Chapter 68

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‘Laji,’ Fu Yichen frowned, saying in a threatening tone, ‘What the hell did you do?’

[No, host] The system who had been suspected felt wronged, [This is a plot progress limit. Only when the task of preventing the Mary Sue is complete that the plot of the next thirty chapters will be unlocked and so on. Until the plot is completely unlocked.]

The system said it in a matter-of-fact tone as if it was no big deal. But Fu Yichen was stunned by this, ‘What do you mean by progress limit? Why wasn’t there such a thing before?’

At this time, Fu Yichen finally confirmed that Laji was a little different after he came back from reality this time.

[Ying, I don’t know.]

Well, it was still the one question and three I don’t knows1Well lets just say… like the title Nie Huaisang had. Yi Wen San Bu Zhi which was a title given to him cuz whenever one asks a question, he would reply with I don’t know 3x.. Fu Yichen frowned, ‘How to prevent the Female Lead? What should I prevent her from?’

[Of course its to prevent the Mary Sue from getting close to the Male Lead. Mary Sues are all shameless. Why can’t all Mary Sues just go and die!] 

As usual, as soon as the Mary Sues were mentioned, the system immediately became filled with righteous indignation.

Fu Yichen heaved a sigh of relief for no reason. Although the system went through some changes, the purpose was still the same. It was still the Mary Sue Reversal System. However, ‘If stopping the Mary Sue will cause the plot to change, then how can we continue on if the world collapses?’

Fu Yichen clearly remembered the several worlds that collapsed. In that last Mary Sue world, Laji had also made it clear that the plot shouldn’t be changed as the power of the plot was getting stronger. But now he was asked to prevent the Female Lead from getting close to the Male Lead. Is it possible for the Mary Sue to not approach the Male Lead?

With such a big contradiction, if it wasn’t a system bug then the system must have been lying to him.

But he didn’t expect the system to reply in such words, [That’s impossible now. The power of the plot has weakened. As long as real information from reality isn’t involved, the Mary Sue world won’t collapse.] The system might have thought of the fact that every world is centred on the Female Lead that the system added, [Of course the Main Leads can’t die either.]

The power of the plot weakened? This fact surprised Fu Yichen a bit. According to the trend of the post, the power of the plot should have become stronger. But no matter what, this was a good thing for him. The smaller the restrictions of the plot, the more room there was for him to play.

[Remember, our mission is to prevent the Mary Sue from obtaining the Male Lead. Long live the host!] The system cheered unexpectedly.

Fu Yichen touched his nose, ‘What if the prevention fails?’

[Be careful host, the world shall collapse if you fail to do so.] The system immediately said in a terrified tone, [Additionally, if you were to fail on purpose, the host will not be able to enter the next stage of the plot. There will be punishment.]

Fu Yichen frowned, ‘What punishment?’

[I don’t know, I’ll only know once the punishment is triggered.]

The corner of Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched. Laji had indeed changed. It became more complicated and restricted, at least more than before. Truthfully speaking, it seemed to have evolved. But strangely, Fu YIchen felt that in this way his mission had become easier. It would be even better if Su Zhan had his memories. It would be effortless.

Unable to make sense of it for a while, Fu Yichen also felt a little confused.

He had just figured out the source of the power of the system and the plot, but so many more questions came up in the blink of an eye. Fu Yichen also felt another oncoming headache. But now he felt full of curiosity towards the new system.

As expected, the answer Laji gave him was still a pain in the *ss, [I don’t know.]

‘You’re stronger than it and you still don’t know?’

What kind of system it was, what’s its purpose, what were its functions, is Su Zhan the host of the new system?… Fu Yichen really was curious about the new system.

[Ying, ying, ying apart from being able to sense that it is weaker than me. I can’t sense anything else.] The system said weakly.

‘Laji ah.’ Fu Yichen finally let out a long sigh.

[Ying. The two of us are independent from each other and do not interfere with one another. We are of the same kind, a system with self-defence features. Being able to sense it is me being powerful enough. The host doesn’t praise me and even calls me Laji. Ying, ying, ying.]

