Chapter 171.2

President Wife is a Man
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“I, I…….” Jiang Bai felt a little guilty but he couldn’t directly say that he was just rubbing his face just now.

Ye Xing Wei watched him panic until his face flushed red before deciding to cease his tease, “Help me pour a cup of water.”

“Okay.” Jiang Bai heaved a sigh of relief and turned around to pour some water.

Since Ye Xing Wei laid on the bed and it wasn’t convenient to drink water, Jiang Bai went to find a straw to put in the cup for Ye Xing Wei to suck.

Ye Xing Wei finished the water in a few mouthfuls.

“Want some more?” Jiang Bai saw that Ye Xing Wei seemed to be really thirsty.

“No need.”

Jiang Qi put the cup down and sat on the chair next to the bed. After staying silent for a while, “You, do your wounds hurt?”

“Not anymore……” Since last night, the anesthesia had already worn off. How could it not hurt? But Ye Xing Wei saw Jiang Bai’s worried look and the demons and god at work actually said that it wasn’t painful.

Ye Xing Wei didn’t like to worry the people close to him. So up until now, he hadn’t notified the people at home. On Mother Ye’s end, he only said that he had last minute matters and couldn’t go over.

Yet seeing how Jiang Bai was concerned for him, Ye Xing Wei didn’t want to make him worry too much about himself.

“That’s good then. Can you eat fruits now? Do you want to have an apple?”

“Peel one then.” The time of surgery had long passed so he could already have food.

Jiang Bai found a small knife and sat on the chair to slowly peel the skin off the apple. As the sun shone in from the window, it coincidentally shone onto Jiang Bai’s fingers that were peeling the apple, making it seem long and even fairer.

The apple was quickly peeled. Because Ye Xing Wei’s two arms were injured, Jiang Bai cut the apple into small sizes for his convenience and put it in a plate.

Since there was no toothpick, Jiang Bai washed his hands thoroughly and picked up a small piece for Ye Xing Wei to eat.

It might be due to the apple being cut into too small sizes, but every time he fed Ye Xing Wei, his lips would touch Jiang Bai’s hand.

Jiang Bai’s fingers touched Ye Xing Wei’s lips and it felt warm and soft. At times, Ye Xing Wei’s breath would spray onto his hand……

Thus, Jiang Bai couldn’t help but get excited and his face then turned ruby red.

Ye Xing Wei ate the last piece and lifted his head to see Jiang Bai. He was successfully startled.

“Are you okay? Why is your face so red?” It was as red as the apple that he just ate.

“Is, is that so? Haha, it’s not a problem. It might be too hot, haha.” Jiang Bai cupped his face and gave a dry laugh. He couldn’t say that it was because of him that his face turned red.

Ye Xing Wei didn’t feel that it wasn’t too hot so he didn’t ask further, merely letting Jiang Bai turn on the tv.

Jiang Bai found the remote control and turned the tv on, “What do you want to watch?”

Ye Xing Wei hadn’t watched tv in a long time. Usually, other than being at the office, he would occasionally read a book or look at his phone at home.


Jiang Bai then randomly pressed on a channel. Just nice, he turned to a variety program. The show had the guests play with water hoses. Ye Xing Wei looked at the water pouring in the show and listened to the sounds of the water rushing……

Hence, he suddenly felt urgent after drinking water……

“Jiang Bai.”

“En?” Jiang Bai looked at Ye Xing Wei.

“I want to use the bathroom.” Ye Xing Wei didn’t feel embarrassed since they were all men.

“Toilet? But it isn’t convenient for you to get down from the bed. What should we do?” Jiang Bai looked at the leg that Ye Xing Wei had injured.

“…… There’s a urinal.” Ye Xing Wei reminded him.

“Uri, urinal?” Jiang Bai looked at Ye Xing Wei’s crotch. His both arms were injured so, did, did he have to help him to face the urinal?

What, what should he do? He hadn’t made any mental preparations, wasn’t this moving too fast?

“What’s with you? Faster.” Ye Xing Wei looked at Jiang Bai’s face that apparently hadn’t gotten his senses back.

“Is, isn’t this too fast?” Jiang Bai’s face flushed and felt a little shy suddenly.

“……” What did this mean? He was urgent and still needed to mind whether he was fast or slow?

Ye Xing Wei had a head full of black lines as he looked at Jiang Bai.

The still shy Jiang Bai saw the expression on Ye Xing Wei’s face and knew that he was soon about to get impatient.

