Chapter 14 – Si Junduo: Sorry. Not for touching

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At 5:30pm, Si Junduo got off from work and drove Wen Mingyi home. The two had a meal together, changed their clothes and drove to the private theatre when it was time.

This private theatre had been opened by two friends Si Junduo had gotten to know when he was in school. The two were a couple — the female was Cheng Yi and the male Wang Sheng — hence the theatre’s name Yisheng Private Theater. Si Junduo arrived at the place and parked the car. Seeing that it was not nine o’clock yet, he stayed inside. He was waiting for Wen Mingyi to become a cat.

Time passed slowly but surely to nine o’clock. Si Junduo stared at Wen Mingyi intently, figuring to see how he would turn into a cat. However, it was of no use. The didi he was familiar with sat in the passenger seat till the last second. And before he could react, the familiar orange cat was in his place in the next second.

The small kitten looked at him. Tilting his head, his white fur shook. He “meowed” softly with those clear and lovely pair of amber eyes.

Si Junduo felt that there seemed to be a missing link in the middle. He was pretty sure that he hadn’t even blinked his eyes just now, which meant that this was only what he could see. Si Junduo stopped thinking about it. Instead, he reached out to take the little orange cat into his arms and exited the car.

Wen Mingyi adjusted into a comfortable sitting posture in his arms. The cat’s head rubbed against his chest. Si Junduo patted his head. Wen Mingyi raised his tail and continued rubbing against his arm.

At the entrance, Wang Sheng immediately noticed that Si Junduo was carrying a cat. At first he brushed it off, thinking that he saw wrongly, but then Wang Sheng looked more intently. Heh, it really was a cat.

With a cigarette in his hand, he leaned closer to the orange kitten. Looking at the kitten, he asked, “When did you start raising cats? It’s very cute, but it doesn’t match the temperament of a boss.”

Si Junduo stepped back in silence and covered Wen Mingyi’s face with his hand. Wen Mingyi, who had his sight blocked, slapped away his ge’s hand lightly, carefully trying to not scratch him. He cried “meow meow” out: Don’t block my face, I haven’t seen what your friend looks like.

“Put out the smoke.” He heard Si JunDuo state. “My family’s cat does not breathe second-hand smoke.”

Wang Sheng: …

Si Junduo urged him, “What are you doing, waiting for me to help you?”

Wang Sheng silently put the cigarette into the ashtray nearby, but he still didn’t forget to spit out, “Isn’t it just a Chinese Pastoral Cat1Looks something like this: ? It’s so pampered.”

Once Si Junduo saw he had put out the cigarette, he removed his hands for Wen Mingyi to see the light.

The cat had poked out his little head and peeped at him. Wang Sheng found the little guy to be cute and fearless. He reached his hands out, but Si Junduo quickly dodged.

“Wash your hands,” Si Junduo commanded. “Your hands reek of smoke.”

Wang Sheng: …

Wang Sheng was speechless. “You do realise that this is just a cat in your arms? Why are you treating it so preciously, as if you’re raising a son!”

Si Junduo was indifferent. “It’s more precious than you indeed.”

Wang Sheng could only go to the bathroom to wash his hands, and then properly dry them. Showing his hands to Si Junduo, he asked, “It’s fine now, right?”

Si Junduo reluctantly nodded.

Wang Sheng was all set to feel the pleasure of running his fingers through a cat’s fur. However, before his hands could reach the cat, they were blocked by Si Junduo.

Wang Sheng: ? ? ? ?

Si Junduo smiled. “Sorry, but you cannot touch.”

Wang Sheng: ……! ! !

“Are you fucking kidding me?!”

Wen Mingyi laughed. Si Junduo took a glance at him, hearing the meowing filled with laughter coming from the furball in his arms, and scratched his chin. Si Junduo continued to pet him in a leisurely manner.

Wang Sheng was depressed. He shot him a disdainful look. “Isn’t it just a cat? Didn’t you not like cats before? What’s with this change in attitude!”

