Chapter 84

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According to the plan that they had agreed on, the two of them planned to visit the village near Liuli mountain which was to the west of Liuli City in the middle of the night. It was where the den of thieves was located. Whether it was to capture a thief or a leader, they must first figure out what was the situation over there. After all, these things were just vaguely mentioned in the plot. Additionally, there were some confusing and illogical descriptions. So Fu Yichen could only plan countermeasures after personally investigating the situation.

Of course, if everything went well, it would be great for them to be able to get rid of the bandit leader along the way and fast forward the ending without fear of affecting the plot.

On the other hand, Su Zhan had also made up his mind to tell the National Teacher about his martial arts. After all, the relationship between the two had made a qualitative leap. He couldn’t talk about them being in a Mary Sue novel, nor could he talk about time travel. But if he still wasn’t able to be honest regarding his own martial arts, Su Zhan felt that he would be very shameless.

Furthermore, this person put himself in danger because of him. In such a situation, he shouldn’t hide it any longer, otherwise it would be too undeserving of him. What’s more, this person was the National Teacher, so Su Zhan had no reason for him to take risks alone.

Fu Yichen didn’t know what Su Zhan was thinking, but he had decided to take Su Zhan with him. Firstly, it might not be too safe for him to be in the city. Secondly, he knew about Su Zhan’s martial arts skills very well. So the two agreed to set off at two in the morning to explore Liuli mountain at night. They might not know the way, but they would definitely be able to locate Liuli village within two hours. At that time, it would be just right. It would be dark enough that people would be deeply asleep. One hour should be enough for them to fully explore a village.

At this point, Fu Yichen also had to complain about the author. It turned out that the 24-hour clock was also used in ancient times? Two or three in the morning was a completely modern term1you see kids, in ancient china, they used the system of two-hour subdivisions. Also known as Chinese zodiac time.. In the original plot, the Male and Female Leads communicated like this in such a natural way… But having said that, the way the author wrote this, made it much more convenient for him and Su Zhan. Otherwise it would be a bit troublesome for them.

What Fu Yichen didn’t expect was, that night, just a few minutes after he went to the toilet before going to bed, something happened to Su Zhan. The situation really lived up to the saying – plans can never keep up with sudden changes.

It wasn’t too late at night at that time and Fu Yichen hadn’t expected that they would be taking action during this time. Of course, the most important thing was, he didn’t expect that with the Male Lead’s martial arts skills, they would succeed in taking away Su Zhan.

Fu Yichen had gone to the toilet behind the inn. But as soon as he stepped foot into the backyard, he felt something strange. His heart tightened and his body entered a state of alertness. Sure enough, in the next second, from both sides of the wooden door, several knives came straight at him.

Fu Yichen dodged two of the knives that came at him. Two masked men in black immediately jumped into the air and almost collided with each other. Before they could turn around, Fu Yichen slapped the two of them away by kicking their butts, followed by a leg sweep and a few effortless flips.

In an instant, the two groaned like toads and fell to the ground one after another. Afterwards, they rolled on the spot, quickly got up and looked at each other for a bit. They then picked up their knives on the ground without hesitation and ran, jumping over the courtyard’s earthen wall.

Fu Yichen’s two moves fully demonstrated the disparity between their martial arts skills. But it could also be seen from the two men’s moves that this group of people was obviously not on the same level as the previous assassins.

Fu Yichen’s heart moved. Looking at this situation, it seemed that the bandits were finally unable to hold back and were about to take action. Thinking of this, he quickly turned back. Although he knew that Su Zhan had martial arts skills, he was still worried for him.

But unexpectedly, Su Zhan couldn’t be found in the room. Fu Yichen quickly glanced around and spotted the overturned teacup on the table. Fu Yichen turned around and walked out without thinking, trying to go after the men in black who attacked him just now.

The scene in the room showed that someone must have done something there. Su Zhan wasn’t in the room. Considering his martial arts skills, Fu Yichen’s first thought was that Su Zhan chased after them. It just so happened that he could use those men to lead the way for him.

Fu Yichen used the Second Male’s qinggong to his advantage. His figure flew across Liuli City in the blink of an eye. Soon he noticed the figures of the assassins just now in a dark alley. Fu Yichen’s heart moved and he landed lightly on the building behind them. He saw a few people randomly running out of the city with knives.

