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Author’s note: From tomorrow onwards, I will be writing the love story of Jiang Qi and Ke Yan in college! They started dating in college~

T/N: This extra was released before the college arc, but the previous TL did not upload it, so here it is, Extra 0!

Subject: Diary of Jiang Qi’s birth

Time: The day before Jiang Qi’s arrival

Location: Mother Jiang and Father Jiang’s small old apartment

Characters: Father Jiang, Mother Jiang, the surrounding neighbours, hospital staff

Event: (as follows)


Father Jiang held his briefcase in one hand and put on his shoes with the other as he shouted from the entrance, “Wife, I’m going to work.”

“Okay, have a safe trip.” Mother Jiang watched tv on the sofa and lazily replied.

“Jiang Bu is at Mom and Dad’s place so no need to worry. Stay home obediently and don’t run around. Take care of the fetus. Don’t wash the clothes in the basket, I’ll wash them when I return……” Father Jiang uneasily nagged as he instructed Mother Jiang.

Jiang Bu was attending Kindergarten, so someone needed to fetch him daily. But Father Jiang was busy with work so he couldn’t fetch him to and fro school. It used to be Mother Jiang who did so. However, Mother Jiang was carrying a close to 9 months old fetus in her womb, so there wasn’t any choice. They could only leave Jiang Bu in the care of his grandparents.

“Okay, okay, I got it. You repeat the same thing everyday, so much that I can already recite it backwards.” Mother Jiang felt impatient.

“If I don’t say it, you’ll say that I don’t care about you. Now you say that I’m annoying.” Father Jiang murmured a complaint, feeling unsatisfied.

Mother Jiang saw Father Jiang’s mouth moving but couldn’t decipher his words clearly, so she couldn’t help asking, “What are you saying!”

“No, nothing. Oh right, I’m almost late for work. I’ll go now.”

“Have a safe trip.”

After Father Jiang left for work, Mother Jiang watched tv on the sofa for a while more. Then, she felt a little thirsty. She supported herself with a hand holding the sofa armrest, and the other supporting her close to 9 months big belly. She stood up shakily as she faltered a little.

Walking to the kitchen, she held the boiler. Eh? Why was it so light? She opened the lid and there wasn’t water in it. She reckoned that Father Jiang must have forgotten to boil water today.

Mother Jiang was also too lazy to boil water, so she put the boiler down and took an apple from the fruit basket at the side. But, she accidentally knocked the basket down. Mother Jiang looked at the fruits on the floor, then at her belly. She decided that it was still best to wait for Father Jiang to clean up once he’s back. Hence, she washed the apple in her hand and made up her mind to snack while she ate. Thereafter, Mother Jiang turned around to walk to the living room and this made Jiang Qi come out early.

Because of the huge belly, Mother Jiang’s vision was restricted. So when Mother Jiang turned around, she didn’t notice the apple that was lying next to her feet. With a step, she fell butt down onto the floor.

Mother Jiang was frightened to daze as she remained frozen on the ground. After a while, she regained her senses and reached out a hand to rub her tummy. It didn’t hurt? Before Mother Jiang could relax her tensed nerves, she felt a gush of warm liquid flowing down her legs from the bottom. Mother Jiang lifted up her skirt and saw that it was…. Blood! It was blood mixed with amniotic fluid slowly trailing down.

Mother Jiang anxiously panted as she tried to comfort herself: It’s alright, it’s fine, don’t panic. At this instance, her belly started to hurt. As the pain got worse, Mother Jiang was in complete fright. What should I do? What should I do?

“Xiao Fang, are you home? I cooked some pig trotter soup. I saved a bowl for you to nourish your body.” Just nice, the next door neighbor, Wang Jie, called out for Mother Jiang from the outside. She had a good relationship with Mother Jiang and Mother Jiang addressed her as Sister Wang.

Mother Jiang was panicking and heard someone outside calling her. In an instant, she woke up from her panic and hollered as loud as she could, “Help, help! I’m giving birth, quickly call the ambulance! AHHH!” Mother Jiang hadn’t finished speaking before her belly hurt even more. As a mother who had once given birth, she knew that the child was about to come out. However, the child hadn’t reached full-term and even suffered an impact. Mother Jiang cried tears of fear, afraid for the survival of the child.

When Wang Jie heard Mother Jiang’s call for help outside, she panicked too. She stretched out a hand to open the door, only to realise that it was locked.

Turning around, she ran back into her house and threw the bowl in her hands onto the table. She dragged her husband, who was watching tv, outside.

“Where are you pulling me to?” Wang Jie’s husband didn’t understand.

“Xiao Fang is about to give birth and is stuck at home calling for help!!” Wang Jie hurriedly explained.


“Quick, bang down the door!”

“Peng——” “Peng——” Wang Jie’s husband strongly banged against the door a couple of times, but it just wouldn’t barge. Wang Jie was anxious. Just as she was about to call for more help, the surrounding neighbours all came out to see what was happening as they heard the commotion.

“Come and help us quickly! Xiao Fang is going into labour!”

Everyone heard and understood, all offering their help one-by-one.

Once the door was down and everyone entered, Mother Jiang was already in insufferable pain. Blood was continuously flowing down, “AHHHH!! It hurts!”

Everyone was frightened and took out their phones to call for the ambulance. They also notified Father Jiang. When Father Jiang received the message, he was shocked as he darted out of his chair. Forgoing everything, he grabbed his coat and ran out. He was stopped by his superior and Father Jiang looked back to roar out a sentence, “My wife is about to give birth!”

Several older mothers and aunties crowded around Mother Jiang, encouraging her, “Stay strong, the ambulance is about to reach. Try deep breathing.”

“I’ll wait for the doctors outside. I’m afraid that they won’t be able to find this place.” Someone among the crowd suggested.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

After about 10 minutes, the ambulance finally arrived. Everyone helped the doctors to get Mother Jiang aboard the ambulance. Sister Wang accompanied Mother Jiang to the hospital.

When Father Jiang reached the hospital, Mother Jiang was already in the labour room. Father Jiang expressed his gratitude to Sister Wang at the side.

“Alright, no need for thanks. I’ll go back to boil some nourishing soup for your wife. This event today must have shocked her to no end.”

“Okay, you can go back first. I’m really grateful for your help today.”

Once Sister Wang left, Father Jiang sat on the chair and clutched his head in his hands, feeling extremely worried……

Time crawled second by second, Father Jiang got more and more worried……

Father Jiang glanced at the time: 12.13 AM……

At this time, the doctor and nurse came out. The nurse held a baby in her arms. Father Jiang walked towards them excitedly, “Is my wife alright?”

“No problem. It was lucky that she was sent to the hospital on time.”

“Then, this child……”

“Aye, this child came out prematurely. But it’s a good thing that he’s a fighter. However, in the next two weeks, you won’t be allowed to see the child. This child’s body is too weak, very susceptible to viruses.”

“Okay, good.” Father Jiang was relaxed now that his wife and child were all safe. And so, he giddily ran to see his wife.

Jiang Qi’s time of birth was 8 March, 12.09 AM.

8 March

International Women’s Day.

It looks like Jiang Qi would have something to feel melancholy about in the future.



Future Jiang Qi: * holding a cake and presents *

Everyone: Happy International Women’s Day!

Future Jiang Qi: (」°ロ°)」


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