Chapter 8 – Love Bite

President Wife is a Man
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Original Translator: YuanShu

Re-translator/ Editor: rubhyl, humu

Jiang Qi was born prematurely. Since young, his health had not been as good as others. With the arrival of winter, he couldn’t stand the cold. At night, he would warm himself before sleeping but more often than not, he would wake up the following morning with hands and feet as cold as ice. During his childhood, he was laden with fever or flu practically every day. Mother Jiang had been extremely anxious in regards to this. Western medicine was useless, hence she brought Jiang Qi to a Chinese Sensei for medicine. Because of that, Jiang Qi became a medicine pot in his childhood days. In turn, his health improved a whole lot. Jiang Qi had since stopped drinking Chinese medicine but as a result, he was no longer afraid of the heat but was really afraid of the cold.

Fortunately, Jiang Qi was not afraid of feeling hot. Otherwise at this moment, he would never try to climb the stairs. Although there was air conditioning, people would usually be perspiring and have their backs drenched. Yet, Jiang Qi didn’t even feel warm. He just felt slightly tired and his waist aching. 

Inside his office with the door firmly shut, Jiang Qi took off his coat and put it on the headrest of the sofa. He went to sit on his chair. Still feeling depressed, he took off his tie and opened up the top two buttons of his shirt. At this moment, someone knocked on his door and whoever that person was, they were clearly in an impatient mood. Without waiting for Jiang Qi’s invitation, they pushed the door open and invited themselves in. Jiang Qi immediately fastened his shirt’s buttons because his entire neck was full of Ke Yan’s love bites from the previous night. 

Xiao An had entered the room already. She witnessed Jiang Qi’s unkempt clothes as she sat in front of him. Her keen eyes took note of the red marks on Jiang Qi’s neck. Looking at Jiang Qi’s anxious movements to tidy up his appearance, her eyes squinted, trying to get a much clearer view. With one move, she pulled apart the frantic hands and sure enough…. It was love bites. Ahh!!!! Xiao An screamed internally, but the main issue now is who was responsible for it? Was it a woman? Was it a man?

Jiang Qi was not prepared for Xiao An to grab his hands suddenly. He was momentarily rendered speechless as he stared at her. This brat was truly too unruly, she even looked so excited. Taking off Xiao An’s hold on him, he buttoned up his shirt and casually put on his tie. Jiang Qi asked, “What is the matter?”  

“Ah? Ahem, it’s about the matter of choosing the intern for our department.” After that, she passed Jiang Qi a file.

Jiang Qi looked at it and asked, “Where’s Li Jing?” These things were usually handed by her, but today, he hadn’t even spotted a trace of her.

“Sister Li Jing got a headache so she went to buy medicine. She asked me to pass this to you in her stead.” Xiao An replied.

“Okay, I got it, you can go out first.”

Xiao An blinked but made no movement. Jiang Qi raised his head in confusion to ask, “Do you still have anything else to say?”

“Err, your neck…?” Xiao an asked curiously, trying to probe for information.

“Mosquito bites. My housing area has so many of them.” Jiang Qi hastily explained.

Xiao An blinked and blinked again, “Oh, then I’ll go back to work.” Xiao An turned to leave, but inside, she quietly shouted, Mosquitoes? See if this Sister believes you!

Jiang Qi let out a sigh of relief. All of a sudden, his phone rang out. He picked it up and saw that Ke Yan had sent a message: 40th floor at noon.

At 12pm, Jiang Qi went up to the 40th floor, but Ke Yan had not arrived yet, so he sat on the chair to wait for him. Not long after, Ke Yan appeared. Sitting beside Jiang Qi, he questioned, “Is your waist still aching?”

Upon hearing his question, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but glare at Ke Yan. “Don’t play for so long next time. My waist feels so sore.”

Ke Yan raised his eyebrows and replied, “That won’t do. Once I look at you, I can’t control myself.”

Jiang Qi cursed out loud with reddened cheeks, “You bully!”

Ke Yan said warmly with a grin, “Okay okay, I’ll help you massage it now.”   


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