Chapter 25 – Hot on Search Engine – Wen Mingyi saves dogs; gets flamed

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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The moment Wen Mingyi jumped out of the truck, he spotted Si Junduo in the crowd. He was about to call him when he heard the dogs in front of him clamouring, asking the people to make way.

Wen Mingyi clapped his hands, trying to attract the attention of the dogs, but apart from the husky, no other dog took notice of him. He could only beckon and shout at the husky, “Garden baby.”

He shouted three times, and the group of dogs finally showed some movement. All the dogs looked back at him, bowed their heads and whispered.

“Is it him? He yelled the code. Didn’t Elder Brother say that when we meet someone who yells the code, we follow him?” Little Teddy and Labrador exchanged words.

Labrador hesitated, then saw German Shepherd suddenly jump from the truck. The German Shepherd barked twice, “Come here”. Everyone didn’t hesitate anymore and ran back one by one, surrounding Wen Mingyi and German Shepherd.

A puppy approached Wen Mingyi and smelled him. It said to its little friend, “He has the male god’s scent.”

The female chihuahua fan was still quite concerned. “What about the male god? Why is he not here?”

German Shepherd explained, “He said that the little husky was injured, so he sent him to the hospital first.”

Chihuahua was distressed. “Is it that serious? Ying ying ying.”

Little Teddy cried, “My husband has it hard!”

Wen Mingyi: …You shut up!

He led the dogs to the truck’s back compartment, opened the door, and was about to let the dogs in. But, as he was about to open the door, the three dog dealers who were in the compartment came to mind. Wen Mingyi clapped his hands and spoke to the dogs, “Males to the left and females to the right. Stand according to your size. Smaller ones in front and bigger ones at the back.”

The dogs seemed to be able to understand after he repeated himself three times, and began to line up properly.

The onlookers found it baffling. The audience in the live broadcast rooms also found it very peculiar.

Wen Mingyi turned his head and headed towards Si Junduo after the dogs had lined up. Since he first saw Si Junduo, he couldn’t wait to go to him. Now, he finally had time.

Si Junduo watched Wen Mingyi run towards him, and took a few steps forward. He watched Wen Mingyi approaching and just as he was about to call out to him, the other pounced and hugged him.

Si Junduo’s heart jumped. While holding onto him, he heard Wen Mingyi say beside his ear, “I’m fine. I’m sorry for worrying you.”

In that instance, Si Junduo couldn’t say anything at all.

He slowly stretched out his hands, and hugged Wen Mingyi tightly. The hug was so tight that Wen Mingyi could feel a trace of pain. Si Junduo held the person in his arms and slowly calmed his mood. Relaxing his strength, he patted him on the back and said warmly, “It’s good that you are fine.”

It’s good that you are fine. As long as you are fine.

The dogs, standing in accordance to their size, tilted their heads and looked at the suspected master of the male god not far away. Some adult dogs even laughed maliciously. “Oh, hugging and cuddling~”

“Shame, shame, shame~” An underage female dog said shyly.

Little Teddy also smiled. Its dark eyes were small crescents under the cover of brown curls, and it looked at Wen Mingyi and Si Junduo meaningfully.

Wen Mingyi clarified the situation with the police, and handed the three dog dealers over. Getting in the truck again, he prepared to head to the police station along with the dogs to record a statement. Of course, it’d be him who would make the confession, these dogs would only be there to serve as physical evidence.

Si Junduo also got into the truck along with him. Before entering the driver’s seat, he watched Wen Mingyi direct the dogs into the back compartment of the truck one by one. He inwardly frowned, thinking that these dogs were too obedient to Wen Mingyi’s words.

Outside, there were many people with ears, so he didn’t say anything. He just silently sat in the driver’s seat.

Wen Mingyi sat in the front passenger seat, and said with a flourish, “Let’s go.”

Si Junduo drove the vehicle.

In the quiet car, sunlight penetrated through the windshield. Wen Mingyi took off the sunglasses and handed them to Si Junduo. Si Junduo saw the sunglasses in his hand. As he took them, he asked, “Apart from the words you said when you saw me, do you not have anything else you want to say?”

Wen Mingyi coughed and then took the initiative to admit his mistake. “I was wrong.”

