Chapter 19 – Face-slapping

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The moment the girls in class heard those words, they all stared at him. In their hearts, they raged. Are you stupid! Wen Mingyi came to school just for a few classes! He doesn’t even know till where we have learned, how can he possibly do the dictation?! What dictation can he do?!

Song Yun also looked at Sun Xu with a little surprise, finding it strange of him to be saying this at a time like this. Everyone in school knew that Wen Mingyi had participated in a talent show. Although he came to school normally when the term started, he was, after all, someone who had stepped into the entertainment circle. And because of some follow-up matters related to the talent show, he had left school and just returned to class today.

Saying these words at this time was simply to stir things up.

“Of course, Wen Mingyi has no privileges, but he didn’t come to class last time, so he has no clue about the key points and assignments of our previous lesson. Naturally, he doesn’t need to take the dictation on the whiteboard. Sun Xu, since you are being so enthusiastic, it seems like you really want to do it. You’ll be replacing Wen Mingyi to do the dictation instead.”

When other students heard these words, they couldn’t help but laugh. Sun Xu got his just desserts! The girls scolded in their hearts. They glanced at Song Yun secretly. Was Song Yun like them, part of Wen Mingyi’s fan club? Teacher, regarding this sign, the sun in the sky, the moon in the world, what are the next two sentences?1Chinese Idiom: 对个暗号,天上太阳,人间月亮,下面两句是什么

Sun Xu was coldly called forth by Song Yun to write dictation on the whiteboard, but he was not shocked. He stood up and looked at Wen Mingyi provocatively. “Since the teacher named me and asked me to do the dictation on the whiteboard, then I have the guts to do so; unlike some people, not even daring to move. Truthfully, I come to school to learn, unlike some people who just want to show off.”

“Sun Xu, how can you say such things!”

“Have you finished talking!”

“Are you so bored to say these things!”

The girls in class couldn’t help but make noise. Song Yun also frowned at him.

Just when she was about to speak, she heard a clear voice from the back of the classroom. “Forget it, don’t let Student Sun Xu replace me. I’m afraid his dictation score would be too bad and insulting to my reputation.”

Everyone turned their heads in astonishment as they saw Wen Mingyi standing up again. He walked towards the podium. Everyone was shocked. Song Yun also tried persuading him, “Wen Mingyi, you…”

“It’s okay,” Wen Mingyi interrupted her. “Teacher, please begin.”

Song Yun swallowed the rest of her words back. Others also stepped onto the podium one after another. Sun Xu saw this and walked up too, standing on the far right.

Song Yun wanted to choose a simpler noun explanation for Wen Mingyi, but the nouns she had taught in the last class were not so simple. She could only find the simplest one at first, intending to probe Wen Mingyi’s bottom line.

Almost everyone’s gaze was focused at his fingertips as he stood still. When Song Yun started to dictate, they all neglected their own dictation, and watched Wen Mingyi’s fingers neatly write one Chinese character after another on the whiteboard.

His handwriting was very beautiful, thanks to the practice alongside Si Junduo when he was young. He always liked to learn and imitate Si Junduo when he was a child. Whichever school Si Junduo went to, he also wanted to go to. What Si Junduo liked, he also liked. Wen Wei used to laugh at him. “Little follower.” Wen Mingyi wrinkled his nose and retorted, “Teacher said, this is called a role model.”

Wen Wei and Ji Siyao had both laughed. Si Junduo also laughed, and patiently taught him how to write.

Among all the characters Wen Mingyi wrote, the best were of his and Si Junduo’s names. Those were the six characters he had first practiced, stroke by stroke, neat and unrestrained. Elegant, just like Si Junduo’s personality.

Song Yun was surprised to find that his noun interpretation turned out to be correct. Not only was it correct, but it was also exactly the same as the interpretation in the book. He did not even make the mistake of missing one or more “of”2Missing a ‘of’ in the English explanation that changes the meaning. Song Yun tentatively increased the difficulty a little, and saw Wen Mingyi continuing to move his marker with a calm face. The characters were beautifully written and the interpretation was correct.

It was only then that she remembered that Wen Mingyi was this year’s champion for the entrance examination. Being the top ranker, he must have some real skills, otherwise he would not be able to stand out from the many candidates in the province.

Song Yun gave the last dictation with confidence and boldness. This phrase was difficult to explain. Several students on the podium obviously hadn’t memorized all of them, and many of them got stuck in the middle.

A student tried to sneak a glance at his neighbouring student’s answers and Song Yun coughed. That person turned their head immediately — looking exactly as ‘I didn’t peek, it wasn’t me’.

After Song Yun finished her dictation, everyone placed the markers on the table and walked back to their seats.

Before Wen Mingyi put down his marker, he glanced steadily at the dictation on the far right. He smiled and placed down the black marker in his hand. Just when everyone thought he was going to step off the podium, they saw him pick up the red marker on the podium and walk to the far right of the whiteboard.

Wen Mingyi calmly raised his hand in front of everyone’s doubtful eyes and drew a bright red circle on the first character of the half sentence in Sun Xu’s noun explanation. Then, in front of their astonished gaze, he marked a big red cross at the composition error.

After he finished writing, he turned to look at Sun Xu’s livid face. He mocked, “Do you know what is showing off? This is called showing off. As you can see here, I really do like showing off.”

Song Yun had no idea that things would go this way. The girls in class almost screamed their lungs out: Handsome! So handsome!

Wen Mingyi returned the red marker, stepped down the podium, and walked back to his seat.