“Are you jealous?”

“Me, jealous? For what? Of your cat? Am I that kind of person?” Wang Sheng snorted. “You’re thinking too much.”

Si Junduo wanted to continue, but he heard an “I’m sorry” from behind. Jiang Zimo apologised, “I’m late, sorry.”

“It’s okay.” It was only a matter of a few minutes, and Si Junduo wouldn’t be fussy over this. “Let’s go watch the show.”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Wang Sheng. “Lead the way, boss.”

Wang Sheng smiled meaningfully at him and Jiang Zimo, then led them inside.

Jiang Zimo noticed the little orange cat in his arms. “Why did you bring a cat along? Are you raising a cat these days?”

”En,” Si Junduo replied. “I was worried about leaving him at home, so I brought him along.”

“It’s pretty cute,” Jiang Zimo praised. “Can I hold it?”

When Wang Sheng heard those words, he gave Si Junduo a side glance, his eyes full of teasing. “No.” To his disappointment, Si Junduo treated Jiang Zimo equally.

Jiang Zimo was a little surprised. “Why?”

Si Junduo glanced at the cat in his arms and whispered, “He doesn’t like other people touching him.”

Wen Mingyi quickly meowed in agreement, and rubbed his cheek against his clothes again, thinking that his ge still knew him best.

Wang Sheng took them to the reserved box, turning on the lights, he introduced them to the other functions. “Here is the remote control for the projector, that is the remote control for the air conditioner, and there is also a massage chair over there. The snacks are in the cabinet. Would you like popcorn with iced coke?”

Jiang Zimo looked at Si Junduo, and Si Junduo unceremoniously said, “Yes.”

“Got it. Enjoy the movie, I’ll leave now.” Wang Sheng went out, closing the door after him.

Wen Mingyi looked at the private room in front of him. The decoration was pretty good. It should have been specially prepared for male audiences; the decorations on display had many superheroes and racing elements. Si Junduo took off his shoes. Choosing the seat with the pillows beside the wall, he carried the cat in his arms and placed it on his lap.

Seeing this, Jiang Zimo also quickly took a seat beside him.

“This is the first time I have come to watch a movie in this kind of place,” He said softly.

Wen Mingyi raised his head and glanced at him. In his heart he thought, what on earth has Wenbo been doing, not even bringing Jiang Zimo to watch a movie. No wonder Jiang Zimo didn’t like him in the early stages.

Si Junduo didn’t reply to him, instead he plainly asked, “What do you want to watch?”

Jiang Zimo had already planned about it before coming here. Comedies were not a good choice; there were many bad comedies and it would show his choosing inadequacy. No to suspense and crime movies either since it would be too easy to get engrossed in the plot.

How could he use this precious chance to just watch a movie!

He collected the opinions of netizens and decided to watch a horror movie so that he could arouse Si Junduo’s compassion and have the other comfort him.

Hence Jiang Zimo decided. “How about a horror movie. Wasn’t there a film of this kind that had a good evaluation before? Let’s watch that.”

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi instantly thought of the top ten reasons why boys asked girls to watch horror movies. Almost every one of them was to increase intimacy! Fortunately, he had been wise enough to follow them, otherwise this Jiang Zimo would have gotten into his ge’s arms after watching this movie!

Wen Mingyi silently took a note of the gap between Si Junduo and Jiang Zimo’s upper body. He stood up, stretched out his small paws, and pushed them to both sides, trying to separate them even more.

Jiang Zimo felt his movements. As soon as he lowered his head, he saw the small orange cat stepping on Si Junduo’s thigh with his hind legs. Although the cat tried hard to push, because of its little strength, the two men remained motionless.

Jiang Zimo reached out his hand to hold it, but the cat’s reaction was too fast. Wen Mingyi slapped the hand away with a paw, and gave a sharp “meow”, cursing: Get out!

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