Chapter 15 – Si Junduo: Be good.

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Seeing this, Si Junduo quickly took him into his arms. Wen Mingyi’s fur exploded as he started hissing at Jiang Zimo. Si Junduo hurriedly brushed the little orange cat’s fur and comforted him. “It’s okay, he won’t touch you. Be good.”

Jiang Zimo looked at the orange cat in front of him, confused at seeing such a fierce cat. Looking down at his hand, he saw three scratch lines marred on it. Although there was no blood, the scratches were throbbing painfully.

Wen Mingyi saw his masterpiece and licked his little paw proudly. He deserved a pat! Suddenly, he realised what he was doing and was petrified. Why was he licking his paw again! ! !

Fuck, how can this orange cat like to lick its paws so much! ! You have to control yourself!

Wen Mingyi immediately dropped his small paws and fell into Si Junduo’s arms again.

Looking at the scratches on Jiang Zimo’s hand, Si Junduo gave an excuse for this didi of his. “Sorry, he doesn’t like being touched by others. You might have scared him just now, hence the scratch.”

He squeezed the little offending paw of Wen Mingyi in an attempt to warn the orange cat in his arms. Yet, the more he pinched, the more he felt the little orange cat’s pad was just too soft, too squishable. He was very unwilling to press too hard on those cushy paws.

“It’s okay.” Jiang Zimo put down his wounded hand. “I wanted to hold it because it looked cute. Didn’t expect it to be so fierce.”

Si Junduo thought the other way. Once Wen Mingyi became an orange cat, he was even cuter than he usually was. “He is pretty obedient,” He muttered softly. “As long as you don’t touch him.”

Jiang Zimo was a little unhappy with this reply. He looked at the little orange cat next to him. It was glaring at him, even snarling at him with his teeth bared in warning.

Jiang Zimo was dissatisfied, clutching his scratched hand, he asked Si Junduo, “Why did you decide to raise a cat all of a sudden? Do you even have time to take care of it with your busy schedule?”

“I have.” Si Junduo sensed movement from the little guy in his arms. And the next second, he jumped out of his arms, walking far to the other side, lifted his front paw and patted on the empty area. He “meowed” his order — You sit here.

Si Junduo: …

Ever since Wen Mingyi became a cat, worrying about him had almost become a habit of Si Junduo’s.

Wen Mingyi saw that he didn’t move so he returned. Thinking that Si Junduo had not understood, he bit his shirt, trying to drag him to the side.

Si Junduo helplessly picked him up. The shirt ended up falling out of Wen Mingyi’s mouth and that pair of amber eyes stared at Si Junduo. “Meow?”

Si Junduo moved to the other side, placing him onto his lap, his finger nudged his pink little nose. Wen Mingyi also took this opportunity to rub against his palm, urging Si Junduo to tickle him.

Seeing that Si Junduo had moved away, Jiang Zimo quickly followed him. Wen Mingyi saw him move so he jumped in between again, his fluffy tail standing up in fury. “Meow!” — Stay away from my ge!

Jiang Zimo froze as he looked at Si Junduo in embarrassment.

How could Si Junduo not know what Wen Mingyi meant? Si Junduo patiently tugged at him, trying to put him back into his arms, but Wen Mingyi didn’t budge, his claws clutching hard onto the soft blanket. He showed no signs of letting go.

As Wang Sheng entered, he immediately shouted, “Si Junduo, be gentle! I just bought this blanket. If there are scratches on it, you’ll have to compensate for it.”

Si Junduo ignored Wang Sheng’s pleas. His focus was on this orange cat who would rather die than yield. “Let go.”

Wen Mingyi held on.

Si Junduo was about to call him “Ming Ming”, but then he swallowed those words down. Changing his words he said, “Wen Wen.”

Wen Mingyi: “Meow?”

Wang Sheng placed the ordered items on the folding table at the side. Holding an ocean-coloured ball, he teased Wen Mingyi. “Do you want it?”

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi paid him no heed.

Wang Sheng furrowed his brows. “Don’t cats like round objects?” He questioned Si Junduo.

Since he wasn’t a real cat… “Obviously he doesn’t like it.”

Wang Sheng could only put the ball away. “This cat is called Wen Wen?”

”En.” Si Junduo rubbed the orange cat’s head. “Wen Wen.”

