Chapter 99.3 – woof woof woof

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He stared at the woman sitting on the ground crying, not knowing what to say.

When a loved one dies, it feels like the heart has died.

Chen You said, “Your son is back, maybe he will come to see you soon.”

The woman was crazy and just crying bitterly.

Chen You went on to say, “I kept you here for selfish reasons. I want to please your son, you won’t blame me for that, will you?”

He saw the woman crying, talking and giggling while holding the medicine jar’s clothes.

“Sister, the dead cannot be brought back to life, so no matter what, the living must live well. I told you this two years ago, but you didn’t listen to it at all.”

Chen You walked over slowly but accidentally sucked in a breath of the cold wind which made him unable to straighten his waist due to coughing.

“You… be strong… your son will accompany you…cough cough cough…”

Chen You leaned on a stone table and fell to the ground, coughing with his head down. The more he didn’t want to cough, the more he coughed.

The woman suddenly turned her head and looked straight at Chen You.

Chen You’s scalp went numb. Oh no. When the medicine jar wasn’t dead, he coughed every day.

He wouldn’t be regarded as the medicine jar, would he?

As soon as this conjecture was made, Chen You was forcefully hugged by the woman while calling pitifully and with pleasant surprise, “Qiao Lang, Qiao Lang…”

The two or three minutes that passed seemed as long as centuries to Chen You.

When the woman realized that the person in front of her wasn’t her Qiao Lang, she hysterically shook the other as she asked, “Where’s my Qiao Lang, where did you hide him?”

Chen You was already ill, and being so violently shaken, his brain was nearly shaken out.

Fortunately, the woman didn’t shake him for a long time and rather covered her face with her hands. This time, instead of breaking down and crying, it turned into soft sobs.

Chen You wanted to die inside.

Where are you Second Pup? Your mother’s madness is getting worse and worse!

A patient and a madman sitting in the yard was what the physician saw when he arrived.

If the patient hadn’t been the landlord of Qing Feng Lou, he wouldn’t even want to go in.

The physician took Chen You’s pulse and said he wanted to see the injury but was rejected.

Are you kidding me? My ass is rotten beyond recognition, and you think I will show you? Do you really think I’m retarded?

Chen You asked the physician to prescribe antipyretic medicine for him, and then closed the door and lay down.

Near noon, Young Master Hu came over with a few packs of medicine in his hand. “I’ll ask Wang Po to decoct the medicine for you.”

Chen You’s complexion has improved a lot. He even invited Young Master Hu for tea.

Young Master Hu was flattered. He moved the stool beside the bed and gazed at him affectionately.

Chen You got goosebumps.

Young Master Hu was good-looking, and when he wasn’t speaking, he had a refined and scholarly air. After all, he was a person who has read books for many years.

But as soon as he spoke, it was no good as he would lose all that temperament.

“Brother Liao, I talked to my father.”

Chen You mentally said, don’t talk anymore. You walked in with a limp, I already know the result.

“My father won’t be able to accept it for a while.”

Young Master Hu had firm confidence. “Brother Liao, I will marry you no matter what.”

Chen You said, “Don’t.”

Young Master Hu looked at him, “Yesterday I treated you like that… I…”

Chen You said, “We are all men, so this is nothing.”

Young Master Hu pursed his lips. He used to go to brothels and drink wine with hosts and hostesses every day, so he knew these things.

But he liked this man a lot.

When he would recall that it was because of the drug he himself gave that that happened to this person, he would blame himself and regret it.

“Don’t think too much, we are not suitable.”

Chen You said, “If you still want to call me Brother Liao, don’t say these words again.”

Young Master Hu oh-ed sadly, saying that he understood.

“Brother Liao, have you seen a physician?”

“I have.” Chen You suddenly asked, “Did you come back here after you left last night?”

Young Master Hu shook his head. “No.”

He stood up immediately, and said nervously, “Did anyone come to Bieyuan last night? When did this happen? Brother Liao, how are you doing?”

Chen You ordered with a headache, “Sit down.”

