Chapter 99.2 – woof woof woof

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At that time, a handsome-looking man in red came over and asked with a smile, “Is this your first time here?”

Lan Qing answered, “Yes, we’ve just arrived in Jiang City.”

The man in red glanced at the ear of the person in front of him, who turned out to be a woman. He then looked at the young man, who was incomparably handsome.

“There is a private room upstairs. This servant can take the two of you there to have a look.”

Lan Qing said yes, her face full of unconcealable excitement and her playful temperament showing itself.

Chen Mo lowered his voice, “Senior Sister.”

Lan Qing stared at him with warning. “If you call me wrong again, I will let you carry me back.”

Going up to the second floor, the smoke and dust lessened at once and the quality was better.

The man in red stopped in front of a room with the word “1meaning remote, hidden away, secluded, serene, peaceful, to imprison hanging on it. When Lan Qing and Chen Mo caught up, he pushed the door open and invited them in.

The furnishings in the room were elegant. Several wintersweet2 in the corner were blooming gorgeously, which was really beautiful.

Lan Qing asked in marvel, “Where do wintersweet come from in this season?”

The man in red seemed to have heard too many similar questions before. He chuckled. “It’s paper.”

Lan Qing was taken aback. She walked close and touched it with her hand. Her eyes then widened involuntarily. “It really is paper.”

The man in red said, “This was our Master’s idea. He said that wintersweet is tenacious, resolute, proud, and is most suitable for Qing Feng Lou.”

Lan Qing asked, “The Master you are talking about, is he the landlord of Qing Feng Lou?”

The man in red said, “Exactly.”

He bent slightly. “Please wait a moment.”

Not long after, a maidservant came in with tea and pastry, followed by the man in red leading several teenagers inside.

Lan Qing’s eyes hinted to Chen Mo to deal with it, but the other party was indifferent.

She could only ask casually, “Is there anyone who can play the zither?”

The man in red said, “Everyone here can play the zither, but the one who is the most proficient is Xiao Zhu.”

Lan Qing looked at the youth named Xiao Zhu. Although his appearance was a bit bewitching, it didn’t reach one-tenth of that of the man in red. “Let’s go with him.”

Xiao Zhu stayed while the others left one after another.

The beautiful and pleasant sound of the zither sounded behind the folding screen.

Lan Qing picked up a pastry on the plate and took a bite. She said in surprise, “I didn’t expect the pastries in Qing Feng Lou to be so delicious.”

“Chen Mo, try this. It contains sesame, osmanthus, red beans, and…”

Chen Mo stood up. “Senior sister, I’ll go out for a while.”

Lan Qing said, “Okay.”

She watched the back of the leaving young man, thoughtful.

After leaving the room, Chen Mo walked to a corner of the corridor. He stood there for a moment, and instead of looking down, he moved his gaze up and stopped on the third floor.

There were two men talking and laughing against the railing, one was dressed in yellow with a hand covering his face, the other was dressed in orange with soft eyebrows.

Chen Mo turned around and disappeared into the corridor.

Somewhere along the outskirts in the west, was the small courtyard Second Pup’s mother used back then. The medicine jar lasted for thirteen years but still died in the end.

Second Pup’s mother was madly in love with the man. Thus, once the medicine jar died, she went crazy.

Chen You remodeled the small courtyard into the now Bieyuan.

He came here very rarely, and if he ever did, it was merely to see Second Pup’s mother and sometimes for crazy talk.

In addition to a lunatic, Bieyuan also has an old woman who was in charge of cooking and laundry. Usually, no one else comes over.

As Chen You was helped into his room, it was as if he was able to hear the crackling of bones all over his body.

Young Master Hu sat in front of the bed with burning eyes.

Chen You felt as if a hole had been burned on his face. “It’s getting late, you should go back.”

Young Master Hu shook his head, “I’m not going back tonight.”

Brother Suan, I beg you, please leave quickly, if you don’t leave, something bad will happen, do you know that? Chen You was annoyed, “Your parents will be worried.”