Fu Yichen used qinggong and quietly followed the group, using his sharp eyes to search for Su Zhan’s figure.

No matter how prosperous Liuli City was, it was just a small town. But at this time, it was completely silent. The whole town was shrouded in a soft moonlight. Fu Yichen had been standing on top of a building. With such height, coupled with his keen eyesight and hearing, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to find Su Zhan’s figure. Moreover, he had only been away from Su Zhan for a few minutes. No matter how fast Su Zhan was, he shouldn’t have left Liuli City yet.

Fu Yichen chased after the group for about five minutes but was still unable to find Su Zhan’s figure, nor did he hear any sounds of fighting. This made Fu Yichen slightly confused. It was at this time that he finally realised that something was wrong.

Just when the group of men were about to run out of the city gates, Fu Yichen suddenly thought of something. It was mentioned in the original text that the bandit’s stronghold was on Liuli mountain in the west of the City. But the direction where these people were running towards was clearly eastwards, the total opposite.

Fu Yichen’s heart skipped a beat. The next second, like an eagle, he leapt down from the roof. The men in black were running out of breath and didn’t even realise what was happening. They only felt a cold wind behind them hit their backs. In the next second, they were blown away by an invisible force and they hit the bluestone floor with several thuds. It was so painful that they felt that their internal organs were all rearranged, making them scream incessantly.

Fu Yichen walked forward and stepped on one of them. His eyes against the moonlight were like two swords in a dark night, cold and sharp. “Tell me, who sent you and why have you come to kill me?”

The people trembled in fright. When they noticed that it was the martial arts master who had previously kicked them away with one move, they were so frightened that their legs weakened once more. They knelt down and begged for mercy without any further words.

“Spare our lives, young master. Spare our lives, we won’t dare to do it anymore.”

Fu Yichen was slightly stunned. Then he realised that these people were specifically guarding the inn toilet in order to rob people. When they were met with him just now, they realised that they had kicked an iron plate, so they turned and fled. As soon as this thought came up, Fu Yichen suddenly remembered that there was such a scene in the tedious plot that spanned a dozen chapters. But he didn’t expect that this plot would fall on him instead of the Female Lead. It could be seen that this ‘plot’ really had two brushes. It was still able to maintain itself even after the changes that he made.

But soon his heart skipped a beat and a terrible thought dawned upon him. In the next second, he had already jumped onto the roof. He disappeared in front of the stunned robbers in the blink of an eye.

Since these people were not part of the group of bandits, then what happened to Su Zhan? Did he encounter an assassin from the capital or a bandit from Liuli mountain? The key point was that he wasn’t in the room.

Because of the people just now, Fu Yichen’s thinking was quite restrained. He only thought that the people who attacked Su Zhan would’ve run away and Su Zhan would’ve chased after them. But now that he thought about it, whether it was an assassin from the capital or a bandit from Liuli mountain, they shouldn’t have been able to leave the inn or the room in that short period of time. So Su Zhan’s disappearance was definitely a big problem.

Sure enough, when he rushed back to the inn, there was still no sight of Su Zhan. He then noticed the teacup that he hadn’t had the time to look at carefully in his haste. Fu Yichen picked it up and took a closer look at it. With the Second Male’s ‘profound internal strength’ and based on his ‘keen sense of smell’, Fu Yichen knew at a glance that there was something wrong with the water in the teacup.

It was especially prevalent when Fu Yichen had walked to the table to pick up the teacup. There was a water stain on the wooden table that was about to dry up, it was the word ‘two’. Immediately, Fu Yichen’s eyes darkened. He finally understood where Su Zhan went.

The word ‘two’ made Fu Yichen almost instantly think of their plan of setting off at two in the morning to explore Liuli mountain. Judging from the twisted shape and the end of the ‘two’, this was obviously Su Zhan’s quick response in an emergency. He hadn’t even had the time to finish writing the reminder that he wanted to tell him.

The Male Lead of this novel, a top level expert, didn’t have the time to completely write the word ‘two’. He was definitely able to handle an ordinary assassin or a bandit. So all Fu Yichen could think of was medicine. It could be seen that there was something wrong with the water in the tea cup.

