Chapter 171.3

President Wife is a Man
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Just like this, they ushered in the afternoon. The nurse delivered Ye Xing Wei the hospital’s nutritious bland food. Jiang Bai helped to adjust Ye Xing Wei’s bed to incline higher. He held the spoon and chopstick as he said to Ye Xing Wei, “I’ll feed you your lunch.”

Ye Xing Wei had injured both his arms and naturally, couldn’t feed himself.

Thus, he let Jiang Bai feed him bite by bite. Jiang Bai was afraid that Ye Xing Wei may choke if he ate a big bite, so he fed him small bits.

Ye Xing Wei finished his meal and felt that his next meal couldn’t be the hospital’s food. It was too disgusting.

Ye Xing Wei had Jiang Bai wipe his mouth, then said to him, “I’ve eaten. You can go eat now.”

“Okay, I’ll eat and come back immediately.” Before Jiang Bai went for lunch, he visited the nurses station and notified the nurse to watch Ye Xing Wei’s IV drip. It left only half a bottle.

The nurse nodded, “Don’t worry, I got it. I’ll take a look in a while.”

As Jiang Bai went to eat, Ye Xing Wei felt a little sleepy. After all, he was injured and had spent half the morning already. He was a little tired.

Jiang Bai hastily wolfed down his food and returned to the hospital. The moment he went back, he saw Ye Xing Wei sleeping and was even sound asleep. Thus, he took out his phone and sneakily snapped a few pictures.

He sat on the chair and put his elbows on the support bars beside the bed, holding his jaw. He looked at Ye XIng Wei and sighed, will you fall for me?

Ye Xing Wei only woke up in the late afternoon at around 4pm. When he opened his eyes, he could smell a delicious fragrance. He saw Jiang Bai pouring some bone soup into a dish, unsure of where and when he got the soup.

“You’re awake? Wait a minute, I’ll feed you the soup.”

“Where did you get the bone soup?”

“I ordered a takeaway. This store’s bone soup is very traditional and didn’t add any random things. You’re now injured so drinking some bone soup is the best.” Jiang Bai used a spoon to scoop the soup and blew on it before feeding Ye Xing Wei.

Ye xing Wei drank it. The bone soup was very fresh and delicious.

“Is it good? Have some meat.” Jiang Bai took some tender lean meat and fed it to Ye Xing Wei.

Ye Xing Wei ate the meat in his mouth, it was very soft.

Since young, he never had anyone take care of him this attentively. At first, he thought that he would be unused to it but he never expected that he would not feel uncomfortable, even feeling great.

Just like this, one fed and one ate. Ye Xing Wei looked at Jiang Bai, feeling that this person was really not too shabby.

Although a little muddled, he was still careful at times.

Finishing his bone soup, Jiang Qi then sliced another apple. The two ate a little.

Drinking soup then having apples, Ye Xing Wei felt nature calling again. He could only trouble Jiang Bai once more.

Jiang Bai donned a red face as he removed Ye Xing Wei’s pants. After the business, he helped him to shake a little. But this time, it wasn’t done well and accidentally dripped a little urine to the side. Jiang Bai quickly put the urinal down and took out two pieces of tissue.

Ye Xing Wei felt that the side wasn’t wiped properly, “Help me wipe again at the side.”

“Okay.” Jiang Bai wiped once more at the side. Afraid of not cleaning it properly, he bent down and took a closer look.

Ye Xing Wei’s body turned stiff. He could feel Jiang Bai’s breath spraying on that area and couldn’t resist looking at Jiang Bai. Wasn’t he a man too? Didn’t he know that that was a very sensitive area? In order to avoid an awkward situation, Ye Xing Wei quickly transferred his attention, thinking of some proper business.

Jiang Bai didn’t know that this posture was ambiguous, especially from the back, it seemed as if he was doing something.

“I seem to have cleaned it well. Is there anywhere that needs to be cleaned?” Jiang Bai’s red face was already about to explode, but he still asked attentively.

“No, no need. It’s already clean, you can get up.” F*ck, Ye Xing Wei felt that he couldn’t control himself anymore.

Just as Jiang Bai was about to get up, the hospital ward’s door slid open and a woman’s voice came over, “Son, are you okay? How are……”

The voice suddenly froze to a stop.

This was because Mother Ye was startled by the picture in front of her. She heard that her son was in a car accident and was now hospitalized. Hence, she immediately rushed over but didn’t expect to see such an electrifying scene.

Jiang Bai also suffered a shock and quickly pulled up Ye Xing Wei’s pants. He turned around to greet the other visitor.

Mother Ye noticed Jiang Bai’s flushed and panicked face and that further confirmed her suspicions. Carrying a somewhat reprimanding gaze, she eyed Ye Xing Wei. He was already hospitalized so why was he still thinking about doing such things?

“……” Ye Xing Wei saw Mother Ye’s gaze and knew that she must have misunderstood.

Without waiting for Ye Xing Wei to explain anything, Mother Ye looked at Jiang Bai.

“He, hello.” Jiang Bai stuttered as he greeted Mother Ye. She, she, she, she was Ye Xing Wei’s mother? What should he do? His legs were currently a little soft and he turned his head to look at Ye Xing Wei for help.

Ye Xing Wei received Jiang Bai’s panicked gaze and for some reason, his heart turned into a puddle. He helped Jiang Bai out of the embarrassment, “Mom, why are you here?”

“You can still ask why? If I hadn’t found out that you’re injured in a hospital, did you even plan to tell me?” Mother Ye glared at Ye Xing Wei.