“And?” Si Junduo asked calmly.

Wen Mingyi was devastated. “I shouldn’t have ventured deep into the tiger’s den without caring for my safety and discussing with you in advance, just to save these dogs. I was wrong.”

“Deep into the tiger’s den only?” Si Junduo reiterated.

Wen Mingyi nodded. “That’s right. When I was about to reach home last night, I saw a few people trying to catch a dog. I wanted to stop it, but the clock struck twelve1 The minute hand and I became a husky. I then thought, since I was going to rescue that one dog anyways, I could rescue the rest of the captured dogs too. The heavens let me witness this because they must have wanted me to save these dogs. I thus pretended to be captured by them — if I hadn’t gone into the tiger’s lair, I wouldn’t have gotten the tiger. All this to intercept the dog traffickers and destroy their criminal den in a single swoop!”

Si Junduo: …

Si Junduo turned his head and glanced at Wen Mingyi who was still immersed in his words. If he hadn’t seen the video, he would have really bought this!

“You did the right thing.” Si Junduo didn’t expose him. “You are a hero among dogs. What wrong could you make?”

Wen Mingyi obediently replied, “I was wrong for making you worry.”

He looked at Si Junduo and said sincerely, “Actually, after I got into the dog dealers’ truck, I released these dogs. But back then, most of the dogs had no strength and I was also unable to transform back. So for everyone’s safety, I did not lead them to escape, but waited until this morning. I made you worry. You must have not slept well last night.”

“Did you think I would be able to fall asleep after you disappeared?”

Wen Mingyi quickly shook his head, and said in shock, “So you were awake the whole night?”

Si Junduo raised his hand and rubbed his head, smiled, and didn’t reply.

Wen Mingyi felt even more guilty.

He looked at Si Junduo, softly saying, “When we return, I will accompany you to sleep for a while. It just so happened that I also didn’t sleep much.”

Si Junduo heard his words, laughed, and asked him, “Why? Worried that you would be turned into dog meat for hot pot?”

“Of course not! I was worried about my little brothers, okay!”

“You mean the group of dogs in the carriage?”

Wen Mingyi nodded. He suddenly thought of something, and spoke with a serious expression on his face, “Ge, I’m going to tell you something, don’t be scared.”

“Tell me.”

Wen Mingyi leaned close to him. “Let me tell you, I can understand what the dogs say!”

Red light. Si Junduo stepped on the brakes and looked at Wen Mingyi in shock. “What did you just say?”

Wen Mingyi had obviously adapted to this foreign language already, and said proudly, “I can understand what the dogs are saying.”

Si Junduo couldn’t believe it. He pointed to the carriage and asked, “What are they talking about now?”

“Guessing where we are going to take them. They believe that I will take them home, they’re also saying that they are hungry and miss their masters.”

Si Junduo: …

“Are you serious?”

Wen Mingyi nodded. “I’m certain!”

Si Junduo looked at him. Wen Mingyi’s face was composed. He pressed his temples and reminded his didi, “Only you and I can know about this. You are not allowed to tell anyone else about it.”

Wen Mingyi nodded, “Even if I told people, they wouldn’t believe me. They might even think I’m mentally retarded.”

Si Junduo did not continue. He only pondered for a moment before speculating aloud, “You can understand what the dogs say. It should be because you turn into a dog after 9 o’clock and exist as a dog, so you can understand the language of this species. Going with this assumption, this implies that you should be able to understand cats too.”

Wen Mingyi was riveted. “So powerful? Then I’ll find a cat and try it afterwards.”

Si Junduo nodded. “Alright.”

The lights turned green, and Si Junduo started the car again. He was in a trance for a moment. He felt that the world he lived in seemed to be full of unknowns and strangeness. Fortunately, he thought, whether one becomes a cat or a dog and understands the dog or cat language, it’s not a bad thing. As long as Wen Mingyi did not reject that, it was all good.

