Chapter 32

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Since that night, the most famous waste prince in the capital unexpectedly calmed down for a few days. The people of the capital who were used to hearing news of the waste prince were still a little unaccustomed to this for a while. Some people even gloated over the possibility of whether the prince had experienced some sort of misfortune and gotten infected by an unclean illness. The group of people who waited on Leng Qianshang in Qian Wangfu were extremely worried. Because from the time their master returned from the brothel at night, the prince began to stay in the house. He wasn’t even interested in going outside, only locking himself in his room alone and no one was allowed to enter.

Fu Yichen gave an incomprehensible smile at this news. He sat leisurely in the palace every day and enjoyed the treatment of an Emperor, of course, except for favoring concubines. Other than those daily activities, he would wait for the dark guard to come back and report news about Leng Qianshang.

But he has to say, that night was the first time in his life that he did something like that to another person. There seemed to be something wrong with him that night.

Firstly, the pictures of what occurred that night would pop into his mind from time to time, especially when he was alone in the middle of the night. His mind seemed to be out of control. The frequency of those pictures popping out was getting higher and higher. After experiencing this for several days, Fu Yichen lost sleep due to insomnia.

Fortunately, five days passed in the blink of an eye and it was time for the grand banquet that Xuanyuan Canye held in the original plot to entertain hundreds of civil and military officials. The setting in the original text said that hundreds of flowers were in full bloom at that time. Therefore, although it was said to be for civil and military officials, it was actually a festival for them to show off their daughter’s talents to the emperor. So almost everyone was dressed up to attend it, especially the unmarried daughters of officials.

After everyone was seated, Fu Yichen led Xuanyuan Canye’s Empress to the highest seat to accept everyone’s worship. This was the first time Fu Yichen saw the legendary Empress of Xuanyuan Canye since he came to this world. She was a very dignified and generally well-known woman. He didn’t know if Xuanyuan Canye was blind to favor the Female Lead’s unruly, willful and brainless behavior.

Unknowingly, while Fu Yichen looked at the hundreds of people who were kneeling down on the ground, his eyes fell uncontrollably on Leng Qianshang’s head of silver hair. At the moment when Leng Qianshang got up, his gaze unconsciously glanced to the one on the highest seat.

So for a moment, their eyes unexpectedly met and they were both stunned. It seemed like spring had come for them and their eyes looked away at the same time.

This feeling, Fu Yichen felt a little strange. This feeling, described in a single word, is not right.

Although it was called the banquet of a hundred blooming flowers, in fact, it was just a few members of the harem fighting each other openly and secretly, just like a large-scale open-air talent show. Fu Yichen didn’t mind these matters at all. He wasn’t interested in looking at the content of their performances, such as the singing of the ancients. It was a magical sound that couldn’t be appreciated and their dance… it was also boring for him. They weren’t from the same era after all.

Therefore, it’s nonsensical to say that they would be fascinated by the modern song sung by the Female Lead.

Strangely, Fu Yichen’s eyes always fell on Leng Qianshang’s body intentionally or unintentionally. Anyways, every time he came to his senses, his sight had fallen there.

Several times, Leng Qianshang’s eyes glanced up unintentionally. So Fu Yichen, who was guilty like a thief, would turn his sight slightly and have his sight fall onto the Female Lead beside Leng Qianshang.

Fu Yichen could then hear the change of favorability from the system in his mind.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead -1]

[The total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead is -20]

Fu Yichen was a little surprised by this matter. The favorability between the Male and Female Lead had been declining. Especially the Male Lead’s favorability towards the Female Lead, it had shown no signs of going in an upward trend at all. Fu Yichen remembered that during the banquet in the original text, the Male Lead had already started to get jealous because of the Female Lead.

So the current result was due to them not having sex that night? Thinking about this, Fu Yichen somehow felt that his actions that night were worth it.

