Chapter 59

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“Trick you?” Fu Yichen was caught off guard by Su Zhan’s reaction. At the very least, he never would’ve thought that Su Zhan would react like this before he came here. The main point was, what did he do to receive this reaction?

Contrary to the original plot, Fu Yichen went into the office with a smile on his face. Not only was there no ‘angry’ or ‘anxious’ expression on his face, instead there was even a trace of suspicious friendliness. He sat on the sofa until the secretary left. Fu Yichen looked at Su Zhan who was sitting on the CEO’s chair not far away, showing an extraordinary aura and finally received such a sentence.

“What do you mean?” Undeniably, Fu Yichen admitted that he was a bit dull in some aspects with some occasional straight male thinking. He wasn’t in Su Zhan’s shoes, so he didn’t understand why Su Zhan was angry for a while.

At this moment, Fu Yichen realized that Su Zhan had a very dark complexion as he sat on the CEO’s chair. His eyes were like two sharp swords that were aimed at him, trying to poke holes into his body.

He was angry, very angry. But it was obvious that he was also deliberately suppressing his anger. But when he saw Fu Yichen’s incomprehensible appearance, his anger couldn’t be suppressed anymore.

“Shouldn’t I be the one to ask you this?” Su Zhan’s eyes darkened. He indeed was suppressing himself and had been suppressing it for a long time.

Truthfully, Su Zhan really wanted to explode at the moment. Although he cancelled the engagement ceremony with the Female Lead according to the needs of the plot, he really had his own selfish mentality. People are inevitably selfish, not to mention that this was a matter that involved emotions. Even if he knew that this was a fruitless relationship that was impossible, he selfishly thought that Li Hao would be happy when he heard such a news. But in the end, he really was happy though not because of him but because of the Female Lead.

It was like a bolt from the blue when he found out he was tricked. Li Hao hadn’t changed from the beginning till the end. He was still the Second Male of the author who always liked to compete with the Male Lead. The only difference was that his method was different from that in the plot. He was more clever and shameless this time. He had succeeded in deliberately making him cancel the engagement. This was Su Zhan’s first reaction after learning what Li Hao had done to the Female Lead.

Everything he did was just so that he could get the Female Lead. But he, Su Zhan, was played like a fool. It had to be said that people who get raged were most likely to lose their minds and get into a fight. When Su Zhan saw Fu Yichen who walked into his office with a smile on his face, he felt as if his sorespot was poked especially deeply.

The favorability of the Male Lead was about to reach 90. After so many days, Fu Yichen couldn’t help but imagine what expression Su Zhan would have when they met again or what kind of mixed reaction he would have. He had gone there with anticipation and was also overjoyed. But what he got was this kind of reaction. He wasn’t a person with no temper. On the contrary, when a calm man gets angry, it’s often more difficult for others to be able to fight against them.

The expression on Fu Yichen’s face darkened little by little until the gaze that shot towards him lost their confidence. Then under Su Zhan’s unexpectedly trembling gaze, he suddenly stood up from the sofa. His tall body instantly became a tower-like existence in the spacious office. Fu Yichen’s aura pressed on him.

Su Zhan’s Adam’s apple rolled from top to bottom unconsciously. Then he saw Fu Yichen walking towards his desk. The two of them were located at the opposite corners of the entire office. As it was a luxurious office, it wasn’t a small room. But in Su Zhan’s eyes at this moment, the distance between them quickly shortened by half. To him, the man who was slowly approaching him was like a prowling beast that had been waiting for a long time.

Su Zhan’s heart jumped every time the man took another step. It was true that there was a fight in the plot. The purpose of this man coming here today was to beat him up for the Female Lead. It wasn’t that he was a coward, but he had just reached the conclusion that he couldn’t beat this man.

So subconsciously, Su Zhan slowly grasped the edge of the table with his hand that was under the table. His grip began to tighten and his teeth were also clenched without him noticing. Of course, as a film emperor, Su Zhan’s expression throughout the whole process was Gu Chenfeng’s signature cold and dark expression. Even his aura of disguise became stronger and stronger.

Fu Yichen walked to Su Zhan’s desk. He then bent slightly and put his hands on his desk. During this whole process, Fu Yichen’s gaze never left Su Zhan’s eyes. He could sense that there was anger in those eyes, but the key point was, what was he angry about?

“What’s the matter with you?” Fu Yichen put his hands on the table and looked down condescendingly at Su Zhan who was sitting on his office chair with scrutiny and doubt. But Fu Yichen was also showing unquestionable strength, “Speak clearly.”

Fu Yichen had always thought of himself as someone with a good-temper. As long as his bottom line and principles weren’t touched, he could give the party enough pampering and love. Even if the other party was a man and even if he had never thought about this possibility in the past twenty-five years of his life. But since he had fallen in love with the other party, he was unable to control his heart. So he would just accept it calmly and love the other party because he thinks that the other party was worth it.

But to be honest, he didn’t really have many twists and turns in his heart. He didn’t have much ulterior thoughts. Even if the other party was a man like him, he still couldn’t understand his thoughts such as in the current situation. He thought that he could understand Su Zhan’s position and what he had to go through in the plot. So while trying to make him fall in love with him again, he had also been cooperating with him as much as he could and aside from these things he could even tolerate him getting engaged with the Female Lead. How many people can actually do this? In the end, he still reacted like this?

It had to be said, the more one puts their heart into something, the more they would be easily affected. It would be easy for them to fall into a pit. At this time, the two men had unconsciously fallen into what they individually thought, which was a misunderstanding. Their two misunderstandings were intertwined, so it was inevitable that they’d sink deeper and deeper.