At this time, as Wen Mingyi and Si Junduo followed the police cars back to the police station, in a certain place that had gone unnoticed by Wen Mingyi, a hot post appeared on the country’s largest gossip forum: 《Fuck! Wen Mingyi is too awesome! Saved plenty of dogs!》

Main post2主楼: The first poster in the forum: This host surfed through live broadcasts this morning and came across a popular dog-related live broadcast. Clicked it and unexpectedly saw Wen Mingyi who came first in the ‘Youth Flying!’ show. He rescued a lot of angel-like dogs and caught three dog traffickers. So amazing!
[Live Link]

Wen Mingyi’s fans saw this, and immediately modestly replied: “It’s not amazing. Little brother is a gentle and enthusiastic person. It is to be expected that he would help the dogs.”

“My little brother likes small animals like cats and dogs. He cannot bear the sight of the dogs captured. That’s why he offered help. It’s normal.”

“My younger brother really is a good person! I noticed this since the competition, but I didn’t expect that he would even catch the dog traffickers. That’s a little too awesome.”

Upon seeing this, passers-by couldn’t help but have a good impression of Wen Mingyi. They curiously asked: “Wen Mingyi is a dog lover?”

“Speaking of it, Wen Mingyi didn’t sign with Di Feng3The entertainment company ? Didn’t the second to fifth place form a team and made their debut a few days ago? Why didn’t Wen Mingyi form a group with them? Did he really not sign with Di Feng?”

A fan quickly replied: “I don’t know, all of us have speculations but I believe our little brother must have his own plan.”

“Didn’t Wen Mingyi go back to school yesterday?” Someone asked. “Then why did he suddenly catch a dog trafficker today? Is this even real? Or all for a show?”

“It must be a show!” Wen Mingyi’s black fans jumped out impatiently. “It’s such a coincidence! Two days ago, the other four made their debut without him, and it is such a great coincidence that he has caught dog traffickers today. He was still in school yesterday, and he caught them this morning? Why did the dog traffickers catch his dog only last night? The dog traffickers weren’t arrested earlier or later, they were just waiting for Wen Mingyi to arrest them this morning!”

“Hahaha, who knows if these dog traffickers are real or fake? Maybe they’re not dog traffickers at all. All this could just be a farce orchestrated by Wen Mingyi, adding a few dogs to make up this scene.”

“Yes, this thing is too fake. Wen Mingyi caught the dog traffickers so coincidentally, and he just so happened to be broadcasted live. It’s really a coincidence that his mother opened the door, and it just so happened to be his home.”

“Sisters upstairs are really free as always. Why, is group with Zheng Feng not enough for you that you’re keeping an eye on our family’s little brother every day? Your family is used to showing off so you feel that everyone else is being fake? What if it’s not like this? Will you kneel down and apologize to our family’s little brother?”

“As soon as this Calm Water Sister4User ID 开水姐姐 opens her mouth , we know what water she belongs to. What warm water? I think she’s more like boiling water instead. So jumpy.”5Basically, instead of being calm like warm water fitting her user ID, she’s like the boiling water which is full of rising energetic bubbles

Wen Mingyi’s fans gave a cold smile. “Then you still dare provoke this Calm Water Sister? Not afraid that this sister would boil you shady people to death!”

“They are dead pigs, of course they’re unafraid of being scaled. Am I right, you dead pigs?”

Zheng Feng was irritated. “Still better than your little brother who isn’t under a company. If you have time to make a scene on the forum, you might as well reflect on why Di Feng did not sign Wen Mingyi!”

“It doesn’t matter. Even if he doesn’t sign with Di Feng, it cannot stop Wen Mingyi from being a dog-loving person. You just wait for it. This will become trending on the hot search. Wen Mingyi is awesome after all, has both ideas and the means!”

“Forget it. It was already on the hot search ten minutes ago. You late bloomer, are you jealous that everyone thinks my little brother is cute and powerful? But it’s true. Zheng Feng definitely doesn’t hold this kind of position.”

However, the moment Wen Mingyi’s fans finished speaking, they found out that the hot search [Wen Mingyi Saving Dogs] already had a marketing tag, and all the marketing accounts6Those account on Weibo to post advertisements, promote products, and do online marketing etc had attached the same official document.

What’s New in the Entertainment Industry: Yesterday, he was still in class at 5pm. Rescued the dogs and caught the dog traffickers at 9am. He rose up the hot search at 9:40am. Can one just run into dog traffickers in one night? Too much of a coincidence~

Attached below this post were the pictures of Wen Mingyi in class yesterday, the screenshots of the live broadcast today with the dogs, and of being the 10th hottest news on the search engine.