Speaking of which, while preventing the Female Lead from approaching the Male Lead, Fu Yichen still had to test out a few things. The purpose of the last world was to test Su Zhan. In this world, he wanted to test the purpose of the new system. However, Fu Yichen’s intuition told him that the new system was definitely 100% on Su Zhan. Because in this entire illusory world, only the two of them were the same.

Fu Yichen immediately thought of a crucial question, ‘Can it also sense your existence?’ 

If this was the case, Fu Yichen’s task would be much easier.

[Hee hee hee it is weaker than me and can’t sense me, hehehe.] The system didn’t understand Fu Yichen’s feelings and was proud of the fact that the other system couldn’t sense it. Fu Yichen’s face darkened and he didn’t want to talk with Laji anymore.

So now, what Fu Yichen had to do was to understand the plot of the first thirty chapters, then prepare himself to enter the role. Although the thing that he wanted to do the most at the moment was to meet Su Zhan.

When Fu Yichen saw the name《Heaven Defying Nine-Year-Old Empress Dowager》, he was startled at the thought that it was a perverted text that got accidentally mixed in by the system. But the word ‘Empress Dowager’ stunned him a bit. Fu Yichen’s nerves twitched and he could only think that the author might be an ignorant eight or nine year old that was still in second or third grade. Children of this age were always full of curiosity and wanted to know about everything, especially under the influence of the Internet, TV, etc. They would be curious about love affairs, so they wrote such brain-dead essays with no common-sense, such as becoming the Empress Dowager at the age of nine.

Fu Yichen couldn’t think of any other possibility. But after reading the first thirty chapters with his mouth twitching, Fu Yichen found that he had still underestimated the author’s imagination of what a Mary Sue was. He was a bit relieved. He was worried for a second there that he would have to act in front of a third-grader the whole time. That would have been a disaster.

This was a time-travel novel from the perspective of the Female Lead. As always…it was very dog blooded.

Before time-travelling, the Female Lead was the daughter of a mafia boss. The kind of person that could ‘make the world tremble with just one look’. With her father’s status, no matter how important the person was in the world, whether they were a clean household or a gangster, they would give her three points of courtesy.

But it was such a crazy princess, who could get the stars and the moon if she wished, that fell in love with a little-known undercover policeman regardless of her father’s objections. So their family’s underworld empire was taken over by such a pot and became a joke.

So the Female Lead killed him. Although the scumbag cried bitterly and said that he loved her very much, it was too late. The Female Lead decisively killed ‘the man she loved the most in the world’ and ‘swore that she would never fall in love with any man in her next life’, then committed suicide.

Let’s not mention the suicide and not talk about the three views of the world. Let’s just talk about this ‘underworld empire that spread to every corner of the world’. If it was so easy to be taken over, then everyone should have gone undercover. As usual, it had no logic nor any three views, thus it was no wonder it got destroyed.

But what surprised Fu Yichen even more was how the Female Lead became the empress dowager. After the Female Lead committed suicide, she came to this fictional dynasty. Her soul went into the body of Nangong Ximo, the nine-year-old daughter of the Prime minister of Country X.

It was said that when she was born, a miraculous scene happened in the sky. ‘The sky was full of colorful auspicious clouds and light shone onto the earth’, what was even more strange was that ‘the fragrant scent of jasmine spread in all directions from the prime minister’s estate as all the flowers in the country bloomed in an instant. For this reason, this girl was named Nangong Ximo2the Mo used here is the word for jasmine.’

A miraculous scene appeared in the sky and shocked the emperor and the whole world. But then there was a prophecy, ‘This girl is the reincarnation of a Goddess. Whoever gains her love shall be blessed by the heavens.’

Ever since they knew about this, the royal family was delighted. The world was shaken once more. The old emperor made Nangong Ximo’s father become the prime minister. Additionally, Nangong Ximo was bestowed the title of an ancestor from childhood until she was nine years old. Even the princes and princesses had to bow their heads when they saw her.

