Chapter 17 – Back to School

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Si Junduo looked at the little orange cat in front of him and kneaded its head. However, contrary to the pleasant smile on his face, his words to Jiang Zimo were very unamiable. “You should get down from the car.”

You should have gotten off the car a long time ago! Wen Mingyi came back to life in an instant, and snarled at Jiang Zimo. With those cheap boat tickets of yours, you shouldn’t be dreaming of boarding my ge’s luxurious cruise right off the bat. Get out!

Jiang Zimo was urged to ‘get out’ again and again by him, he couldn’t help but get angry. Opening the car’s door, he slammed it loudly as he left. He watched the silver car drive away with his heart full of anger. He was so caring, so gentle, so considerate with Si Junduo, but what was the result!? Si Junduo actually wanted to let go of him for a Wen Mingyi who had never placed Si Junduo in his eyes, who only knew how to lose his temper with him! Why! He was obviously the one who treated him best! Why couldn’t Si Junduo see that?!

He was so upset and frustrated. Taking out his phone from his pocket, Jiang Zimo called Wenbo.

Wenbo was drinking with a friend at this time. Seeing that it was Jiang Zimo’s phone call, he immediately walked to a quiet place to pick it up. And then, he had to hear Jiang Zimo’s grievances.

Wenbo felt distressed for a moment, he quickly said, “What happened to you? Who bullied you? Don’t be hesitant, tell me, I can help you!”

Wen Mingyi thought that with Jiang Zimo’s shameless character, even after Si Junduo had clearly told him to not bother him anymore, Jiang Zimo would still try to cling to his brother. What he didn’t anticipate, however, was that Jiang Zimo really didn’t, he was totally out of their sight. Wen Mingyi thought for a while, it was a fact that his ge was only a supporting character in the book. The protagonists were still Jiang Zimo and Wenbo. Now that Jiang Zimo had been wronged by his ge, it was Wenbo’s turn to take care of him, to use his ge’s ruthlessness as a contrast against Wenbo’s gentle and considerate efforts.

Wen Mingyi was in a very good mood. He couldn’t wait to go pray at Yuelao Temple. Let Yuelao bless Jiang Zimo and Wenbo to be together forever, to live happily with never-ending love!1Literal chinese idiom: 三年抱俩,五年爸哪. Usually meant for newly weds, to be blessed with a good marriage, good family and have lots of happiness 🙂 He swallowed the key for this mosquito CP2CP: Couple pairing lock!

Jiang Zimo no longer pestered Si Junduo, and Wen Mingyi was no longer that content with going to work with him. After all, Si Junduo was busy working, and he had nothing to do there.

So after reading the last page of his course book, Wen Mingyi informed Si Junduo. “I won’t come to the company with you tomorrow. I’ll go to school. Observing the pattern of these past few days, I should be able to stay as a normal person during the day time and turn into a cat or dog only after 9:00 pm. It shouldn’t have any impact on my classes.”

Si Junduo had been refusing his attempts to attend school in the past few days mainly because he was worried about his sudden transformation that might happen during school time. However, Wen Mingyi’s transformation had been very regular during the past four to five days — from 9pm to 9am. Si Junduo thought about it and finally agreed to his request.

“But you have to come back for the night, you absolutely cannot stay overnight.”

“Of course.” Unless he wanted to scare his roommate to death.

And so, they made a deal. Wen Mingyi packed his bag and texted his roommate: What’s the subject for tomorrow morning? What time does the class start?

Zhang Heng was taken aback when he received Wen Mingyi’s WeChat, and tentatively asked: You are coming to class tomorrow?

Zhang Heng: Damn it! Those girls in the school will go crazy again!

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi: Send me the timetable.

Zhang Heng quickly took a picture of his class schedule. Wen Mingyi was right. There would be only a professional class at 10am. He checked his text book. Luckily he had brought this book to Si Junduo’s office too. Even if the teacher asked him questions tomorrow, he would be able to answer.

Wen Mingyi patted his packed school bag and placed it on the desk.

On the other side, Zhang Heng quickly sent out a report in their [News 2018] class group and [X Freshman League] group: Breaking News! Wen Mingyi will be back to school tomorrow!

A commotion stirred in the class group swiftly:

“!!! Wen Mingyi!!! Zhang Heng, are you for real!”

“Fuck!!! Why did I take the day off yesterday! I fucking want to go back now! Do you know how many days he will come to class? @Zhang Heng, will he still be there the day after?”

“Ah ah ah ah, my little Mingyi!! Don’t ask me to go out today, I have to rest early, and go to class tomorrow prettily!”

“Why is Wen Mingyi coming back to school suddenly? Is there any filming to be done? Speaking of which, I watched his competition. Other people seem to have already started filming for what not in the past few days. Doesn’t Wen Mingyi have shootings? Or is this return to school actually for filming??”

“@Zhang Heng, is he coming to film a show? An Idol drama! That’s why he’s coming to our school for shooting?”

Zhang Heng: …

Zhang Heng: Who am I?

Everyone: Zhang Heng!

Zhang Heng: You also know that I am Zhang Heng! I’m not Wen Mingyi’s agent. I don’t know if he has activities or not, filming a show or not. I only know that he has told me that he will come to class tomorrow, nothing else!

Compared with the excitement of the girls in the news group, this [X freshman league] group was much calmer:

“Wen Mingyi will be back tomorrow, shall we all have dinner together? Didn’t we say that we will have dinner together when he comes back?”

“Let’s have a get-together then.”