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male +1]


[The total favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male is 15]

Sure enough, the Female Lead is a brainless nympho. It’s no wonder that she would drool and have a nosebleed when she saw Leng Qianshang. The Female Lead did the same when she saw Fu Yichen. From the time Fu Yichen appeared to the present moment, in just an hour, the Female Lead’s favorability for the Second Male had risen intermittently from 0 to 15. Especially when Fu Yichen first appeared, her eyes were instantly glued to his body.

Fu Yichen had to say that it was absolutely wise for him to give up on ‘seducing’ the Female Lead. For this kind of person, he would rather spend more time going after the Male Lead rather than waste even a little time on her.

However, Fu Yichen didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, he always felt that Leng Qianshang didn’t dare to directly look at him as if he was deliberately avoiding his sight. Although what happened that night was indeed damaging to a man’s dignity, it did happen for a reason. After so many days, he shouldn’t be dazed by such a thing. After all, he is a person with the aura of a protagonist.

In the meantime, all the beauties competed and showed off their talents such as painting, calligraphy, embroidery, guqin, chess, etc. Among them, the Second Female, Xuanyuan Canye’s sister, the third princess, was the most dazzling. Not only was she beautiful and with a great temperament, but her talent was also even more admirable.

This was the person that the Male Lead likes. In the original setting, the two were mandarin ducks who were forced to separate by Xuanyuan Canye. They belong to a pair that have feelings for each other. In other words, in a sense, the Female Lead is actually a little three1paramour/cheating object?

Of course, the Second Female’s favorability towards the Male Lead is as high as 95. It can be seen that she was quite infatuated with him.

On the contrary, the Male Lead’s favorability for the Second Female is only 40. Which makes Fu Yichen suspect that the Male Lead was able to change his mind in such a short time. Therefore, there were indeed some problems present in the three views of the primary school author. What three views were they promoting? Little three? The scumbag cheating on his original love with a little three?

Later, in the original plot, the Female Lead was forced to perform on behalf of Qian Wangfu. But the people who were waiting to see a joke were amazed by the Female Lead’s ‘unique’ performance. Especially the Female Lead’s ‘bold and novel’ performance. For example, the modern type of dance that has no rhythm, no beauty and no accompaniment… 

Fu Yichen had no idea how the people present were amazed by this dance so much so that they couldn’t close their mouths.

Fu Yichen even felt that such a woman would be pulled out to be beheaded in the imperial palace of ancient feudal times.

It’s like a mentally retarded person being praised as a fairy. However, Fu Yichen still had to cooperate with all his strength, and bear with it.

In fact, as the most supreme Emperor, Fu Yichen had absolutely no need to stay there and watch them. He didn’t want to cooperate with the Female Lead. After all, Fu Yichen had made up his mind to give up on the Second Male and Female Lead route. So there was no need to follow along with the plot of the Second Male meeting the Female Lead and falling in love with her at first sight.

The reason why Fu Yichen didn’t leave was just that there was an important plot point that occurred at the banquet. It was also the important reason why the Second Male fell in love with the Female Lead. Fu Yichen was afraid that he would skip the plot too much and cause other problems.

As an arbitrary tyrant, Xuanyuan Canye used ruthless and cruel methods. So it could be imagined what would happen on such an occasion. He was normally surrounded by secret guards, so on an occasion like this, an assassination or something couldn’t be more appropriate.

In the original plot, when a certain concubine was performing a dance, one of the dancers jumped and suddenly flew to Xuanyuan Canye while shouting ‘Go to hell dog Emperor’ and so on.

Originally this was an ancient world, so it must be accompanied with martial arts. Additionally, Xuanyuan Canye’s body was equipped with powerful martial arts skills. That is to say, Fu Yichen now belongs to the ranks of masters.

Therefore, it was absolutely impossible for this kind of cannon fodder who appeared in a few paragraphs to hurt Xuanyuan Canye. But the setting was so unreasonable and made Xuanyuan Canye unable to avoid that sword. So the Female lead who sat not so close to the Emperor’s high seat flies over and blocks the sword for Xuanyuan Canye.

