Chapter 44

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‘Laji, tell me the current favorability.’ 

In the middle of the night, Fu Yichen, who tossed and turned because he couldn’t sleep, stared at the top of the bed.

After returning from Leng Qianshang’s room, Fu Yichen was in a heavy mood. He ate a simple meal, but still couldn’t fall asleep while lying on the bed. He tossed and turned and felt that his chest was feeling stuffy. He thought about a lot of things, which caused his mind to become a mess. After constant reasoning and chaos, in the middle of the night, Fu Yichen asked the system.

[The total favorability of the Female Lead towards the Male lead is 3.]

[The total favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male is 46.]

[The total favorability of the Female Lead towards the Third Male is 93.]

It was obvious who the Female Lead’s heart belonged to.

[The total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead is -2.]

[The total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Female is 5.]

[The total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male is 95.]

‘95.’ Fu Yichen suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. The corners of his mouth unconsciously curled up. But soon another person appeared in his mind that made the smile on his face freeze. He suddenly remembered that Shen Tianyu’s favorability also soared all the way up at that time and finally exceeded 90. But at that time he had suspected that the other person was bisexual and even suspected that it was a system bug till the last minute. The answer now was so obvious that it made him seem stupid and slow.

Thinking about it this way, Fu Yichen suddenly felt tangled. Could it be that he was a scumbag? This recognition made Fu Yichen despise himself a bit. He had thought that he wasn’t such a person. But he couldn’t really explain how he felt about the both of them. Especially since he had always seen a shadow of Shen Tianyu on Leng Qianshang from time to time which gave him a feeling of guilt.

So, Leng Qianshang’s choice just now may not be a bad thing for Fu Yichen. At the very least, he can make a more decisive plan for the future.

Because of Fu Yichen’s constant obstruction, the important role of the Second Female became more and more inconspicuous. So Fu Yichen didn’t put her in the scope of consideration. The counterattack of the Third Male however, was surprising.

[The total favorability of the Third Male towards the Female Lead is 94.]

[The total favorability of the Third Male towards the Male Lead is -10.]

[The total favorability of the Third Male towards the Second Male is -40.]

The corners of Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched. This Mingyue really hated Xuanyuan Canye deeply. But from this, Fu Yichen could conclude that he had basically succeeded in reversing the ending of the Male and Female Leads in being together. The plot was coming to an end soon.

‘If it continues like this, will I be able to leave soon?’ Fu Yichen was unexpectedly not excited to see hope right in front of him.

[If there are no accidents, it should be so, host.] The system calmly said in its mechanical voice. It seemed to have lost its human emotions once more. It didn’t mention however that if Fu Yichen left, it would mean that it would be unbound from Fu Yichen. That is to say, it might disappear. But after it finished speaking, it added another sentence, [But the plot isn’t over yet. So I can’t make a conclusion, host.]

‘You don’t want me to leave?’ Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows. The ending was still unsure at this point, so he was still unable to leave. This was exactly what Fu Yichen was struggling with.

[*Ying, ying, ying* Of course I hope for you to. The existence of the Mary Sue Reversal System is to reverse the ending of the Mary Sue in getting the Male Lead. Of course the system is glad to finish the task.]

Fu Yichen sighed once more. The Male and Female Leads fell for someone else. He had obviously done his best to prevent the Mary Sue from getting the Male Lead’s ending. So only the last part of the plot is left and this novel can finally end.

The key issue that was making Fu Yichen unable to sleep all night was the matter of the final plot. In the original text, when the Male and Female Lead left the bottom of the cliff, the martial arts conference was over. Then they met the Second Male who had attended the conference. At that time, the Male Lead Leng Qianshang discovered Xuanyuan Canye’s unusual treatment of the Female Lead. His black-bellied nature came out and he took advantage of the Female Lead to hold back Xuanyuan Canye while he rushed back towards the capital overnight. Taking advantage of the absence of the Emperor, he launched a revolt.