“Gather gather gather! I want to ask Wen Mingyi for an autograph. Heh, I told my sister that we knew each other, and my sister didn’t believe me. Wait until I have his autograph. Let her fume then!”

“Qi Qiang, with this brain you could still unexpectedly manage to pass the first year of high school and enter X university, huh. Why didn’t you show her your graduation photo! With such a big Wen Mingyi in the graduation photo, it’s impossible for her to say that you Photoshopped him in!3Thanks Lilian_Cho for your comment

Qi Qiang: …

Everyone guffawed and began to poke fun at their old classmate.

In the early morning of the next day, after the torturous night, upon transforming back into a human, Wen Mingyi ate his breakfast. After this, Si Junduo sent him to school.

Sitting in the car, Si Junduo reminded, “I have a client to meet this afternoon. If there is no call from me before school ends, that means I can’t pick you up. You will have to go home by yourself.”

“Okay, I’m not a kid anymore, don’t worry.”

“Right.” Si Junduo suddenly thought of something. “Do you know Zhaoyang Entertainment? I have contacted several entertainment companies in the past few days. Presently, I have a better impression of Zhaoyang. Signing with them, is that fine for you?”

“You mean the Zhaoyang Entertainment house with Mu Ziang?”

Si Junduo heard the words and smiled slightly. “You know Mu Ziang?”

“If you know, can I not? Besides, Mu Ziang is so popular, he just won the Golden Guild Award for Best Male Matching Performance. It’s hard to not know of him.”

Si Junduo nodded. “So, are you willing?”

“Of course.” Wen Mingyi still had a good impression of Zhaoyang, the entertainment company. “I’ve heard people say that Zhaoyang’s film and television resources are good. Although I am foremost a singer, the current entertainment industry is mainly dominated by films and television dramas. No matter how I make my debut, at the end, going towards filming is certain. I might as well find an agency with good film and television resources, so that I could be popular for a long time.”

“That’s good. Go to class first, I’ll talk to Zhaoyang’s boss. Later, I’ll tell you in more detail.”

Wen Mingyi nodded, but the words ‘the boss of Zhaoyang’ aroused his curiosity very much. He approached Si Junduo. “Do you know Zhaoyang’s boss?”

Si Junduo smiled and rubbed Wen Mingyi’s head. “There are many people who I am in contact with.”

Wen Mingyi felt that his brother was really amazing. No wonder Jiang Zimo was obsessed with his brother in the early stages and ignored such a decent gong (Giver) like Wenbo.

“Then I will leave it to you,” Wen Mingyi said seriously. “Also, although I am not around, remember not to partake in immoral activities4Chinese idiom: 洁身自好, to live cleanly and honestly. Don’t forget that you are a man of your words. If I get to know that you met Jiang Zimo behind my back, I will also go and find him secretly behind your back!”

Si Junduo was left speechless. “Go to class, you.”

Wen Mingyi smiled tenderly and put on his cap and mask. Waving at Si Junduo, he got out of the car.

Si Junduo watched him walk quickly into the school gate he was familiar with. His eyes gradually softened. Previously, he had held Wen Mingyi’s hand and brought him to the gate of the elementary school. He had also carried Wen Mingyi’s school bag and watched him enter both middle and high school.

On the opening day of X University, he wanted to send Wen Mingyi into the university. However, this university was not the ideal university that he had wanted Wen Mingyi to enter — Wen Mingyi was the top student in liberal arts. He should have, with his good friend Lu Yunfei, gone north for a better university. But he didn’t.

He had asked Wen Mingyi for the reason back then. Wen Mingyi had only replied with a cold face, “How does it matter to you.” But Si Junduo felt that he knew the reason, because previously, he had graduated from this school too.

Towards the child he took care of since young, he knew that no matter how powerful his mouth was, his heart was always soft. Though his mouth would say scram, he would accompany him alongside, step by step. Looking back at it, this was really similar to a cat.

It was a pity though, at that time Wen Mingyi was still at blows with Si Junduo, so when Si Junduo had proposed to send Wen Mingyi to school, he just rolled his eyes. Fortunately, now that Wen Mingyi returned to his side again, he could make up for the regret of not sending him to university before. Thinking about this, Si Junduo felt gratified and his mood unconsciously relaxed.

At this moment, his mobile phone rang. Si Junduo picked it up. The two words ‘Mu Ziang’5Raws mentioned three words: Chinese name is Mu Zi Ang) appeared on the screen!

As soon as he picked it up, he heard Mu Ziang yelling from the other side. “You’re no human, Si Junduo! Ignoring the fact that you secretly contacted Zhuoran6A friend of Si Junduo, from Zhaoyang, the entertainment company behind my back, you are going to meet him soon and yet you are not taking me with you!! It’s obviously a three-person movie. Why do I not have my name there! My acting skills are so good! I should be the leading actor with your partner! Zhuoran should be under the car, not here, do you understand!”

Si Junduo: …

The author has something to say:
Ge Ge: It’s too noisy, hang up!
Mu Ziang:? ? ? ? This is business! ! ! !
Ming Ming: Ge, you actually know Mu Ziang! ! !
Brother: [Smile.jpg]

  • 1
    Literal chinese idiom: 三年抱俩,五年爸哪. Usually meant for newly weds, to be blessed with a good marriage, good family and have lots of happiness 🙂
  • 2
    CP: Couple pairing
  • 3
    Thanks Lilian_Cho for your comment
  • 4
    Chinese idiom: 洁身自好, to live cleanly and honestly
  • 5
    Raws mentioned three words: Chinese name is Mu Zi Ang)
  • 6
    A friend of Si Junduo, from Zhaoyang, the entertainment company

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