Chapter 51

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“Wu~ It’s so hot.” Fu Yichen directly threw the Female Lead onto the sofa. Probably because of the medicine, the Female Lead’s tone changed, spouting out the word ‘uncomfortable~’ a few times.

Her movements became increasingly… spicy to the eyes. The two Male Leads just stared at each other and the scene became very embarrassing for a moment.

In fact, Su Zhan was feeling even more embarrassed than he was showing on the outside. First of all, he was gay. He was actually quite indifferent and even a bit disgusted towards this kind of picture. The key point was that there was another person standing next to him, so the scene became quite strange. Especially when the other man was a flamboyant scumbag.

On the other hand, Su Zhan was also a little worried about whether this scumbag would go too far or say something shameless if the Female Lead provoked him too much. Something such as going at it together. Then he might not be able to resist beating the other party up.

So his calm face should be ignored. In fact, he was very panicked and was also having a breakdown on the inside. He always thought that acting in these kinds of scenes wasn’t challenging at all. After all, this type of acting was full of irrational and brain-damaging scenes. If such a scene was given to him in modern times, he wouldn’t even want to glance at the punctuation marks.

But he never expected to encounter such a big trouble just at the start of the plot. It was fine if he wasn’t given a script or that he didn’t have time to prepare. But Su Zhan was still uneasy about the cards in his hands.

Fu Yichen didn’t know that in the eyes of others, he was being guarded against. Not only did he have to hide his embarrassment, but he also had to show a look of unrestrained love. After all, he was now the Second Male scumbag. However, without anyone’s knowledge, most of his attention was still on Su Zhan.

“Never would I have thought that Gu Chenfeng, who would always dismiss women, would resort to such low-handed means to get a woman. You’ve really surprised me.” Fu Yichen found this situation quite interesting. Su Zhan was forced to behave inconsistently with his real feelings, so he couldn’t help but want to tease him. Probably because he didn’t want to waste the time they could spend together.

However, the person who was being teased only felt deeply annoyed. Su Zhan felt as if the other person was always targeting him. He even got the impression that the Second Male did not like the Female Lead as much as the original text had stated. Otherwise, the Female Lead wouldn’t be in such a situation. But the point was that this person was obviously being unreasonable. Instead of targeting the Female Lead, he was blindly targeting him instead.

“I repeat myself once more. It wasn’t me.” Su Zhan stared at Fu Yichen coldly. His domineering aura was obvious. He even turned the question around, “This is your family’s cruise ship. The room was also arranged by your family. But there appeared a person who was lying on my bed for no reason. A woman who was drugged. Exactly whose problem is it? Additionally, what’s the intention of sending her here?”

Fu Yichen wasn’t afraid of his questions. The second-generation ancestor leaned against the wall indifferently with a very uncomfortable smile, “So you mean to say that someone is trying to give you a woman?”

“Who knows?” Su Zhan’s face was dark and his eyes were cold with a hint of disdainful sarcasm. In fact, he was feeling a bit wary in his heart. For fear that this scumbag would say something outside of the plot that he was unaware of and then he would be unable to pick up on the conversation. He found that although the other person’s character was a scumbag, his speaking skills were first-rate. In a word, it was very hard to respond with a proper answer.

Sure enough…

“Who doesn’t know that you, Gu Chenfeng, aren’t interested in women? Is it appropriate to give you a woman instead of giving her to a suave young master?” Admittedly, the current Fu Yichen probably had the face of someone who deserved to be beaten. Anyways, it was not that bad that he had gone further and further from who he actually was. It was worth it to lie considering he could see this interesting side of Su Zhan. Fu Yichen felt that it was worth it.

As expected, Su Zhan, who initially had a mocking and disdainful look, immediately choked. He was stunned into speechlessness. On the other hand, he still had to put on the condescending air of a domineering president, the kind that looked down on everything. However, the look in his eyes coupled with the way he squirmed slightly but couldn’t speak a word, made Fu Yichen suffer internal injuries from holding back his laughter.