“Didn’t I do this so that you guys won’t be worried? Come sit down and rest.” Ye Xing Wei stayed at the highest grade ward, so even though it was a hospital ward, he didn’t lack anything such as a sofa or tv.

Mother Ye didn’t sit but walked to Ye Xing Wei to scan him carefully. Seeing Ye Xing Wei injured, her heart ached a lot and she blamed herself, “If I knew this would happen, I shouldn’t have asked you to go to where I was yesterday.”

“Mom, I’m fine. Don’t blame yourself. I can also have a few days of good rest too. There are just too many things to do in the office.” Ye Xing Wei comforted Mother Ye.

Jiang Bai stood behind Mother Ye at a loss.

“You, this child, what rubbish are you saying!” Mother Ye gently flicked Ye Xing Wei’s forehead but didn’t feel as sad in her heart.

“That, Jiang Bai, I will need to trouble you to pour a glass of water for my mom.” Ye Xing Wei spoke to his mother but was also paying attention to Jiang Bai. Seeing how Jiang Bai stood alone, not knowing what to do, he then helped out.

“Ok, okay.” Jiang Bai nodded and took a clean glass from the table to pour Mother Ye some water.

Mother Ye also knew that Jiang Bai might be feeling awkward. Seeing her son like that, it was also to make Jiang Bai less awkward. She never thought that her son could be so attentive.

“Thank you.” Mother Ye smiled at Jiang Bai, very harmonious.

“No need for thanks.” Jiang Bai quickly said.

“You must have been taking care of Xing Wei for the entire day. Are you tired? How about going back to rest tonight?”

“No need, it’s okay. I’m not tired at all.” Jiang Bai wanted to stay to take care of Ye Xing Wei.

“Alright then. Good child, you’ve worked hard.” Mother Ye pulled Jiang Bai’s hand and gave it a gentle pat.

Jiang Bai flushed. He, he was praised by Mother Ye. How happy!

“Ke, Jiang Bai, go to the nurse station to take a blanket. You’ll need to cover yourself tonight.” Ye Xing Wei understood Mother Ye very well. At a glance, he knew what Mother Ye misunderstood.

“Okay, I’ll go take it.” Jiang Bai walked out of the ward.

“Why? Is there something you want to say?” Mother Ye knew that Ye Xing Wei had something to say to her.

“Jiang Bai and I aren’t in that sort of relationship. That was just a misunderstanding.” Ye Xing Wei explained.

“This child, your mom isn’t blind. Your dad and I know that you like men so there’s no need to hide it. You also don’t need to worry that we will be hard on Jiang Bai.” Ye Xing Wei had long come out to his family. Although he was nearly beaten to death by his dad.

“Jiang Bai and I are completely not in that sort of relationship. He’s my driver now.”

“But just now you took care of him so well and besides, when I came in……” Mother Ye hadn’t finished speaking before Ye Xing Wei interrupted, “You really misunderstood. I really don’t like Jiang Bai and I’m not with Jiang Bai like that.”

At this time, Jiang Bai pushed open the door. Listening to Ye Xing Wei’s words, his previous red and flushed face turned pale white.

“Jiang Bai?” Ye Xing Wei saw Jiang Bai entering and felt a little guilt for some reason.

“Oh, a nurse was sending a blanket over midway so I just took it from her and came back.” Jiang Bai lowered his head. He felt dejected in his heart but he also felt that it was reasonable. After all, not everyone was bent like him and even if Ye Xing Wei was, it wasn’t guaranteed that he would like him.

But, he still felt sad…… This was, after all, his first love……

Mother Ye sighed. She still felt that this Jiang Bai kid was pretty good……

“Mom, you should go back early to rest.” Ye Xing Wei broke the silence.

“Okay then. I’ll come to see you tomorrow. The caretaker has been hired. I’ll ask Auntie Zheng to take care of you too. No need to worry about the company’s matter. I’ll ask your dad to take care of it for you.” Mother Ye said and looked at Jiang Bai, “Jiang Bai, I’ll have to trouble you tonight. I’ll come early tomorrow so that you can go back to rest earlier.”

“En, okay.” Jiang Bai nodded as he dared not look at Mother Ye.

Mother Ye saw Jiang Bai’s pale face and guessed, could it be that…… Jiang Bai likes my son?

How sad would he be feeling now after hearing that line? Aye, forget it. Let her son handle his own business.

Mother Ye went home. Jiang Bai set the blanket on the sofa. As he bent forward, his clothes followed and rolled up, revealing a small meaty piece of his fair waist.

“……” Ye Xing Wei caught sight of it with his sharp eyes. He suddenly felt a little unable to look away. He stared at Jiang Bai’s waist unmovingly. It was really very fair and looked meaty. Touching it would definitely feel great.

Until Jiang Bai stood up and the waist couldn’t be seen did he then move his gaze elsewhere.

Jiang Bai turned on the night lamp and turned off the day lights. He said to Ye Xing Wei, “Let’s sleep. Call me if there’s anything.”

“Okay.” Ye Xing Wei closed his eyes and felt a little at a loss. He felt as if he had just turned into a pervert……

Jiang Bai lay on the sofa and felt like crying from feeling wronged. But he held on. It was clearly him who secretly liked Ye Xing Wei. Ye Xing Wei naturally had the authority to not like him so based on what he would feel wronged for? 

Jiang Bai flipped and back faced Ye Xing Wei’s bed. If he had to face Ye Xing Wei everyday, his heart would definitely feel horrible.

Furthermore, if Ye Xing Wei found out about his little feelings, would he be hated?



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