Chapter 83

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At first, Fu Yichen kissed Su Zhan slowly, gently probing him. As if he was trying to give the person in his arms enough time to adapt to the contours and temperature of his lips even as he was trying to hold himself back. It wasn’t until Su Zhan turned from being shocked and stiff to relaxing a little and accepting his kiss completely that Fu Yichen finally pried open his lips to drive his tongue straight into his mouth.

Then, as if he had been enduring it for too long, Fu Yichen’s tongue eagerly chased and entangled Su Zhan’s. As if he wanted to sweep away all the longing and patience he had to endure during this period of time with his lips and tongue.

Fu Yichen’s eagerness was followed by his gentle entanglement, like finally being satisfied after a long-term patience. It wasn’t until Su Zhan, who felt breathless from the kiss, gradually recovered his breathing that Fu Yichen unconsciously moved away from his lips.

At this time, Su Zhan was completely limp and slumped in Fu Yichen’s arms. Fortunately, his arms had been hanging onto Fu Yichen’s shoulders previously. It came in handy now.

The room they were in wasn’t completely dark. The two people’s noses were touching and their eyes faced each other. They could see each other’s reflection and could even hear each other’s breathing and heartbeat clearly.

Fu Yichen’s eyes at the moment were like two flames in ice and snow, burning into the man in his arms. Su Zhan’s eyes went from being chaotic and unfocused to finally being a little clearer until he regained his composure and looked at Fu Yichen blankly. Then the corners of Fu Yichen’s lips curled up, “Like this?”

Fu Yichen’s voice was a little low, revealing some kind of meaning, seemingly like a temptation from the abyss. Su Zhan felt his whole body tremble and his eyes began to wander once more as if he had been fascinated. He looked at Fu Yichen and nodded confusedly as if he had been bewitched.

Fu Yichen finally smiled with satisfaction, with a hint of evil. From time to time, the sound of the favorability prompts that indicated the increase of favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male sounded in his mind. But now Fu Yichen could freely block the notification. Because for this man, whether he remembered himself or not, Fu Yichen was determined to be with him. So Fu Yichen didn’t really care about the favorability prompts at all, let alone pay attention to them.

Of course, Su Zhan himself’s reminder of the addition and subtraction of the points in his mind had also long been thrown out of his brain by him. Even his tasks, what was illusory or real were all thrown to Java1Xinghe+UM3: Java??? YQ: Since even UM3 and Xinghe didn’t know, I guess I’ll have to put in a footnote. Java, also spelled Djawa or Jawa, island of Indonesia lying southeast of Malaysia and Sumatra, south of Borneo (Kalimantan), and west of Bali. Java is the world’s most populous island and is the 13th largest island in the world. at this point. Su Zhan’s thoughts scattered, he was able to magically block out all other irrelevant matters and focus on one thing.

Su Zhan blankly nodded as Fu Yichen’s eyes focused on him. Maybe he was still thinking of the meaning behind Fu Yichen’s words in his blurred mind at the moment. His head had obviously moved before his brain did the maths and gave the correct response.

Probably because of the character settings of the Second Male, Fu Yichen’s smile always had a hint of evil in it. Somehow he didn’t look like a serious person. But in the eyes of Su Zhan who was feeling chaotic at the moment, he only thought that the National Teacher’s smile at the moment simply had the effect of bewitching one’s soul. Of course, even if Su Zhan’s mind wasn’t chaotic at the time, he still wouldn’t be able to resist the smile of the National Teacher.

Fu Yichen couldn’t help but lean in for another kiss. Naturally, he definitely wanted to do something more as he endured for a long time. But he wasn’t used to being watched by others. Even if Su Zhan’s voice was inaudible, he still didn’t want it to be heard by others. It was probably due to his possessiveness. In short, no matter how much he wanted to, he could only endure it for now.

So, Su Zhan, who had been doing psychological preparations in his mind for a long time, thought too much about it again.

Truthfully speaking, their current situation was, two hot-blooded men were in such a situation. Shouldn’t they be doing something at the moment? There must be something that they were going to do next, as he already knew what a certain someone felt and also knew what he himself felt. So Su Zhan’s nervousness reached a new level. He had a heated debate with himself in his mind, thinking of whether to ‘comply’ or ‘not to comply’. After half a day’s worth of heated debate in his mind, he finally decided to give it a go.

But just when Su Zhan decided to say goodbye to his virginity, the man holding him actually stopped. At this time when their passion was at its highest point, the two hot-blooded men just hugged and kissed each other and it was all over? Done?

