Chapter 30

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Fu Yichen used his hand to grab Leng Qianshang’s arm, the other arm went around him and embraced his shoulder. The moment Fu Yichen touched Leng Qianshang’s body, he realized that the other person’s body was abnormally hot. He could even feel it through all his clothes.

“Qianshang, you… what’s going on?” In order to show his intimacy, Fu Yichen called him Qianshang instead of Qian Wang. Sometimes Xuanyuan Canye would call the Male Lead so kindly in order to show the royal family’s favor for the Male Lead.

“Bastards! How bold! Even daring to lay their hands on Qian Wang!” Fu Yichen’s face suddenly became terrifyingly gloomy, showing a look of anger.

Those who came from the palace were well accustomed to this kind of scene. So it would be inappropriate for Fu Yichen to pretend to be stupid at this time.

“Please quell your anger, Your Majesty.” Su Zhan could only clench his teeth and cooperate with the emperor’s performance.

“Zhen will help you find a woman first.” Fu Yichen guided Leng Qianshang back to the chair to sit down.

But after those words left his mouth, he felt a little strange in his heart. Looking at Su Zhan’s arrogant image in the entertainment industry, he couldn’t imagine what his embarrassing state would look like. This was simply an insult to Su Zhan’s image. If it was Shen Tianyu, the eldest young master, with his nostrils raised up to his forehead would disdain this kind of thing. In short, Fu Yichen also felt that this matter was quite inappropriate and he unexpectedly became upset by his own words. But he couldn’t let the Male Lead go back. It wasn’t confirmed if the Female Lead was tied up yet or not.

Just as Fu Yichen hesitated, a hot hand suddenly grabbed his wrist. He saw that Leng Qianshang’s long and slender fingers became pale from how hard he was enduring what he was feeling. He still controlled the strength he was using to grab Fu Yichen’s wrist, which showed that his self-control was extraordinary.

“Your Majesty,” Su Zhan tried to stand up straight. Not only was his body a little weak, but most importantly, the man in front of him was pressing hard on his shoulder, “There’s no need to trouble Your Majesty, Chen… Just allow Chen to go back to Chen’s manor.” At this time, Su Zhan could no longer care about maintaining the details of his performance. This was his limit till what he could do and continue to perform.

But obviously, Fu Yichen couldn’t let him go, “Qianshang, how can Zhen trust you to go back safely when you look like this?” He said with a worried look on his face, “Zhen will go and find someone nearby for you. Please bear with me for a while.” Truthfully, Fu Yichen was well aware that this evil prince was actually a virgin. After he fell in love with the Female Lead, he guarded his body like jade for her and dissipated his backyard1harem.

“No.” Su Zhan grabbed the emperor’s hand again and said with a sincere and a little pleading look on his face, “Your Majesty, there are so many beauties in Chen’s Wangfu. Just allow Chen to go back and solve it.” Su Zhan felt that his body was about to explode. He could only continue to suppress the feeling.

In fact, from what he was feeling now, Su Zhan was really worried that he would combust and die, which was not worth putting up an act for. He is a worldwide famous superstar but he lived for 27 years without falling in love until death. He hasn’t met the person he likes, how could he be reconciled? His parents, elder brother and other people who love him, are waiting for him to return. He was very unwilling to die like this.

However, looking for a woman? What kind of woman can this person find for him? He was someone who was born a pure zero. Not only did he not feel relieved, he was also very disgusted by the thought of it. He couldn’t do it!

However, Fu Yichen didn’t give him a chance to do anything, “Zhen understands.” Fu Yichen suddenly nodded, “Zhen knows that the people here are unclean, but you can’t go back to your manor in this state. So let’s think of a way to relieve yourself first.”

“What?” Su Zhan didn’t know what this guy knew and what he was going to do. He could only see the other person gesture to a guard who then walked out of the room.

Su Zhan, who was close to losing his mind, immediately became tense. His body involuntarily stretched taut. His spirit became highly nervous and at the same time, he forced himself to be more vigilant. Not long after, Su Zhan saw a few people walk into the room with a big wooden barrel. Probably because the water was too cold, the cold air that hit his face instantly made him a lot more awake.

At this moment, Su Zhan almost disregarded his previous suspicions and thanked the black-bellied emperor.