Young Master Hu tilted his head and snorted childishly, “They won’t care if I’m dead or alive.”

If it wasn’t for the pain in Chen You’s body, he would have whipped him. Young Master, you are already in your early thirties and you are still so troublesome, is that reasonable?

Young Master Hu said, “Brother Liao, I’ll boil water for you.”

After he finished speaking, he left right away, as if the water wouldn’t be boiled if he was too late.

As soon as the door was closed, Chen You went to pick the dirt out of his mouth, which has now turned into mud.

He threw the mud he dug out on the ground and lay there like a salted fish. “Am I getting old?”

The system said, “You are only nineteen.”

Chen also said, “Then why do I feel so strained?”

System, “Because you are inactive.”

Chen You, “Sigh.”

“Let me tell you, I really, trully, and especially hate kids.”

He sighed again. “Now I suddenly suspect one thing. Maybe I didn’t control my hatred of children all the time and it was felt by Second Pup.”

System, “…” You finally realized this, after fifteen years.

The more Chen You thought about it, the more he felt that the possibility was very high. Second Pup probably thought he was hypocritical, saying that he wanted to be nice to him, but releasing emotions of loathing at the same time.

Not to mention the peeking.

Chen You had made so many misunderstandings that he couldn’t count how many there were.

Young Master Hu came in with a bucket of hot water, poured it into a big wooden bucket and went to fetch water again. He filled the bucket halfway before stopping.

He appeared courteous. “Brother Liao, let me wipe your back.”

Chen You added, “And then we’ll end up in bed after?”

Young Master Hu didn’t even think about it. “Yes!”

Having realized what he did, his face flushed and he said softly, “If Brother Liao is willing…”

Chen You stopped him and said, “Brother Liao is not willing.”

“Get out and close the door.”

Young Master Hu didn’t move but instead stared at the man’s neck with wide eyes. There was not only a circle of pinch marks, but also a deep bloody mark, which was caused by a bite.

He clenched his fists, trembling with anger. “Brother Liao, take a good rest, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Chen You grabbed the wooden bucket. Young Master Hu went back to investigate, wanting to know who bit him.

Having said that, why did Second Pup bite his neck, and even bit it so fiercely?

Chen You took off his clothes, planning to soak in the wooden bucket. He didn’t know that he would burn his foot as soon as he put it in.

Damn it, it was probably the first time Young Master Hu has done this, his brain short-circuited, and all he poured was hot water without any cold water mixed in.

Chen You cursed, clutching the wooden bucket and waiting for the water to cool naturally.

After waiting for a while, the water was still boiling hot, but his body was already cold.

Sneezing, Chen You endured the pain and walked out to fetch water from the well in the backyard.

After finally filling up a bucket of water, he failed to pull it up and it fell back into the well.

Chen You lay at the mouth of the well. The next world really won’t be in ancient times anymore, this world is so fvcked, it doesn’t even have running water, shower heads, water heaters, bathtubs, those kinds of things.

After laying half-dead for a long time, Chen You regained some strength. He struggled to get up and almost fell into the well.

He patted his chest. That was terrible.

Wait, isn’t there an old lady in Bieyuan, I can have her fetch water. Chen You’s lips twitched, thinking that he was hopeless.

The old lady was called to fetch water into the room. Chen You took a bath as he wished and went to bed trembling.

When he was soaking in the bath, he saw some injuries that he hadn’t noticed before. They were very hard to find, and they were also bitten by teeth.

Not only did Second Pup’s habit of biting people not change, it has become even more vicious.

Sighing, Chen You pinched his glabella, not letting himself fall asleep. “Do you think Second Pup will come?”

The system said, “I don’t know.”

Chen You, “…” You really don’t know how to chat.

He said to himself, “How can I get close to Second Pup and get those evil points?”

“In the past few worlds, I didn’t have any hatred with them. As long as I gained their trust, everything would go smoothly. This world is different. The original owner left me in a deep pit. I’m still crawling in it and I don’t know if I can climb out.”

