Chapter 23 – The Great Dog Escapade

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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After driving for almost two hours, the truck finally stopped. Wen Mingyi woke up, vigilant. Together with him were the ready-to-battle Labrador, Little Teddy, Schnauzer and the never-sleeping German Shepherd.

Wen Mingyi and Labrador stood up silently, exchanging glances. They were prepared to charge if the dog traffickers decided to open the door. After all, once the dog traffickers saw the situation in the vehicle, they would never easily let them off the hook.

Fortunately, the sun hadn’t risen yet and it was rather dark at this time. The dog traffickers were both too sleepy and lazy to check their obtained trophies again, only deciding to wake up in the morning and sell them directly.

“The dogs collected this time are all good breeds. It’s a pity to sell them to make dog meat. First, see if anyone wants them. If there’s no one, then sell them to the slaughterhouse.”


The traffickers agreed, and walked away to return to their own houses.

Wen Mingyi and the other dogs felt relieved, and lied down again. Wen Mingyi looked at the locked door, and was finally willing to think about what Si Junduo was presently feeling. Definitely anxious, he thought, but there is no other way. If he were alone, he might’ve been confident enough to escape and find his gege.

However, there was a group of dogs following him now and he couldn’t leave them alone. He couldn’t take this risk. He could only wait until everyone recovered and he became human tomorrow; therefore, he could only wrong his ge1Alternatively, bring trouble to his ge. Wen Mingyi couldn’t help but sigh and once again hoped that Si Junduo would be less anxious.

But how could Si Junduo not worry, especially after he heard from Wen Mingyi’s classmate that he indeed left after eight o’clock? He looked at Wen Mingyi’s WeChat message. It was sent at 8.45pm. Wen Mingyi said that he was almost home, but as he was about to transform, he asked Si Junduo to come back early instead.

He had already reached their home, but Wen Mingyi was yet to arrive. To make matters worse, he didn’t even know whether Wen Mingyi would transform into a cat or a dog today.

Whether he turned into a cat or a dog, he still retained the IQ of a human. He would remember the way home and should have already come back. But he didn’t. This could only mean that someone had blocked him en route. Si Junduo immediately contacted his secretary and assistant. “Check if there has been any news of dog traffickers, cat traffickers, or dog-catching teams or cat-catching teams in the city recently. Especially focus on investigating around my neighborhood.”

“Understood, Boss Si.”

Si Junduo hung up the phone, contacted a friend from the police station and explained the situation. After that, he used the pictures of the orange cat and the husky in his cell phone to post a reward on the Internet. The netizens were shocked at the high price offered as a reward. While shouting at the local tycoon, they started looking for cats and dogs offline.

Very quickly, enthusiastic netizens emailed him videos of the cats and dogs they found, and asked him: Local tycoon, was this the one you lost?

Majority of the images sent were cats. The number of orange cats in China was too large. Almost every second, Si Junduo would receive several photos or videos of orange cats, the senders asking him if he lost those particular ones.

Si Junduo patiently clicked on them one by one, but unfortunately, none of them was his.

Throughout the night, Si Junduo kept digging in his mailbox to check the photos and videos sent by netizens. At the same time, he also answered the phone and received new messages. But even though there was plenty of news to give him hope, after checking carefully, he was always left disappointed.

Jiang Zimo even called him during the wee hours of the morning and asked him, “Junduo, you lost your cat? Is it the one from the last time we watched a movie?”

“Have you seen him today?” asked Si Junduo.

“No, but I…”

Si Junduo directly hung up the phone. He was very busy now. Time was precious and he had no patience to listen to Jiang Zimo’s nonsense.

Jiang Zimo looked at the caller’s log displayed on his phone and unconsciously gritted his teeth. He remembered that ferocious cat from the last time they had met and prayed in his heart that since he was lost, he’d better never come back! That kind of annoying cat, it better disappear forever!

At six o’clock in the morning, Lin Mu called and said that someone on Nanxin Road seemed to have seen a dog dealer.

“Nanxin Road?” Si Junduo repeated softly. This road was only two stops away from his house by bus, and it could have indeed been Wen Mingyi’s route back home.

“Have there been any dog traffickers on Nanxin Road recently?” Si Junduo asked his police officer friend. After hearing this, the friend quickly said, “I’ll help you ask the colleague in charge of this area.”

Half an hour later, the colleague responded with a message. “There was indeed a dog dealer who appeared on Nanxin Road today and caught a few dogs. However, we haven’t yet come across the one you’re raising, though we will continue to investigate this truck. Good guy (more to address the person 好家伙), these people have caught a lot of dogs today. See how I catch him!”

When Si Junduo heard this, he didn’t know whether this was a good or bad thing, so he could only answer with a “Thank you.”