But when Nangong Ximo was nine years old, the old emperor suddenly fell ill with a strange illness. All the imperial doctors were helpless and it seemed like there was no cure for him. The old emperor didn’t want to die, even though he was over ninety years old. So he thought of Nangong Ximo, the reincarnation of a Goddess.

Originally, he had planned to welcome her into the palace after she turned 13 years old. From the moment he learnt that she was the reincarnation of a Goddess, the old emperor vacated the position of empress for her. But now, for the sake of his own life, he could only welcome Nangong Ximo into the palace to become the most honorable and unshakable empress of Country X.

But how could a nine-year-old girl be willing to marry an old man? Although, Fu Yichen thought that a nine-year-old child should still be studying in third grade, she probably hadn’t understood what the word ‘marry’ meant. Let alone someone who had been treated as a god since childhood, how could she not have what she wanted?

So on the day of the wedding, Nangong Ximo threatened to commit suicide and refused to enter the palace. She didn’t expect to be drugged directly by her father, the prime minister, and sent to the palace. Then the child who was said to be the reincarnation of a Goddess never woke up again. After waking up, she became the Female Lead who had time travelled.

It can be said that it was quite bloody. Fu Yichen could guarantee that he had never seen such a thick golden finger. But he had to praise one thing. Although it was ridiculous, but as far as being an empress was concerned, the author had thought about the background carefully. She had set up the background of being a reincarnated Goddess for the original owner. Otherwise, if it really was an old man that married a nine-year-old child without any rhyme or reason, Fu Yichen would rather see this world be destroyed.

Currently, Fu Yichen was soaking in a hot spring. If he hadn’t guessed wrongly, it should be the time for the Female Lead to pass through.

The Female Lead woke up in the Empress’s bedroom on the night of the original owner’s wedding. At this time, everyone else was busy serving the old emperor.

Except for the Second Male, Dongfang Ningzhi3Xinghe said I should footnote this. Its just a word that was used in a poem/poetry describing women which was 百室盈止,妇子宁止 Idk I’m a learning scum I might interpret this wrongly. PS. IT’S CHUWANNING’S NING!! AH MY BELOVED SHIZUN!! SHIZUN I LOVE YOU!! Chu Wanning is from 2ha or dumb husky. Come everyone… Join me in this 2ha pit!! I HAVE WONTONS THAT I MADE BY HAND!! *UGLY SOBBING*. To be honest, when Fu Yichen saw this name, he felt as if he was struck by lightning. He didn’t know why, but he felt that it sounded a bit girly. The most important thing was that it didn’t match him.

Moreover, Nangong, Dongfang and the Imperial Family’s Baili, were all two-worded surnames. It was unknown why, but two-worded surnames seemed to be especially favoured by the author.

The Second Male, Dongfang Ningzhi, who was currently Fu Yichen, was the youngest, most mysterious and most favoured national teacher of Country X. He was ‘handsome with great capabilities’.

The key point was that he was ‘sue’ to the max. The Second Male knew that the Female Lead came from a distant time and space. He even knew when she would arrive. He had the temperament that was both ‘righteous and evil’. Not close to outsiders, in short, very mysterious.

Because he didn’t know what was next in the plot, Fu Yichen didn’t know what was going on with the Male Lead. Anyways, right now, it seemed that he should go and meet the Female Lead.

Standing up from the hot spring with a splash, Fu Yichen walked towards the screen that held his clothes. He put on his underwear and then let the little eunuch who was guarding outside to come in and serve him.

In the blink of an eye, a handsome man was reflected in the water. He was about the same height and had the same body shape as the original Fu Yichen. But his immortal-like clothes made him seem different.

Coupled with Fu Yichen’s deliberate actions, he slightly restrained his own strong aura so that he didn’t seem too sharp. Instead he gave off a feeling of elusiveness and mystery.

Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows, expressing his satisfaction.

The national teacher had absolute authority in Country X and even in the imperial palace. Not only was there a special national teacher’s residence outside of the palace, but there was also a special residence set up for him inside the imperial palace.

