Chapter 170 – Ye Xing Wei – Jiang Bai Extra

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It was night time. Ye Xing Wei looked at the time exhaustedly. It was already past 11pm. He turned off his computer and rubbed his brows.

Picking up his coat, he left his office, planning to rest at home.

At the carpark, he walked out of the elevator and just as he got out his car keys, he was suddenly bumped into strongly. In an instant, he fell to the floor.

Ye Xing Wei lay on the floor and hadn’t managed to get his senses back for a period of time.

After his soul came back to him, he briskly tried to sit up yet he couldn’t do so. It was then that he realised that a person was pressing him down.

Ye Xing Wei pushed the person on him. Yet, there was no response.

“You, are you okay?” Ye Xing Wei then saw the person on him move his head. Thus, he reached out a hand to push again.

“I, I’m fine.” The person in his embrace let out a soft voice that sounded somewhat stuffed.

Ye Xing Wei waited for a moment but didn’t see him making any intentions to get up.

“Since you’re fine, why are you still not getting off?” Ye Xing Wei said impatiently.

“So, sorry.” The boy pressing on Ye Xing Wei’s body hurriedly sat up, but he was still on Ye Xing Wei’s body. Furthermore, he sat in a rather awkward position…… Below his butt was Ye Xing Wei’s most sensitive spot.

“You……” Ye Xing Wei wanted to get him to move away, but as he saw bloodstains on the boy’s face, he was startled, successfully swallowing back the words that wanted to come out.

“I’m sorry.” The boy cupped his nose, “I made your clothes dirty.”

Ye Xing Wei lowered his head to look at his clothes. There was indeed a puddle of bloodstain on his white shirt.

Sighing, the originally tired Ye Xing Wei felt even more exhausted. “Firstly, you……” Before his words were spoken, the boy sitting on him wiggled and took out a piece of tissue from his pockets to stop the blood flowing from his nose.

Ye Xing Wei had a head full of black lines. He had never seen such a person before who would sit on someone else’s body, not getting up before stopping their own nosebleed.

The boy moved again, “I’m really sorry.” Because his nose was still blocked, his voice sounded stuffy. As he said so, he wanted to get up. But due to his slightly numb legs, he wasn’t able to stand up in that instant and hence, fell back down. He even unintentionally wiggled his butt.

Ye Xing Wei deeply felt that something bad would happen if this continued, “So are you getting up or not?” His patience was completely used up. Ye Xing Wei originally wasn’t a person with a good temper. Only in the past when he was in front of Jiang Qi would he then show a better temper.

That boy hastily got up, but his legs were still a little numb. So to prevent the same incident from happening again, he held onto Ye Xing Wei’s shoulder as he stood up.

Ye Xing Wei finally stood on the ground and picked up his coat, feeling that his mood had hit rock bottom.

Perhaps it was because of Jiang Qi. Every time he was reminded of Jiang Qi, he would feel that his past self was really too stupid, not grabbing his opportunity when he had the chance. But now, it was useless to think so much. Jiang Qi was Ke Yan’s already.

The more he thought, the more annoyed he got. Ye Xing Wei tugged on a few strands of his hair and didn’t feel like driving his car back. He called for his driver to drive him home.

As Ye Xing Wei’s call went out, the phone of the boy who stood in front of Ye Xing Wei had started ringing……

“He he, I am the newly hired driver. Today’s my first day so I haven’t had the chance to meet you.” The boy proceeded to stuff another two balls of tissues in his nose. As he spoke, he smiled, revealing a clean and pearly set of teeth.

Ye Xing Wei felt as if his forehead abruptly throbbed twice. He hung up the phone and impatiently said to the new driver who was still smiling, “Still not going?”

“Yes, coming.”

Ye Xing Wei only used a driver for work-related banquets. He didn’t usually use them. He liked to drive his own car to and fro work. The previous driver, Uncle Chen, retired due to his old age.