“It’s fine, these dog traffickers should’ve been dealt with long ago. You can be regarded as providing a clue to the police, good citizen.”

Si Junduo didn’t have time to continue chatting with him. He hung up the phone after mentioning he would contact the officer if anything changed.

He continued to patiently look at the photos and videos in his mailbox. However, no matter how many he opened, they were never like the cat or dog he was familiar with.

At seven o’clock in the morning, Si Junduo had no idea how many photos of orange cats and huskies he had seen. As he mechanically opened them one by one, his nerves that had been suppressed for the whole night were finally loosened at this time. Tension, fear, guilt, and regret erupted within him like a torrent of pain.

He shouldn’t have let Wen Mingyi go to school at all. With him being like that, was school really important! Wen Mingyi should have stayed where he could see him!

He shouldn’t have let Wen Mingyi go home by himself just because he was busy. He should have picked him up. Had he picked Wen Mingyi up from school, then he wouldn’t have disappeared.

Si Junduo numbly stared at the pictures on the screen, his fear slowly grew like a black hole. He didn’t even dare to imagine Wen Mingyi having an accident. If something truly happened, what would he do? He could only force himself to continue searching, not leaving any stone unturned.

Si Junduo washed his face. Just as he was about to continue reading mails, he heard his mobile phone ringing. His friend excitedly sent him a small video and asked him, “Is it your husky?”

He clicked on it, and saw a husky jumping out proudly, opening his mouth to the dog dealer and baring sharp teeth. He almost recognized it at a glance. This was Wen Mingyi. This must be Wen Mingyi.

Then, he saw Wen Mingyi being taken away in a sack.

Si Junduo: …

Si Junduo couldn’t believe it! His brother was so smart! Since young, he hadn’t lost a fight. In the end, when he turned into a dog, it was so simple and easy to take him away!

Was this really Wen Mingyi? His Ming Ming couldn’t be so stupid! And shouldn’t animals have better hearing than humans? Did he not hear the footsteps behind him?! Si Junduo was dumbfounded for a while. He imagined many scenarios of Wen Mingyi being caught, but he never thought it could be so simple.

Sure enough, if people become huskies, their brains will also become like a husky’s?

But even though he thought this, he quickly replied, “It’s my husky.”

The friend said, “Then you wait for my news.”

At 8 o’clock in the morning, the police force was dispatched to help the citizens in rescuing the pitiful dogs. As the person who filed the report, Si Junduo went to the scene along them.

At 8:30, before the police arrived, the dog dealers had already woken up. They got dressed and washed up, ready to sell the ‘procured goods’.

When the sound of footsteps came from outside the car again, Wen Mingyi and German Shepherd were instantly alert. One night had passed, and German Shepherd who had regained its consciousness and strength also stood up.

Wen Mingyi glanced at it with surprise. This powerful older brother was finally able to move.

He heard someone walking towards the truck and quickly woke up the other dogs. The puppies hadn’t woken up yet; the three or five were gathered together, a little confused. But soon, they realized something, and one by one they straightened their backs, ready to fight.

“The door will be opened in a while. I, along with Little La and Little Husky will be rushing out first. The three of us will be responsible for pushing those people down. The other dogs will take advantage of this time to run away. Little Shepherd, are you able to run?”

German Shepherd, who felt that it was already very old, looked at Wen Mingyi who was obviously younger than it, and said speechlessly, “It should be okay…Little Husky.”

Wen Mingyi: ? ? ? ? How come he became a little husky!

But this was not the point. The point was that their tactics must not be missed. “Then the rest of you will follow Little Shepherd.”

The puppies barked, but German Shepherd unconsciously looked at its own legs. “It might be better for you to run with them. I’ll be at the back.”

“No problem. We’ll catch up after we’re done,” Wen Mingyi said calmly.

The husky next to him was obviously not in the same state, excitedly saying, “You run first, I will chase you hehehe.”

Labrador glanced at Wen Mingyi. Wen Mingyi smiled. “After the people fall down, you and Little Husky will chase after Little Shepherd. Aren’t you a wandering poet? You should be more familiar with this city. You may need to lead the team at some time.”

“Then what about you?” Labrador asked.

“I have my own way.” It was dawn. Wen Mingyi could perceive this much from the light coming through the gaps, and it had been bright for a while already. It wouldn’t be long before nine o’clock. When the hour hand reached nine, these people wouldn’t be able to handle him.

“There’s also a secret code,” Wen Mingyi said, “If you run away and meet someone who tells you ‘Garden Baby’, you all follow him.”

The dogs didn’t understand why. Wen Mingyi smiled. “That’s a good person, trust me.”

The dogs heard these words and nodded one after another. “We believe in you, eldest brother/male god/husband.”