Wen Mingyi : …

Wen Mingyi shook his head with dissatisfaction and meowed at him a few times. Si Junduo smiled and shook his head, speaking softly but firmly, “I like this name.”

Wen Mingyi huffed, he slipped out and sprawled onto the soft couch. Wen Wen was really not cool, okay!

Wang Sheng took the opportunity to cop a feel, but he was stopped by Si Junduo. “Don’t be sneaky.”

With a chuckle, Wang Sheng exited the room.

Once Wang Sheng left, Jiang Zimo turned his gaze to the cat lying beside him and asked, “Is this cat really yours? Is it Wen Mingyi’s, since its called Wen Wen?”

Pretty sharp, Wen Mingyi thought. A pity though that no one, Jiang Zimo included, would ever think that people could become cats.

Si Junduo denied it. He stroked the cat’s head. “He’s mine. I raised him.”

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi directed his attention to his forelimbs and started licking his fur. Wait! He jerked up his head. Why was he licking his fur again! Pei Pei Pei!1Sound effect in the raws for spitting (ie: Bleh, bleh bleh!)

Wen Mingyi was still lying between him and Jiang Zimo, refusing to get up. Si Junduo gave up at moving him. He picked up the remote control and selected Jiang Zimo’s chosen movie. Jiang Zimo had wanted to get close to Si Junduo but he backed down. With Wen Wen in the middle, he was embarrassed to purposely stand up to go to the other side.

While watching the movie, Si Junduo’s legs felt a change in weight. He glanced down. The little orange cat had changed its laying position, from being vertical to a horizontal one, as its head rested on its front paws.

Wen Mingyi tilted his head up and his ears twitched.

Si Junduo was amused and squeezed his tiny paw.

Wen Mingyi twisted over and played with Si Junduo’s fingers. After playing for a while, Wen Mingyi suddenly thought of something. He let go of Si Junduo’s hand, and patted his thigh with his front paw.

Si Junduo lowered his head again, confused.


Wen Mingyi’s front paws were moving back and forth on his thighs. His writings were large, making his movements noticeable enough for Si Junduo to sense the strokes. Distracted by the cat’s movement, Jiang Zimo snuck a glance from the corner of his eye.

The clueless Jiang Zimo simply thought that the orange cat was making trouble to attract the attention of Si Junduo.

“Does it not like this environment?” He deliberately asked Si Junduo. “Should we send it to the boss first? It doesn’t seem comfortable with all this.”

Si Junduo glanced at Jiang Zimo, thinking that the other was really overthinking too much. The situation was totally the opposite; Wen Mingyi was so used to it that he was now asking for a Coke!

“No need,” Si Junduo answered. “He just wants to play with me.”

Si Junduo took out his cell phone and searched: Can cats drink Coke?

The first answer was the most clear-cut: No! The stomachs of cats are different from that of humans. Coke was a definite no!

Wen Mingyi mulled it over. He had been asking for a Coke for half a day and yet not only did his ge not order one for him, he even started playing on his phone. He climbed onto Si Junduo with a jiffy, and lifted his little paws to block Si Junduo’s sight. “Meow meow meow, meow!” — Stop looking at your phone, look at me!

Si Junduo looked at his kitten’s paw, picked him up, and pointed a finger to the Baidu search page on his mobile phone. He circled his finger over the three words “Definitely a no.”

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi gave Si Junduo a helpless look and meowed at him with annoyance — You’re treating me as a cat! First of all, I am a man! I am not a real cat, dear relative!

He meowed and meowed. Worried that Si Junduo couldn’t understand, he shook his little head desperately, he shook his little paw in reluctance too.

But Si Junduo was very firm. He listened to Wen Mingyi’s meowings, seeing him shake his head like a rattle, he stopped Wen Mingyi’s rattling paws, and typed on his phone: Let’s play Scissors, Paper, Stone. Whoever loses will listen to the winner.

Wen Mingyi: “Meow?”

Si Junduo stretched out two slender fingers, opening and closing them, like a pair of sharp scissors.

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi looked down at his little paws. The white fur, the pink meat pads, they were all very lovely, but no matter how one looked at them, he could only throw paper!

What kind of fight was this! This was just irreverent!

Wen Mingyi was so angry that he slapped Si Junduo’s hand with a paw. Si Junduo smiled and held him tightly in his arms, gently stroking his back, his eyes full of warmth. “Be good.”

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