Chapter 33

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Fu Yichen was sure that the situation wouldn’t deteriorate so he left. Not long after he left that day, the Male Lead and the Second Female left the scene one after another. Then they got together under a willow tree by a small lake in the imperial garden. At the same time, Fu Yichen also received the deserved notification of the decrease in favorability of the Second Female towards the Second Male. Fu Yichen also felt that Xuanyuan Canye didn’t act kindly towards the pair of childhood sweethearts.

Afterward, as in the plot, in such a big imperial garden, the Female Lead just so happened to stroll around the small lake and then saw the rendezvous between the two. So the Female Lead felt that the Prince was nothing but a pervert, has no merits, is lecherous and lustful, and a pure scumbag. Of course, if Fu Yichen hadn’t stopped the intercourse from happening that night, he was sure that the Female Lead would be even angrier.

So a few days later, Fu Yichen received news that Qian Wangfei had snuck out of the Wangfu and left a letter for Leng Qianshang, ‘Divorcing the husband’. One can imagine how angry Leng Qianshang was when he saw it.

The secret guards who monitored the Female Lead were very dedicated to their jobs. They copied the ghost repelling talisman1They were talking sh*t about the Female Lead’s handwriting hahahah what the hell. It’s so ugly that it repels ghosts ahahahha left by the Female Lead and brought it back to Fu Yichen who couldn’t help laughing when he saw it.

It would not be a lie to say that the writing could repel ghosts. Understandably, as a modern person, the Female Lead had never used a brush. But it wasn’t difficult to see how ugly her handwriting was from the few simplified characters she had written. It looked like a bunch of ants crawling. Looking at the contents once more, a few words could be read, ‘Leng Qianshang you misbehaving, lustful and idle…’ In short, ‘You are not worthy of being my husband. So I’m divorcing you.

Fu Yichen really laughed aloud. Not mentioning how naïve this Female Lead was with this kind of behavior, she probably thought she was quirky and not afraid of authority. Leading the women of the ancient era to work independently and strive for excellence, and. E embarking on the ideological road of women’s liberation. But in fact, she was just relying on the divorce letter she left behind as a woman and a concubine of a prince. In the ancient times of feudalism, she would be punished along with nine generations of her clan.

As expected, Leng Qianshang was furious. In the author’s words, ‘No woman has ever dared to do this to benwang. Woman, benwang will make you pay for this!

So, as what was written in the plot, Leng Qianshang soon appeared in the palace and asked for leave to travel.

After not seeing each other for a few days, Leng Qianshang had returned to his usual calmness. Although he had a frightened look on his face, Fu Yichen could clearly feel the calmness coming from his eyes. His eyes no longer deliberately avoided him as before. It can be seen that Leng Qianshang had adjusted his mind.

In fact, Su Zhan had been hypnotizing himself that what happened that night was just a dream and that this body belongs to Leng Qianshang, the Male Lead of this novel, and was not his. So it’s no different from a dream at all. It had a big impact on him before probably because this was a… spring dream. Yes, that’s it. Although this spring dream couldn’t be forgotten, it’s still a dream after all.

After a long period of self–hypnosis, Su Zhan was surprised to find himself calmer than before. So naturally, Xuanyuan Canye, as a fictional character, how can he not be able to face him? He couldn’t waste time on these illusory things. He should find a way to finish the plot as soon as possible and return to the real world. That’s where he belongs and where he should be.

“Asking for the Emperor’s approval!” Su Zhan cupped his hands and bowed his head. His words sounded earnest.

Moreover, he was about to leave the capital and proceed to the second arc of the novel, the Jianghu arc, which means he might not see this person again for a long time. So Su Zhan was unexpectedly very confident in facing him. His acting skills had returned to him and he was back to the calm actor who pursued perfection.

Fu Yichen looked at the man in front of him whose head was lowered. With the excuse that he was originally a useless person who had been idle in the capital and had caused a lot of trouble to the Emperor over the years. He was very ashamed, so he thought of going to the rivers and lakes. Wander around, broadening his horizons and gaining insight. At the same time, he wouldn’t be causing trouble for the Emperor, etc. To sum it up in two words, he’s leaving.

“Going to the rivers and lakes2Martial art’s world or Jiānghú to practice?” After more than ten seconds, Fu Yichen spoke calmly. There was a hint of probing or more accurately doubt on his motives.

“Exactly, asking the Emperor to grant approval.” He had already expected this to happen because there was such a paragraph in the original plot. Really… Even after all he did.

