Chapter 22 – Husky meets husky. Both eyes gleam with radiance.

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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German Shepherd1Image below looked at him suspiciously. “You actually surrendered?”

“That’s right.” Wen Mingyi shook his dog head, pretending to be unaffected. “I heard a dog calling for help, but after running over, I found out that it was being captured by a dog trafficker. As the saying goes, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’2正所谓不入虎穴焉得虎子. I pretended to be weak and didn’t resist, this caused their guard to lower down. Sure enough, when they saw that I wasn’t struggling, they didn’t beat me and also didn’t give me anaesthetic. They just locked me in a cage. That’s how I was able to save everyone.”

Hearing Wen Mingyi’s words, the eyes of his little female fans became even brighter. They gave their Dog God a shout. “So amazing, the Male God is so smart!”

“The Male God is so educated, really like a high-class dog from a scholar family.”

“Not only handsome, but also smart. Hey hey hey, I want to give birth to a puppy for the Male God.”

“Me too!” This was from the enthusiastic little Teddy3小泰迪. Image below.

Then, it was beaten again. “You are a male dog, you can’t give birth to a puppy!” The little female fans were angry. “Only females can do it! Males can’t!”

This dog life isn’t easy! Teddy sighed.

German Shepherd listened to Wen Mingyi’s words and believed him. After all, it was just a dog; to be able to think of this was already quite good. Against humans, especially Wen Mingyi who was able to speak eloquently and spin words, it could only be persuaded.

German Shepherd nodded its dog head. It admiringly said, “You are indeed great, unlike me, only knowing how to fight hard and hurting myself in return. I still don’t have any strength.”

“You are also very strong.” Wen Mingyi didn’t feel guilty, and comforted the big dog in an upright manner. “You successfully reduced their physical strength, so they may not have much strength to beat me later. That’s why they easily believed my act.”

German Shepherd was a little happy when it heard these words. It told Wen Mingyi, “Go and save the others, I’ll rest a bit first.”

Wen Mingyi nodded. He then wondered, “When will your anesthesia pass?”

The german shepherd was unsure. Wen Mingyi looked at it, and felt a little worried. He could only hope that this drug wasn’t strong. Otherwise, when they were on the run later, he wouldn’t be able to help it escape with the other dogs. Leaving this black dog in the car couldn’t be done; with the shepherd’s body being so big, it definitely wouldn’t be easy to run while carrying it. If only it was the size of a chihuahua.

Thinking this, Wen Mingyi proceeded to open another iron cage. At this time, the other dogs in the sacks were finally no longer immersed in their own despondent little worlds, and were all clamoring one after the other, “Let me out, save me, let me out!”

“Don’t worry, everyone’s turn will come.” Wen Mingyi tried to soothe them.

German Shepherd saw him walking towards the next cage, and watched as this guard dog, Wen Mingyi, stood upright at a distance and opened his mouth to call everybody to assemble. Then, inculcating a great teaching spirit, the husky taught them how to release the other dogs.

The puppies were dispatched once more, and under the command of German Shepherd, they started a second round.

At the same time, Wen Mingyi opened the iron cage when he saw a Schnauzer4雪纳瑞. Image below being released from the sack. It looked at the german shepherd with admiration. “That’s impressive, brother.”

“It’s still alright. This is the weakest dog here.”

A dog manager indeed. Wen Mingyi could see the german shepherd’s face turn even darker.

Seeing the puppies being directed by German Shepherd in an orderly manner, Wen Mingyi also began tearing open the sack in the cage. The dog in this cage was obviously much livelier than the german shepherd. While Wen Mingyi was trying to rip the sack open, it cheerfully asked, “Do you also wanna come in?”

Wen Mingyi: ? ? ?

“But it’d be too crowded for two dogs,” the other party said regretfully.

Wen Mingyi suddenly felt a sense of untold complexity.

He tore the sack open, revealing a familiar dog head. When the dog saw him, its eyes lit up. It leapt up and almost threw him off, if not for Wen Mingyi taking a step back to hold the enthusiastic dog in front of him.

