Chapter 58

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Su Zhan noticed that the smile at the corner of the man’s mouth became more and more obvious, as if he wasn’t the one with the darkened face just now. There was even a hint of amusement in his face. This made Su Zhan feel a bit depressed for a while. Originally, he had been irritated by the fact that he actually waited at the gate for no reason. But now, he was a bit annoyed at the man.

So Su Zhan decisively turned his head away and left, thinking to himself that he might have just gotten a convulsion.

Fu Yichen watched as the corners of his lips twitched a few more times before his expressionless eyes turned darker and darker. Then the man simply turned his head and walked away. Fu Yichen hurried over towards him with a few long strides and grabbed him, “Why are you annoyed? I haven’t gotten angry yet.”

Fu Yichen couldn’t laugh or cry in this situation. He just felt that the inner thoughts of the film emperor Su were really ever-changing. Nothing could be seen from the surface, but probably a lot of things might have been changed on the inside.

The instant he turned around, he was pulled by the wrist. Su Zhan paused as his heart rate increased. Not because of the throbbing touch on his wrist, but because of the doting tone coming from him. This made Su Zhan’s heart tremble for a moment and at the same time it gave him a strange illusion that they were originally supposed to be like this.

His body retreated slightly before his brain could think. But although he stopped, his eyes never fell on Fu Yichen’s body. His words were ruthless as he spoke, “Li-dashao, have you forgotten what I said last time?”

On the surface, he was calm and even a bit aloof. But in fact only Su Zhan knew that on the inside, he was very flustered. He felt that the situation was a bit dangerous. This man might seem calm, but he found that he couldn’t resist him at all.

‘Sure enough, I fell for someone that has never fallen in love1he says this cuz here Li Hao is a playboy..’ Su Zhan thought secretly.

Of course, it wasn’t that he was a hypocritical person. Although he was timid, it wasn’t like he hadn’t ever imagined meeting a man that could make his heart throb. If he could meet such a person in real life, he would’ve given it a try. But the key point was that the person in question was an illusory character. So he had no choice at all.

Fu Yichen didn’t mind that he pulled his hand away. He didn’t even care about his indifferent and distant words. He just twitched the corners of his mouth, “I’m not someone with dementia.”

The corner of Su Zhan’s mouth raised without restraint, probably because he was delighted by Fu Yichen’s words. But he quickly stopped himself in the next second, hoping to himself that no one saw it. His face subconsciously eased up, but soon there was hesitation in his eyes. He opened his mouth, but only one word came out, “I…”

Fu Yichen guessed that he was trying to say something, such as explaining his behaviour of protecting the Female Lead previously, or he had some unspeakable difficulty to tell about. However, after much contemplation, he didn’t say anything in the end but only pursed his lips with a complicated look on his face.

“I understand.” Fu Yichen smiled., Hhe really did understand everything, “You don’t need to explain.” In fact, Fu Yichen was a bit worried that he would impulsively reveal his real identity which would make all his actions just self-defeating. If the world collapsed now, everything he did would have been in vain.

But Fu Yichen didn’t know what he had said just now only made Su Zhan think of him as a warm man. He never expected that the Second Male would be such an affectionate and infatuated man, to be able to endure such a thing for him. In the final analysis however, if the man he likes treats another woman like this, he would definitely explode in anger.

So, unconsciously, Su Zhan slowly changed from anger to his previous guilty conscience. He thought that the man was so devoted to him that he could even endure him marrying other women for his sake. But besides refusing to hurt him, he basically was a scumbag.

Strangely, he initially had a guilty conscience, but soon it turned to shame. It could be said that Su Zhan’s brain supplementation was really unmatched. If Fu Yichen knew what he was thinking right now, he might have internally injured himself by holding back his laughter.

Then Fu Yichen noticed that Su Zhan’s complexion gradually became a little strange. At least in Su Zhan’s mind, there was a journey that Fu Yichen couldn’t understand. Inexplicable embarrassment, mixed with some guilt that he couldn’t understand… In short, he was completely out of the same universe as Su Zhan who was previously angry and awkward. Fu Yichen was a little puzzled by the inner world of film emperor Su which was rich and colourful. At least, he couldn’t figure it out right now.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1.]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +2.]


The favorability prompt continued to sound again and again. But fortunately, this was exactly what Fu Yichen wanted to see. Then Su Zhan said awkwardly, “Do you mind?” Seeing Fu Yichen’s puzzled expression, Su Zhan added stiffly with a guilty conscience, “Zhu Qianqian.”

Fu Yichen frowned, it could be said that he gained a bit because of this. But since he misunderstood, Fu Yichen simply acted according to what Su Zhan thought. Therefore, Fu Yichen spread out his hand helplessly, there was even some unspeakable pain in his eyes as he said, “Of course I mind, but does it matter anyway?”

Su Zhan was made speechless by Fu Yichen’s words. His guilt became even more obvious. But he could only look at Fu Yichen with complicated eyes, without any intention of explaining.

At this time, the Female Lead, who had been sitting in the car, couldn’t wait for Su Zhan. She got out of the car and ran over. The expressions of the two men changed immediately as Fu Yichen’s face turned bad while Su Zhan’s face had a guilty look on it. Taking a peek at Fu Yichen’s face, Su Zhan glared at the Female Lead who had run over towards them.

Just before the Female Lead could trot over towards them, Su Zhan quickly spat out a sentence, “You can see it too. It’s impossible for us.” After speaking, he didn’t dare to look at Fu Yichen’s face. He walked directly towards the direction of the Female Lead. With long strides, he walked straight into the car without even looking at the Female Lead. The dazed Female Lead had no choice but to turn around and trot back into the car.

