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President Wife is a Man
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Content Warning: This chapter may contain depictions of violence, sex, offensive language and has been marked NSFW

After the wedding banquet, the Ke and Jiang families were responsible for sending cars to bring the guests home.

Ke Yan and Jiang Qi sat in their wedding car and drove towards their wedding room where they would spend the night at.

Because the distance between their house and the wedding location was just too far and needed at least 2 hours of driving, Ke Yan furbished a hotel room into a wedding room.

Jiang Qi scanned the redecorated room. There was an especially eye-catching huge double ‘xi1happiness in pinyin’ pasted on the french windows in the living space, ceiling, walls and even the carpets were decorated with a joyous and romantic mood.

“I’ll take a bath first. You can rest for a while.” Ke Yan tugged on his tie. He drank a lot of wine and his whole body reeked of the smell of wine.

Jiang Qi nodded, “Go on.” Ke Yan had helped him drink lots of wine today so Jiang Qi didn’t drink much.

Ke Yan went to take a shower while Jiang Qi entered the rooms to look around. In great surprise, he realised that the huge bed in the middle of the room was brand new. There was a red bedsheet on it, the quilt cover and pillow cases were also bright red. There was even gold flower embroidery on it.

Jiang Qi touched the quilt and sat on the bed, Then he realised that the bed felt exactly like the one at home. It shouldn’t be brand new, right?

Ke Yan took a quick shower and came out wearing a red festive bathrobe.

Jiang Qi couldn’t resist letting out a smile, “Even the bathrobe is red?”

“Of course it has to be red. Tonight is our newlywed’s night.” Ke Yan said in a deep voice.

Jiang Qi felt that Ke Yan’s voice was so sexy, so ambiguous.

Rubbing his slightly flushed ear, he asked, “Did you specially buy this bed?”

“Yeah. The hotel’s bed isn’t suitable for our sleep tonight.” 

Jiang Qi understood. Even if the hotel bed sheets were new, there was an uncountable number of people who had slept on the bed before. Even if it was the exquisite and expensive suite, the fact remained the same.

“Go and take a shower. I’ve already prepared the water.” Ke Yan walked towards Jiang Qi, bent down and kissed Jiang Qi’s forehead. His naughty hand sneakily went over to give Jiang Qi’s butt a little playful rub and pinch.

He wouldn’t think much of it if it was on a usual day, but today, he felt exceptionally sensitive. Jiang Qi flushed red, even the tips of his ears went red. He pushed Ke Yan away and ran to the bathroom to shower.

Ke Yan let out a low pitched laugh. He was highly anticipating the moment where he stripped Jiang Qi cleanly; the scene where the fair and milky skin was on full display as he lay on the red bedsheets.

Jiang Qi submerged fully in the tub. The hot water enveloped his body comfortably and he let out a relaxed sigh.

After soaking, Jiang Qi grabbed the towel prepared on the side to wipe his body.

Then, he took the nightgown to wear but the material felt somewhat wrong. Why was it so light? Taking a look at it, this, this, this was prepared for him to wear? Jiang Qi began to doubt life.

This was because the nightgown on his hand was made of quality silk, thin and revealing. It practically couldn’t cover his body at all.

Jiang Qi held onto the thin silky nightgown. He didn’t even need to think to know that it was intentionally prepared by Ke Yan. At first, he didn’t dare to wear it, but after some consideration and hesitation, he slowly put on the nightgown. Then, he tied the belt around his waist.

Jiang Qi lifted his head to glance at his mirror reflection. His face instantly exploded in red. The mirror was a full body mirror. Jiang Qi could very clearly look at his entire view. Although this nightgown was loose and wide, it really was thin and revealing. Even though it was red in colour, the two points on his chest could be very clearly seen. Jiang Qi moved his eyes downwards. Then, his two legs gathered together unconsciously. The nightgown was way too short. It could barely cover his thighs. Jiang Qi had no doubts that when he lifted his arm high, his lower half would follow his movements and be exposed.

This nightgown was too shameful. It was as if he wasn’t wearing anything.

Jiang Qi swallowed his saliva and nervously opened the bathroom door.

Ke Yan was at the bar pouring some wine. When he heard the door behind him open, he turned around and froze. His fiery eyes burned into Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi was too seductive wearing this outfit. The revealing thin red bathrobe was on his body, but Ke Yan could see his whole body distinctly. It made him look flirtatious and sexy. In contrast to Jiang Qi’s ashamed and blushing face, Ke Yan’s lower half had an evident change.

Jiang Qi could feel Ke Yan’s burning gaze and he nearly couldn’t hold on and wanted to retreat back into the bathroom.

Ke Yan swiftly walked over and hugged Jiang Qi’s waist. He uncontrollably gave a kiss on Jiang Qi’s lips and muttered in a low tone, “You are too sexy.”

Jiang Qi was kissed until he almost couldn’t gasp for air, then he pushed Ke Yan away.

Ke Yan held Jiang Qi’s hand and walked to the bar seats. He gave Jiang Qi a cup of wine that he poured beforehand, “Although we drank a lot tonight, this cup belongs solely to our exchange of wine2formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony.”

Jiang Qi took the cup and hooked arms with Ke Yan. Then, he noticed that Ke Yan was constantly looking at himself. Jiang Qi raised his head with flushed cheeks and gulped down the cup of wine in one shot.

After he put the cup down, he saw Ke Yan’s scorching gaze on himself. Jiang Qi felt that his face was so hot it could burn an egg to crisp.

He felt Ke Yan’s sight moving downwards and locking onto the front of his chest. Jiang Qi naturally knew where Ke Yan was staring at and turned around in embarrassment.

