think of xxxx’. Only Chinese people could take such a leap forward.”

“Naked eyes seeing the gays, ah. The poster upstairs is super amazing, oh!”2This translator believes it’s sarcasm.

“The original poster’s views are a vivid representation of what slanders Chinese people might make — assuming the worst of people. Can’t he be Wen Mingyi’s friend or relative?”

“Would you hug your friend like this?” Anti-fan retorted.

Wen Mingyi’s fan also argued with conviction, “I’ll hug! Just because you don’t hug like this, doesn’t mean everyone in the world doesn’t hug like this. Can’t the whole world eat barbecue if you don’t eat barbecue? Are you the world’s policeman?”

The onlookers couldn’t help but sigh. “This common folk is too handsome! If he really is a sponsor and still looks like this after giving money and resources, then I also want one!”

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi silently kneaded his forehead as he continued to scroll down his Weibo dashboard. Although his fans worked very hard to clean up the dashboard with Amway’s graphic3This is a figurative language, since Amway is a healthcare product. So it basically means to make the dashboard clean., there were still malicious comments left by those marketing accounts and the aftermath of the black accounts’ wanton abuse.

Wen Mingyi then clicked on the other hot search, [Wen Mingyi Saves Dogs]. There was some overlapping content over here too. His fans worked really hard to clean up, but the black accounts and marketing accounts were equally hard at work. It seemed as though these two hot searches were deliberately being fueled by someone. Wen Mingyi instantly thought of Yang Qi. After all, she was the only one who could do such a thing at this moment.

He hadn’t even officially entered the entertainment circle. Other than Yang Qi, there was no one who could have ill will towards him. It was likely because he had not signed a contract with her that she held a grudge against him.

He estimated that after this battle was over, and his own reputation was in shambles, Yang Qi would definitely be waiting for him to bow down his head and admit his mistake to her. And if he didn’t bow down to her, these poisonous ways of brainwashing and baseless rumors orchestrated by her would influence the onlookers to have a negative impression of him, thereby damaging his own business worth.

It was really advancing to attack, retreating to defend, not losing either way. Wen Mingyi couldn’t help but laugh when he thought of this.

Si Junduo asked him, “What are you laughing at?”

“Laughing at someone who is young and naive, thinks that I’m a soft persimmon.”

“What do you mean?”

Wen Mingyi looked at him and asked, “Ge, do you mind if I post a picture of our childhood on the Internet?”

“Of course I don’t mind.”

“That’s good.”

Sensing his secrecy, Si Junduo asked, “What in the world is going on? What happened?”

Wen Mingyi had no choice but to tell him about what waves were rolling on the Internet. “Don’t worry, I can handle it.”

“How are you planning to handle it?” Si Junduo questioned.

Wen Mingyi smiled and picked up the phone to call Yang Qi.

Yang Qi did not answer.

Wen Mingyi was not discouraged. After three consecutive calls, Yang Qi finally picked it up in a lazy manner. “Oh, Xiao Yi, what made you think of calling Yang-jie?”

Wen Mingyi pretended to be sad. His tone was seven-tenths anger, and three-tenths sadness. “You were the one who bought the hot search, right? Even the marketing accounts that caused this were the ones you bought, right? Yang-jie! How could you treat me like this!”

Si Junduo listened to his grieving voice and watched his playful gaze. He didn’t expect his family’s Ming Ming’s acting skills to be this good.

Yang Qi truly did believe that Wen Mingyi was upset. She smiled softly. “Xiao Yi, what are you talking about? Yang-jie watched you participate in the competition. How can I bear it? It’s just that, this sister has told you earlier, signing the contract is the best choice for you. If you’re not willing to follow this sister, then how can this sister still protect you?”

“How could you be this cruel!!”

“Ai, Xiao Yi, you are still young. You don’t know anything; this society is so cruel. But it’s okay, your Yang-jie is not a person who forgets about people4不念旧情: Forget about old relations.. As long as you are willing to sign a contract with me, I promise, these marketing accounts will help you make the news calmer tomorrow. Not only will they reverse your current unfavorable situation, but they can also help to increase your fans and consolidate your fan group.”