Fu Yichen ordered people to pour buckets of cold water into the tub and gestured at them to go outside and guard the room. Only then did he seriously talk to Leng Qianshang, “Qianshang, you’ll be wronged for a while. I’ll definitely take care of this soon and find that ignorant thing who dares to do this to you.”

“Many thanks, Your Majesty.” Su Zhan thanked him from the bottom of his heart. He then rushed to the wooden barrel impatiently but soon felt that something was wrong. There was a strong gaze coming from behind him. With a sudden turn of his head, Su Zhan immediately felt that the other person was a pain in the *ss. Everyone else went out, but why is the emperor still standing there?

How could he feel relieved if he doesn’t keep the Male Lead under his nose? Fu Yichen sat beside him expressionlessly with a look of ‘you can continue’ on his face. But soon he found that Leng Qianshang was still holding onto the barrel but didn’t take the next step. From Fu Yichen’s point of view, he could see the man’s long silver hair hanging on his back. He couldn’t see any intentions of the other person wanting to lift his legs and stepping in.

The barrel was about one meter high. It was easy for a man who was one meter eighty to step in. But Fu Yichen took into account Leng Qianshang’s current state. As a man, Fu Yichen couldn’t understand it more. He just wanted to prevent the physical relationship between the Male and Female Lead from happening. He had no intention of embarrassing Leng Qianshang.

So Fu Yichen got up quickly and walked over, “Why aren’t you going in? What if you hurt your body by suppressing all of this?”

Su Zhan froze. He didn’t know how the Male Lead returned back to his manor after he was drugged in the original text. But currently, his body was out of control and he couldn’t lift his legs. This scene became embarrassing.

In fact, Fu Yichen had thought of something the moment he held the other person’s shoulder. In addition to the abnormal heat, his body was slightly shaking and his pale face was covered in beads of sweat that were rolling down one by one. Fu Yichen immediately understood that the other person needed help.

“Zhen will help you.” Fu Yichen couldn’t help but help him take off his robe as soon as he finished speaking.

Su Zhan was immediately startled. All his reason and self-control instantly turned into a paste and his mind was in chaos. When he finally reacted, he was only left in his underwear, “Your Majesty,” Su Zhan held the arm that was helping him take off his clothes. His words sounded extremely sincere, “Enough, that… that’s enough.” Implying that there was no need to take off any more clothing.

Fu Yichen was momentarily stunned before nodding his head, “Okay.” Leng Qianshang’s face looked like he was in pain. His eyes seemed out of focus, but in a blink of an eye he returned back to normal. They were a bit too close. Fu Yichen was stunned for two seconds and his body was unexpectedly agitated.

Fu Yichen hurriedly shook his head and came back to his senses. He then suddenly bent over without warning and hugged the other person by his waist. Fu Yichen regretted his actions the moment he picked the other person up. It would be very inappropriate for an emperor to hold a prince like this while the other was only wearing a robe. But he had already picked the other person up, so he couldn’t just put him back down.

Sure enough, it was unusual. Listening to Leng Qianshang’s cry of surprise, he seemed to be extremely frightened and his eyes widened visibly. His body froze for a moment like some animal that was going to be attacked and quickly entered a state of suspended animation. Fu Yichen could clearly feel the other person’s stiffness and it was a bit embarrassing for a while.

“You…” Su Zhan was so shocked by his actions that he lost the ability to think. Even the impact from the drug wasn’t as strong as Fu Yichen’s hug that he actually forgot his own name.

Fortunately for him, Fu Yichen was also absent-minded at this time. So while the embarrassing moment continued, before Leng Qianshang could finish his words, Fu Yichen suddenly let go of him. Then he only heard a muffled sound and water splashed all over the place, flowing on the ground.

Fu Yichen threw the other person into the tub, *ss first. Fortunately the tub was big enough. Fu Yichen pretended to pat the water droplets on his body casually. Pretending to cover up the previous embarrassment.

“Zhen just wanted to help you. Are you feeling better now?” He asked very seriously after a while.

“Many thanks, Your Majesty. Chen is feeling better now.” Su Zhan wiped a handful of cold water that splashed all over his face, gnashing his teeth. He had to admit that the icy stimulation from all directions really made him sober up. His body was also relieved for a while. But the momentary cold and hot feeling circulating on his body also made his body tremble uncontrollably.