In front of this person, Su Zhan seemed to unconsciously feel cowardly. Of course, he wouldn’t admit this because he still wanted to overwhelm the other party in terms of momentum. Besides, he really was feeling angry at the moment.

So, Su Zhan also stood up from his chair, putting his hands on the table and confronting Fu Yichen without showing any weakness.

“Li Hao,” The corners of Su Zhan’s mouth moved slightly, there was a hint of Gu Chenfeng’s disdain, “I’m not a fool.” Of course, whether he was stupid or not, that’s for him to know. If he wasn’t stupid, he wouldn’t have been played by the other person. But he felt annoyed and this kind of bitter gourd could only be swallowed into his stomach.

Fu Yichen frowned slightly which made it clear that he couldn’t talk about the matter properly. The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male remained at 89. He didn’t believe that Su Zhan didn’t have any feelings for him. But his posture not only didn’t show the slightest affection for him, but there was also a detached and condescending aura. He might be acting, but the anger in those eyes was real.

Fu Yichen had to look for the reason in other directions. For example, for the sake of the plot and for his ultimate goal. After all, they were supposed to be having a big fight at this point in the plot. In Su Zhan’s view, it was impossible for him to fight him. So did he make such a move to provoke him?

Thus, Fu Yichen’s eyes sank and narrowed slightly, “Do you want to fight?” Fu Yichen’s voice was low and deep. Although it was a question, in Su Zhan’s ears it became a… firm threat?

Immediately, the rage in Su Zhan flared up and he couldn’t suppress it at all. Didn’t this sentence just confirm what was in the plot? Was it justified to say that he was here for the Female Lead?

“Yes, it’s exactly this!”

Su Zhan slapped the table fiercely in front of Fu Yichen, his Male Lead’s aura surrounded the area like a dark cloud. He turned around the corner of the table and walked in front of Fu Yichen. He then grabbed Fu Yichen’s collar with his hands and his pair of eyes stared at Fu Yichen provocatively, “Aren’t you here to fight?” There was even a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

Originally, with Fu Yichen’s composure and brain, he probably would have been able to guess something based on Su Zhan’s words. But at this moment, he couldn’t think too much because Su Zhan’s fist headed for his temple just as soon as he finished speaking.

“I’ll satisfy your wishes then!” Su Zhan was also feeling extremely angry. But in fact, rather than saying that he was angry at Fu Yichen for playing a trick on him, it was better to say that he was angry with himself. He was a person who knew the plot and still had a clear mind, yet he was still tricked by an illusory novel character. No wonder the other person came into his office with a smile. He probably looked so stupid to the other party. He was ashamed of how stupid he was and thus he was really angry. After all, this was the first time he ever liked someone. It was also accompanied by pain, knowing that there was no result to his uncontrollable love.

Fu Yichen watched as he unambiguously wanted to greet his temple with a fist and hurriedly leaned back to avoid it. At the same time, he used one of his hands to cover the hand that was holding his collar and used the other one to catch the fist flying in his direction.

In fact, Fu Yichen didn’t really plan to attack him. It was impossible for him to attack him. But he didn’t expect this guy to be so merciless. The other party’s eyes were red with anger. When he missed the first punch, the second punch came flying.

“Gu Chenfeng, calm down!” Fu Yichen was able to maintain a clear mind at such a rare time and didn’t call the wrong name.

He could only passively stretch out his arm to block Su Zhan’s attacks. In the end he received a solid punch on his arm, causing Fu Yichen to grit his teeth in pain, “Gu Chenfeng!” Fu Yichen felt that this person had completely lost his mind. He still hadn’t figured out the cause. But looking at his extremely angered appearance, it seemed that he was immersed in anger and couldn’t hear other people’s words.

Sure enough, a numb fist couldn’t stop Su Zhan. He missed a punch, but soon his whole person jumped on him. He wasn’t fighting, he was just venting his anger.

Fu Yichen hurriedly dodged, only to see Su Zhan kicking towards him with his long leg. Fu Yichen hurriedly dodged sideways once more, “Calm down!”

Fu Yichen was also in a desperate situation. He instinctively grabbed the leg that Su Zhan aimed at him and then pushed forward with all his strength. Su Zhan, whose leg was caught, couldn’t stand still and fell back following Fu Yichen’s push.

It can be said that coincidentally, Su Zhan’s back hit the desk. Or more specifically, his buttocks hit the hard edge of the desk. The pain at that moment almost made Su Zhan, who was red-eyed, tear up. Then his whole person froze in pain.

Fu Yichen’s speed was astonishingly fast. He got in between Su Zhan’s legs in one fell swoop. Before Su Zhan could react, he quickly pressed his waist against Su Zhan’s crotch. At the same time, he grabbed Su Zhan’s shoulders with both of his hands and pushed him down. In less than a second, Su Zhan was pinned down on the desk.

Fu Yichen was originally tall with long body proportions. Additionally, Li Hao’s body structure and age were almost exactly the same as Fu Yichen’s real body. Whether it was muscles or strength, Fu Yichen didn’t lack any of it at all.

With his hands bound and his feet hanging in the air, Su Zhan, who was held in this posture, was naturally unable to move. But what made him freeze even more was their current posture…

How on earth did they end up in such an ambiguous posture? What about their good fight? After that burst of anger coupled with their current imaginative posture, Su Zhan could be said to be terrified in a matter of seconds.

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