Sure enough, those who were supposed to be drugged in the original plot, were still drugged in the end. It was impossible to prevent it. Even if the author gave the Male Lead amazing skills, didn’t it still become a decoration at a critical moment? How did the author’s mind develop?

Fu Yichen felt anxious and couldn’t help but want to complain. He didn’t care if the Male Lead would be unlucky enough to be drugged and brought to the mountains to share hardships with the Female Lead. But the key point now was that the one who was taken up was his Su Zhan. Fu Yichen had to be anxious about it. Especially when he thought of the invisible power of the plot, it made him even more unable to sit still.

Making a decisive decision, Fu Yichen quickly turned back to the area where he left those robbers. Fortunately, those people had let down their guards when they thought that he was gone. He snatched one of their clothes and left without saying a word. One couldn’t wear an eye-catching white robe and go visit a den of thieves at night, right?

Originally, he was supposed to explore the road a bit later on tonight. But now, feeling anxious, Fu Yichen had no choice but to go straight ahead. But it was a mountain after all, a steep one too. It was late at night, so when Fu Yichen finally found the location of the den, it was close to five in the morning and it was almost dawn.

At a distance, Fu Yichen hid on a large tree with lush foliage. He spotted a large stone wall that was more than 20 metres high in front of him. The stone wall wasn’t made of artificial stones, but seemed to be made of natural stones. An uncanny workmanship of nature. A four to five metre arch was cut out on the bottom of the stone wall. At the entrance of the arch stood a dozen guards, all armed with weapons in hand. Above the stone wall stood a dozen sentries.

From Fu Yichen’s point of view, he couldn’t clearly see what was behind the stone wall. But from his visual inspection, it seemed that it was a depression2curve in the mountain. It was most likely the bandit’s den. This wall happened to be a natural protective barrier for the bandits. To enter, one could only directly enter through the arch or by directly leaping over this wall.

In addition to the collusion between the bandits and the officials, this was also one of the reasons why the bandit problem still hadn’t been solved until now.

So judging from the current situation, it was impossible to enter the stronghold without being discovered. Even if Fu Yichen had outstanding qinggong, his success seemed bleak. Admittedly, although the author’s description of this stronghold was quite messy, judging from the scenes in which the Mary Sue world evolved based on the vague outline provided, the author’s imagination was still acceptable. At the very least, this uncanny stone wall was quite good.

But having said that, the current situation was quite unfavourable for Fu Yichen. Not only because he was unable to go into the stronghold to rescue Su Zhan, but also due to the fact that while he was hiding in the tree to observe the situation, Fu Yichen heard some news from the guards that were chattering that definitely surprised him.

“It’s said that the boss brought back a nine-year-old girl last night. She looks like a golden girl from the heavens. In short, she is very beautiful.”

“It’s said that she looks like a little goddess from the heavens. She’s lively and cute. Anyone who ever saw her wouldn’t dislike her.”

“This news spread throughout the village and people really want to see that little heavenly girl.”

Nine-year-old, heavenly girl… Fu Yichen almost instantly thought of the Female Lead. This news dealt a blow to Fu Yichen.

This meant that the plan to let the Female Lead leave early failed. What was more annoying was the fact that the Male and Female Leads entered the stronghold by accident due to different reasons. Just like in the original plot, the two were drugged, tied up and then brought up the mountain.

So to say, the plot was now back on track?

It could be said that this was a pain in the butt. But this was by no means what Fu Yichen was worried about. The last time, Su Zhan was punished by his system because the Female Lead stayed with them for two days. So what about the situation this time? If there were no other changes, Su Zhan would definitely be punished again. The key point was that he was now in danger. In the original text, the Male Lead suffered a lot for the Female Lead.

Furthermore, Fu Yichen’s mission was to prevent the Female Lead from approaching the Male Lead. Now the two of them were trapped together inside. If nothing else changes, it might develop according to the original plot. The Male and Female Leads that were trapped together would share hardships with each other and find true love. It’s not that he didn’t believe in Su Zhan, rather he was worried that this might cause his mission to fail.

That is to say, this also meant that Fu Yichen himself would be punished by the system. What the punishment was, even laji didn’t know what it was.

If that really was the case, then it would be a disaster. 

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    you see kids, in ancient china, they used the system of two-hour subdivisions. Also known as Chinese zodiac time.
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