Looking at the infatuated gaze of the girls under the stage, Song Yun quickly coughed, tapped on the whiteboard, and drew everyone’s attention back. She glanced at the place where Wen Mingyi gave Sun Xu a cross. The red cross was bright and very eye-catching.

Song Yun unconsciously coughed again. “This round of dictation, Wen Mingyi is fully correct. The explanation of the last term was slightly difficult. The main difficulty lies in the second half of the sentence. Student Sun Xu is actually very close, but it was not fully expressed. This is the most common mistake that everyone makes. You can see that several other students have also stumbled at this part. This term, everyone can remember it like this…”

Song Yun was still talking, but Sun Xu couldn’t listen anymore. He looked at the dictations in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that he was the one who made a mistake, and Wen Mingyi was all correct! How could this be possible, he hadn’t even attended class at all, how could it be! But this dictation happened under the supervision of a teacher and all of the other students. Even if Wen Mingyi tried to cheat, he would not be able to, so how could his answers all be right! Sun Xu didn’t understand. He looked at the dazzling red cross on the board, and only felt that Wen Mingyi’s last move was simply to slap himself on the face in front of the whole class.

How shameful! Wen Mingyi humiliated him! Sun Xu clenched his fists unconsciously, and his eyes slowly became fierce.

Zhang Heng looked at his deskmate and exclaimed in surprise, “You actually know!”

“I’ve memorised it,” Wen Mingyi said calmly. “I had nothing to do at home these days, so I read the textbooks. The class hasn’t been taught much yet, so it was easy to catch up with your speed.”

Zhang Heng nodded. “That is also true.”

As a fellow classmate since high school, others might not understand Wen Mingyi’s learning ability, but Zhang Heng couldn’t say the same. In the first year of high school, Wen Mingyi was good in both arts and sciences. At that time, he had a good relationship with Lu Yunfei and Li Yuanqing. All three had agreed that he would go to the science class with Lu Yunfei and Li Yuanqing. However, Wen Mingyi unexpectedly selected liberal arts.

Since then, he had firmly been amongst the top three of his grade. Until the eve of the college entrance examination, when the teacher had talked to him once. No one knew the content of the conversation. However, after that conversation, Wen Mingyi never let the second scorer pass through him during the exams again. The gap between him and the second scorer got bigger and bigger. Everyone was surprised to find that this guy, whom they had dared to casually deal with previously, had yet to exert his full strength!

Later, at the end of the university entrance examination, Wen Mingyi became their liberal arts top scorer.

For the first time since the establishment of No. 1 Middle School, two miracle top scorers for both the liberal arts and sciences were born. The principal and teachers of No. 1 Middle School had laughed from ear to ear. On the day they returned to school, they took photos with the two champions.

Not long after the photo was taken, the principal and teacher heard that their liberal arts top scorer had given up Qingbei and went to X University. That night, the principal and teacher of No. 1 Middle School were so depressed that they had all skipped dinner. It could be seen that they were very sad.

Therefore, Zhang Heng knew from the moment he stood up that he should be fine, but he didn’t expect Wen Mingyi to come out like that in the end. Thinking about it, from high school till now, many people had been at odds with Wen Mingyi. They couldn’t beat him no matter what, and they also couldn’t score better than him. The people who wanted to slap him were many, but in the end they were all slapped instead.

Zhang Heng couldn’t help but send a message in their [X Freshman League] group: People in the wind are really people in the wind wherever they go.3Something along the lines of being the most prominent, is unachievable for the masses Our dear classmate, Wen Mingyi, is in the limelight yet again! I predict that the girls in my class love him even more!

Wen Mingyi: I see that [smile].

Zhang Heng’s hand trembled and almost dropped the phone. He silently raised his head and saw Wen Mingyi smiling at him.

Zhang Heng: … Why did he forget that Wen Mingyi was also in this group!

“I’m praising you,” Zhang Heng said sincerely.

Wen Mingyi nodded. His chin motioned towards the phone in Zhang Heng’s hand, and he whispered, “Continue praising.”

Zhang Heng rolled up his sleeves and prepared to blow his rainbow fart, only to hear Song Yun say, “Students with ending numbers 0 and 4, write on the whiteboard.”

Zhang Heng, student number 24, was taken aback. He stood up stiffly, and walked towards the guillotine not far away.

After spending half of the class time on the dictation, Song Yun finally finished and started a new module. The students who were not selected were relieved, and the students who were called forth felt that they were too unlucky. When class was finally over, as Wen Mingyi was about to go to the bathroom after packing up his school bag, Song Yun called him.

He informed Zhang Heng to look after his bag and walked to the podium. Song Yun had already packed her things. She looked up at him and said, “You didn’t attend the previous lecture, so I will ask the class committee to send you a PPT4aka Powerpoint. If you don’t understand, you can call me at any time.”

Wen Mingyi nodded. “Thank you, teacher.”

“Don’t thank me, you have to work hard afterwards~”


Once Song Yun finished speaking, she left with her books in her arms.

Wen Mingyi also turned around and went to the toilet.

After washing his hands and exiting the toilet, Wen Mingyi saw Sun Xu and his group blocking his way. Sun Xu carried a bag on one shoulder and said coldly, “What was that in class just now! Humiliating me?!”

Wen Mingyi looked at him and asked calmly, “Do I know you?”


The author has something to say:

Ming Ming: Scram.

  • 1
    Chinese Idiom: 对个暗号,天上太阳,人间月亮,下面两句是什么
  • 2
    Missing a ‘of’ in the English explanation that changes the meaning
  • 3
    Something along the lines of being the most prominent, is unachievable for the masses
  • 4
    aka Powerpoint

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