A cold shower ah, how stimulating indeed.

“That’s good.” Then, Fu Yichen walked back to his seat and sat down, without showing any intentions of leaving.

Su Zhan waited for two or three minutes, hoping that the other person would leave but saw no movement from him. So he gritted his teeth and said, “It’s getting late. Your Majesty might as well go back to the palace first. There’s no need for Your Majesty to be worried about Chen here.”

“How is that possible,” Fu Yichen disagreed with him, “How could Zhen leave and be at ease with you looking like this?”

“Your Majesty…”

Leng Qianshang seemed to want to say something, “Okay,” Fu Yichen interrupted him without another word, “Don’t worry, Qianshang. Zhen will be here to watch over you.”

Admittedly, Fu Yichen was acting completely shameless and was obviously dragging others down, but he still showed the face of ‘I’m doing this for your own good’. Fu Yichen admitted that he must seem very annoying right now. But what else could he do? He had to prevent the Male and Female Leads from having a relationship. So all he could do was just fight hard.

So during this time, when the system kept on prompting [The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -1], Fu Yichen got used to it and expressed complete understanding.

Fu Yichen sat back on his chair. The guards that he had sent to tie up the Female Lead still hadn’t come back yet, which made Fu Yichen even more vigilant. Two martial arts experts couldn’t deal with a little girl. This showed that the Female Lead’s halo was too strong. That is to say, he couldn’t deal with her by force.

Fu Yichen had been sitting for a while and he didn’t really look at the person sitting in the wooden barrel not far away. He just glanced at him from time to time and found that the person who was facing him a while ago had turned his back to him. He didn’t even hear the sound of water moving. Fu Yichen couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips, thinking to himself that the other person was very interesting. As interesting as Shen Tianyu from the previous world.

Laji, Are you sure he isn’t Shen Tianyu?’ Taking advantage of the situation, Fu Yichen released the system to talk with it, as a result…

[Ah! Male God. Host quickly go to the other side. The front side, look at the front side of the Male God! The Male God is taking a bath! Ah ah ah! I can die happy now…]

Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched: … ‘Believe it or not, I will block you immediately?’ He didn’t expect the vocabulary of this thing to be quite rich.

[Ying, ying, ying. I was wrong host, please don’t block me. I promise to not make a sound and focus on looking at the Male God.]

Fu Yichen just wanted to slap his forehead at this time, ‘Just answer the question.

Truthfully, Fu Yichen didn’t look too bad. But he didn’t have many opportunities to show his face in the entertainment industry, so he never had much popularity. So the system didn’t really know about him.

[That’s impossible, host. Each Mary Sue world is an independent Mary Sue novel. They are like two parallel lines. It is absolutely impossible for the two to have an intersection.] On this part, the system was certain.

Truthfully, Fu Yichen was gradually dispelling his suspicions. After all, Leng Qianshang and Shen Tianyu are two completely different extremes. At least for now, he couldn’t find anything in common between them.

Then what about Su Zhan? Could it be Su Zhan?’ As soon as he saw this face in the previous world, Fu Yichen was also suspicious. But this fact was rejected by the system. What the system said was not unreasonable. But in this world, the Male Lead still had Su Zhan’s face. So Fu Yichen began to question the system’s words.

[That’s impossible, host. There is no other system in this world. Without being bound by a system, it’s impossible for others to enter the world of Mary Sue. The reason why the Male Lead has Zhan Zhan’s face is because of those shameless Mary Sue who always YY2fantasizing sexual thoughts Zhan Zhan. Why don’t all Mary Sues go die!]

The more the system said, the more excited it became. This wasn’t the first time Fu Yichen heard this explanation, but he was still a little puzzled. Especially because Laji often had problems with the favorability prompts, so it’s credibility in his heart was a bit low.

But assuming the other person was actually Su Zhan, Fu Yichen looked at the person sitting in the wooden barrel. His long hair was out of the barrel and hung down on the ground. It was very strange. It was simply… a wonder to look at.

[Host, you can’t mess around. The world will collapse!] The system repeatedly told Fu Yichen about it because it was always worried that Fu Yichen would directly ask questions about Su Zhan. It mentioned the fact to Fu Yichen more than once that influential people like Su Zhan who had popularity in the real world couldn’t appear in the illusory world as this would cause the illusory world to be unstable and collapse. Of course, Fu Yichen, who didn’t have much influence in the real world, was another matter.

