Chapter 5 – Soup

President Wife is a Man
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Original Translator: YuanShu

Re-translator/ Editor: rubhyl & humu

The company building had 40 stories in total and the 39th floor was the President’s office while the 40th floor was decorated into a small-sized sky garden filled with all kinds of flowers. Several winding paths led to a small pond and the pond was filled with all sorts of soft goose stones and aquatic plants. More than dozens of little gold fishes swam back and forth creating a joyful atmosphere to calm one’s mind. A few small wooden chairs had been fixed next to the lawn for employees to sit and rest. During lunch break, employees could come to relax, but very few people would come because they would all be busy with their work and forget to stop by and come up here to enjoy this place.

With too many issues to settle, their meeting had dragged on until the clock struck one. Ke Yan looked at the watch on his arm and said, “It’s gotten so late already. Today, I’ll treat everyone to lunch.” Since the President had already issued a statement, then there would be no one who would disagree, so everyone nodded their heads at once in an agreeable manner.  

When they reached the parking lot, the Head of Personnel Department, Wang Si Qi, spoke to Ke Yan, “My car has been sent for maintenance. President, can I ride with you?” In the company, Wang Si Qi could be counted as the number one beauty. Her appearance was beautiful, she was very confident and also had the capability. The greater part of male employees in the company aspired to be her boyfriend but Wang Si Qi absolutely did not put them in her eyes. The only one in her eyes was Ke Group’s President, Ke Yan. In Wang Si Qi’s mind, Ke Yan was someone with a good background and wealth, someone who really matched her. The crucial point was, he looked so handsome. If she married him, wouldn’t it make her the President’s wife? Those department heads also knew what she wanted to do so they didn’t offer their car for her to ride. If they could, they also want to contribute towards the progress of their relationship. 

Who knew what benefit they could get as a token of appreciation in the future? At this time, Jiang Qi, who was standing aside, frowned slightly.  

Ke Yan’s eyebrow lifted up a bit, he opened the car door and said, “Then, get in.” Wang Si Qi was pleasantly surprised. She got onto the seat, her heart felt so happy, thinking that she had finally gotten a chance.

Everyone silently smiled in comprehension.

Feeling taken aback, Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan, who was in the middle of taking out his phone. He didn’t understand what Ke Yan was thinking.

Ke Yan’s driver, Xiao Wu, ran from the elevator towards Ke Yan and then bent his waist to bow, saying, “President, I have arrived.”

Ke Yan acknowledged him and then turned to Jiang Qi to speak, “Manager Jiang also came without a car, right? Come sit in my car.”

Jiang Qi was a little bit surprised but his heart couldn’t help but feel happy. Nearby, Manager Lin couldn’t resist winking at Jiang Qi while talking to himself, why go there to become a third wheel? Quick! Reject him.

Jiang Qi did not notice, so he happily agreed and said, “Okay.” He opened the car door and stepped inside to sit. 

Jiang Qi didn’t see the man’s signal but Ke Yan saw and instantly glared at him coldly. Once he got inside the car, the driver also immediately got in to drive.

Manager Lin was scared into trembling. He kept scratching his head while his mind was in confusion, this, what does it mean?

Wang Si Qi was inside the car waiting for Ke Yan to get in. Suddenly, she saw Jiang Qi open the door and went in. Her mood suddenly turned sour and she complained to herself, it was so hard to find a chance to be alone with Ke Yan, yet you just had to come in to join and be a third wheel for what?

Her heart hadn’t calmed down and she saw Ke Yan sit behind in surprise while the driver came in to drive. Her heart was full of remorse as she thought, ‘If I had known earlier, I would have chosen to sit behind.’ 

Seated behind, Ke Yan stretched his hand and gently held Jiang Qi’s hand near his body. Jiang Qi saw Ke Yan’s hand holding his but did not struggle to get free. In fact, he squeezed his hand back tightly.

Once they arrived at the hotel, everyone walked into the private room, ordered food and began to eat. Even though Ke Yan was sitting there, everyone was cautious at first. After seeing Ke Yan merely drinking wine, and the fact that they had been hungry since the meeting took a longer time than expected, they only thought that getting big mouthfuls of food was more important. 

Seated on his side, Jiang Qi saw that Ke Yan did not eat. He kicked his leg gently to signal Ke Yan to eat the ordered dishes and only then could he drink, if he didn’t want his stomach to hurt afterwards.

Ke Yan, acting indifferent, looked at Jiang Qi sharply, indicating for Jiang Qi to serve him the food. Jiang Qi looked at his shameless attitude, acting like a spoiled child and felt extremely annoyed.

At this time, Wang Si Qi who sat on Ke Yan’s right side, took some food and put it on Ke Yan’s plate, softly saying, “This dish tastes really good, you can try it for yourself.”

Ke Yan merely gave a faint sound of acknowledgement, again looking at Jiang Qi with narrowed eyes, in no way showing any trace of picking up his chopsticks. In turn, it made Wang Si Qi feel somewhat embarrassed.

Jiang Qi felt somewhat helpless with this situation. He took Ke Yan’s bowl and ladled out a bowl of clear soup, putting it in front of Ke Yan before everyone’s shocked gaze. Feeling slightly embarrassed, he said, “President, this soup is very delicious!” Ke Yan, under the watchful eyes of everyone, scooped up the soup and drank a mouthful, laughed slightly while saying, “Yes, really nice to drink.”

Everyone was shocked and surprised, their mouths hanging open so widely…… President is laughing?Unexpectedly, he is even laughing so happily…… Does the President really love drinking soup?

Wang Si Qi was also quite shocked, then her face morphed into surprise and afterwards with a burst of white, her face turned pale. The dish she offered was not eaten, but the soup a man gave was drunk immediately?


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