After more than ten years of preparation, the world changed hands overnight. At that time, Xuanyuan Canye was still traveling with the Female Lead. When the news eventually reached Xuanyuan Canye’s ears, no matter how angry he was, he was unable to return to the throne. Then Xuanyuan Canye began to flee in all directions.

Then, when the Female Lead realized she was being used, that part of the text was naturally heart-wrenching. More often than not, most Mary Sue routines liked to abuse the Female Leads. Normally, the Female Leads would be dismissed by the Male Leads at first or abused. The Male Leads will then suddenly realize their feelings when they lose the Female Leads. Their hearts will then beat for her and their reason to live or die will be her. Then write all the abuse in reverse. Finally making the Male Leads realize that their hearts wanted the Female Leads painstakingly. So the author would be able to write the next volume. It should be enough for another forty to fifty chapters right?

In this way, the Second Male fled all around the corners of the world. The Male Lead suddenly became the ruler of the world, the Female Lead became the Empress of the world and the only woman in the harem making everyone envy her. So the only serious problem for them was the thorn Xuanyuan Canye who wasn’t dead yet.

In the finale, the furious Xuanyuan Canye snuck into the palace and held the Female Lead hostage to threaten the Male Lead. He didn’t expect to be unable to deal with the Female Lead and was killed by the Male Lead and the Third Male who joined forces. After all, the main villain of this article had first-class martial arts skills.

It could be said that the ending of the Second Male was very tragic. Currently there were only two plot points left. One was Leng Qianshang’s ascension to the throne and the second was Xuanyuan Canye’s death.

But with Leng Qianshang’s feelings for Fu Yichen now, he was very confident that Leng Qianshang wouldn’t kill him. But due to the settings of the plot, his ambition for the throne would still be there. So all that’s left for Fu Yichen to do now was to help him complete the final plot.

After making up his mind, Fu Yichen let out a sigh of relief. At dawn he went to see the Third Male, Mingyue, without anyone’s knowledge. Facing Mingyue’s hateful eyes, Fu Yichen only said coldly, “Do you like Qian Wangfei?”

Mingyue was stunned by this question. The corners of Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched, “Then, Zhen will make a deal with you.”

So, Su Zhan, who had also stayed up all night to think about the plot, had to part with this person the next day.

“Your Majesty, are you not going back?” Su Zhan was a little surprised. He thought of more than ten kinds of plans overnight. About the consequences of the Emperor returning to the capital with him instead of with the Female Lead. How he should continue the plot under such circumstances. How to walk to the end with the Female Lead and sit on the dragon throne but minimize the damage done to the Emperor. He never thought that Xuanyuan Canye wouldn’t go back on his own initiative. Did he take fancy to the Female Lead? Why can’t this matter be avoided? For a moment, Su Zhan’s heart couldn’t help but hang in his throat.

Facing Leng Qianshang’s obvious surprise, Fu Yichen only smiled lightly and said, “Zhen has something to do here at this time. You and Qian Wangfei can go back to the capital first to recuperate.”

Su Zhan pursed his lips and didn’t speak. With their current relationship, this person will definitely go back with him. But this end result was still unavoidable. Su Zhan didn’t dare to think about the future and he was unwilling to face the matter after returning to the capital. For a while, Su Zhan lowered his head and said nothing.

“Zhen will send you off.”

Fu Yichen didn’t seem to notice his silence. He bent down and carried Leng Qianshang up horizontally, helping him onto the carriage himself. Leng Qianshang didn’t say a word all the while he was doing such things and Fu Yichen didn’t speak either. But when the both of them were seated in the carriage, Fu Yichen suddenly hooked him into his arms without warning. Under Leng Qianshang’s shocked eyes, he directly kissed him.

“Wu~” Su Zhan couldn’t help but grasp the front of the man’s robes.