“Brother, why are you here too?” The dog who was still wearing half of the torn sack cloth asked enthusiastically. “Do you want to play the game of sack hide and seek too?”

Wen Mingyi: …

German Shepherd not so far away: …

Okay, case solved. It was already very obvious how this dog got caught.

To the one who said and did these things, Wen Mingyi could only stare at the blue husky’s eyes in front of him that were filled with questionable wisdom. His heart collapsed5内心崩溃; had a nervous breakdown/describing someone who suffered all kinds of great strikes. He couldn’t help but roar internally: The fuck. Isn’t it a husky? Can there be any dogs that can do such a stupid thing except for a husky! No wonder these people caught him without any precautionary measures. There was such a precedent in front of him!

Wen Mingyi said indifferently, “Smell again, am I your big brother!”

The black and white husky6Image below 🙂 leaned closer and smelled him. “Hey, it’s really not big brother, but you and my big brother look alike!”

Wen Mingyi: “…You put down your paws first. Are you not tired of standing like this?”

Hearing this, Husky took back its two paws. It looked at the other big and small dogs in front of it, and said in surprise, “Are you guys playing sack hide and seek too?”

All the other dogs: …

Wen Mingyi: …

Only German Shepherd could get accustomed to this dog’s stupidity. It calmly said, “Come here. We aren’t playing hide and seek right now. Play unpacking sacks now.”

The husky was reluctant. “Is unpacking sacks fun? I don’t wanna do it.”

Wen Mingyi raised his paw and kicked it. “Get going.”

Husky looked at him and with its voice full of emotions, it said, “My elder brother also likes to hit me. You really seem like my elder brother!”

Wen Mingyi: …Then your elder brother has a very good temper, for so many years, it didn’t even kill you!

The husky went to unpack the sacks, and Wen Mingyi released a dog from an iron cage not too far away. It was a white labrador7拉布拉多. Image below which had some injuries, but the dog was very calm and smiled when it saw him. “I listened to the excitement outside, and was guessing what kind of dog was saving us. I didn’t expect it to be a husky.”

The husky – who was still tearing the sacks violently – turned around its head instantly. “Why did you call me?”

Labrador looked between the two huskies for a long time. Finally, it focused on the violent demolisher husky with satisfaction. “Sure enough, this is more in line with my perception.”

Wen Mingyi: …

“Are you able to move?” Wen Mingyi asked concisely. “If you can, there are a few more sacks left. Let’s do it together.”

Labrador stood up and said gracefully, “Of course I can move. Come on, although I haven’t done such a thing before, my paws aren’t for nothing.”

As it spoke, it walked towards a nearby sack and tore it open with ease, releasing the little pomeranian inside8小博美. Image below..

Wen Mingyi wondered, “Since you could move, why didn’t you tear your own sack by yourself just now.”

Labrador replied in a breezy tone, “I am a poet, and the poet speaks but does not move. Knowing that I cannot escape, I chose to save my physical strength until the very last, which obviously didn’t need to be utilized.”

Wen Mingyi: …

He looked at the labrador in front of him. It was a white labrador, but the hair on its body was obviously very dirty. It wasn’t the kind of ‘after fighting with dog traffickers’ dirty, but more of a ‘not being able to wash properly after wandering for a while’ dirty.

“Poet?” he repeated.

Labrador smiled at him and added, “Wandering poet.”

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi didn’t know what to say, and just nodded to ‘The Wandering Poet’ in front of him.

One person and several dogs worked together, so it didn’t take long before all of the dogs were released.

Although Little Teddy had the sun in his heart9remember the previous footnote that it was keen to mate?, the dogs were still very smart. All the dogs had been counted and the information then reported to Wen Mingyi.

Wen Mingyi nodded, looking at the dogs in front of him. He then asked them about their current physical strength.

Most of the dogs were already very tired. The psychological pressure of being caught and the struggle when being caught had them all pent up. Only a small number of dogs were still full of energy, capable enough to fight alongside the other dogs any time.