Young Master Hu barely sat back on the stool before lifting his butt off the stool again, and saying without thinking, “It can’t be that person, right?”

Chen You asked, “Who?”

Young Master Hu didn’t answer, but simply reached out to touch Chen You’s clothes, wanting to check something.

Chen You, “….” 

He was still sick, and so was easily pushed down. “What are you doing?”

There was a lot of anger in the man’s tone, causing Young Master Hu’s hands to stiffened. “I want to see if your injury is healed.”

Chen You’s face turned cold. “It’s more or less healed.”

Staring at this man’s lips, one could tell that he was sick as it lacked any color. Young Master Hu thought about what it was like to kiss this man yesterday and couldn’t help himself.

He suddenly became restless and walked away in embarrassment.

Chen You took out the ointment and applied it to himself. “Did I dream last night?”

The system answered, “Yes.”

Chen You harrumphed. Who would believe that?

“Hey, help me look, is there still mud in my mouth that hasn’t been cleaned?”

The system said, “There is no such function.”

Chen You was worried. “Then what should I do?”

The system gave him an idea, “You can look in the mirror.”

He put the ancient bronze mirror down. Nothing could be seen clearly at all. Chen You was annoyed, so he could only do it by himself.

After taking the medicine, he became useless.

He lay in Bieyuan for another day before coming back to Qing Feng Lou in the morning.

The youths were all resting in their respective rooms. The building was very quiet.

Thus, the brisk footsteps that sounded were particularly clear.

Spring Peach was walking up the stairs quickly when he suddenly heard a slow voice behind him, “Spring Peach, it’s early in the morning and you’re not in the room, what did you go out for?”

Spring Peach’s figure immediately froze. He turned around and said with a smile, “Master, you’re back.”

Chen You nodded. “Yes.”

Spring Peach said, “You didn’t come back after you went out the day before yesterday. Xia Li and I worried about you all night, and it was only when Young Master Hu’s people came to say their greetings the next day that we knew you were with him.”

After hearing what he said, Chen You temporarily threw it to the back of his head, and discussed the more pressing thing at hand, “You haven’t told Master what you did when you went out.”

Spring Peach told him, “This servant wanted to eat baked sesame seed cakes from the east street, so I went there early.”

Make up your stories, continue making them up. Chen You commented, “I see you’re in a good mood, you’re full of joy, and you’re even humming a little song while walking.”

“Isn’t this due to Master’s fortune?”

Spring Peach wiped the perspiration from her forehead with a handkerchief. “Master, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be going back to my room.”

He smiled and added, “I got up too early, so I’m sleepy now.”

“Go ahead.”

Chen You squinted his eyes. Little guy, you really thought I didn’t know that you’re going to meet Second Pup, and you even kept it from me.

Clever people have their ideas.

The current Qing Feng Lou was different from the past. The top cards had changed again and again. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter have done a lot of work, so they didn’t have to flatter guests anymore, and they also have free time.

After dark, Spring Peach went out with the box.

Chen You, who had been waiting at the corner for a long time, followed him all the way to the bridge.

The black-clothed young man and the night sky practically merged into one.

Chen You knew that Second Pup must be very skilled so he didn’t dare get too close for fear of being discovered. He found a hiding place and watched from afar.

Fortunately, Chen You had good eyesight.

He saw Spring Peach walk up to the young man and open the box, which contained exquisite pastries.

The young man picked up a piece, put it in his mouth to eat, and said something. Judging from the shape of his mouth, Chen You thought the words uttered should be ‘delicious’.

Of course it’s delicious. Spring Peach hasn’t made any progress over the years but his pastries have gotten better and better.

Chen You was very fond of eating them.

He watched them again. He didn’t know what Spring Peach said to the young man, but there was a smile on his face.

A height difference, one black and one white; they are a good match. Chen You sighed, Second Pup came back and it was really for Spring Peach.

Then why did you fvck me?

Chen You was stunned for a moment. Oh, he forgot, Second Pup did him because he fell into the trap.