“Jianghu is a chaotic place.” Fu Yichen said lightly, “Qianshang, you’re a precious person. You have been surrounded in brocade and jade since the day you were born. Additionally, you aren’t good at martial arts. How can I let you go out at ease?” Fu Yichen continued without waiting for Leng Qianshang to answer, “Jianghu is a place where swords don’t have eyes. Do you think it’s as prosperous and peaceful as the capital under the feet of Zhen?”

In fact, Leng Qianshang not only had martial arts skills, but his martial arts were definitely among the best of those in the Jianghu. However, Leng Qianshang had always been disguising himself from early on, so Fu Yichen had to pretend that he didn’t know.

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty.” Su Zhan raised his head and slightly smiled, “Chen will definitely have enough guards around to protect oneself. Chen will not put oneself in danger.”

Fu Yichen unconsciously raised his eyebrows. ‘Will not put oneself in danger’ he says? The night he was drugged in the brothel. Did he forget about that? But after thinking about it, Fu Yichen also knew that this was due to the author’s arbitrary settings. It was hard for them both to not be embarrassed about that night anymore, so it’s better for him to not bring it up again.

Fu Yichen eventually gave out a sigh, got up, and walked in front of Leng Qianshang. Su Zhan immediately froze without a trace. But before he could react, Fu Yichen said, “Jianghu is very sinister. Zhen is afraid that Qianshang will suffer.”

Fu Yichen acted like an elder brother who was worried about his younger brother, “How about this, Zhen will assign some masters. This way Zhen will be more at ease.”

Even though the other person said it was for his well-being, it was more like monitoring his activities. Not only could he not refuse, but he also had to act grateful to him, “Many thanks, Your Majesty.” Su Zhan was speechless for a while. It is said that Leng Qianshang was a black-bellied person, isn’t the real black-belly the person in front of him?

Standing in front of Leng Qianshang, Fu Yichen had a strange urge to tease him. He knew that what he was doing was not in line with Xuanyuan Canye’s character and it was also not in line with his own usual style, but he couldn’t control it. Fu Yichen suddenly took a step forward, and the tip of his shoe almost touched the tip of Leng Qianshang’s shoe. The distance between their faces was only five centimeters. As long as Fu Yichen leaned forward even slightly, his lips could touch the tip of Leng Qianshang’s nose.

Immediately, Fu Yichen’s unpredictable movements made Leng Qianshang’s eyes widen uncontrollably. At the same time, his body completely froze. When Fu Yichen approached him so suddenly, the breath that rushed to his face immediately made Leng Qianshang uncontrollably stiffen and fall back as a conditioned reflex.

Seeing Leng Qianshang’s body falling straight back, Fu Yichen quickly grabbed his shoulders with his hands. Only to find that Leng Qianshang’s body turned even more rigid and stiff.

It was this familiar feeling that made Fu Yichen’s heart moved. He then got closer, just like the time he couldn’t help but place his lips on Shen Tianyu’s. Then when Leng Qianshang’s eyes were getting bigger and bigger, he suddenly tilted his head and leaned toward Leng Qianshang’s ear. He could hear a slight sigh of relief from Leng Qianshang. He then whispered, “Qianshang, do you really not know who Shen Tianyu is?”

It was too similar. Time and time again Leng Qianshang and Shen Tianyu gave almost the same reactions to his actions. Fu Yichen was getting more and more confused about this.

During this period of time, he actually learnt from the secret guard who was monitoring Leng Qianshang that he was secretly trying to investigate a person recently. What surprised Fu Yichen even more was that the person that he was trying to investigate happened to be Shen Tianyu. But Leng Qianshang’s reaction couldn’t be faked.

Fu Yichen was also very puzzled. Sure enough, his reaction was exactly the same as that of Shen Tianyu’s. But when Fu Yichen mentioned Shen Tianyu, he showed no trace of knowing someone named Shen Tianyu.

Su Zhan, who was originally shocked by Fu Yichen’s sudden approach, could be said to be completely stunned. All kinds of unrealistic thoughts habitually popped up in his mind uncontrollably, such as, ‘Is this Emperor actually gay?’ or ‘Does this Emperor have feelings for the Male Lead?’ And so on. Especially when Fu Yichen got close to his ear. Su Zhan couldn’t help blushing. He had no idea what the man wanted to do. Was he about to kiss him? But then the words ‘Shen Tianyu’ brought him back to reality. As if he was hit in the head, Su Zhan woke up instantly.

It was not the first time that he heard this name come from the Emperor’s mouth. This made Su Zhan instantly wake up from his panic and regain his senses.

