Chapter 42

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With his eyes still tightly closed, the only movement that could be seen from the person in his arms was the up and down movement of his chest. But from his calm eyelashes, it could be seen that this person still hadn’t recovered from the aftertaste of the kiss just now.

Fu Yichen subconsciously raised the corners of his lips, feeling an unprecedented sense of joy. It was a feeling that he had never felt before and he couldn’t tell what it was like. It was very similar to the feeling of eating candy for the first time as a child. The kind that’s sweet and makes him want to can’t bear but eat one more. He can only take a small lick when he can’t help it anymore.

This was what Fu Yichen felt right now. He didn’t want to think about what’s real and what’s not. He didn’t want to think about the kinds of troubles that he encountered in reality. He didn’t want to think about the system or his tasks. He just wanted to focus on the person that was in his arms right now. The future would be fine. It didn’t matter what would happen in the end. Just let nature take its course.

Fu Yichen suddenly felt at ease, both physically and mentally. Whether he was a little transparent, and someone who had struggled for five years in the entertainment industry, or he who was somehow trapped in a Mary Sue novel and bound to a system. In his life, he was always accompanied by obstacles, unhappiness and predicaments. In the world of novels, he was still forced to gamble with his own life .

That is, until now. Fu Yichen suddenly became enlightened. He was a man who refused to admit defeat. No matter how difficult it got in the entertainment industry, he would still stick to his principles and face the difficulties. After all, he had his own dreams. He also believed that he would definitely be able to leave this illusory world and return to reality. However, even if he still stayed in the Mary Sue world, it didn’t necessarily mean that it was a bad thing for him. He could hone his acting skills and increase his knowledge. Such an opportunity was something that no one else could ask for.

What’s more, he also met such a lovely person. So there’s nothing to be impatient about. There was no need to be so obsessed with the final outcome. In fact, he could gain more from this experience.

From being forced to bind with Laji till now, this was the first time that Fu Yichen changed his mentality. After being enlightened, the smile overflowing from the corners of his mouth seemed to be unstoppable and his whole person looked relaxed.

At this time, a certain individual in his arms finally came back to his senses. Fu Yichen saw this man’s eyelashes tremble and then the eyeballs that were under those eyelids could be seen rolling around twice1UM3: this… is a little scary to imagine… Me: IKR I WAS DISTURBED JUST IMAGINING THIS. He didn’t know what was going on in his head. But in the end, those eyes still didn’t open. As if the person was still going to continue pretending to be dead.

Fu Yichen unconsciously licked the corners of his mouth. He only now felt that the current Leng Qianshang was really different. It didn’t match his aloof and fairy-like appearance. But it was this current Leng Qianshang who moved Fu Yichen’s heart the most.

So Fu Yichen couldn’t help but lower his head to touch those lips once more and taste them a bit. In fact, he couldn’t help but want to go deeper. But he could see that a certain someone’s eyelashes were trembling even more violently. As expected, his whole body froze once more. It seemed to be in his nature to pretend to be dead. He himself probably didn’t know that his actions at this time looked very cute. So Fu Yichen smiled, and then turned to kiss the tip of his nose, then his eyes, his forehead and then back again to his lips. When the kiss reached his chin, Fu Yichen could feel the body in his arms obviously become even more stiff.

The corner of Fu Yichen’s mouth curled up and he covered the corner of the other person’s lip with his thumb, rubbing it lightly. He then slid his fingers down to his neck. Sure enough, Leng Qianshang seemed to be holding his breath.

Fu Yichen couldn’t hold back and laughed out loud. The other person’s eyes opened wide the next second and he just looked up and stared at Fu Yichen fiercely, looking obviously a bit annoyed but also extremely ashamed.

Truthfully, Su Zhan’s mind was filled with various questions after he had returned to his senses. He was really ashamed, so he just continued to close his eyes and pretended to be dead from the start. This was simply a habit of his when he was scared.

He was kissed, kissed for a very long time. Why did the other person kiss him? Is this person really gay or was he deliberately playing tricks on him? So how should he react now?… Su Zhan’s mind was full of messy questions. He couldn’t figure it out. He couldn’t get rid of these thoughts and soon his mind was turned into paste again.

A sudden burst of coldness hit his body suddenly and Su Zhan regained his senses. He is now Leng Qianshang, the Male Lead of a Mary Sue novel. He is currently not Su Zhan. After realizing this, the ensuing questions overwhelmed him once more. Why did he kiss him? Does the emperor have feelings for Leng Qianshang or Shen Tianyu? Who is Shen Tianyu? What should he do if the plot can’t be reversed? What if he can’t see his parents anymore? What to do with his remaining work… a whole load of questions filled his mind.