But the moment Ke Yan saw Jiang Qi’s back, he couldn’t hold back. It had to be said that this nightgown truly understood Ke Yan’s heart. Ke Yan reached out a hand to give Jiang Qi’s buns a gentle rub. Then, he carried Jiang Qi up into his arms.

Jiang Qi sat on Ke Yan’s leg. It was only then that he recalled that the back was translucent too.

Ke Yan lowered his head and kissed Jiang Qi. His hand caressed Jiang Qi’s body intimately.

The kiss slowly moved downwards. Ke Yan sucked on Jiang Qi’s two dots while being separated by the thin silk.

Jiang Qi instinctively hooked his arms around Ke Yan’s neck and as Ke Yan’s kiss and touch became more wanton, he followed and let out a low moan.

Until the material in front of Jiang Qi’s chest slowly dampened, Ke Yan then steadily hugged Jiang Qi up and went towards the bed.

As Jiang Qi was being carried by Ke Yan, he gradually fell into the confusion of lust. After Ke Yan placed Jiang Qi on the bed, Ke Yan’s next action made him completely trapped in the haze of desire.

Ke Yan buried his head in Jiang Qi’s lower region. The softest place in Jiang Qi’s bottom was lapped up by Ke Yan. Jiang Qi went stiff, “Ke, Ke Yan, don’t.”

Although this wasn’t the first time Ke Yan had done so, Jiang Qi always felt that this was too shameful. How, how could he lick that place?

As his thoughts wandered, his body couldn’t help but shrink upwards. Ke Yan had already expected that Jiang Qi would give such a reaction. Thus, right from the beginning, he used his hands to firmly lock Jiang Qi in place, not letting him move an inch.

Yet, his actions became even lewder as he tried his best to please Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi’s two legs quivered slightly. Ke Yan’s tongue made him feel a little insatiated. The numbness behind him further increased his sense of pleasure.

Jiang Qi tugged onto the bedsheets beneath him instinctively, “Ke Yan, get up quickly, don’t be like this.”

Listening to Jiang Qi, Ke Yan’s rare cooperation came in as he lifted his body. Dripping the lubricant onto his fingers drop by drop, he opened up Jiang Qi and loosened the opening.

The red nightgown on his body was slightly messed up. Because of the bold actions, the nightgown slipped down from the shoulders. Ke Yan dropped a kiss on the exposed skin and gave a light nibble.

After a while, Jiang Qi tightened his shoulders and said softly, “Enough already.”

As for what was referred to as enough, Ke Yan instantly understood. He pulled out his hand and slowly inserted the scorching rod in.

At first, Ke Yan only moved within a small range.

Once he knew that Jiang Qi was slowly adjusting to his size, he started moving. Jiang Qi followed Ke Yan’s thrusts and gently rocked his body. His two arms monopolized Ke Yan’s neck, savoring the joyous mood.

Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi to a sitting position on his legs and continued his thrusts.

Jiang Qi felt that this was far too deep and squirmed. He leaned against the side of Ke Yan’s neck, “Ke, mm, Ke Yan, too deep, mm~”

“Really?” Ke Yan replied but he didn’t release Jiang Qi. Instead, his actions became wilder and more vigorous.

And Jiang Qi could only give out low moans in response. His hands grabbed Ke Yan’s back, clawing out several red lines.

Ke Yan lowered his head and kissed the two red dots on Jiang Qi’s chest. Sucking hard, Jiang Qi was ‘provoked’ into hooking his legs around Ke Yan’s waist.

As time went on, Ke Yan suddenly increased his speed and found release together with Jiang Qi.

Thereafter, Ke Yan did Jiang Qi several more times. After the deed, Jiang Qi powerlessly lay in Ke Yan’s arms. The nightgown on him was long taken off, mixed with Ke Yan’s bathrobe.

Ke Yan lovingly stroked Jiang Qi’s back, “Are you tired?”

“What do you think?” Jiang Qi didn’t even want to move a single finger right now.

“I’ll take you to shower. Sleep after bathing.” Ke Yan noticed that Jiang Qi was getting a little sleepy. He carried Jiang Qi up from the bed and washed Jiang Qi in the bathroom.

By the time Jiang Qi finished washing up and the bed had its sheets changed, he was already so sleepy that his eyes could no longer open. Yet, he didn’t forget to drop kisses on Ke Yan’s face as if to reward him.

Ke Yan lay down and pulled Jiang Qi into his embrace. Giving Jiang Qi a kiss on his forehead, he said solemnly, “Good night, Jiang Qi. Did you know? Being together with you is the happiest and most fortunate thing that happened in my life. I just want to say to you, I love you.”

“I love you too. Did you know? When we started dating, I didn’t even dare to imagine that we would be so blissful just as we are now and even get married. Thank you, Ke Yan, for cherishing me all these years, making me feel such happiness. Ke Yan, I love you.” After speaking of his heart, Jiang Qi gave a sleepy nuzzle on Ke Yan and fell into the land of dreams.

Ke Yan smiled and muttered softly into Jiang Qi’s ears, “Spoiling you is my favourite thing to do. Loving you is the way I attain my great happiness.” Saying so, he gave Jiang Qi another kiss, turned off the lights and hugged Jiang Qi. Then, he gradually fell asleep together.

Being able to meet each other and enjoy mutual love for a lifetime are the most fortunate and the luckiest occurrences that can ever happen for them.

Wishing you two a blessed marriage.


t/N: hnnnnng it’s time to bid farewell to Jiang Qi and Ke Yan (ಡ‸ಡ) this is the last chapter of their story! The final extra is about our 3rd couple…… Can yall guess who it is?

Hint: He appeared in the past! Someone you guys probably forgot about, someone who yall probably forgot the name of (^▽^)


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    happiness in pinyin
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    formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony


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