Su Zhan immediately felt confused. Was it accidental? Su Zhan absolutely refused to admit that he was disappointed. He looked up at Fu Yichen with some doubt in his eyes.

But Fu Yichen just hugged him and laid back in bed once more. Laying on his back and letting Su Zhan lean on his arms, hugging him with one hand. Without looking at Su Zhan’s head on his chest, Fu Yichen adjusted his emotions helplessly. It was only after he regained his composure after a while that he stared at the top of the bed and said in a leisurely manner, “I don’t like being watched.”

When the two of them entered Liuli City, the groups of assassins that were after them since the moment they left the capital suddenly stopped. But it was definitely not because they gave up, but because they chose to wait and see. As if they were trying to reap the benefits of a fisherman2based on that one proverb about this bird vs clam. No one wins except for the fisherman who got the bird and the clam. It would be best for the assassins if the two of them were to be killed here. It wouldn’t be too late for them3the assassins to take action if they4FYC and SZ didn’t die.

On the other hand, from the plot that Fu Yichen knew of at the moment, the reason why the bandits in Jiangnan hadn’t been resolved was because the officials and bandits colluded with each other. Even the people of this city are in cahoots with them. People of unknown origin or wealthy businessmen from the outside must be reported to the authorities as soon as possible. In return, the bandits wouldn’t attack the people in the city. But at the same time, the people of the city must pay them a certain amount of money and food on time every year.

This was like collecting protection fees. All the stolen money obtained by the bandits was shared with the county lords of Liuli city in a certain proportion. Thus forming a system of peaceful collusion between the bandits and the officials. Which was why the root cause of the bandits still hadn’t been solved.

So, in a way, Liuli City was entirely a den of bandits. In this way, it was only natural that the two of them5FYC and SZ were under surveillance. Even before they stepped into Liuli City, the two of them might already be under surveillance. It’s just that the two entered in such a blatant manner and they also had such extraordinary bearings, which made the people behind the scenes dare not act rashly.

Don’t like being watched? Su Zhan was a little puzzled by Fu Yichen’s words at first. But soon he realized what the National Teacher meant. Immediately, Su Zhan blushed. It was as if the shameful thoughts in his mind had been exposed. He felt extremely embarrassed. Although they were talking about some extremely shameful matters, he was still pretending that it was normal.

At this moment, Su Zhan only felt that it was a good thing that he was being held in the arms of the National Teacher. Otherwise, he would have been very embarrassed. But soon, Su Zhan, who finally realized something, suddenly felt his hair stand on end. Then an inexplicable sense of shame and anger erupted from deep within himself. “Then our actions just now…” Their hugging and kissing, was it seen?

The corners of Fu Yichen’s mouth curled up, he patted Su Zhan on the shoulder reassuringly and said, “Rest assured, they don’t dare to get too close.”

But he felt that the situation was a little funny in his heart. Su Zhan sometimes acted very astutely, just like his amazing acting skills, but sometimes he would be muddle-headed and make people laugh. The Male Lead’s martial arts and internal skills are superior to those of the Second Male, so how could he not know what Fu Yichen was able to detect?

Sure enough, Su Zhan felt a bit guilty when he heard this. He had forgotten about it. But then again, with the powerful and wise National Teacher next to him, why would he need to take any action? He didn’t need to move his mind, he just needed to follow in the footsteps of the National Teacher. They were in an illusory novel world, so he had no scruples.

Su Zhan was such a person.

So thinking about it this way, Su Zhan became strangely at ease and boldly leaned into the strong arms of the National Teacher, looking very indifferent. He wanted to just cherish this moment. He could talk about the future later.

Sure enough, after their intimate contact, it was as if a layer of window paper that had separated them had been pierced. The relationship between the two of them inexplicably improved. This change was especially obvious in Su Zhan.

For example, he no longer dared not look directly into Fu Yichen’s eyes. He no longer blushed so much and made up things in his mind about Fu Yichen’s occasional playful smiles. It was as if his whole person became more natural.

Although Fu Yichen didn’t clearly state his liking and love, it was obvious that Fu Yichen’s reaction satisfied Su Zhan. So due to being satisfied with him, Su Zhan subconsciously let down his guard. However in his own opinion, he felt that there was no change and that he had covered himself up well and acted normally.

Fu Yichen was quite satisfied with his change. But no matter what kind of Su Zhan it was, in his eyes, he was an existence that made him happy, both physically and mentally.