Wen Mingyi said nothing.

Yang Qi persuaded, “This sister is also thinking for your own good. You see, as an artist without a company, it’s very easy to get into trouble. No one will help you when these kinds of things happen. Instead of signing with other companies, you might as well sign with me. After all, when other companies look at you, they’ll see you as a weak and unpopular artist. They may even not treat you well, and place loopholes in your contract. So, why bother with those?”

Wen Mingyi sniffled. “Then, when shall we sign the contract?”

“Anytime,” Yang Qi said joyfully. “If it’s convenient for you, you can do it this afternoon.”

Listening to the excitement in her words, Wen Mingyi changed his tone and then replied calmly, “Are you happy now?” After he finished speaking, he laughed directly. His stammering tone had turned bright. “Yang Qi, how were your dreams? Do you feel good?”

“What are you talking about?” Yang Qi was a little confused.

“What am I talking about? I’m saying you are daydreaming! What the heck, daydreaming in broad daylight. I bet you were waiting for me to say that. Let me tell you — that will never happen!” Wen Mingyi leaned against the wall, arrogantly stating, “Do you think I will go back to you if you buy a few hot searches and gather a bunch of marketing accounts to blacken me? Your thoughts are running too wild! Just a miserable temple of yours, you think can hold this5Referring to himself in third person Big Buddha?! Yang Qi, keep your dog eyes open and take a good look at how this farce ends! You won’t get any reward for the money you spent! Just hold onto this daydream and cry! ”

Wen Mingyi finished speaking and hung up.

Si Junduo listened to his ruthless words, and looked at him with interest.

Wen Mingyi went back into the policeman station and walked to the female policeman handling the case. Seeing her sitting there, he bent over and asked her, “Sister, previously I had watched the police shows on the Internet where you usually praise enthusiastic citizens who help solve cases. This time, can you help me post a Weibo?”

His Weibo’s hot search [Wen Mingyi Saves Dogs] was seen by the female policeman, and pretending to be aggrieved, he said: “I actually don’t care about being commended, but everyone is saying it was faked for a show. I’m okay if they say that of me, but they went and scolded my fans too. My fans are innocent.”

The female policeman looked at it and said angrily, “These people… They don’t understand the situation and yet say such nonsense. Originally, we would have given recognition to you, but considering that you are a public figure, we didn’t post on Weibo immediately. We were afraid of it affecting you. In this situation, even if you don’t ask, we will post it too.”

After she finished speaking, she asked the colleague in charge of online publicity to make a post on Weibo, naming and praising the enthusiastic citizen, Mr. Wen, and also accompanying it with a picture of Wen Mingyi capturing the dog dealers.

Zhou Yong rubbed his chin. Leaning closer to Si Junduo, he whispered, “Your didi is very smart.”

“The college entrance examination’s top scorer.” Si Junduo’s words were very concise.

“That’s not what I meant.” Zhou Yong bumped Si Junduo’s arm. “Your didi is very good at making full use of his own advantages. Look, he knows how to find Xiao Rong instead of me.”

Si Junduo coldly looked at him. “Why would he look for you? You are not good with your words. Of course it’d be better to find Officer Rong.”

Zhou Yong: …

This broken, malleable plastic friendship!

Wen Mingyi saw that the police’s Weibo post was up. He tapped into it, first reposting the lost-and-found post, and then reposted the one that commended himself, and added these words: Look at the original poster’s name. Those with low IQ, go and learn more. Don’t disgrace yourself on the web.

Then, he edited another Weibo: Thanks to my gege for cooperating with me to assist the police in handling the case. PS: My ge is so handsome! Handsome since childhood!

The photo attached was one of him and Si Junduo standing in front of the yard when they were young.