“Second Pup and Spring Peach are together with love in their heart. Will they give me evil points?”

System, “It’s hard to say.”

Chen You rolled his eyes. “What does that mean? I’m stupid, I don’t understand, please explain clearly.”

The system explained, “You give him love and he gives you evil points.”

“Just say it’s impossible.”

Chen You scratched his neck. “I gave him love, I gave a lot of it fifteen years ago and he didn’t want it, what can I do?”

The system told him, “Pray ba.”

Chen You, “Woof!”

The system, “…” Forced by urgency ah.

If a person could survive after digging out the heart, Chen You would have dug out his heart a long time ago and then opened it to let Second Pup see if it was all about him or not.

So to say, the shadows brought by childhood were really terrible and could ruin a person’s life.

Over there, Spring Peach was already whispering to Chen Mo. The whisper mode was turned on, painting a very harmonious picture.

Chen You stared. “Spring Peach also likes Second Pup?”

The system asked, “You saw that only now?”

Every word was tinged with contempt.

Chen You said angrily, “I didn’t ask you, I was talking to myself!”

The system, “……”

Chen You pondered. Fifteen years ago, Spring Peach probably took care of Second Pup as a younger brother. Now that fifteen years have passed and Second Pup has grown up to be a tall and handsome man…

It was hard to say.

For Second Pup back then, Spring Peach was the one who cared about him the most. No matter when or what, as long as Spring Peach came forward, he would never refuse.

While contemplating the situation, Chen You felt that he had become a divine matchmaker.

Hehe, this feeling can’t be described in words. He just wanted to explode on the spot.

When Chen You came back to his senses, Spring Peach and Chen Mo were gone. He hurried to the bridge where the smell of pastries was still in the air.

“Damn it, Spring Peach is really willing. Those seventh-grade assorted cakes cost a lot of money just for the materials.”

Chen You was so hungry. He smelled the scent and went up to the bridge where he found Spring Peach and Chen Mo on the other far side.

Should he follow or not?

If there were really feelings of love involved and the two were having a tryst, then he would be very embarrassed.

Chen You hesitated for a while before taking a step forward, thinking about what to do in case what he thought wasn’t the case.

Besides, he had no choice but to complete the mission.

Chen You was not one to follow people, so he quickly lost them.

He was so angry that he lifted his foot and kicked the wall, knocking off a large amount of dust from it.

“Second Pup, do you have a conscience? I have never treated anyone so well. After you left, I’ve been waiting for you for fifteen years, my hair has almost turned gray. What about you? How did you treat me? You come back with your little beauty of a junior sister, and even secretly meet Spring Peach, all along treating me like a stranger…”

Suddenly, there was a figure standing in the alley.

His complaints abruptly halted. Chen You’s raised feet froze in the air as his scalp tightened.

He stood up straight, watching the figure walk towards him step by step until it stopped three steps away.

The alley was silent, not even a stray cat, dog, or mouse was around.

There was only a black-clothed young man and a green-clothed man. An unresolved grievance was between them, and another one added just a few days ago.

Chen You’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down. What’s going on? This scalp-numbing feeling has been following him since the first world, and he couldn’t shake it off.

It was all given to him by the target.

A strange conjecture flashed in his mind. The target couldn’t be the same person. Chen You was shocked, and he asked the system anxiously in his heart.

The system did not reply.

Chen You was driven mad. “Damn you, talk ah. I think I’m thinking too much, you’re not talking so much, I’m panicking, okay?”

The system still didn’t respond.

Chen You didn’t think much about it at first, but the system was so abnormal, he couldn’t help but consider it more.

He said with difficulty, “Do you know Qin Feng?”

Chen Mo’s face was sunk in the shadows, not saying a word.

Chen You thought to himself, if it’s just one person, maybe he wouldn’t remember the first one, but it was unlikely that he would have no memory of the last one.

“How about Jian Dan, have you heard of him?”

Chen Mo took a step forward, shortening the distance of three steps into one, then said with a sneer, “It seems that you’ve hooked up with many people over the years.”

Chen You, “……”


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