Chapter 52

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“Messing around?” Fu Yichen’s voice sounded a bit dry and hoarse. No matter how many times he saw this person’s reaction, it always surprised him. It was always cuter than what he expected and he was delighted by what he saw. It would always make him happy physically and mentally down to every last cell in his body.

So the pair of eyes that he used to look at Su Zhan seemed to be full of undisguised smiles. But unfortunately, Su Zhan, who was highly nervous, didn’t notice it at all. He only felt that in that pair of eyes, there were two balls of flames burning straight towards him.

Su Zhan’s whole body was tense. His straight build was covered in an expensive suit as he tried to keep his facial expressions under control. His subtle actions were the most instinctive reactions of his body and those that he couldn’t control.

For example, his hands that were unconsciously tensed hung down instinctively behind him. His tightly pursed lips. The helplessness and the erratic flicker of his cold and gloomy eyes. His breathing became lighter and lighter.

“Gu Chenfeng,” Fu Yichen couldn’t help but also prop up his other hand and turn the one handed kabedon to a two handed kabedon. At the same time, his body involuntarily moved a little closer to Su Zhan. He stared straight towards the latter’s unusually long eyelashes. Su Zhan’s eyes widened as he looked towards the man that was moving closer and closer to himself. His body was so tense that he didn’t dare to breathe, “What did you think I was going to do?”

Su Zhan felt the air condensing. He held back his breath unconsciously for fear that his exhaled air would spray on the other person’s face. At this moment, he was quite grateful that he was an actor and could unconsciously control his face to appear stiff. This emotionless facade of his just hid his little heart that was about to jump in fright.

Currently, the face that was less than five centimeters away from him was very handsome. Whether it was the other person’s entire outline or every detail of his facial features like his eyes, nose and mouth. All of it was tough, powerful, manly and handsome.

The kind of oppressive nature that men are born with coupled with the strength that he exuded seemed to penetrate every cell of his, making Su Zhan addicted to being with him without the slightest resistance.

So Su Zhan was horrified to find out that his homosexual heart that he had hidden for more than 20 years shamefully popped out. He, who was always so principled, was shamefully overwhelmed by the appearance and momentum of the person in front of him.

Leaving aside such things for now, the key was, what was this person trying to do right now? At this moment, Su Zhan’s brain was far less flexible than his body as he unconsciously flickered his eyes. After all, this was the first time a man looked at him at such a short distance with such eyes when he was already this old.

Su Zhan swallowed unconsciously and his Adam’s apple rolled in slow motion. As a pure 0, he had been in very close contact with countless first-line actresses. But at that time he acted condescending and didn’t feel anything. But right now… the other party is a man. A man so handsome that he was about to explode on the spot. So handsome to strike his doctrines.

So should he go with the flow or not, that was the main question. Of course, in principle, it’s absolutely impossible for him to go with the flow let alone doing it rationally. But Su Zhan suddenly found that he lost control of his body and he became rigid beyond control.

Being pressed against the wall by a handsome man and being kissed wildly. Burning firewood in the bathroom1warming up for a while by sharing body heat I guess since normally you burn firewood to warm up… It’s not like he hasn’t secretly fantasized about such things. But only if that person was his man. Only a man belonging to him can do such things with him, that’s right.

After losing his focus for a while, Su Zhan regained his senses. He was so annoyed with himself that he wished that he could slap himself on the forehead to shoo away those messy thoughts.

Fu Yichen, who was staring at his eyes, also noticed his change. The eyes in front of him gradually regained focus as if his mind had come back. Then he saw the other person’s complexion change and those tightly pursed lips opened.

“Li Hao.”

Fu Yichen frowned slightly, “Hmm.”

“Stop playing around.” Su Zhan said coldly, even showing a bit of a condescending contempt in his tone. In fact, he was still feeling a little nervous. Mainly because the person in front of him was too aggressive and he felt that his legs were weak and uncontrollable. What was he supposed to do if the other person acted recklessly?

Fu Yichen almost couldn’t hold back his laughter. He could feel that the person in front of him was reaching his limit and was already on the verge of becoming angry from embarrassment.

Fu Yichen couldn’t control it. He just liked teasing Su Zhan so much. He always thought that Su Zhan was so cute. Wouldn’t it be a waste if he didn’t tease him? Admittedly when a person falls in love, especially when the other person doesn’t know about it, they would always become inexplicably naive.

So Fu Yichen suddenly approached Su Zhan slowly under his increasingly stiff eyes. He got closer to his lips a bit and then moved slightly towards Su Zhan’s cheek once he noticed Su Zhan’s eyes that seemed as if they were about to pop out. He then approached more and reached Su Zhan’s earlobes. Fu Yichen’s breath sprayed on Su Zhan’s neck, carrying a bit of burning heat and indescribably joy.

“What if I wasn’t messing around?” With a teasing tone mixed in, Fu Yichen smiled lightly at a certain someone’s reddish earlobe. He felt that the little hamster aroused his strong appetite. At this moment, every bit of Su Zhan radiated temptation to Fu Yichen.