Su Zhan, who was so entangled with his own thoughts, forgot about his current situation and suddenly felt softness coming from his lips. Su Zhan was stunned once more and his wandering mind was instantly pulled back by the clear touch. He then found out that he was kissed once more, and this time… he was completely nervous.

Although his eyes were closed, his soul seemed to want to break free from his body. All these senses and thoughts were concentrated on the other person’s lips. To be precise, the location where those lips touched. The tip of his nose, his eyes, his forehead… and then it slowly moved down. Every time he was touched, Su Zhan became a little more nervous and his mind became a mess. His focus turned to the places where the other person’s lips touched.

He then felt his chin being kissed and the person started moving lower… Su Zhan was startled. Should he stop it or close his eyes and accept it? Reason told him that he should stop it, but some discordant images appeared in his mind uncontrollably. Especially some small pornographic images that he had secretly seen before he had stepped into the entertainment circle.

However, while he was thinking of whether to stop or not to stop, he suddenly found that the other person was quiet and then… Su Zhan realised that he might have been tricked.

His anger unexpectedly rose and Su Zhan opened his eyes. He then met with a pair of smiling golden eyes. Those pair of eyes stared at him, no more than ten centimeters away from him. The corners of the other person’s mouth were even slightly raised, as if he was watching an unspeakable joke, indicating that he was in a good mood right now.

Su Zhan’s mind was blank. Bastard! It was obviously too late for him to close his eyes again, so he simply squinted his eyes with a straight face. Even if he was being looked down upon or even if he was laying in someone’s arms right now, he should still show the aura that Leng Qianshang should have.

Fu Yichen blinked. He seemed to have witnessed this guy’s magical ability to change his face in the blink of an eye. Fu Yichen even thought that if this person was to be in modern times, he must be a very good actor. Regardless of his mood or expression, he can quickly enter the state. His ability to perform on the spot was simply much stronger than a large number of little fresh meats who had been praised to the sky in the entertainment industry. But at this moment, Leng Qianshang suddenly opened his mouth.

“Why kiss me?” The questioning tone that came sounded unhappy, but Fu Yichen could clearly see the hopeful look in his eyes.

Fu Yichen thought for a while and said seriously, “I wanted to kiss, so I did.” He didn’t think about the consequences or the future, let alone what’s real and what’s not. At that moment, he just wanted to kiss.

Su Zhan was stunned. He didn’t expect to get such an answer at all. He even thought that the emperor would mention that it was because he was similar to Shen Tianyu. But instead the other person said, “I wanted to kiss, so I did.” That means that he just wanted to kiss the person in front of him. Not Shen Tianyu, nor was it Leng Qianshang.

In an instant, Su Zhan became extremely satisfied. He just felt that even if he was treated as Shen Tianyu or Leng Qianshang by the other person, at least he was facing him as his real self for now. As for the rest, whether about the plot or the final outcome, he can just put it aside and talk about it later.

So Su Zhan, who had it figured out, unconsciously twitched the corners of his mouth.

Fu Yichen, who was staring at him, thought that he was going to ask him something when he saw the other person’s eyes move. But then he saw Leng Qianshang’s mouth slightly hook up. An unusually familiar face appeared in front of Fu Yichen’s eyes.

Fu Yichen was stunned for a moment. He only felt that the smile on Leng Qianshang’s face was a little unfamiliar. But he also unexpectedly felt that the other person’s smile should be like this. Fu Yichen even saw the shadow of Shen Tianyu in this smile and even the shadow of the real owner of this face, Su Zhan.

This thought made Fu Yichen startled. But at this moment, Leng Qianshang, who was smiling a while ago, suddenly tilted his head and buried his face in his chest again. When Fu Yichen was puzzled by his actions, the hands holding onto his clothes unknowingly loosened and moved to wrap themselves around his waist. His waist was then hugged in a natural manner.

It was a bit jerky at first, mixed with restraint. But after fully hugging it, the hug became tighter and tighter.

Fu Yichen was stunned and after a while, he raised the corners of his lips. He thought to himself that this feeling wasn’t so bad. So Fu Yichen hugged the body in his arms tightly, bringing him closer to his own body and then asked in a low voice, “Are you feeling better now?”

“Mm.” A muffled voice came from his arms. Truthfully speaking, when Su Zhan had taken the initiative to hug a certain someone’s waist, he suddenly felt ashamed again. But fortunately, he also buried his face in the other person’s chest so he couldn’t see him.