“Oh right, I am called Jiang Bai. Please give me your kind guidance in the future.” Jiang Bai sat in the car and took out two pieces of tissues to wipe the bloodstains off his hand. But he didn’t manage to clean it well the first time, so he wiped a little more before starting the car.

Jinag Bai only reported to work this afternoon. He was actually considered to have entered through the backdoor.

The previous driver, Uncle Chen, was his neighbour. After knowing that he was looking for a job, Uncle Chen recommended him for the job.

“Drive.” Ye Xing Wei said coldly.

Jiang Bai sneakily pouted and glanced at Ye Xing Wei through the rear mirror. His first glance was already caught by Ye Xing Wei. Yet he continued to glance again before taking back his gaze. He slowly drove towards the exit.

It had to be mentioned that Jiang Bai’s impression of Ye Xing Wei was really deep. This was because they had previously met each other at a hotel. He had accidentally crashed into the other……

Afterwards, he would strangely think of the person, whom he crashed into, occasionally.

Jiang Bai recalled and was inevitably a little excited. He never thought that he would have a chance to meet that person.

That time round, he had also felt that Ye Xing Wei was handsome. Just now, when he looked at him at close proximity, he felt that Ye Xing Wei was even more handsome.

That’s right. Jiang Bai fancied men. But he had never dated before.

Jiang Bai had previously thought that it was due to the lack of fate. But after meeting Ye Xing Wei for the first time, he was always thinking about him. Who knew that he would coincidentally end up as his driver? Looks like fate had arrived and it was unstoppable.

As his thoughts strayed, Jiang Bai’s face ripened.

Jiang Bai was a person whose face would get flushed once excited. But luckily, it was night time and in the car, it wasn’t too obvious.

Twitching his nose, Jiang Bai quietly sighed a breath. His nose was still hurting a little. Ye Xing Wei’s body was too hard. Just now, he accidentally bumped into him and unexpectedly got a nosebleed.

On the whole journey, the two did not exchange any words. They soon reached the destination. Ye Xing Wei got out of the car and entered the building without a single word.

Jiang Bai watched Ye Xing Wei’s silhouette disappear before driving off.

And Ye Xing Wei immediately went to take a shower the moment he got home.

Removing the shirt that had Jiang Bai’s blood on it, the hand that was holding the shirt paused after Ye Xing Wei’s gaze caught on it. Then, he casually threw it in the basket. As he thought about his new driver Jiang Bai, he felt some irritability even though they didn’t talk much.

The next day, before Ye Xing Wei even needed to call, Jiang Bai was outside Ye Xing Wei’s house early in the morning. After all, Ye Xing Wei didn’t drive his car back last night, so Jiang Bai drove the car to fetch him to work.

Seeing Ye Xing Wei walking out, Jiang Bai’s gaze fell on Ye Xing Wei’s face. After staring for a couple of seconds, his face went red uncontrollably.

Up until Ye Xing Wei opened the car door, Jiang Bai abruptly remembered that he forgot to open the door for Ye Xing Wei.

However, Ye Xing Wei obviously showed that he didn’t bother about it, only gesturing for Jiang Bai to drive.

Jiang Bai started the car and asked Ye Xing Wei, “Mr. Ye, have you had your breakfast?”

“No.” Ye Xing Wei’s breakfast was usually eaten in the office. His assistant would always help him prepare it.

“How coincidental, I haven’t eaten too. Let’s have breakfast together then. I know a breakfast store with exceptional taste. There’s soy milk, youtiao, xiao long bao and porridge.”

Ye Xing Wei wanted to reject him but he suddenly recalled that he hadn’t had soy milk, youtiao, or any sort of chinese breakfast in a long time. His assistant had always prepared sandwiches and coffee.

He suddenly wanted to eat too so he didn’t refuse, “Go there then.”

Jiang Bai heard and raised the corners of his lips. His heart was delighted too.

Although there was a slight jam, Ye Xing Wei was surprised at how familiar Jiang Bai was with this area. After many turns and shortcuts, they reached fairly quickly.