Si Junduo looked at the photo Wen Mingyi sent. It really was a photo from a long time ago. The photo was taken by Wen Mingyi’s mother, Wen Wei. At that time, Wen Wei had not returned to work and would always take pictures of him and Wen Mingyi. Wen Mingyi was really energetic as a kid, but he was able to stand still for long times when taking pictures. Wen Wei sometimes deliberately teased him, saying, “It’s not ready yet, Ming Ming, don’t move~”

Wen Mingyi would stay motionless.

This picture was the same. Wen Mingyi was leaning against him and Si Junduo’s arm was wrapped around Wen Mingyi’s shoulder. The roses in the garden had bloomed vividly and yet, Wen Mingyi smiled more beautifully than the roses. He had assumed that Wen Mingyi wouldn’t remember these photos from a long time ago. Unexpectedly, he had snapped a picture and saved it in his phone.

Si Junduo smiled, and saved this photo too.

When Wen Mingyi’s three Weibo posts appeared, the fans immediately straightened their waists, ravenously taking screenshots to refute the rumors: “Who said it was a show! The police force themselves named and praised him. Does your face hurt?”

Passer-bys also chimed in to praise him on Weibo after seeing the police force’s post, one after another standing on Wen Mingyi’s side. Furthermore, there were the Shili villagers adding on: “This thing by Wen Mingyi is true. Earlier in the morning, what had happened made quite a sensation here. Those dog dealers were indeed from the village, but everyone was not familiar with them, and we also didn’t know that they were doing this kind of shady business!”

“I’ve already said it before. This had to be real. Wen Mingyi doesn’t need to handle these many dogs just to put on a show. Using three to five dogs would have been easier to control, and can we still talk about catching those dog ​​dealers. With these tens of dogs, if he doesn’t end up directing them well, he would have to retake again and again?”

“Speaking of which, those dogs are really obedient to him. It’s almost like they are his dogs.”

“These can’t be Wen Mingyi’s own dogs, right? Self-directed and self-acted?”

Wen Mingyi’s fans were speechless. “Come, come, come. Read this Weibo blogger ID with me. The police have stated it themselves that these were dogs caught by a dog dealer! Are you still talking about self-directing and self-acting? It’s you who are self-directing and self-acting!”

“They can’t be his dogs. He had mentioned in his previous interview that there were no pets in his house. These days, raising cats and dogs to suck up to fans is the in thing. If there were any, he would have definitely said so instead of denying.”

“Right. The interview in August was recent. In these months, to raise and train until they are so obedient, can he be a dog god?”

“They’re not his dogs.” A person familiar with the matter broke the news. “That teddy dog belongs to my friend who’s already on her way to the police station. Since the dog was lost last night, she cried for the whole night and didn’t get much sleep. So when she saw this hot search, she cried again, but this time with joy, ready to pick up her dog. We’re really thankful to Wen Mingyi. My friend has raised this dog for many years. Eking out a living alone and living in a single apartment, she usually relies on this dog to relieve loneliness when she returns home; this dog is really important to her. Thank you, Wen Mingyi.”

With this statement, many people who raised dogs in their homes thought of their own family’s dog, and let out an emotional sigh.

Wen Mingyi’s fans saw as the wind direction of the forum gradually reversed. They had returned to Weibo to continue the fight with the marketing accounts. However, upon returning to the battlefield, they were surprised to find the unruly winds favouring them.


– Part 2 continues in our next release –

The author has something to say:

Regarding the classic sentence of Mr. Lu Xun ‘When he saw the sleeve…’ because Mr. Lu Xun’s words were really straightforward, he could write, but Jinjiang (the site where the chapters are uploaded) could not allow that, so I beeped that sentence. Silent. [Covers face]


  • 1
    A well-known Chinese writer
  • 2
    This translator believes it’s sarcasm.
  • 3
    This is a figurative language, since Amway is a healthcare product. So it basically means to make the dashboard clean.
  • 4
    不念旧情: Forget about old relations.
  • 5
    Referring to himself in third person

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