Chapter 4 – Office

President Wife is a Man
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Original Translator: YuanShu

Re-translator/ Editor: rubhyl & humu

Yang Shao Yu walked over to Jiang Qi and Xiao An, unleashing his charming smile to greet both of them. “Hi, good morning.” Then he waved causally to Xiao An, “Hello, beautiful.”

Yang Shao Yu was a well known playboy in the company who changed girlfriends as quick as changing clothes. He looked outstandingly handsome, especially that pair of his phoenix eyes, which always seemed to sparkle.

“Good morning, Assistant Yang.” Xiao An looked at Yang Shao Yu and couldn’t help but feel dizzy from the sparks he gave off and subconsciously returned his greetings. Jiang Qi stood aside, watching this spectacle. He couldn’t help but let out a cough, reminding Yang Shao Yu to rein in his charm.  


Yang Shao Yu naturally took note, turned towards Jiang Qi and sighed while saying, “This group of people! They really don’t come early in the morning and always squeeze into the elevator at this time! Ah! Don’t mind them. Both of you, follow me. Let’s take the VIP elevator.”  


Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan who was standing near the lobby. At this time, Ke Yan was standing with his hands inside his trouser’s pockets, back leaning against the wall, eyes looking back at him. His action looked graceful yet domineering at the same time. All the surrounding employees couldn’t divert their attention away from him. Even Xiao An couldn’t help being spellbound. If she was previously described to be shocked from the sparks splattering from Yang Shao Yu, she could be said to be burning to charcoal from President Ke’s intense waves of currents. 

Jiang Qi, “Ke…… Ah, President….” 

Yang Shao Yu interrupted Jiang Qi’s next words, “Let’s go.”

Yang Shao Yu casually took the lead to walk towards the elevator. Meanwhile, Xiao An’s intense gaze fell on Ke Yan who coldly glanced over at her, scaring her silly. She quickly took back her gaze and bowed her head, no longer daring to look at him.

Yang Shao Yu looked at this situation and squinted his eyes while shouting in his mind, ‘Got to see a good show!‘ 

Four people were in one elevator which slowly rose floor by floor. Ke Yan and Jiang Qi stood in front of Yang Shao Yu and Xiao An. Two people stood so closely beside the other. Their shoulders gently grazed each other. 

Standing behind these two people, Xiao An looked at them, her eyes full of suspicion.

The space around us is so big, yet why are you two standing so close?

At this moment, Jiang Qi raised his head slightly and cautiously looked at the person by his side, Ke Yan.

His purpose was to discern…. Is he still angry?


Ke Yan’s anger was already gone and catching Jiang Qi’s secretive observations, he felt that Jiang Qi’s actions were extremely cute. So, he casually looked back at him.

Jiang Qi looked into Ke Yan’s eyes and knew that his anger was already gone and secretly felt relieved.

Seeing Jiang Qi’s transparent emotions, Ke Yan’s mouth couldn’t help but raise a beautiful smile.

Behind them, the other two people could see Ke Yan’s smile through the mirror.

In Yang Shao Yu’s mind, only Jiang Qi can make this 10,000 years old iceberg’s face smile so joyfully like this. But Yang Shao Yu absolutely didn’t dare to say this directly to Ke Yan’s face. To say it openly was the same as courting his own death.

Xiao An was also in shock. She had been in the company for so long but she hadn’t seen the president smile so happily before. But because of her rotten woman’s intuition and experience for many years, what went on in her mind was: These two people definitely have something fishy going on!

The elevator finally arrived at Jiang Qi’s 17th floor, so he and Xiao An stepped out and nodded towards Ke Yan. “We will go to work first.” Xiao An also nodded her head and followed in Jiang Qi’s footsteps.


The elevator door closed and the elevator slowly rose again. Yang Shao Yu looked at Ke Yan and teased, “Hmm.. Jiang Qi is really popular with women, huh?” But sadly, Ke Yan had no plan to pay any attention to Yang Shao Yu’s direct provocation.

Yang Shao Yu stroked his nose, feeling bored.

Xiao An walked closely behind, full of curiosity, “I didn’t know you knew Assistant Yang and you two looked well acquainted.”

“En, we all knew each other in college.” Jiang Qi answered.

Two people entered the department and all eyes fastened on them. Jiang Qi turned around and went directly into his office, shutting the door to keep all eyes and sounds from disrupting his work.

When Jiang Qi closed the door, all the employees outside left their ongoing work in tacit agreement. All the female staff rushed towards Xiao An’s desk and surrounded it, like a tiger eyeing its prey. Sitting amongst them, she resembled a criminal and one of the staff even pounded her hand on her table right in front of her eyes. “Xiao An, quickly confess the truth to us.” Xiao An jumped back a little in shock after being ambushed by these women. To see them fixing their gaze on her body, she couldn’t help but think in her mind: What’s going on? Why are they looking at me like that? Almost scared me to death and still wants me to confess, but confess what?

Xiao An was not a fool, she mulled over it a little and already knew what they wanted to ask, so she quickly offered some explanation, “You all have to trust me.” Xiao An repeatedly told them the reason why they came up together with Ke Yan and Yang Shao Yu, yet they repeatedly forced her to confess, “Are you speaking the truth?”

Xiao An looked like a chicken pecking at rice and kept nodding all the way. After a while, everyone released her and continued their work. Meanwhile, Xiao An, at this moment, was stroking her chin in a state of contemplation.

Jiang Qi sat inside his office and completely disregarded the noise outside. He was in the process of putting together relevant information because he still needed to go for an internal meeting soon. The so-called ‘internal meetings’ were Ke Group’s meetings that were organized once every two months to summarize their departments’ work progress. This tradition hadn’t changed since the time Ke Yan’s grandfather managed this company, and it still existed.  

At this time, Li Jing came in with a coffee. Li Jing was Jiang Qi’s secretary. “Manager Jiang, your coffee.” Li Jing put the coffee and several files on the desk and went out. Jiang Qi drank the coffee and looked at his watch, realizing that it was almost time to go up to the 39th floor for the meeting.

All the female employees watched Jiang Qi’s back as he walked out and spoke with envy. “Manager Jiang is so lucky, he can get to see President Ke!”


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