“I won’t sleep tonight, I have to wait for Second Pup.”

That was what he said, but not long after he finished speaking, Chen You fell asleep.

He was too exhausted.

In the middle of the night, Chen You had a fever. The heat made him dizzy so he wanted to drink water, but his whole body was limp and he couldn’t exert himself to do so.


Suddenly, water came into Chen You’s mouth and he gulped it down. There was a lot of water. He didn’t want to drink it anymore but the water was still rushing down his throat, making him uncomfortable.

“Enough… enough… stop…”

After the water ran out, Chen You became delirious and said, “Thank you, Young Master Hu, you’re still better than Second Pup.”

The next moment, the water came again. He threw up, his stomach wanting to explode.

It’s over, it’s over, there’s a flood!

Chen You woke up with a start. He touched his undergarments and it was dry. His head and face was also dry. What’s with that feeling of choking on water?

A dream?

Chen You pulled the quilt in a daze. He called the system in his heart but it was returned with an ‘offline, please leave a message if needed.’

“Could it be Second Pup who came here?”

Chen You was confused by this thought in his mind. He propped himself up, trying to find clues about Second Pup’s visit.

But he didn’t find any.

It must’ve been a dream.

Chen You was quite disappointed. My god, you have no conscience at all. Fortunately, Laozi gave you the most precious jade.

The next moment, the anger on Chen You’s face froze as he remembered something.

That jade, Second Pup was made to believe that it was from Spring Peach and that he had nothing to do with it, so it wouldn’t reciprocate any karma.

Wearing it for fifteen years, is it because he’s interested in Spring Peach?

Now that Second Pup came back, he would definitely look for Spring Peach. Now that they can talk to each other again, the two of them would have endless things to say to each other.

Chen You smacked his lips. It seemed that he could get some information from Spring Peach when he goes back.

The system suddenly said, “You don’t mind?”

Chen You was startled, “What would I mind?”

The system said, “If Second Pup likes Spring Peach, then what happens to you?”

“Me?” Chen You said, “I didn’t think about that.”

He yawned. “Let me think about it…”

His breathing gradually became even.

The next day, Chen You’s fever got worse and he felt like he was being roasted on fire.

There was a woman’s wailing outside. The cries were extraordinarily mournful, sad, and a little bit sharp. If it was heard by human ears, one would get cautiously panicked.

It was Second Pup’s mother who wanted her medicine jar.

Chen You had a high fever. His mouth was dry and cracked, as if a torch had been stuffed in his throat. Hearing those wails, his head was about to explode.

He called the old woman, but his voice was completely drowned by the crying of Second Pup’s mother.

Chen You supported himself on the bed. He wanted to sit up, but fell back down again. Fvck, he’s only in his thirties, how can he be so virtuous when he has a fever?

“Wang Po—”

No response.

Chen You lay down for a while before gritting his teeth and getting out of bed to open the door.

The crazy woman was crying in the yard while Wang Po was drying beans.

Most people wouldn’t be able to be this calm and composed.

Chen You said to the old woman, “Wang Po, go and get a physician.”

Wang Po hurriedly put down the winnowing basket. “Master, are you feeling unwell?”

Chen You said yes and coughed several times with his fists clenched in front of his mouth. He opened his palms, thinking there would be blood.

It always played like that on TV. It left an impression and every time he saw it, he would want to complain.

The system reminded Retarded Chen, “You just have a cold and a fever.”

Chen You was not happy. “Don’t worry about me.”

He liked to entertain himself because life has been tough enough. If he was not happy, he simply couldn’t hold up.

“Wang Po, why are you still here?”

Wang Po was so shocked that she couldn’t finish her sentence, “Master, your neck and chest… are those…”

Grandma, you know a lot. Chen You pulled up his lapels. “Why are you talking so much?”

Wang Po didn’t look at it any more, muttering as she walked, “It’s a crime…”

Chen You’s mouth twitched.

  • 1
    meaning remote, hidden away, secluded, serene, peaceful, to imprison
  • 2

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