It was such a dog-blooded moment. A petite body could actually block the sword for him regardless of life and death, this shocked Xuanyuan Canye. ‘What kind of woman is this?’ ‘I’ve never seen such a special woman.’ And so the Second Male fell in love.

This was what happened in the original plot. The reason why Fu Yichen stayed was not to wait for the Female Lead to block the sword, but to follow the development of the plot. As for whether the Female Lead took the sword for him or not, Fu Yichen didn’t really care.

So, just before the plot was about to happen, Fu Yichen held a wine glass in his hand. The wine glass that the Emperor uses is made of pure gold. If he uses his martial arts skills to smash a person’s face hard, he wouldn’t be afraid to fail to knock out a person and it can also prevent the assassin from coming too close.

Just as he was thinking about it, a sudden and hurried voice broke into Fu Yichen’s ears when he was blocking out the singing and dancing.

“Be careful, Your Majesty!”

Fu Yichen was momentarily stunned and immediately realized that it was Leng Qianshang’s voice. But soon Fu Yichen couldn’t afford to think too much. As soon as Leng Qianshang’s voice fell, he saw a woman in the hall pointing a sword at him and flying towards a place less than two meters in front of him.

“Go die, dog Emperor!”

As if being struck by lightning bolts, Fu Yichen didn’t even hesitate to think about it. He threw the wine cup in his hand to the woman’s nose.

There was a crisp sound of a ‘*bang*’ and wine splashing out before the sound of a woman’s scream of pain came. The next second she covered her nose and flew back.

However, at the same time, all of a sudden, some people dressed in black appeared from nowhere. In an instant, they flew from all directions towards Fu Yichen who was at the highest point.

The Empress beside him was so frightened that her face turned pale. But Fu Yichen poured himself a cup of wine in the presence of all the assassins. Because at the time, the royal guards were not vegetarians and had already greeted the enemies.

Fu Yichen took a sip of wine without hesitation. After a while, all the assassins had been taken down. Fu Yichen then looked down at the chaotic crowd and said, “These things that don’t know whether to live or die, take them all down for Zhen!” In the end, he didn’t forget to add a sarcastic sneer, “Hitting a stone with an egg.”

Then Fu Yichen threw his sleeves, “I’m tired, everyone else can continue watching!” Then regardless of the opinions of the civil and military officials, he directly dumped the mess to the Empress and left.

He left everyone looking at each other in dismay. They didn’t dare to leave, but it was too messy to continue. But in the end they chose to continue since the Emperor had said, “Everyone continue.”

Fu Yichen, who left, could be said to be refreshed. He had nothing to do with the main plot after this.

In the original plot, not long after Xuanyuan Canye left, Leng Qianshang and the third princess left their tables one after another. Then they had a tryst by a small lake in the back garden and it happened to be seen by the Female Lead who slipped out. As a result, the conflict between the Male and Female Lead escalated. After returning to the Wangfu, the Female Lead’s demand for divorce rose.

All Fu Yichen had to do was wait. Wait for the Female Lead’s servant ‘Xiu Fu’ to leave the Wangfu. In her words, it’s better to leave the scumbag and fly like a bird. By that time, the already tempted Male Lead would be furious and he will start to chase his wife for thousands of miles.

At this time, Fu Yichen could be dispatched again. In other words, he is just waiting for a new map to be unlocked.

But what surprised Fu Yichen was, just as he had flicked his sleeves and walked a few steps, the melodious sound of the increasing favorability points of the Male and Female Lead towards the Second Male sounded in his mind like a symphony.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1]

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male +1]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1]

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male…]


What Fu Yichen didn’t know was that at this time, the Male and Female Lead had unexpectedly reached an agreement at the same time, which was, ‘Just now the Emperor was so handsome.

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