Chapter 11 – I want to see you end any relations you have with him

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Wen Mingyi snorted. How shameless!

First, it forced him to rebel for three years, cut his relationship with his ge, end his friendship, and finally cut off his life. Even after he died, his parents became Jiang Zimo’s godparents. Jiang Zimo’s happiness all came from his blood-soaked body! Slowly eating until there was nothing left. Such a convenient male villain, he should be called the best in China! Worthy of a Best Actor Award!

Wen Mingyi so wanted to beat Jiang Zimo’s dog head, but since Jiang Zimo was not anywhere in front of him, he agitatedly tapped onto his [One China Most Handsome Alliance] WeChat group, and typed: Friends! I am back!

Li Yuanqing quickly replied to him: Yo, isn’t this our star? Not busy?

Wen Mingyi tagged Lu Yunfei and then responded to Li Yuanqing: The competition is over. Now in the process of self-cultivation.

Li Yuanqing: I saw on the web that you have been approached by entertainment companies these days to sign contracts. Have you signed yet?

Wen Mingyi: Not yet.

Li Yuanqing persuaded him: Young Master, it’s not only me who says this but signing a contract is a big deal. If you really want to enter the entertainment industry, Yunfei and I won’t stop you. But when you sign the contract, please tell your parents or senior. If need be, I will find someone to help you. Don’t do the same as when you went for the talent show; suddenly appearing on the TV. I was so shocked!

Lu Yunfei quietly appeared: This subject agrees.

The senior Li Yuanqing talking about was Si JunDuo. The three of them graduated from No. 1 High School. Although they were a few years behind, the photo of Si JunDuo had been hanging on the school’s honor roll. Every student in No. 1 High School knew him. But during the rebellious period, Wen Mingyi refused to call him Ge, and Lu Yunfei and Li Yuanqing were only able to call him senior.

Wen Mingyi read their concern behind their words and felt a warm current flow in his heart: I know, I haven’t signed a contract yet, my ge said he will help me find a suitable one.

Lu Yunfei: Have I become blind? Your ge? ? ?

Li Yuanqing: ..Ge? ? ? ? ?

Wen Mingyi sent a smile emoji.

Lu Yunfei couldn’t believe it: This ge is that senior, correct?

Li Yuanqing: It’s the same guy who watched you grow up since you were young, though not your blood-related brother but treating you better than blood relatives, that senior? Si JunDuo?

Wen Mingyi: [Smile and nod.jpg]

Lu Yunfei felt that he was really blind, Wen Mingyi’s expression turned out to be a smile and nod. He felt like flipping the table!

Li Yuanqing was also shocked: Three years! Ming Ming! You have finally grown up, no longer stuck in your Year Two rebellious period!

Wen Mingyi: … Although it’s correct to say that, but when you put it that way, I don’t feel really happy…

Lu Yunfei sent a joyful emoji.

Lu Yunfei: Living till now, there finally comes this day. It was not easy for the senior, but the rainbow finally shone upon his perseverance!

Li Yuanqing: Yes! Dear Young Master, how did you suddenly get better? Didn’t you forbid us to talk about senior just recently?

Wen Mingyi sighed helplessly. How could he suddenly heal from his illness? He just couldn’t help himself before, but now he had taken back his control over his life! But he couldn’t say anything about it, this secret could not be revealed. So he could only reply: There’s no helping it. If I don’t reconcile with my ge, my ge will be finished in this life.

Lu Yunfei: ? ? ? ?

Wen Mingyi: Do you know what my brother and your Bian Jinyuan have in common?

Bian Jinyuan was Lu Yunfei’s lover, also a male.

Li Yuanqing quickly replied: I know this question. They are all males, all academic masters, all school grassroots, and all science champions. Even the score is the same, both are 746. Wow, Bian Jinyuan looks more like your brother’s brother than you.

Wen Mingyi: …

[The system notification: Qing was removed from the group chat by the Sun and the Moon]

Lu Yunfei: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Li Yuanqing was dazed, Lu Yunfei had a good laugh, and then they pulled him back in.