“Chen really doesn’t know the Shen Tianyu that Your Majesty mentions.” Su Zhan had already recovered and entered a state of acting, “Chen wonders who is this Shen Tianyu that the Emperor keeps asking about. What kind of person is he?”

Fu Yichen raised his brow and recovered quite quickly. The hand that had been on Leng Qianshang’s shoulder patted him, “He’s just an old friend of Zhen’s.” After speaking, he stepped away half a step from Leng Qianshang and then stared at him with a meaningful look, “Qianshang, you and him, are very much alike.”

Su Zhan’s heart unexpectedly sank and he almost couldn’t control his facial expressions. But he quickly calmed down and bowed, “Then that’s this minister’s honor.”

Fu Yichen didn’t speak. He just listened to the sound of the system’s beeps in his mind once more.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -1]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -2]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -2]

Minus 5. This result surprised Fu Yichen slightly. After the unexpected rise in favorability of the Male and Female Lead towards the Second Male on the day of the banquet, by the time Leng Qianshang had entered the palace to ask for leave, it had risen from -15 to 1. But he didn’t know why the favorability dropped once more. Fu Yichen speculated that it was probably caused by him trying to assign a few masters to Leng Qianshang. After all, the two of them were well aware that instead of protection, it was actually for surveillance.

Without waiting for Fu Yichen to speak, Leng Qianshang continued, “Your Majesty, if there’s nothing else, Chen will retire.”

“Hm.” Fu Yichen nodded lightly, but the people who should be sent for surveillance were still sent.

After throwing a naïve ‘divorce letter’, the Female Lead had been as free as a bird since then. This Mary Sue novel was divided into different volumes. In this second volume, it’s the story of the Female Lead escaping from the capital and stepping into the world of the Jianghu.

Therefore, Leng Qianshang’s so-called traveling to gain experience and knowledge was just an excuse for him to chase his wife for thousands of miles. But Fu Yichen, who knows the whole plot, naturally knew the actual reason for Leng Qianshang’s trip. It was definitely not just for the sake of looking for the Female Lead. His real purpose was to cultivate power.

After the Female Lead left the capital, she learnt that a martial arts conference would be held in Qinshan soon. So she rushed to Qinshan excitedly. Not to mention the lack of transportation in ancient times, it was normal to take two to three months to travel from one city to another. But according to the texts of a Mary Sue novel, traveling from the North to the South only took a few days.

But what’s interesting is that on the way to the martial arts conference, the Female Lead met the Third Male, another beautiful man in this Mary Sue text. The leader of the Demonic Sect, Mingyue. But facing such a terrifying leader of the Demonic Sect, the Female Lead showed a silly and sweet temperament. Acting like she wasn’t afraid of death and treating him as a good brother3companions in arms who took an oath to share together good and bad fortune; hence, faithful friends.. However, what’s so magical is that in the face of such mentally retarded actions, the Third Male actually fell in love with the Female Lead and became extremely infatuated.

So while Leng Qianshang worked so hard to find the Female Lead, she was with the Third Male. The important thing is that the Third Male happened to be chased after by people and both of them were forced to retreat to the edge of a cliff.

This seemed to be a must-have routine in ancient dramas—falling off a cliff. Then there must be an adventure at the bottom of the cliff. Or the Male and Female Lead would be alone at the bottom of the cliff.

This Mary Sue novel is no exception. The Female Lead and Third Male were besieged by many masters and forced to the edge of a cliff. At this time, the Male Lead Leng Qianshang arrived. A prince of a country who was normally surrounded by guards suddenly appeared alone. In a coincidental manner, at this time a person pushed the Female Lead off the cliff by mistake. Then the angry Male Lead chased after her without hesitation. Then it seemed like the two of them obtained the golden body of a king kong and didn’t fall to their deaths. They woke up at the bottom of the cliff with no extreme wounds. A man and a woman all alone survived in the wilderness together. So their feelings took a qualitative leap.

If the drugging incident in the brothel was the starting point of the relationship between the two, then the incident of falling off the cliff was an important turning point for the relationship between the Male and Female Lead.

So, on such an important occasion, why wouldn’t Fu Yichen want to participate? All he had to do now was to get to the edge of the cliff on time at the critical point to prevent them from falling off the cliff. Or to prevent at least one of them from falling off the cliff. 

  • 1
    They were talking sh*t about the Female Lead’s handwriting hahahah what the hell. It’s so ugly that it repels ghosts ahahahha
  • 2
    Martial art’s world or Jiānghú
  • 3
    companions in arms who took an oath to share together good and bad fortune; hence, faithful friends.


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