Chapter 3 – Jealousy

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Original Translator: YuanShu

Re-translator/ Editor: rubhyl & humu

Ke Yan stopped the car a short distance away from the company. He dropped Jiang Qi by the roadside and told him, “Be careful on your way, okay?”   

“En. I know. It is not that far from here to the company.” Jiang Qi smiled as he replied and waved his hand to motion Ke Yan to go first. Ke Yan nodded and drove his car away. 

Jiang Qi came to work much later than his usual time today. He entered the company only to discover that the elevator in front was crowded with people. There were a lot of ‘Don’t push!‘ phrases sounding out from everywhere. Watching it all made Jiang Qi quietly wonder, how troublesome! Might as well walk up the stairs.

During this time, in the middle of trying to squeeze herself inside the elevator, Xiao An saw Jiang Qi. Thus, from inside the crowd, she squeezed backwards, hurriedly moving towards Jiang Qi. “Manager Jiang, why did you come late to work today? Usually when I arrive here, you have already started your work.” 

“I got up a bit late today.” Jiang Qi looked at Xiao An and then moved his gaze towards the direction of the elevator.  

Xiao An looked at this man who usually seemed so carefree but now suddenly looked so cautious.

Watching such a concentrated expression on Jiang Qi’s face as he looked at the elevator, she couldn’t help patting her own chest. She said, “It’s okay. Let this big sister help you squeeze inside.”

Listening to her words, Jiang Qi’s face couldn’t help but change color. He eyed the petite figure in front of him who had a height that only reached up to his shoulders, and replied helplessly, “ Xiao An, I am bigger than you.” 

“Aye, there’s no need to bother about such small details….” Xiao An scratched her head while laughing, held Jiang Qi’s arm and moved towards the elevator after finishing her speech. 

Jiang Qi let Xiao An pull his arm forwards but suddenly, he sensed a familiar gaze. Casting a glance over his shoulder, he saw Ke Yan’s slightly narrowed eyes fixed at him. 

Jiang Qi saw his expression and knew that Ke Yan was in a state of anger.  At once, he extracted his arm from Xiao An’s hands. 

“Hey, what happened?” Xiao An looked at her suddenly emptied arm and then at Jiang Qi with curiosity.

“Ahem, it’s nothing. I can go there by myself, okay?” Jiang Qi quickly explained.

Originally, Ke Yan should have reached the company earlier than Jiang Qi. But, who knew he would come across Bo Ya Group’s Boss Huang on the way over and thus was delayed while talking about a few things. As he entered the company lobby, all the employees stood up to greet him, ‘Good morning, Sir‘ and he coincidentally saw Xiao An tugging Jiang Qi’s arm. 

Suddenly, his chest felt much discomfort. Although Ke Yan knew that Xiao An didn’t like Jiang Qi, seeing her grab Jiang Qi’s arm, he immediately felt the pit of his stomach clenching tightly. 

Following closely behind Ke Yan was his assistant. He saw his briskly walking boss abruptly stop, so he switched his view to the front and saw the root of the problem. 

This assistant, named Yang Shao Yu, was Ke Yan’s good friend. Once he graduated, he had been enticed into working in the company by Ke Yan to assist him. He was the only one in the company who knew Ke Yan’s and Jiang Qi’s relationship as lovers. 

Looking at the scene in the front, he knew that his best friend Ke Yan was most likely angry. Once Ke Yan became angry, he liked to throw all the office work to him, causing him to be tormented. Yang Shao Yu would become tired to death during daytime and would still have to work overtime till late at night. Remembering those bitter memories, he hurriedly stepped forward to mediate. 


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