Li Yuanqing: Why kick me out!

Wen Mingyi: Because you can’t read the situation!

Lu Yunfei: Hahahaha, didn’t you know, this Young Master has a brother complex. If you say other people suit his ge better than him in front of him, he will really kick you!

Li Yuanqing: … Why are you asking what senior and Bian Jinyuan have in common?

Wen Mingyi: He is not only like Bian Jinyuan in the above aspects, but he also likes men just like Bian Jinyuan.

Lu Yunfei: ! ! ! !

Li Yuanqing: ! ! ! !

Wen Mingyi: That’s right.

Lu Yunfei: How did you know? Does the senior like anyone?

Wen Mingyi: This is the difference between him and Bian Jinyuan. Bian Jinyuan’s eyes are good, but my brother’s eyes are blind. If one doesn’t need their eyes, they can still donate. But my ge’s blindness is so bad, it is even worse than not having it!

Li Yuanqing: … So whom does the senior like?

Wen Mingyi thought for a while: I don’t think it is “like” yet. He just thinks that the other party is okay and allows him to approach him. You don’t know him, his name is Jiang Zimo. I’ll warn you. If you meet him one day, it’s best to stay away from him. This person has a halo, you will understand when you see my brother. There’s also the infatuated Wenbo. Stay away from Wenbo too.

When Lu Yunfei and Li Yuanqing read this, although they weren’t aware of who Jiang Zimo was, they still agreed: Anyways, our family and the Wen’s family never had much contact with each other. Besides, we are still outside now and only return every two to three months per year. You should worry about yourself instead of worrying about us.

Can he still worry about himself?

As the male villain, he lived to feed Jiang Zimo like a blood bag unlike the two of them, who were not in this story and were not affected by him. But Wen Mingyi won’t let it happen this time. Now that he was reborn, how could he live like a moving blood bag? He must have a way to jump out of the spicy chicken (=aka Rubbish) plot of this spicy chicken book, and let Jiang Zimo and Wenbo eat their own evil desserts!

As he thought, he heard Lin Mu’s gentle voice from the room: President Si, Jiang Zimo wants to see you.

Wen Mingyi sat up and growled, “Not seeing.”

Sir JunDuo glanced at him and said helplessly, “Let him come in.”

Wen Mingyi:? ? ?

Wen Mingyi looked at the person in disbelief. “What did you promise me before coming out this morning? Did you trick your cute and obedient didi like that? Won’t your conscience hurt!”

Si JunDuo had no answer for that. But though this didi was cute, he was certainly not sensible and obedient. “I didn’t forget. Because I didn’t forget, I need to explain to him so that he won’t come to me again, alright?”

Wen Mingyi breathed a sigh of relief. That was right. He would not want him to be angry.

“Alright, he is coming in soon. Didn’t you not want to see him? Enter the conference room 1interestingly, the literal translation is 卧室, for bedroom first and wait a while.”

“I won’t.” Wen Mingyi was unwilling. “Why must I leave when he enters? Is he my senior? Besides, if you don’t let me watch, how could I know if you are really going to cut off relations with him.”

Wen Mingyi squinted his eyes and stared at his ge, “I want to see with my own eyes that you will have no contact with him anymore.”

Si JunDuo: …

Si JunDuo has always been tolerant to him. Hearing this, he didn’t care about Wen Mingyi anymore, just saying, “Then you behave.”

“Aren’t I always obedient?” Wen Mingyi asked rhetorically.

Si JunDuo was amused by his words. He looked at Wen Mingyi, who was trying to pretend to be docile. He only thought that this didi had probably opened himself a 1500-meter thick filter with his own small V face.2Definitely another Chinese idiom: 自己开了1500米的滤镜,自带磨皮祛斑小V脸的那种



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  • 1
    interestingly, the literal translation is 卧室, for bedroom
  • 2
    Definitely another Chinese idiom: 自己开了1500米的滤镜,自带磨皮祛斑小V脸的那种

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