Wen Mingyi: …Who is the one that called out husband! Show yourself!

The sound of the door unlocking was then heard. German Shepherd suddenly approached, pushing Labrador next to it to the side. “I have a problem with my legs. I can’t run far, you lead them to run.”

Labrador hadn’t reacted in time. The door opened, and the sun shone in. Wen Mingyi and German Shepherd jumped out first, and directly fell down on the two dog dealers who came to check on the dogs. At the same time, there were two noises. The unanimous “Wang!” Run!

Labrador gritted its teeth and rushed out. The puppies hurriedly followed after it. A few puppies were uneasy. They ran for two steps and then stopped. Angry, Little Teddy and Schnauzer kicked them up. “Run, idiots!”

Little Corgi rushed out immediately, following Labrador. It was a pity that its legs were too short. After two steps, it fell into the middle of the big army, and even started to fall behind. As it was running anxiously, it suddenly found itself being carried. It was so frightened, it quickly hugged its little paws and tremblingly turned its head, only to find that it was the little golden retriever who slept next to it at night.

The golden retriever hadn’t grown up yet, and it wasn’t big in size too, but it was already able to carry a baby Corgi. So it threw the recently met little friend on its back and ran forward carrying it.

Little Corgi had short front legs and short hind legs. It could only grab the long hair of its friend to keep itself from falling. While thanking its friend, it looked back towards the male god.

Wen Mingyi and German Shepherd were very fast and vicious in their attacks. The two dog dealers weren’t even able to react when they were thrown down. One person and one dog immediately made a decision. “Run.”

Because only two people had come to check, the real husky – who had not participated in the task of crashing against the dealers – saw that its newly recognized elder brother and Shepherd brother running so it hurriedly followed behind them.

One of the dog dealers also stood up at the same time, took out his anesthesia gun, and shot at them.

A pity it didn’t hit.

“Get in the car,” A dog trafficker said.

Wen Mingyi looked back and saw that the dog trafficker was preparing to get in the car. It couldn’t go on like this. Four legs couldn’t run faster than four wheels. What’s more, they still had those anesthesia guns.

As he was thinking, he saw German Shepherd’s speed slow down. Then, before he could react, German Shepherd ran towards the direction of the dog trafficker.



The author has something to say:

German Shepherd will be fine. Rest assured, our aim is that a good man has a safe life, and a good dog must be safe too!
Tomorrow, Ge Ge and Ming Ming will meet. (^-^)

I tell you, what is the nature of human beings?

It’s really fragrant [Covers face]. I originally planned to stop writing about transmigration after Qing Yang’s book was done, but! These two days! I really want to write about a story of a substitute becoming true love!

Writing something new to the old, and writing that is easy and not with angst [Covers face] So, I came with a new outline! Everyone, let’s take a look at our little stand-in, in place of the little brother! [Covers face]

“Transmigrating as a stand-in Cannon Fodder for President Wen [Entertainment Circle]”


Su Qingci transmigrated into a danmei novel of President Wen and became a stand-in cannon fodder substitute for President Wen Yicheng who couldn’t reach his white moonlight.

The stand-in was a thin 18th-tier actor with a soft body and a voice like a mosquito. When he met the president, he couldn’t wait to dive into the cracks of the ground. However, Young Master Su got used to it day by day. After transmigration, he punched the two-faced driver, kicked the biased assistant, and made lots of musical noise in front of the president.

The president was furious: “Change back!”

Su Qingci: “Change! It’s impossible to change. It will never change.”

President: “Then you get out!”

Su Qingci resigned and immediately took his baggage. Goodbye to you!

The president who controlled the lifeblood of the national economy thought that upon leaving, his little substitute will be back to the lowly 18th-tier position— being bullied, being wronged and beaten down by society. Then he would return back, bowing his head and admitting his mistakes.

However, a day passed. Two days passed. Several months passed.

The president was surprised to find that not only did his little substitute not come back, he became more and more popular.

A popular actor bluntly said that he is his best brother, and the three-time gold actor said that he likes this newcomer very much. Even the well-known directors wanted him to star in their new series.

Not only that, his own white moonlight also invited the little substitute to live with him several times, saying that he regarded him as his younger brother!

The president ran angrily. “You come back to me!”

Su Qingci replied: “At first you wanted to separate. So we separated. Now you want to exchange me back using true love. This is wrong, I am a substitute, this is not true love.”

President: “…It’s true love.”

Su Qingci: “That’s a pity. Love is not something you get when you want to buy, can’t be bought.”

President: …

That night, the president moved to Su Qingci’s house overnight, and handed in his ID card, bank card and account book to Su Qingci.
“I was wrong.” The president hugged Su Qingci and bowed his head, admitting his mistake.

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