Fu Yichen was too lazy to pay attention to it, so he blocked the system once more. Although the system only mentioned that it was impossible, Fu Yichen still had to be cautious. Otherwise he would be wasting the opportunity to get along alone with the Male Lead.

When Fu Yichen was a little distracted, he suddenly heard a low hum coming from the wooden barrel. His scattered thoughts came back in an instant. When he looked up, he saw that the person who had his back facing him had slightly raised his head. The half of his face that could be seen was stained with a blush. It seemed that the effects of the drug hadn’t retreated at all, but had escalated now.

Fu Yichen was startled. Only then did he realize how powerful the drug was. He was afraid that soaking in cold water couldn’t relieve the effects at all. Sure enough, when Fu Yichen got up to take a look, he saw Leng Qianshang gasping for breath with pain. His lips were not only pale, but also slightly stained with blood due to how hard the other person was biting them.

“How is it? Is it not working?” This time Fu Yichen was a little worried. At first, he had thought that the drug’s reaction described in the novel was a bit exaggerated. After all, it was all from the imaginations of a little girl. Turns out, it’s not that simple at all.

“Yeah.” Su Zhan no longer cared about names or etiquette. He was feeling uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.

In fact, it didn’t take long for him to realize that soaking in cold water couldn’t help solve the problem at all. Soon after he had gotten in, his body began to heat up and was going completely out of control.

But he couldn’t have a relationship with a woman. In fact, taking a cold bath was the only way he could think of to solve the problem. However, even if he asked the emperor behind him to let him go back, there was no way the other person was letting him go.

Su Zhan was anxious and uncomfortable. In the end, he planned to solve the matter with his hands. But he was afraid of being discovered by the person behind him. So he gritted his teeth and didn’t let himself make a sound. Not even the sound of water moving was heard.

It was shameful enough that he was doing this sort of thing. But there was a man behind him. A good-looking one at that. Su Zhan couldn’t control the shameful feeling at all. Especially his restless pure gay heart. It felt exciting and it made him ashamed.

However, even this didn’t solve the problem. Su Zhan was so anxious that he almost cried. Probably because his road in the entertainment industry was so smooth and that his parents and brother were also enlightened people, Su Zhan had hardly encountered too many setbacks in all his 27-years of life. So now, Su Zhan was a little desperate. Especially when the emperor’s eyes fell on him, his heart almost collapsed.

It wasn’t that Fu Yichen was deliberately peeping on him. Leng Qianshang raised his head in pain. Although he had been in the cold bath for a while, it didn’t seem to be of any use. Moreover, he could see the situation underwater unintentionally. After all, the water was quite clear.

Fu Yichen’s heart almost burst, “*Cough**Cough*~” He took a deep breath, “Zhen will go find someone for you.” Solving it like this wouldn’t work.

But what Fu Yichen didn’t expect was that when he turned around, his wrist was grabbed. A bit of cold water fell on his body and the hand that held his wrist was even colder. Fu Yichen turned his head and saw that Leng Qianshang was holding onto his arm, his eyes a little red, “No, Your Majesty. Chen doesn’t need it.”

No need? In this state, he still didn’t want to? Fu Yichen suddenly thought about it. Could it be that this person’s cleanliness addiction was too serious? Why couldn’t he touch women other than the Female Lead? But if it goes on like this, at this rate he will die.

“You can’t continue like this.” Fu Yichen was serious.

“I’m fine.” Su Zhan gritted his teeth to stay sane. Although he felt a little uncomfortable, the cold water wasn’t all that useless. At least it could stimulate his brain to stay awake.

Seeing him going on like this wasn’t a solution. As a man who could understand his pain, Fu Yichen was afraid that the other person couldn’t solve the problem if he didn’t relieve it. Although Fu Yichen had never done this kind of thing for others, he still had to do it. Of course he had no hobby of doing it to others. It can be said that a human life was at stake right now, especially when the other person was forced to stay here beside him. So he held responsibility.

Fu Yichen gave up thinking, “Zhen will help you then.” He said without hesitation. He couldn’t just let the other person die.

What Fu Yichen didn’t see was that the moment his voice fell, the person in the tub almost collapsed. Do… Do… Do what?


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