Wen Mingyi took note of this, he thought that instead of making a huge movement right now and waiting for the traffickers to open the car door and then fleeing, it would be better to wait until tomorrow morning to escape. Firstly, many dogs were physically weak right now and secondly, they were all just dogs. Who knew where the truck was currently? Even if they wanted to go back, they might not be able to find their way, but if they waited until tomorrow morning, he would be able to change back and take a taxi home. Thirdly, if such a large group of dogs was not led by one person at least, it’d cause a commotion and make it easy for other things to happen too. It’d be better to wait till he became human.

After all, he could understand what the dogs said, but others did not. Even if there were any kind-hearted people who wanted to help them, they might not be able to actually help them, and their interventions might even turn out unhelpful.

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“Let’s rest,” Wen Mingyi said. “Males to the left and females to the right. You are not allowed to take this opportunity to mate!”

Some reserved females blushed instantly, shyly looking at Wen Mingyi. How could the Male God be saying such vulgar things?

Little Teddy ran over to him. Wen Mingyi held it down with a paw, and then added, “Sort according to your sizes, the bigger ones in front and the smaller ones at the back.”

The little Teddy dog looked at him dimly. “I don’t want to be so far away from you.”

Wen Mingyi fidgeted. “Don’t worry, as long as our hearts are connected, no matter how far we are, we are all together.”

The female fans once again looked at their Male God with stars in their eyes.

Labrador sighed. “Good poetry, good poetry.”

Husky walked over and pushed Little Teddy behind with a paw. “Big brother, I’m bigger, so I will accompany you.”

Wen Mingyi: …Alright.

Except for the german shepherd, which was unable to move because it had been anesthetized, the other dogs were all sorted, male and female, lying on their sides, ready to rest.

“I usually go to bed at this time,” White Pomeranian said sadly. “I have a big litter, and a big bed at home. Ying ying ying, I want to go home.”

After saying so, the other puppies also echoed, “I miss Master.”

“I also want a big litter.”

“My bed is so comfortable, it has my favourite bone too.”

“I’m hungry.”

Wen Mingyi watched them crying one by one. Just as he was about to persuade them, the white labrador said, “It’s okay. You will be able to go back tomorrow.”

“Really?” The puppies questioned.

Labrador was like a gentle elder sister, softly coaxing, “Really. There will be small bones, soft beds, big litter, and your owners who love you, don’t worry.”

Wen Mingyi looked at it. It said ‘all of you’, not all of us.

Seeing that the puppies were no longer sad, Labrador thought of a way to divert their attention. “I will recite a few poems for you. After you listen, you will be able to sleep well.”

“Wow, sister, you can also recite poems.”

“Cultured dog.”

Labrador smiled. “Do you know that F University? I’m there every day in class with humans. I listen to what they learn.”

The dogs, of course, didn’t know about F University. They looked at it admiringly. “Sister is so amazing!”

“Sister must be very popular with humans.”

“Is Sister’s master a teacher? Teaching… teaching something, I don’t remember.”

“Professor,” Schnauzer, who rarely spoke, said. “Illiterate dog.”

Ying ying ying.” Chihuahua10Image below. started with its fake sobbing again.

Labrador didn’t answer their questions. It began to recite a poem:

The sun will rise eventually

The night will eventually disappear

The dogs will go home eventually

Everything will end eventually.”

The dogs were overwhelmed by its literary talent. “Good poetry, good poetry.”

Even the steady-hearted German Shepherd exclaimed, “Well said.”

Wen Mingyi was silent for a moment and then he smiled. That’s right, for a dog, this poem was already very good, worthy of being a cultured dog who graduated from F University. He quietly lay inside the truck, listening to Labrador beside him who patiently composed poems to coax the puppies, and slowly closed his eyes.


The author has something to say:

Husky: Hi, you are also a husky. What a coincidence! We are the same!

Ming Ming: No! We are different! Who is the same as you!

Husky’s blue eyes flashed with knowledge!

Ge Ge: I think it is time for me to appear.

Author: Understood! Arranging to appear!


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    内心崩溃; had a nervous breakdown/describing someone who suffered all kinds of great strikes
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    remember the previous footnote that it was keen to mate?
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