Chapter 171.4

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Jiang Bai mulled over it and fell asleep with a head full of thoughts.

Ye Xing Wei slept and halfway through the night, his body felt a little hot. He felt that there was someone in front of his bed. That person’s clothes were a little short but revealed a fair and soft waist. Ye Xing Wei took a careful look at that waist. The waist had a little ring of meat but it didn’t give a feeling of being too skinny. Instead, Ye Xing Wei felt that it was a little sexy. Only, why did it look more and more familiar the longer he looked at it?

Ye Xing Wei lifted his head and saw his face. It was Jiang Bai!

Jiang Bai flashed him a smile and proceeded to remove all his clothes.

Ye Xing Wei could only feel as he looked at that field of milky skin, the waist that had a little meat but wasn’t fat. He looked on as Jiang Bai’s white slender fingers touched his torso. It slowly moved downwards and had pressed onto his most sensitive area separated by the fabric of the pants.

“You……” Ye Xing Wei hadn’t finished speaking before Jiang Bai climbed up the bed and sat on top of Little Birdy Ye. He didn’t know when his pants were removed, only donning a pair of underwear. He swung his hips and butt as he sat there, grinding slowly.

Ye Xing Wei felt as if he was about to go crazy. He really wished to reach out a hand and press Jiang Bai below to bully him ruthlessly, but he realized that his two arms were injured and couldn’t move. However, his lower half was hardened till it almost felt as if it was going to explode at any minute.

He could only urge Jiang Bai to speed up. Jiang Bai obediently obeyed and moved faster. Ye Xing Wei felt extremely pleasurable. He stared unblinkingly at the waist which kept twisting and turning. His nose felt hot and then he came.

Ye Xing Wei opened his eyes abruptly. He, what did he just dreamt of? He actually dreamt of being like that with Jiang Bai. Yet, recalling Jiang Bai’s lovely and charming appearance in his dream, Ye Xing Wei felt his body heating up against his will.

Very soon, he felt that something was wrong. His lower half was wet and even a little cold…….

Did he just ejaculate to a dream?

Ye Xing Wei suddenly remembered that the last time he relieved his physiological needs with his hand was almost a month ago. But that didn’t mean that he could have had a spring dream just from seeing Jiang Bai’s waist last night, right?

Ye Xing Wei clenched his jaw. He could definitely not let Jiang Bai find out about this.

At this time, Jiang Bai woke up and looked at Ye Xing Wei to check on him, only to see that Ye Xing Wei’s complexion was a little bad.

Could it be that he wanted to do small business?

Jiang Bai tore open the blanket and put on his little chicks printed slippers that he bought yesterday. He walked towards Ye Xing Wei’s bed and took the urinal from below the bed. He said, “Come on.”

Ye Xing Wei had been thinking about some stuff and suddenly saw Jiang Bai in front of him and gave him a fright. Then, as he looked at Jiang Bai’s flushed face from sleep, he looked at him absentmindedly for a moment……

Jiang Bai saw that Ye Xing Wei didn’t respond so he took it as a silent agreement. He yawned and opened the blanket. In one move, he tugged down Ye Xing Wei’s pants. This time, Jiang Bai could be so quick was not because he wasn’t shy. It was more of him being unwilling to feel shy because of Ye Xing Wei, not wanting Ye Xing Wei to realise his feelings. After all, Jiang Bai didn’t want Ye Xing Wei to hate him for being a gay. So even though he still felt a little shy in his heart, his shyness was accompanied with some melancholy…

But when Jiang Bai pulled down Ye Xing Wei’s pants, he felt that his hand was a little moist. Looking down, Jiang Bai’s face exploded in redness instantly. This, this was……

Ye Xing Wei saw Jiang Bai’s stupefied appearance, he felt awkward, “I’ll clean it up myself. You can go out first.”

Jiang Bai looked at Ye Xing Wei’s banaged two arms and stammered, “I, I, I will help you. Your hand is still injured.”

Ye Xing Wei had also just realised the problem of his two hands being immobile. He didn’t say anything else.

Jiang Bai went to the bathroom to get a pail of water. He held a clean cloth to clean Ye Xing Wei’s area.

Jiang Bai didn’t dare to stare at Little Birdy Ye, but his hands moved carefully.

Ye Xing Wei looked at Jiang Bai’s milky white and long fingers touching that area. A sort of numbing feel practically made Ye Xing Wei’s self-control for naught.

Adding on to that was Jiang Bai’s red and slightly coy face. He really felt that he couldn’t hold back any longer……

In actuality, Ye Xing Wei really didn’t hold back. Little Birdy Ye stood as straight as a pencil.


Jiang Bai looked at the spirited Little Birdy Ye in his hand and was a little lost. Without knowing what to do, he merely covered Little Birdy Ye with the towel in his hand and turned around to leave.

“Jiang Bai? I’m sorry, I didn’t control myself.” Ye Xing Wei earnestly apologised.

“I, I’ll help you get a pair of clean pants.” Jiang Bai said and strode out of the ward.

Ye xing Wei lay on the bed and struggled to think about company work. He had Little Birdy Ye quickly soften down before Jiang Bai came back.

So when Jiang Bai took his sweet time dragging his feet to get the pants and came back, Little Birdy Ye seemed to have returned to normal.

He sighed in relief internally. He helped Ye Xing Wei to take off his stained pants. Then, he carefully put on the clean pants, careful not to touch Ye Xing Wei’s injured leg.

After changing, Jiang Bai went to the bathroom to help Ye Xing Wei to prepare some mouthwash and a warm moist towel.

Ye Xing Wei washed his mouth with the mouthwash and spat out in the bowl Jiang Bai prepared.

At this time, the nanny, Auntie Zheng, that Mother Ye had brought from home came.

Auntie Zheng laid the breakfast on the table. Mother Ye had Jiang Bai to eat his portion, “I don’t think you’ve had your breakfast, right? Auntie Zheng cooked some corn porridge and soup, do you want some?”

“No need, Aunty, I’ll go home to eat.” Jiang Bai politely turned down the offer.

“I specially asked Auntie Zheng to cook a little more. If you don’t eat, it will only go to waste. Come and eat.” Mother Ye still rather liked Jiang Bai, this child. He was honest and obedient.

“If you don’t eat breakfast, it’s easy to get tummy aches. Have some porridge to warm your stomach.” Ye Xing Wei had Auntie Zheng to serve some porridge.

“Thank you Aunty.” Jiang Bai didn’t insist and took the bowl Auntie Zheng scooped, thanking Mother Ye.

Mother Ye took some porridge while Auntie Zheng inclined the bed higher. Mother Ye fed Ye Xing Wei mouth by mouth. But Mother Ye rarely did such things, so the movement was inevitably unpractised. At times, the porridge would drip down Ye Xing Wei’s chin. Mother Ye wiped it with a tissue but dropped again not long after. 

Ye Xing Wei felt a little helpless. It was better to just let Jiang Bai feed him.

Jiang Bai noticed and asked if she would like him to do it instead. Mother Ye refused and let Jiang Bai have a proper meal time. As a result, it was Auntie Zheng that took over the job.

Jiang Bai had his breakfast and bid farewell to Mother Ye.

“Okay, hurry home to rest.” Mother Ye nodded.

Jiang Bai walked out of the hospital ward, wondering when he should tender his resignation. Since he knew that Ye Xing Wei didn’t like himself, staying next to him would only make him feel terrible.

Furthermore, he didn’t want to let Ye Xing Wei find out that he liked men. And this man that he fancied just happened to be Ye Xing Wei. He was afraid to incur Ye Xing Wei’s hatred and disdain.


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