And now, since Fu Yichen was in the palace, within a short while, he was able to appear in front of the Empress’s bedroom all the way unimpeded.

“Everyone roll for this lady! Get out!”

“This lady is not some b*llshit empress!”


When Fu Yichen arrived, there was the sound of things being smashed accompanied by a girl’s sweet and crisp voice.

Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows, it was exactly the same as in the plot. He really did come at the right time.

Sure enough, after entering the door, he found a young girl with an immature face who was losing her temper at a group of court ladies and eunuchs.

The moment he saw the Female Lead, Fu Yichen had to sigh. This… this really was a child. Nine years old. How tall was she? Was she as high as his waist?

Beauty enough to overwhelm a country? A Goddess that descended on earth? Can charm all beings? Can’t move one’s eyes away? Love at first sight?… That didn’t exist.

Look at her immature face and her small body! She’s still a child! Fu Yichen was really mad at the completely inconsistent description of the original author. The author might not have seen a picture of themselves at nine years old playing in the mud, so this was completely an insane matter.

Especially when the Female Lead saw him. She used the body of a nine year old girl to react to him like an adult woman.

‘She stared dumbfoundedly at the beautiful man in white in front of her. It was unknown when saliva started to flow out…’

Fu Yichen was disgusted to the point that he felt sick. The Female Lead had defiled a girl’s body. It was really impossible to imagine a nine year old child to have such a look in her eyes that were supposed to be innocent.

However, even though he felt that his head was about to explode, Fu Yichen had a gentle look on his face. He even smiled, “How interesting.” Without any heads or tails, this was how the Second Male’s temperament was.

“Ah,” the Female Lead finally came to her senses. “How handsome. What’s the name of this gege?” The Female Lead accepted her fate of time travelling while acting like a nympho.

Fu Yichen held back the twitching corners of his mouth and continued to smile, “Dongfang Ningzhi.”

“Ah, what a nice name.” The Female Lead rushed over to him barefoot and hugged Fu Yichen’s arm like a nympho. But because she was too short, she could only raise her head with difficulty to look at him, “From now on, I’ll call you Ningzhi-gege, okay?”

“Okay.” Fu Yichen felt that his face was going to cramp up from trying to hold back his laughter. The Female Lead happily dragged him away.

Wait a minute. Fu Yichen suddenly realized one thing. Although he must follow the plot, he didn’t need to actually show the same expression! What’s more, this was a changeable plot!

Immediately, Fu Yichen felt as if his head was taken over by sh*t. He was so used to it in the previous world that he had forgotten about it.

But at this moment, a young eunuch rushed into the room. When he saw Fu Yichen, he immediately knelt down.

“Master National Teacher, it’s not good! The emperor has passed away. His royal highness the crown prince has invited you to come over.”

Fu Yichen: …

Looking at the Female Lead who was still in her nymphomaniac state, this had made her a widow and she was immediately promoted from empress to empress dowager at nine years old. There was definitely not a second person like this.

But…there was nothing wrong with this.

His royal highness the crown prince? Fu Yichen had a feeling that this was the Male Lead, Baili Wuji.

Baili Wuji… this name, Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched at the thought. He was really looking forward to meeting him soon. 

  • 1
    Well lets just say… like the title Nie Huaisang had. Yi Wen San Bu Zhi which was a title given to him cuz whenever one asks a question, he would reply with I don’t know 3x.
  • 2
    the Mo used here is the word for jasmine
  • 3
    Xinghe said I should footnote this. Its just a word that was used in a poem/poetry describing women which was 百室盈止,妇子宁止 Idk I’m a learning scum I might interpret this wrongly. PS. IT’S CHUWANNING’S NING!! AH MY BELOVED SHIZUN!! SHIZUN I LOVE YOU!! Chu Wanning is from 2ha or dumb husky. Come everyone… Join me in this 2ha pit!! I HAVE WONTONS THAT I MADE BY HAND!! *UGLY SOBBING*


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