Chapter 171.1

President Wife is a Man
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Although the store was crowded, their order reached their table quickly.

Ye Xing Wei drank a mouthful of soy milk and watched as Jiang Bai added spoons after spoons of sugar in his soy milk and soft bean curd.

Ye Xing Wei didn’t really enjoy eating sweet food so he didn’t add a single scoop of sugar in his drink.

But Jiang Bai really loves sweets. Seeing that Ye Xing Wei didn’t add sugar, he asked, “ Don’t you find that soy milk without sugar isn’t delicious?”


Jiang Bai drank his soy milk, feeling that it was sweet enough. He put the spoon back in the sugar container.

Pouring vinegar into a small sauce dish, he picked up a dumpling and dipped it. He took a big bite and the fresh shrimp paste, the thick flavour of the mushrooms, the pieces of minced pork with cabbage and the sour taste of the vinegar spread throughout his mouth in that instant.

Jiang Bai savoured his food as his eyes wrinkled into crescents. He swallowed the one in his mouth and picked up another.

Ye Xing Wei saw Jiang Bai’s face that clearly wrote “absolutely delish”, and had unexpectedly wanted to have a taste too. At this thought, he took one from Jiang Bai’s plate and ate it in one mouth after dipping it.

Jiang Bai asked with a grin, “Is it nice?”

“En.” But Ye Xing Wei didn’t feel like it was as good as the one Jiang Bai ate.

Actually as long as one asked the people who had eaten with Jiang Bai what they felt when they dined, they would typically answer with: Originally I didn’t have much appetite, but seeing how deliciously he ate, I couldn’t help but join him and even eat more than usual.

The two had unknowingly finished their breakfast. Ye Xing Wei had only eaten a third of it. The rest was eaten by Jiang Bai. Ye Xing Wei was really shocked at how good Jiang Bai’s appetite was.

After their meal, they went to the office. Ye Xing Wei dropped off at the company’s entrance. Jiang Bai went to park the car at the carpark.

Ye Xing Wei just heard Secretary Jin’s report of his schedule today. Not long after, Jiang Bai came to knock on the door.

Ye Xing Wei lifted his head to look at Jiang Bai, only to see him holding a wet towel as he entered, “Didn’t you stain your pants? Use this towel to wipe it first.”

Without Jiang Bai’s reminder, Ye Xing Wei had truthfully forgotten about this matter. Standing up, he took the towel from Jiang Bai’s hands and wiped his pants.

After wiping, he returned the towel back to Jiang Bai and thanked him.

Jiang Bai took the towel, smiled and left as he accepted the gratitude.

Ye Xing Wei continued with his work, only feeling that his mood today was exceptionally good. Perhaps it was due to the considerably good breakfast he had in the morning.

Time passed pretty fast today and it was soon lunch. His lunch was usually ordered by his assistant. Opening the exquisite custom bento box from a hotel, he looked at the glistering dishes. Ye Xing Wei took two bites and suddenly recalled the breakfast he had with Jiang Bai. At that moment, he felt that he didn’t have much appetite when eating alone.

Taking another two casual bites, Ye Xing Wei put down his chopsticks.

Should he call Jiang Bai to eat together next time?

As Ye Xing Wei thought so, his phone started to ring. He accepted the call and Mother Ye’s voice came from the phone.

“Xing Wei, Mom’s at the onsen villa. Come over here tonight.”

The moment Ye Xing Wei heard that Mother Ye was at the onsen villa, he immediately knew that his mom must have quarreled with his dad again.

Ye Xing Wei’s father was the same as his grandfather. Both stubborn and stinky with a bad temper. This was why his parents would quarrel often. Once his mom was angry, she would run to the onsen villa and would only return once Father Ye fetches her from there.

Ye Xing Wei pondered for a moment and decided that he would make a trip there tonight. He had been too busy recently and hadn’t seen Mother Ye in a pretty long time.

After work, Ye Xing Wei took his keys and planned to drive himself.

At the carpark, he saw that Jiang Bai was waiting at the side of the car, seemingly waiting for him.

Ye Xing Wei walked towards Jiang Bai, “No need for you to send today. I’ll drive my own.”

Jiang Bai felt a little pity in his heart but could only nod, “Okay then.”

Ye Xing Wei drove the car away as Jiang Bai sighed. He put the car keys in his hand back into his pocket, ready to go home.

And on Ye Xing We’s end, it started to rain as he drove midway. There were even the sounds of thunder occasionally.

The rain got bigger and heavier. Ye Xing Wei furrowed his brows and slowed down his speed.

Suddenly, the car in front that was driving properly jammed the brake. Although Ye Xing Wei slowed down, he didn’t expect that the car in front would come to a sudden stop. Even though he subconsciously stepped on the brake, it was still too late. He crashed into the car’s rear.

This was still fine. But the car behind also didn’t manage to stop in time and crashed into Ye Xing Wei’s rear.

When Ye Xing Wei’s secretary got the call, Ye Xing Wei was already in the ambulance. 

Ye Xing Wei was still conscious when he was in the ambulance so he got the nurse to notify Secretary Jin.

Secretary Jin had a great fright when he received the nurse’s call and asked for the hospital address before rushing down.

On the contrary, Jiang Bai had only known of Ye Xing Wei’s car accident on the next day when he met Secretary Jin.

Secretary Jin stayed in the hospital for the entire night yesterday and only rushed to the office this morning. His face revealed his exhaustion.

Jiang Bai looked at Secretary Jin’s tired appearance and asked concerned, “Secretary Jin, are you okay?”

“Jiang Bai, you came at the right time. I have a favour to ask of you. President had a car accident but thankfully, his wounds are not serious. The attendant in the hospital still can’t be hired at the moment so can you take care of President for today?” Secretary Jin was having a headache over being unable to hire a caretaker attendant. He had to be in the office today so when he saw Jiang Bai, it was as if he saw a knight in shining armour. 

When Jiang Bai heard that Ye Xing Wei had an accident, he was frightened and his heart violently shrunk. He unconsciously clenched his two fists and cold sweat on his palm popped out from the fright. Then, when he heard that the injuries weren’t serious, he felt a little better.

Jiang Bai hated that he couldn’t rush to Ye Xing Wei immediately, right then and there. He quickly nodded and asked for the name of the hospital. He then drove straight to the hospital.

Ye Xing Wei’s two arms were injured and wrapped in slings with a cast. One leg was also hurt and casted, hanging out of the blanket.

Ye Xing Wei was asleep and peacefully lying on the hospital bed. The previous pale face had gotten even whiter at this moment.

Jiang Bai walked to Ye Xing Wei’s bed and gently touched his face, afraid of waking him up.

Feeling Ye Xing Wei’s hot breath spraying on his hand, the heart that was constantly on a tightrope then relaxed.

He was really in a great fright just now. Fortunately, the person was alright other than a few injuries. As long as he was alright.

As he thought so, he couldn’t resist rubbing Ye Xing Wei’s face twice but Ye Xing Wei had suddenly opened his eyes.

Jiang Bai was startled and this entire being nearly jumped from shock. His hand had unconsciously exerted some force and had actually slapped a loud “PA!” on Ye Xing Wei’s face.

Ye Xing Wei froze. He obviously didn’t expect that he would receive a slap the moment he woke up. Although the force wasn’t strong, it was still a little painful.

With cold eyes, he stared at the owner of the slap, wanting to hear how he would explain this.

Jiang Bai had a face full of apologies as he looked at Ye Xing Wei, “I’m, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it. Are you okay?”

Ye Xing Wei looked at his panicked appearance and teased, “What were you doing just now?”



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