The half-truthful and half-teasing voice made Su Zhan’s heart almost jump out of his body. Was he teasing him for never being in close contact with another man? Teasing him for never being in love? Teasing him because his emotional life was blank? Truthfully, he was very overwhelmed. But his rationality was still there and his self-esteem was still stronger than ever. What’s the matter with him being molested by a fake novel character to the point of being weak?! Where will he put his film emperor’s face2pride of being a film emperor?

So, Su Zhan’s face turned cold. He thought he was very tough as he stared at the other person’s hair and said forcefully, “Then you’d better be joking around.”

‘Ah, he’s annoyed now.’ Fu Yichen said silently in his heart, laughing unscrupulously as he pulled away from the other person’s neck. In fact, Su Zhan could’ve pushed him away the moment he approached him. He could’ve even kicked him away. Even when he deliberately approached him and pretended to take a bath towel till now, he could’ve pushed him away at any moment.

But Su Zhan didn’t. Fu Yichen could clearly feel his nervousness and anger, but he still didn’t push Fu Yichen away. Instead, his body stiffened as an instinctive reaction. This was probably the reason why Fu Yichen was obsessed with teasing him. He really was so cute. Fu Yichen had never seen such an interesting person, let alone a man that he had always considered to be his role model.

“Gu Chenfeng.” Fu Yichen put his hands on both sides of Su Zhan’s body and didn’t intend to get up. Their bodies were almost pressed against each other. Truthfully, Fu Yichen really wanted to openly call him Su Zhan.

“What are you doing!” Su Zhan was very angry.

“Your heart is beating so fast.” Fu Yichen chuckled, “It’s quite loud as well.”

“Li Hao!” Su Zhan finally got to his breaking point. No, to be precise, the furious Su Zhan finally recovered and raised his hand violently. He wished to throw away the man in front of him.

However, Fu Yichen had expected his actions early, so he straightened up one step ahead of him. At the same time, his other hand quickly clasped Su Zhan’s wrist, locking it tightly.

“Don’t be impulsive.” Fu Yichen couldn’t hide the smile on his face. Then he slowly brought the bath towel he was holding in his other hand in front of Su Zhan and shook it, “I’m just getting a bath towel. What were you thinking about Gu Chenfeng?”

At that moment, Su Zhan’s face turned green, then red. It was wonderful. But Fu Yichen’s smile was too dazzling, especially as he dangled the bath towel in his hand. He was clearly beating Su Zhan’s face as he teased and ridiculed him.

Su Zhan was so angry to the point that his image of a high cold king was thrown aside. Su Zhan tore off the bath towel from Fu Yichen’s hand and greeted him with a fist with the other hand.

Fu Yichen was already prepared to dodge his fist. But before he could do that, Su Zhan’s long legs kicked him. Fu Yichen dodged that again. Compared to a certain someone’s livid face, Fu Yichen was smiling the whole time. The scene really was indescribable.

Su Zhan then tried to punch him again. Fu Yichen dodged him slightly and then again grabbed his wrist, “Calm down, don’t get too excited.”

“Scum!” Su Zhan was already furious. With both of his hands being held down, Su Zhan was then held in Fu Yichen’s arms. Or so to say he was put in a firm hold? In an instant, anger flooded Su Zhan’s mind once more, “Let go!”

It was embarrassing, really embarrassing. Not only was he being teased, he was also unable to beat the other person? What kind of garbage article did the garbage author write? Is this the treatment a Male Lead deserves?!

“Calm down first. I apologise…” Fu Yichen clearly said that but the smile on his face didn’t diminish at all.

Su Zhan was so angry that his hands were bound. He was just about to raise his leg to cripple the other person’s third leg and make this scumbag a cripple when he suddenly heard the doorbell ring. It was accompanied by the sound of gurgling and slapping of water beside him.

The two were taken aback at the same time. Then they turned their heads to see that the Female Lead, who had been sitting on her back in the bathtub previously, had slipped down at one point. Her hands flailed around and the most terrible thing was that her head was covered at some point by the bath towel. Her head was completely submerged.

“Hurry and save her.” Fu Yichen hurriedly let go of Su Zhan and rushed over. He didn’t even know that his junior had just barely escaped. If he had known that Su Zhan was about to cripple him just now, he might’ve regretted his childish behaviour until his insides turned blue.

And Su Zhan, who was originally angry, felt guilty for a moment when he saw the Female Lead and his anger dissipated a bit. So that… that bath towel covering her face… it couldn’t be the one he threw away just now, right?

Fu Yichen went over a few steps and lifted the upper body of the Female Lead that almost slipped into the water. Then quickly removed the towel covering her face.

Deepest apologies. He really wanted to laugh. This was probably the most pitiful Mary Sue Female Lead in history.

Su Zhan’s eyes wandered for a while with a guilty conscience and then quickly adjusted when Fu Yichen looked over at him.

“Go and open the door!” After Fu Yichen said this, Su Zhan quickly turned around and walked out of the bathroom. Fu Yichen even saw his clenched fists, so he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Fortunately, Su Zhan had disappeared from the bathroom at this time.

The doctor must have arrived. 

  • 1
    warming up for a while by sharing body heat I guess since normally you burn firewood to warm up
  • 2
    pride of being a film emperor


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