The next day, the two of them went out. They noticed that the innkeeper and the waiter of the inn were secretly staring at them with an abnormal look in their eyes. The eyes of the people drifting over towards their direction were full of strangeness. Like a pack of wolves staring at food. They even competed with each other.

The two of them remained calm and even walked swaggeringly as if they hadn’t noticed any abnormality at all or that they didn’t care at all. The identities that they blatantly revealed were two wealthy businessmen who came from the capital, preparing to open a store in Liuli City.

From this, weren’t they just telling people that they were two big pieces of fat6UM3: Meat? YQ: Fat. You see, in ancient times and probably now, poor people can’t afford oil, they normally like fatty pieces of meat cuz they can render the fat out to get oil. Well at least that’s my opinion regarding such things from reading farming type novels. But frankly speaking, normally, people like fatty meat better (I mean wagyu and dongpo pork) unless they are on diets or sth?

In fact, in the plot that they knew, the bandit’s stronghold was on a mountain near Liuli City. This fact was well known to both Fu Yichen and Su Zhan. But from Su Zhan’s point of view, he didn’t know that Fu Yichen knew about it as well.

The Male and Female Leads in the original plot didn’t know that when they entered Liuli City. The first thing they did was to conduct an open and covert interview with the people of the city in an attempt to find out the truth. They didn’t expect that their actions were just them asking the thieves for information and even inquiring about the thieves at their own doors. It wouldn’t take much to think about what happened next. Not only were their information completely controlled by the other party, but they were also under the surveillance of the other party throughout the entire process.

Then, being caught off guard, the two of them were drugged with the so-called muscle-relaxing powder in their food at the inn. After that, they were weakened to the point that they couldn’t use any martial arts. They were tied up in a den of thieves. Then during the process of dealing with the bandits, they would accidentally learn the truth about the collusion between the bandits and the officials. However, they were in grave danger by then. Although Baili Wuji was someone who was highly skilled in martial arts, being drugged by a muscle relaxant didn’t help him.

Being stuck in a dangerous situation and sharing adversity, as the saying goes, you see who your true friends are when you go through tough times together. This was the key point for the Male and Female Leads to transform from a pair of ‘enemies’ who disliked each other to a couple who deeply loved each other.

But obviously, Fu Yichen and Su Zhan were both aware of the plot. The two of them wanted to use a simple and crude method to solve this. They only needed to sneak into the bandit den and kill the bandit leader, then kill the greedy county lord and the matter would be solved. In the original plot, after going through dozens of chapters of hardships and dangers, the Male Lead Baili Wuji helped the Female Lead escape at the expense of his own safety. Then the Female Lead would bring back a large number of imperial guards from the capital. The imperial army captured those corrupt officials in one fell swoop. At the same time, they wiped out the bandit dens. The bandit leader and the county lord were killed. This was the ending.

So in Fu Yichen’s opinion, all he had to do was to go straight to the ending. Perhaps, in order to smoothly develop the plot, they might need to delay it for two days and wait for the appearance of the Female Lead.

Of course, Su Zhan was convinced by Fu Yichen’s ‘well-founded reasoning’ about the collusion between the officials and the bandits, along with the ‘accurate location’ of the bandits’ den. He really had to admit that the National Teacher was really a wise and rare being that was skilled in both civil and military matters.

But what Fu Yichen never expected was that the power that maintained the plot would be far greater than what he expected.

The Female Lead did return. But she hadn’t gone back to the capital to bring back reinforcements, instead she had been robbed along the way. In a strange manner, the plot seemed to be getting back on track to some extent. 

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    Xinghe+UM3: Java??? YQ: Since even UM3 and Xinghe didn’t know, I guess I’ll have to put in a footnote. Java, also spelled Djawa or Jawa, island of Indonesia lying southeast of Malaysia and Sumatra, south of Borneo (Kalimantan), and west of Bali. Java is the world’s most populous island and is the 13th largest island in the world.
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    based on that one proverb about this bird vs clam. No one wins except for the fisherman who got the bird and the clam
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    UM3: Meat? YQ: Fat. You see, in ancient times and probably now, poor people can’t afford oil, they normally like fatty pieces of meat cuz they can render the fat out to get oil. Well at least that’s my opinion regarding such things from reading farming type novels. But frankly speaking, normally, people like fatty meat better (I mean wagyu and dongpo pork) unless they are on diets or sth


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