At that place, Jiang Qi found the nearest carpark with precision. Ye Xing Wei opened the car door and saw that the spot Jiang Bai stopped at had a few water puddles.

Ye Xing Wei stretched out his leg, carefully avoiding the puddle.

However, at this time, an arrogant show-off drove his car over. Because of the rain last night, the road had many wet puddles of water. The moment the car drove past, it rolled over the water and in an instant, it splashed and stained Ye Xing Wei’s suit.

Ye Xing Wei looked at the muddy water stain on his pants and frowned. He pressed down the impulse to immediately change his pants.

Jiang Bai saw that Ye Xing Wei had stopped moving and went over to see if Ye Xing Wei needed help.

Seeing the stain on Ye Xing Wei’s pants, Jiang Bai hurriedly took out some tissues from the car and passed them to Ye Xing Wei to wipe his pants.

Ye Xing Wei wiped but the stain was still there.

“Stop wiping. Use the towel in the office to wipe. This won’t get rid of the stain.” Jiang Bai said with a grin.

Ye Xing Wei heard and stopped. He came down from the car and threw the tissues into the dustbin.

“Let’s go. What do you want to eat?” Jiang Bai excitedly rushed as he dragged Ye Xing Wei towards the breakfast store.

Instead, Ye Xing Wei stared at Jiang Bai’s face silently. This Jiang Bai really made himself comfortable.

The two sat down at the store and each ordered their own. Ye Xing Wei ordered soy milk, xiao long bao, youtiao and a bowl of porridge.

After ordering, he then looked on in surprise as Jiang Bai listed out a huge ton of orders: Siew mai, steamed dumpling, wonton, soy milk, soft bean curd, fried buns, peanut buns……

Ye Xing Wei asked in shock, “Didn’t think that you will have such a big appetite with your skinny looks.”

“It’s still okay. When I’m in a good mood, I like to eat a little more.” Jiang Bai grinned.

“Is that so?” Ye Xing Wei didn’t continue the conversation and the two quietly ate their breakfast.

Jiang Bai put his hands on the table as he looked at Ye Xing Wei. He only felt that the more he looked, the more he couldn’t move his eyes away. Could this really be love at first sight?

Jiang Bai used to be someone who didn’t believe in love at first sight. He only felt that Ye Xing Wei was handsome the first time he saw him. The second time when they bumped into each other, he was able to recognise him immediately. Furthermore, when he interacted with Ye Xing Wei, his heartbeat would uncontrollably sped up.

Jiang Bai didn’t know if this was considered as love at first sight, but he seemed to have a feeling that he sort of liked Ye Xing Wei. He didn’t know if this was too sloppy of him.

Ye Xing Wei had coincidentally turned his head and caught Jiang Bai’s gaze. He froze a little. He didn’t expect that Jiang Bai would be always staring at him.

Jiang Bai met Ye Xing Wei’s eyes head on and didn’t feel embarrassed. Instead, he flashed Ye Xing Wei a smile.

Ye Xing Wei turned his head again and didn’t look at him. He only felt that Jiang Bai was a little weird but really loved to smile.


Author’s note:

Ye Xing Wei and Jiang Bai’s extra. There’s still some more after this. Not sure if everyone still remembered that when Ye Xing Wei attended his classmate’s wedding, he accidentally bumped into a fair and tender boy when leaving the hotel. That person is Jiang Bai~

T/N: I was actually pretty excited for YXW’s story since I love how he was a catalyst for JQ and KY hehehe. Jiang Bai and Jiang Qi have different ‘Jiang’! 姜白 (Jiāng Bai) 江奇 (Jiāng Qi) Although they have the same pronunciation, their characters are different~ looks like the author might have felt a little bad for YXW who didn’t have his own JQ so she got him a JB~~~~~

Extra chapter this week because i’m not sure if I can upload next week~~

Editor: sorry y’all it’s humu’s edit (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜


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