After the marketing account posted this Weibo, there were people behind the post who continued hacking down at Wen Mingyi with a rhythm in the comments section: He’s being so fake! Acting deliberately for everyone to see, selling to dog lovers, taking this opportunity to rise in popularity.

Very quickly, the netizens’ praises of Wen Mingyi turned into doubt. Wen Mingyi’s fans tried to control the comments, but they were no match for the large-scale outings of the marketing accounts and the water army7A group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content.

“Eighty percent chance this is Di Feng’s handiwork.” The fans communicated in the group. “Probably because Di Feng was not able to sign this younger brother, and is unwilling to let this potential starlet go to outsiders, they’ve planned to blacken his name. No matter how much we try, we can’t fight against money. What should we do?”



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3. Slap
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< My night rendezvous with the film emperor >

The person Shang Guanning hated the most in this half of his life was Yan Zixiu, the three-time gold film emperor from the same crew. The two could not see eye to eye. Yan Zixiu lectured him, and Shang Guanning resented him.

Shang Guanning’s utmost favorite person was the book friend he has never met . Their relationship has developed all the way until he could do intimate things in bed in the dark.

Until one day, Shang Guanning was surprised to find that Yan Zixiu was .

This meant that during day time, he was lectured by Yan Zixiu, and at night, he was embraced by Yan Zixiu in a singlet!

Shang Guanning: “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Yan Zixiu: “Baby, calm down first.”

Shang Guanning: “Who is your baby! We two will die when the light shines!8见光死: The literal meaning is that you will die when you see the light. The gap between ideal and reality is surprising.

For Yan Zixiu, it felt good to train another for a while. Even better to continuously train another. As time passed, when the person who was trained by him every day became his favorite person…

“Good day, we are the Chengnan Crematorium. How can I assist you?”

Yan Zixiu: “What crematorium. I would rather have the Supreme Lord’s alchemy stove!”




Su Qingci transmigrated into a President danmei novel and was a cannon fodder substitute raised by the president Wen Yicheng to remember his white moonlight.

This stand-in was an 18th tier star with a delicate body and a soft voice. When he met the president, he couldn’t wait to dive into the hell hole. Young Master Su got used to seeing his antics as the days passed by. After transmigration, he punched the two-faced driver, kicked the biased assistant, and made lots of musical noise in front of the president.

The president was furious: “Change back!”

Su Qingci: “Change! It’s impossible to change. It will never change.”

President: “Then you get out!”

Su Qingci resigned and immediately took his baggage. Goodbye to you!

The president who controlled the lifeblood of the national economy thought that upon leaving, his little substitute will be back to the lowly 18th tier position— being bullied, being wronged and beaten down by society. Then he would return back, bow his head and admit his mistakes.

However, a day passed. Two days passed. Several months passed by.

The president was surprised to find that not only did his little substitute not come back, he became more and more popular.

A popular actor bluntly said that he was his best brother, and the three-time gold winning actor said that he likes this newcomer very much. Even the well-known directors wanted him to star in their new series.

Not only that, his own white moonlight also invited the little substitute to live with him several times, saying that he regarded him as his younger brother!

The president ran angrily. “You come back to me!”

Su Qingci replied: “At first, it was you who wanted to separate. So we separated. Now you want to exchange me back using true love. This is wrong, I am a substitute, this is not true love.”

President: “…It’s true love.”

Su Qingci: “That’s a pity. Love is not something you can have whenever you want to buy it, it can’t be bought.”

President: …

That night, the president moved to Su Qingci’s house overnight, handed in his ID card, bank card and account book to Su Qingci.

“I was wrong.” The president hugged Su Qingci and bowed his head, admitting his mistake.

  • 1
    The minute hand
  • 2
    主楼: The first poster in the forum
  • 3
    The entertainment company
  • 4
    User ID 开水姐姐
  • 5
    Basically, instead of being calm like warm water fitting her user ID, she’s like the boiling water which is full of rising energetic bubbles
  • 6
    Those account on Weibo to post advertisements, promote products, and do online marketing etc
  • 7
    A group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content
  • 8
    见光死: The literal meaning is that you will die when you see the light. The gap between ideal and reality is surprising.

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