Chapter 7 – The Love Of The Two

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Original Translator: YuanShu

Re-translator/ Editor: humu

After some time, the two people released one another. Ke Yan fixed his eyes on Jiang Qi and watched him for a moment before stretching his hand to Jiang Qi suddenly. “Let’s go for a walk?”

“En, okay.” Jiang Qi took hold of Ke Yan’s hand.

Two people were walking along the street and after a while, Jiang Qi started talking, “Today, my mom asked me to go on a blind date…” Spoken until this point, Jiang Qi could not go on because Ke Yan was grasping his hand tightly, slightly painful. 

Ke Yan immediately tightened his hold on Jiang Qi’s hand the moment he heard that. After a while, he spoke with dominance, “I forbid you. If you dare to go, I will lock you up, not letting you go anywhere, only staying by my side.”

Listening to Ke Yan’s threat, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t worry, I will not go. It’s just… My mom is trying to ‘drive a duck onto a perch1赶鸭子上架- gǎn yā zi shàng jià = idiom. drive a duck onto a perch — to force someone to do something that is entirely beyond his capability.’, so what should I do?”

“Heh, just to catch you, this small little duck?” Ke Yan couldn’t help but laugh. “Then we’ll go and confess to her. Don’t worry, she surely will approve of our relationship.” Ke Yan calmly stated. 

 “Why are you so sure?”Jiang Qi doubtfully asked.

“Of course, because I am your man, so I will shoulder all the problems for you.”

Listening to this sentence made Jiang Qi’s expression ease up, no longer feeling so afraid and worried as before. Because he knew that Ke Yan had that kind of ability. Suddenly, Ke Yan who stood next to him said another sentence that caused Jiang Qi to feel momentarily dumbfounded, only to laugh shortly afterwards. Ke Yan’s words seem to resonate loudly in Jiang Qi’s ears, “Because your mother and I really love you, so we will not make you sad.”

This was Ke Yan’s first time confessing to Jiang Qi and also Ke Yan’s first time ever saying, “I love you” to another in this lifetime.

Right now, Jiang Qi felt stuffed full from happiness and gratification. He stopped walking and turned sideways, facing straight towards Ke Yan. He raised his head and said to Ke Yan, “Yan, I love you.” This was also Jiang Qi’s first time voicing out his inner feelings. He felt so embarrassed and couldn’t help but to lower his head afterwards with a slightly reddened face.


Jiang Qi’s sudden confession stunned Ke Yan for a while. Looking at Jiang Qi’s blushing and bashful appearance with his head down, he was unable to suppress his own excitement. Jiang Qi, his Jiang Qi. Ke Yan’s heart couldn’t help but burst with ecstasy as he lifted Jiang Qi’s head and kissed him.

Jiang Qi was slightly startled by Ke Yans sudden impulse. This is the roadside! What if someone suddenly saw us kissing?  Ke Yan bit Jiang Qis lip lightly, dissatisfied with his absent-mindedness.

On this busy roadside, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan, these two men who shared genuine affection for each other, continuously grew stronger as one. 

So, when the two returned home, it was already late at night. They entered the bathroom together and washed up. Walking into their bedroom, Ke Yan helped Jiang Qi to blow dry his hair and finally pushed Jiang Qi down, pressing him under his body. 

A whole spring night of strenuous exercise passed. On the next day, Jiang Qi looked at the elevator that caused trouble for people2i reckon the elevator broke down or that it was too crowded. Without the need to even consider, he resolutely chose to walk up the stairs. While Jiang Qi gasped for breath as he climbed up, his mind couldn’t help but curse the perpetrator of his misery: Ke Yan, you big bully!!!!!!

  • 1
    赶鸭子上架- gǎn yā zi shàng jià = idiom. drive a duck onto a perch — to force someone to do something that is entirely beyond his capability.
  • 2
    i reckon the elevator broke down or that it was too crowded


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