He didn’t think that his retort was funny, nor did he laugh because he made fun of Su Zhan. He just simply thought that Su Zhan was too cute at this moment. He unconsciously smiled, expressing his happy mood at the moment.

So, Fu Yichen continued, “You just said, this drugged woman… She’s your fiancée?” Fu Yichen squinted his eyes, looking suspicious.

He could see Mr. President Su’s annoyed look under his disguise again. However, it passed by in a flash. After the sudden change in Su Zhan’s eyes, his expression turned gloomy and he then said a few cold words from his mouth with a dark face, “She will be tomorrow.”

Fu Yichen almost laughed out loud, but he still held back. The Su Zhan here was similar to the one in reality. It was like the persona he created for the outside world. He had a serious face, was not good at speaking and didn’t like to joke. He probably hid all his small thoughts in his heart. He was really a ‘duplicitous’ person. But Fu Yichen thought that he was really cute.

Just at this time, the Female Lead who was twisting on the sofa suddenly turned over and was about to fall off the sofa.

Su Zhan rushed up quickly with his hands wide open, just in time to save himself from another increasingly embarrassing situation.

“Trash.” Su Zhan snorted coldly, then picked up the Female Lead and, wanting to quickly flash away from the embarrassing scene, turned to leave.

Fu Yichen was taken aback for a moment and then reflexively grabbed Su Zhan’s wrist, “What do you want to do?” He was slightly startled by this familiar touch. It felt a bit cool, unexpectedly smooth, and delicate. His wrist bones were slightly prominent and somewhat thin.

Su Zhan also trembled unconsciously, as if he was electrified. He fell into a trance, as if he had been shocked. But he quickly broke free and carried the person in his arms towards the bathroom.

Fu Yichen hurriedly followed and saw Su Zhan throw the Female Lead along with her clothes, into the bathtub.

Only then did Fu Yichen belatedly realise that his phrase ‘trash’ was probably referring to the doctor, who hadn’t arrived for a long time. Moreover, the water in the tub seemed to have been there in advance. It seemed that it was specially prepared for the Female Lead.

Fu Yichen understood in an instant. After realising his purpose, he felt a subtle feeling in his heart and something in him couldn’t help but jump from joy. This was probably the reason why there were water marks on Su Zhan’s cuffs. If Fu Yichen didn’t come, Su Zhan was planning on calming down the Female Lead this way.

It was really… cute.Unconsciously, Fu Yichen, who was standing behind Su Zhan, raised the corners of his lips. He didn’t realise that the two of them happened to be facing a big mirror at this time. So coincidentally, as soon as Su Zhan raised his head, he saw the smiling face of the person behind him.

Su Zhan’s heart immediately skipped a beat. This smile was definitely weird. There was something else mixed in the smile and he couldn’t tell what it was. But it was something that made Su Zhan’s heartbeat speed up. The key point was that his smile and this scumbag Second Male’s personality were completely inconsistent.

Most importantly, Su Zhan wasn’t sure if the smile was directed at the Female Lead or not. He didn’t know why he had a strange intuition that that person was smiling at him.

So Su Zhan was taken aback. Could it be that this scumbag was a piece of garbage that ate both men and women? Men and women can both be eaten? Su Zhan was frightened. He was actually a timid person.

But even if he was afraid, he couldn’t show his weakness. So Su Zhan turned around abruptly and fixed his cold eyes on the person behind him.

“You’re laughing?” Su Zhan narrowed his eyes slightly, his voice cold. Probably because of his domineering aura, he unconsciously revealed a sense of oppression.

Fu Yichen didn’t expect that the other person would turn his head around so suddenly. There was no time for him to take back his smile. The moment the other person faced him, Fu Yichen was a little dumbfounded as he saw a trace of guard in Su Zhan’s eyes. This made Fu Yichen’s heart speed up and at the same time, he couldn’t help but have some bad thoughts. In the final analysis, he still wanted to tease him.