It wasn’t until he got into the car that Su Zhan secretly searched for a certain person’s figure through the rearview mirror. He only saw that the person who was still standing in the original position was staring at the car with a blank expression. Only his sharp sword-like eyes weren’t expressionless as he gave a piercing stare towards the car.

“Drive.” Su Zhan felt that he was a scum who had no face to face the Second Male’s affections.

Fu Yichen: … 

‘Why are you running away so fast?’

This campus incident was what directly cleared up the matters in the Female Lead’s chaotic heart. This could be regarded as a breakthrough in the relationship between the two leads. In addition, the two of them were an unmarried couple, so they started to become generously ambiguous since then.

Although the Male Lead looked like an unmoving iceberg, his attitude towards the Female Lead was unconsciously changing. Even to the point where he couldn’t control his desire for the Female Lead several times and even liberated his body after more than 20 years of abstinence. Of course, with the state of their relationship, it was a matter of course. After knowing the taste for the first time, he became addicted to it.

Of course, this was the original plot. Fu Yichen believed that Su Zhan would never do this.

In other words, for the next period of time, Fu Yichen wouldn’t have any scenes as the Second Male. After all, this period of time belonged to the Male Lead and Female Lead, for them to reach the eve of the climax of this article. Only when the Female Lead was pushed to the highest point of happiness could she be abused.

So, all Fu Yichen had to do was wait. Wait for the moment when the conflict would intensify. The climax of the article was for them to cancel the engagement. That’s the time for him to act.

Sure enough, after waiting for around another half a month, the climax came. The all-powerful ‘Business Emperor’ suddenly announced the cancellation of his engagement without warning. The whole world was shocked by this. This was also one of the two news that ‘shocked the world’. The other was obviously that the ‘Business Emperor suddenly announces his engagement’.

Everyone was stunned. But no one was more stunned than the person involved, Zhu Qianqian. Because at this time, she had completely fallen in love with the Male Lead. The author seemed to have put all the points of abuse on her in one go.

She was made out to be not of the flesh and blood of the wealthy Zhu family by her sister. Of course, her grandfather who loved her the most and spoiled her still hadn’t returned. So the Female Lead was kicked out of the house and her engagement was cancelled.

Of course, her pregnancy plot didn’t exist. Otherwise, she would have been in an even worse situation. She was kicked out by her own family and the man she loved broke off their engagement without any warning or explanation. He was even unwilling to see her. In one night, she had fallen from the position of a wealthy daughter from the happiest place in the world, to the bottom. She turned into a homeless and pitiful little thing that everyone scolded.

This was the so-called ‘being abandoned by the world’. But at this moment, it was time for the Second Male to appear on stage. After all, he was the Second Male. So there would always be a chance for him to compete against the Male Lead. This was his time.

He kept the Female Lead in his own home without making a sound. He treated her well regardless of the opposition of the whole world. Of course, at this time the young playboy became a gentleman, playing all of his boyfriend powers to the max. The Third and Fourth Male also rushed to stand up for the Female Lead. When she was abandoned by the Male Lead, it was the Second, Third and Fourth Male who fought the world for her. This was what gave the Female Lead hope to keep on living.

Fu Yichen touched his nose and spat out a mouthful of blood2not really… just figuratively… Like when cultivators get too emotional they spit out blood. He then turned his head and glanced at the Female Lead who was on the sofa and whose lifeless eyes stared into the distance with a loveless expression, “From now on, you can live here for as long as you want.”

This was the private residence of the Second Male. Admittedly, this Mary Sue was quite su3Xinghe: Heyyyy!!!!, UM3: ??, Me: ITS SUE. LIKE THIS MARY SUE REALLY IS A MARY SUE FROM ALL THE BUFFS SHES RECEIVING indeed. There were still two other ‘younger brothers’, the Third and the Fourth Male, who were also frantically looking for her. There was also the Male Lead who was secretly worried about her.

However, the Female Lead was surrounded by the viciousness of the world. She didn’t react to Fu Yichen’s words at all. Of course, it was impossible for Fu Yichen to repeat the lines said in the original plot. He just stood up simply and said, “Stay here with a peace of mind. I’ll arrange for someone to take care of you.”

Fu Yichen believed that there was no need for him to follow the plot of ‘personally taking care of you in every possible way’. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t follow the plot, it was simply just not necessary. Following the plot was what he must do, and he was just doing the exact thing at this moment.

In the original text, after the marriage contract was cancelled by the Male Lead, the Female Lead was kicked out by the Zhu family. When she was feeling the most desperate and helpless, the Second Male, who loved her deeply, took her in. Then he took care of her personally. Even disregarding the consequences and having a big fight with the Male Lead.

This was the most common scene in most dramas. For the Female Lead, the Male Lead and the Second Male would always have to fight against each other. So this was what Fu Yichen was going to do right now. He was going to rush directly to the CEO’s office of the Gu’s group for the Female Lead, then start a big fight.

After not seeing Su Zhan for a few days, Fu Yichen couldn’t wait for their upcoming meeting. But Fu Yichen never expected that he, who should have been ‘furious’, didn’t get to be angry. Instead, Film Emperor Su became angry first.

“Li Hao!” Su Zhan was almost gritting his teeth as he spoke, “You dare to trick me.”

Fu Yichen: ??? 

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    he says this cuz here Li Hao is a playboy.
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    not really… just figuratively… Like when cultivators get too emotional they spit out blood
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