It was a domineering kiss, mixed with some inexplicable grief. Su Zhan was a little dazed at this time. Only feeling that his brain was as uncontrollable as his body. He was only relieved of this feeling after their intersecting lips1okay here I admit I removed the word teeth. It was supposed to be lips and teeth. But imagining it makes me feel sick. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO SHOVING UR TEETH IN ANOTHER MAN’S MOUTH EXCUSE ME WTF?! HOW DO THEY EVEN DO THAT?? At this point are you gonna eat his face off like a zombie?? Is this romance or some sort of apocalypse?? Imagine them having horse teeth and trying to kiss each other separated. When he opened his eyes, he saw the man’s magnified face in front of him.

2 I’d be lying if I said I was sorry for showing yall this image

Fu Yichen gazed closely into Leng Qianshang’s eyes, licked his lips with some reluctance and then said, “Have a safe trip.” There were no other words.

“You…” Su Zhan grabbed his hand unconsciously when he turned around to leave the carriage. This surprise really did leave him breathless. But when he finally had the chance to open his mouth to say something, he couldn’t say anything. He could only stare at him without blinking.

Fu Yichen gave him a rare smile and stretched out his hand to hold his head, pressing a kiss on his forehead. He then said, “Zhen will go back to the capital once the matters here are settled.”

The emotions in those golden eyes made Su Zhan tremble. Clearly, the other person’s tone was reassuring, but why did he feel that something wasn’t right? Su Zhan unconsciously let go of his hand. When he had come back to his senses, the other person had already gotten off the carriage, leaving only a rustling curtain. Su Zhan unexpectedly felt uncomfortable. He felt reluctant even. He just felt that whether it was the plot or the mission, it was overwhelming him.

At this time, a person outside the carriage whispered, “Your Majesty, the demonic cult3my brother says I shouldn’t use the word sect here since sects are only for good people. UM3: but sect sounds so posh! Me: I KNOW BUT HE TOLD ME I CAN’T leader escaped last night.”

Su Zhan was stunned once more. Just as he was about to lift up the curtain to ask about the situation, he only heard the driver’s whip. The next second, the carriage started moving. When he finally turned back to lift the curtain, the tall figure of the Emperor had disappeared.

In fact, Fu Yichen had been standing on the roof of the inn, watching as the carriage disappeared out of the city gates before letting out a long sigh.

Half a month after returning to the capital, Su Zhan’s leg healed up miraculously. But Su Zhan wasn’t happy at all. Not because of the noisy Female Lead that had been locked up in her room by him, nor was it because of the private matters he had to settle in his life everyday, such as the courtiers who tried to persuade him to take the opportunity to seize the throne when Xuanyuan Canye was absent.

It has been half a month since the Qin Shan incident. It stands to reason that the Female Lead was brought back to the capital by him. Xuanyuan Canye should have come back by now even if he had to do something, but he didn’t.

Without the Emperor around, the capital had no leader. It can be said to be in a state of turmoil right now. During the half a month that Xuanyuan Canye was away, the entire court was in a state of chaos. Especially after half a month had passed since Su Zhan returned to the capital. The dark tides were even more raging.

The aides that the Male Lead had gathered for more than ten years, as well as various dignitaries who harbor hatred for Xuanyuan Canye’s cruelty and cold-blooded actions, kept appearing in front of Su Zhan. There was only one meaning that they were all trying to express: ‘Take advantage of the situation, we will support you.’

Xuanyuan Canye wasn’t here. This can be said to be an excellent opportunity for Su Zhan to complete the final plot. Everything was almost ready and they only needed a nod from him. But Su Zhan felt hesitant. His concern for this illusory character can be said to have exceeded even his own expectations.

He couldn’t do it at all. As soon as he closed his eyes every night, he could see that person’s face, his every move, and especially that parting kiss… Su Zhan couldn’t sleep at night. Wasn’t the worst thing to do to an emperor was to take away their throne, not their life? He couldn’t do it.

