Chapter 9 – Dinner? Poison?

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Original Translator: YuanShu

Re-translator/ Editor: humu

Today was a Saturday. Jiang Qi and Ke Yan didn’t need to go to work. The two of them sat on the couch as they watched a movie. Jiang Qi leaned against Ke Yan’s chest and asked, “What shall we eat for lunch?” 

Ke Yan answered helplessly, Ill just eat whatever you cook.This was because Jiang Qi only knew how to cook two types of dishes: Stir-fried Chinese cabbage and stir-fried shredded potatoes. Usually both of them would have ready-made food from Jiang Qis mother or Jiang Qi would only cook these two dishes.

Jiang Qi, on hearing Ke Yan’s response, came out from Ke Yan’s embrace to ask, “I can only cook those two dishes, won’t you feel tired of eating it?” 

“I won’t.”

Although Ke Yan told him that he wouldn’t be sick of that food, Jiang Qi spoke suddenly upon thinking about it seriously, “I will go back to my mom’s house for a while.” After his declaration, he started rising up to leave but Ke Yan tugged onto his hand to stop him from leaving immediately. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ll go learn how to cook.” He pulled away from Ke Yan’s grip and ran out of their house.

Jiang Qi reached home only to find that his mom was conveniently at home, not gossiping with her friends as usual. Mother Jiang asked Jiang Qi as he made his unannounced appearance, “What happened? Why did you come back suddenly?”

Jiang Qi spoke awkwardly, “Uh, I want to learn how to cook.”

Mother Jiang was slightly taken aback, “Why so sudden?” Yun Hui, seated nearby, couldn’t help but chime in too, “Don’t tell me you have a girlfriend and are now learning to cook for her?”

Feeling excited, Mother Jiang questioned, “Is that true, Son?” 

Jiang Qi said helplessly, “Both of you need not guess further. I want to learn to cook for myself, not to feed any girlfriend.”

“You, this rascal, don’t always think about work. When you have time, go and pay attention to your girlfriend. If you are not careful now, there will be no woman who would want you later on,” Mother Jiang complained. Jiang Qi couldn’t help but silently whisper to himself: I’m already caught by Ke Yan. Despite his wishes, those words couldn’t be voiced out. If not, let alone teaching, Mother Jiang herself would be putting poison inside the dishes and giving them to eat. 

“Okay, okay… I know, Mom. Don’t say anymore and quickly teach me how to cook.” 

“Come on.” Mother Jiang felt that there was no use talking to Jiang Qi any further.

Both went into the kitchen and donned the apron. Mother Jiang took the pork ribs from the fridge and put them on the chopping board before calling out to Jiang Qi, “Come, Mom will teach you how to prepare the meat.”


“Then, today we will make sweet and sour pork.”

“Don’t want, change it to other flavors.” Jiang Qi knew that Ke Yan did not like to eat sweet food so he did not want to learn to cook such dishes. 

“Well then, we cook braised pork ribs.”

“En, okay.”

Mother Jiang took a knife and handed it over to Jiang Qi. “Help me slice a few pieces.”

Jiang Qi took the knife but did not know where to start. What to do… What to do, he had never cut any meat before!!!!

Jiang Lu came home and could already smell a whiff of charred flavor by the door. Immediately, she turned to Yun Hui seated on the sofa watching television to ask, “Sister-In-Law, what is this smell? What was burnt to a crisp?”

Yun Hui didn’t say anything, only indicating for her to go see for herself. Jiang Lu went to take a look and quietly came back to watch television with Yun Hui.

Jiang Qi went to the supermarket on his way back and by the time he got home, the day had already turned to night. Entering the house, he made a beeline for the kitchen and started preparing for dinner. Jiang Qi completely disregarded Ke Yan as he followed Jiang Qi closely to the kitchen. Leaning against the kitchen doorpost, Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi’s busy appearance while preparing their dinner. Inwardly, he couldn’t help but shudder in fear thinking about tonight’s dinner!!!


T/N: hahahah did JQ really just abandon KY in the middle of cuddling just to rush to his mom’s house to cook???!!


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