After knowing that he had started liking someone, he felt the need to unearth more reactions from him, much like a treasure hunt. Fu Yichen felt exactly this way about Su Zhan right now. He especially liked Su Zhan’s small movements which were calm on the surface but nervous on the inside. So he was eager to go to the trouble of exploring.

Fu Yichen simply grinned and his smile became more obvious, “As you can see.”

Su Zhan was absolutely shocked. Was this person schizophrenic? This person had looked worried for the Female Lead just now. How could he, in the blink of an eye, laugh when he saw such an embarrassed Female Lead?

“Scum.” This person was too dangerous. This was what Su Zhan was thinking at the moment.

Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows. At the beginning of the original text, the Female Lead had been entangled by the Second Male many times in this way and the title ‘scum’ stuck to him for most of the plot. It even directly became the Female Lead’s nickname for the Second Male.

So by coincidence, when Su Zhan called him that, Fu Yichen actually found it to be quite exciting and interesting.

Fu Yichen suddenly lifted his foot and approached Su Zhan. As expected, Su Zhan’s body froze and a flash of panic quickly flew across his eyes. Although he had concealed it well, his reaction couldn’t escape the eyes of Fu Yichen who had been staring at him the whole time.

The two men were two or three meters apart. Su Zhan was standing by the bathtub and Fu Yichen was at the door. Therefore, every time Fu Yichen took a step, he found that Su Zhan’s pupils shrank a bit. When Fu Yichen was less than half a meter away from Su Zhan, the latter’s Adam’s apple rolled unconsciously because of tension. He tried to keep his eyes cold, but it was obvious that they were a little bigger than before.

When Fu Yichen got closer, he saw that Su Zhan had moved indiscriminately towards the side of the bathtub. The latter’s body was even slightly turned in a different direction, as if he wanted to retreat. But the Male Lead’s domineering spirit was supporting him to stand still and even watch Fu Yichen’s actions with a blank expression.

In the last step, Fu Yichen’s toes almost touched Su Zhan’s feet. The distance between their faces was only a few centimeters. Fu Yichen stared closely into his eyes and even had an inexplicable smile at the corner of his mouth.

From walking to standing still, it was a series of simple movements. But it seemed like everything was moving in slow motion in front of Fu Yichen’s eyes.

As expected, Su Zhan froze. Fu Yichen could even feel that the other person’s breathing had become slightly weaker. Was this person so nervous that he unconsciously held his breath?

Fu Yichen saw the sullenness on the other person’s ‘expressionless’ and ‘super calm’ face. Just when the other person wasn’t able to hold back and was about to speak, he suddenly raised his hand and stretched it out under the other person’s quickly shrinking eyes. Su Zhan’s back was now stuck to the wall.

This was the infamous… kabedon1well Xinghe and UM3 said to use kabedon since it’s something everyone knows but its basically pinning someone to the wall? Fu Yichen deliberately stared at him with extreme focus. In actuality, he was just reaching for a bath towel. Maybe the Female Lead in the bathtub might need it later.

However, from Su Zhan’s perspective, he wasn’t able to see Fu Yichen’s hand. Of course, this was what Fu Yichen intended.

So Su Zhan, who was already feeling nervous, was suddenly overwhelmed by this man. He felt nervous, energetic and a tad bit excited. But the problem was… he wasn’t ever a casual person. Although this person’s appearance and body fit his preferences perfectly, he was very picky. He was not going to be with a scumbag, much less a fictitious fictional character.

Su Zhan, who was confused, didn’t know what to think. The only thing that he could be sure of was that he was dazed by him. In his daze, he felt as if the other man really wanted to do something to him, but his reason fought back.

As a result, Su Zhan tensed his body and jumped, “You…” He swallowed nervously and again said, “Don’t mess around.”

Fu Yichen almost choked with internal injuries. Facing such a cute Film Emperor Su, he really couldn’t wait to bite him up and eat him clean.

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    well Xinghe and UM3 said to use kabedon since it’s something everyone knows but its basically pinning someone to the wall


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