Until a certain day when Su Zhan suddenly received a message that almost made him collapse to the ground, “The Emperor was assassinated and died on his way to the capital.”

It took a long time for the messenger to finally see him open his mouth with a pale face. A few words were squeezed out from his dry mouth, “Corpse… where is the corpse?”

“Fell off a cliff. It still hasn’t been located.”

Su Zhan’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of hope. After all, they had fallen to such a deep abyss together and survived unscientifically. But Su Zhan immediately thought of another question, “Who did it?”

“The leader of the demonic cult, Mingyue.”

Su Zhan’s vision went dark. The hope that had been ignited was instantly extinguished. In the original plot, Xuanyuan Canye was killed by the Male Lead and the Third Male who were working together. Most importantly, the plot had almost come to an end, which meant that Xuanyuan Canye’s death had become a matter of course. Sure enough… he couldn’t do anything to change it.

The hidden guard who reported to him about the news saw him looking out the dark window with a pale face. This was the prince that he had been with for more than ten years. His blue eyes lost their color in an instant and became hollow and lifeless, like a pool of stagnant water. His teacup had also fallen onto the ground without him knowing. The prince stayed like that for the whole night.

After that, another seven days passed. Finally, the news of the death of the emperor spread across the country. This was received as a national celebration. It can be imagined how much Xuanyuan Canye failed as an emperor. In fact, in Fu Yichen’s view, apart from being brutal, he was actually a good emperor that did his best. Of course, all the people’s reactions came from the author’s three views.

At this time, Fu Yichen who was hiding in the dark, finally breathed a sigh of relief, feeling both complicated and distressed. In fact, he had been paying attention to Leng Qianshang’s movements. He hadn’t moved after returning to the capital and a great opportunity was wasted. Fu Yichen felt both gratified yet uncomfortable because of this.

The more the other person didn’t make a move, the deeper he would be entangled in this matter. In this way, Fu Yichen would suffer more. But maybe some men were born to be decisive and cruel. So in the end, Fu Yichen made the decision for him. In fact, he had expected this early on, otherwise he wouldn’t have made a deal with Mingyue.

Then as a matter of course, a new emperor would ascend the throne and the whole country would celebrate. Leng Qianshang will become a new beloved holy emperor and marry the Second Female, the third princess. While the Female Lead will be with the Third Male. With this, this novel should be over. Fu Yichen would be able to quietly leave this world and return to the real world to continue his dream of acting. At that time, he would regard his transmigration as a dream that can be remembered for a lifetime.

However, when Fu Yichen was waiting in the dark for the finale, a piece of news that made his jaw drop came into his ears.

The new emperor canonized the original Qian Wangfei as the master of the harem and announced that he will only love the Empress in his life. There will be no one else in the harem. As soon as the news came out. It shocked the world and made others envy.

Fu Yichen’s jaw dropped in shock. Why did it end up like this after he had done so much? Could the Male Lead actually still accept the Female Lead who cucked him? He still married her regardless of that negative favorability… Additionally, all of this was nothing. It’s nothing to him if he has done so much useless work. But what does the phrase “I will only love the empress in this life” mean?

Fu Yichen became angry and couldn’t calm down anymore. So he decided to venture to the palace to have a look. He wanted to see what made the other person decide on making such an unreasonable decision. 

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    okay here I admit I removed the word teeth. It was supposed to be lips and teeth. But imagining it makes me feel sick. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO SHOVING UR TEETH IN ANOTHER MAN’S MOUTH EXCUSE ME WTF?! HOW DO THEY EVEN DO THAT?? At this point are you gonna eat his face off like a zombie?? Is this romance or some sort of apocalypse?? Imagine them having horse teeth and trying to kiss each other
  • 2
    I’d be lying if I said I was sorry for showing yall this image
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    my brother says I shouldn’t use the word sect here since sects are only for good people. UM3: but sect sounds so posh! Me: I KNOW BUT HE TOLD ME I CAN’T


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