The corners of Fu Yichen’s lips twitched in satisfaction. He wrapped his clothes around the person in his arms tighter and then said softly, “Go to sleep. You’ll be fine tomorrow.”

Probably because Fu Yichen’s body was really warm or because he was tired, Leng Qianshang finally fell asleep in Fu Yichen’s arms. But Fu Yichen didn’t sleep all night and just sat there hugging him all night.

So when Leng Qianshang woke up the next day, Fu Yichen’s body was completely numb. Fortunately, Leng Qianshang’s body temperature had returned to normal at this time. After Leng Qianshang got up, he quickly moved his numb body.

Su Zhan felt a bit sorry and sat on the side with a broken leg while squinting at him, “I’ve let the emperor suffer.” The words that came from his mouth didn’t match the expression on his face. The way that the corners of his mouth rose didn’t show his guilt at all and he seemed to be in a good mood.

Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows and looked back at him with squinted eyes, “To take care of Qian Wang, Zhen is very honoured to do so.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the corners of Leng Qianshang’s mouth rose significantly, showing that this sentence really pleased him. Fu Yichen also couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips.

After last night, the relationship between the two of them seemed to have become inexplicably ambiguous. Their eyes seemed to be connected as their sights kept on colliding from time to time. But nothing seemed to have really changed. The way the two got along with each other was still the same. Their relationship was still between an emperor and a prince. But there was always this strange sense of fascination.

So, Fu Yichen, who was in a happy mood, roasted the corn that he had picked up yesterday and made breakfast for the two of them. They then ate some fruit and got ready to set off. Fu Yichen didn’t plan to stay in this cave for five to six days like the Female Lead. To be honest, if they slept in this hole for two days, their bones might fall apart.

What’s more, Fu Yichen had a plot in his mind and it was not like he didn’t know where it was going to lead to. But when Leng Qianshang heard that they were going to leave, the flash of strangeness in his eyes had Fu Yichen feeling taken aback. But that flash immediately disappeared.

In Fu Yichen’s view, they were all men with responsibilities on their shoulders, especially Leng Qianshang. His personality should be someone with ambition. Childish love can’t be an excuse for a man to throw away their responsibilities. Fu Yichen always believed that a truly responsible man would never abandon others due to some childish love, but work hard to handle everything. He was such a person, and he believed that Leng Qianshang should be the same.

In fact, it was really impossible for Su Zhan to abandon everything in reality for this short and illusory feeling. His parents, relatives and friends are all waiting for him to go back. So no matter how reluctant he was, he would not stop. He will only try to think of ways to change what he can. Such as Xuanyuan Canye’s final ending. This was what he struggled with the most and what made his heart hurt. But it seemed like there was nothing that he could do.

The same was true for Fu Yichen. Of course, no matter how different their thoughts were, they couldn’t be seen on the surface. Even the way they got along was surprisingly harmonious.

Fu Yichen carried him on his back all the way. In fact, they were not as far away from the exit as they had imagined. As long as they went the right direction, using qinggong from time to time, Fu Yichen estimated that it would take them about five to six hours to reach the exit.

When Fu Yichen appeared at the intersection with Leng Qianshang on his back, a group of insiders, including Leng Qianshang’s subordinates, all dropped their jaws in shock. Firstly, they had never seen such an embarrassed emperor. Both groups knew it well. Their posture showed the relationship between the two people. So they had thought that they were dreaming and would have never imagined that the two would appear in such a manner.

Truthfully speaking, when Fu Yichen put down Leng Qianshang, he was almost exhausted. If it wasn’t for the help of his body’s inner strength, he would have never imagined that he would be walking a mountainous road for five to six hours with a 1.8 metre man on his back. The result was that they came out safely. Especially Leng Qianshang who didn’t have to suffer any more calamities. Fu Yichen was also relieved.

But at this moment, the system suddenly sensed the existence of the Female Lead and the Third Male. Fu Yichen was immediately surprised. Not long after hearing the system’s notice, the Third Male appeared in their sight with the Female Lead on his back. He was equally as embarrassed as they were. But both of them behaved intimately. What shocked Fu Yichen the most was the change in their favorability.

[The total favorability of the Female Lead towards the Third Male is 89.]

[The total favorability of the Female Lead towards the Third Male is 91.]

Fu Yichen frowned, this was interesting. Then he looked at the two intimate figures who gradually walked towards them… Fu Yichen shifted his gaze to Leng Qianshang. At this time, his head should be…green. 

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