Deeply inhaling a couple of times, he took out the urinal from below the bed. Opening the blanket, his eyes directly stared at Ye Xing Wei’s crotch. Then, he took another deep breath. His expression was nervous as heck.

Ye Xing Wei looked at Jiang Bai’s nervous look, as if he was about to meet something ‘that couldn’t be seen by humans’. Suddenly, he felt his temples throb twice.

Why did he have to be so nervous? I have a bird and so do you, did he have to look as if he was about to face death? Could it be that he felt disdainful to see another man’s?

Ye Xing Wei thought so and felt that he kinda didn’t want to let Jiang Bai resolve his urgent needs for him.

How could Jiang Bai feel disdain? He was just feeling really really nervous. He tremblingly reached for Ye Xing Wei’s belt.

The hospital’s pants had a very loose belt so with a gentle tug, it came loose.

Jiang Bai felt even more nerve wrecking. He was about to imme, immediately see Ye Xing Wei’s place. F*ck, his hand was trembling even worse. What if he swelled up? That wouldn’t do.

Thus, Jiang Bai took his third deep breath.

Ye Xing Wei forced himself to ignore Jiang Bai’s actions. He was truly very urgent and Secretary Jin could only come in the afternoon. The caretaker was also not hired yet.

Jiang Bai lightly pulled down Ye Xing Wei’s pants and instantly saw Little Birdy Ye. Due to the surgery before, Ye Xing Wei’s underwear was long removed and he only wore a pair of pants.

Jiang Bai felt that his brain was about to be fried. His face was unbearably red to the point that it looked like it was going to bleed at any moment.

Shivering, he held Little Birdy Ye and due to his nerves, he held it a little too tightly.

Ye Xing Wei immediately felt a little pain and said, “Be more gentle.”

“Ye, yes.” Jiang Bai loosened his hold and faced Little Birdy Ye towards the urinal.

30 seconds went by….

1 minute went by……

Ye Xing Wei’s pee still hadn’t come out.

Because he only removed the urinal tube not too long ago, his first pee was very difficult to come out.

Jiang Bai looked straight at Little Birdy Ye in his hand. It was really, really big, completely of a different size from his……

After tens of seconds, Ye Xing Wei who still couldn’t pee looked at Jiang Bai who was constantly staring at his lower half and couldn’t help but say, “What are you looking at?” His appearance was exploding red and bashful but he just looked like a pervert now.

“No, nothing.” Jiang Bai quickly changed his line of sight.

Jiang Bai saw that Ye Xing Wei really couldn’t pee out so he softly uttered out a sound, “Shh——”

Ye Xing Wei looked at Jiang Bai.

Jiang Bai said stammeringly, “This, this will make the pee come out faster. I saw that parents will do this when children pee.” Saying so, he still didn’t dare to meet Ye Xing Wei’s eyes.

Ye Xing Wei who was suddenly treated as a child by Jiang Bai did not stop Jiang Bai from continuing his “Shh—— Shh——” whistle. Because he had already lost the will to speak.

But whether it was a psychological thing, he really did pee after a short while.

Jiang Bai shook Ye Xing Wei’s birdy and wiped Little Birdy Ye with a tissue sporting a red face. Then, he put Little Birdy Ye back into the pants.

Because of Jiang Bai’s bashful appearance, it inevitably made Ye Xing Wei feel a little uneasy.

After doing all these, Jiang Bai hastily held the urinal and ran to the toilet.

Ye Xing Wei watched Jiang Bai’s back view and his unease lessened a little.

Jiang Bai stared at his two hands in the toilet and only after a while did he wash them clean with his apple-like appearance.

He completely couldn’t believe that he, he, he actually touched that place of Ye Xing Wei’s.

He was totally, totally too shy.

After washing his hands, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed to go out of the toilet. Jiang Bai rubbed his boiling hot face and took a deep breath before slowly opening the door. He stuck his head out to probe around.

Ye Xing Wei watched Jiang Bai’s little movements and couldn’t help being amused. “Still not coming over?”

Jiang Bai took his time walking over.

Ye Xing Wei watched as Jiang Bai slowly walked towards him. The slowly fading sense of unease had made its appearance again. He coughed, “We are all men here…… I’ve troubled you just now. If I need anything that makes you uneasy again, I won’t trouble you.”

“Ah? Not at all. I’m not uneasy or awkward. I’m very happy to be able to help you.”


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