Chapter 6 – Tightly

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Original Translator: YuanShu

Re-translator/ Editor: rubhyl & humu

Coming back from their lunch outside, Jiang Qi immediately began to do his work. At 5, he was ready to clock off. Jiang Qi put away everything, cleaned up his desk, picked up his phone and sent Ke Yan a message: I’m going home first, don’t work until late.  

Ke Yan was currently working but upon hearing the alert for an incoming message, he picked up his phone to have a look at it. He replied: Okay, be careful on the road.


Jiang Qi reached his parents’ house at 6 p.m. Jiang Qi’s house was comparatively distant from the company. Entering his house gate, Mother Jiang welcomed him home and in a cheerful tone, “Are you hungry??? Your sister-in-law has already cooked up a good meal, go wash your hands and eat.” 

“Okay.” Jiang Qi replied.

Jiang Qi’s parents formerly worked as junior staff of a company, but now they have already retired. Two retirees really had nothing to do, so they were constantly home, feeling bored. They could only play around with their neighborhood friends, play chess, dance and also meet them for gossip to pass time every day. The house was also being managed by his sister-in-law, Yun Hui. Yun Hui and Jiang Qi’s brother, Jiang Bu, had been married for 3 years. Last year, they had given birth to a healthy baby, who was incredibly loved by all family members. Jiang Qi still had a younger sister called Jiang Lu. She had just graduated from University and was in the middle of looking for a job. 

Jiang Qi finished washing his hands and came out to eat only to discover that his father was not around. “Where’s Dad? Did he go to his friend’s house to play chess?” Mother Jiang ladled out chicken soup for him while replying, “Hmm, he came back for a short while just now but after he saw the Kifu1Japanese term for an abstract strategy game record, he went out once again. I think he discovered some new strategy and couldn’t wait to try it out, so he went to Old Zhao to provoke him into playing. He should be back soon. Come, eat more.” She used her chopsticks to give a few dishes to Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi’s older brother joined their conversation, “Look at you! So skinny! What a small body! How will you take care of your wife later?”

“Oh, yes!” Jiang Qi’s mother put her chopsticks down. “If your brother didn’t mention it, I would have forgotten about this.” After speaking, she went into the room.

“What is Mom doing?” Jiang Qi asked. Jiang Bu didn’t want to answer, merely smiled, waiting to take pleasure in other people’s misfortune. Looking at Jiang Bu’s smile, Jiang Qi’s heart suddenly felt a bad premonition.

Jiang Lu, seated on his other side, suddenly said, “Second Brother, you are finished, mom is going to find you a marriage partner!”

“Rubbish, what are you saying? That is Mom’s carefully and meticulously chosen decision. She stole that photo from the little neighbor’s aunt, you know?” Yun Hui laughed while slightly reprimanding Jiang Lu. 

Listening to their bicker, Jiang Qi’s face blackened slightly. It shouldn’t be……

Mother Jiang came out from the room with a photo to show Jiang Qi. “Look at this. This girl grew up so beautiful and is a junior high school teacher. Good job, good family background with both her parents working as a teacher, I…”  

Mother Jiang had not finished talking before Jiang Qi interrupted her, “Mom, I’m only 20 plus years old, it’s still too early. There’s no need to get married so early, right.” Jiang Qi tried his best to coax his mother into delaying this matter.  

“Still early? You’re already 27! Furthermore, aren’t I just afraid that you can’t get a good marriage after a few more years?” “Pfft!” Jiang Lu listened to their mother’s words and couldn’t help but burst into laughter, “ Aiya Mom, I’m not trying to criticize you but with Second Brother’s conditions, he is considered quite handsome even if he looks slightly more delicate and pretty as compared to other men. He’s got a good job with a high annual salary too. Therefore, even if he is older, it is still likely that no one would refuse him. Besides, older men are more attractive.” Mother Jiang still wanted to add on something else, but at this time, Father Jiang finally came back.

Father Jiang walked into the dining hall and could already guess what his wife had brewed to cause this awkward situation. Looking at the reluctant Jiang Qi and at the winking Jiang Bu and Jiang Lu, he started to talk, “ I say, Wife, our second child has been working so hard for the whole day, don’t trouble him with those matters and let him eat peacefully. Furthermore, having a grandson also depends on his fortune. Let Jiang Qi handle this kind of thing himself, okay?”

Mother Jiang heard this reasoning and also found that it was quite reasonable, so she casually put the picture away. Jiang Qi could finally breathe easily again and said to Father Jiang, “ Dad, you really came back on time.” 

“Dad, you are Second Brother’s ‘timely rain’2Timely rain” is a nicknamed of Song Jiang a Liang Shan rebel leader. Because always save people in times of crisis so got this nickname. A hero that won the people’s praise and love..” Jiang Lu couldn’t help but make a joke at the side. 

“This little girl only knows how to use your smart mouth. Oh right, have you found a job?” Father Jiang asked while having his meal. 

“I already sent my resume to several companies, just waiting for them to get back to me for interviews.”

“Then, which company do you want to enter?” Jiang Bu asked. 

“Me? Mhmm..” Jiang Lu bit her chopstick. “I really want to work at Ke Group. The treatment and salary are much better than other companies, also…… I heard their President is so handsome! Hee hee….. but the competition to enter is much fiercer than other companies, so it’s difficult to get in.” Jiang Lu held a depressed look on her face.

“Aiya, Ke Group, isn’t it your second brother’s workplace? Cheer up, this silly girl.” Mother Jiang tried to boost her daughter’s morale. 

Jiang Qi also tried to cheer her up as well, “Don’t worry, do not think that you don’t have a chance, in fact it is not so difficult to enter.” 

“En, I know.” 

After dinner, he played with his nephew and chatted with his family for a while. Looking at the time, it had already gotten quite late. He bid farewell to the family and was ready to go home.

Jiang Qi came down from the apartment building to walk along the district road. This time, his heart couldn’t help but to feel the bitterness he suppressed previously. How should he confess about the relationship between him and Ke Yan?


“Jiang Qi!” Ke Yan had been sitting in the car, waiting for him downstairs. When he saw Jiang Qi walking out from the building, he seemed to be in trance, thinking about something and didn’t even notice him. Because of that, he had to get out of the car and call out to him. 

Jiang Qi was in the midst of contemplating his worries and heard a familiar voice calling him. Raising his head to look at the source of the sound, it really was Ke Yan. He went up to Ke Yan and asked, “Have you eaten? Why didn’t you go home but wait here for me?”  

“En, I’ve eaten.” Ke Yan reached out a hand and stroked Jiang Qi’s face, “What did you talk about with your family, why does your face look so unhappy?” 

Jiang Qi felt his own face. “Is it very obvious?”

“Yes. Your unhappy look makes my heart ache.”  

The gloomy Jiang Qi felt his miserable feeling getting swept away in an instant upon hearing Ke Yan’s words. He immediately rushed to Ke Yan’s embrace, tightly clinging onto him. Ke Yan returned the hug with an equally firm grip.

Just like our flesh, our hearts are likewise chained around each other snugly, until the twelfth of never.


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    Japanese term for an abstract strategy game record
  • 2
    Timely rain” is a nicknamed of Song Jiang a Liang Shan rebel leader. Because always save people in times of crisis so got this nickname. A hero that won the people’s praise and love.


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