Chapter 168

President Wife is a Man
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“Burp——” Xiao An returned from the wedding banquet and gave a burp from the alcohol as she removed her heels. Wearing her house slippers, she supported herself on the wall and walked into the house. While walking midway, she suddenly threw her bag onto the floor, then held her waist with two hands and gave a hearty laugh, “HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

She just came home from Ke Yan’s and Jiang Qi’s wedding ceremony. She was really too excited today. The CP which she supported and loved actually got married and even invited her to the wedding.

Being too emotionally stimulated, Xiao An felt that she could go downstairs and run a couple of rounds around the block.

“Burp——” Came another alcoholic burp. Xiao An took out her phone and directly plopped onto the floor. She went into the company’s forum page and entered the group chat with all her colleagues. Then, she uploaded today’s wedding photos onto them.

After sharing the photo, the intoxicated Xiao An leaned against the sofa. She closed her eyes, desiring to sleep. She accidentally over drank and was feeling a little uncomfortable.

Xiao An’s mother was awoken by Xiao An and came out from her room to see the commotion. As a result, she saw an unconscious Xiao An sprawled across the sofa without a care of her image and a thick scent of alcohol emitted all over her body.

Walking over, she landed a heavy smack on Xiao An’s bottom and nagged, “So old already yet you don’t even have an image of a girl. You even drank so much alcohol.” As she said, she supported Xiao An up. Fortunately, Xiao An’s mother had a fair weight and she half-dragged Xiao An all the way to her room to sleep.

And at this time, the people who saw Xiao An’s uploaded photo were all unable to fall asleep, alright?

F*ck—— What in the world is going on? I can’t be in a dream, right? My eyes are functioning well, right? This is actually for real!!

In the next moment, everyone exploded. Even though they knew that the President and Manager Jiang were classmates and had a good relationship, they completely didn’t expect that they were in a lovers’ relationship.

Furthermore, when did these two start having this sort of relationship? Were they blind? How could no one have found out?

And on the other side, those few who knew about the truth long ago were feeling delighted. If they hadn’t known the truth early, they would definitely be like the others, shocked and in disbelief.

Wang Si Qi felt her vision going black after seeing the photo. Although she had already known it in her heart somewhat, she still felt very upset and unwilling upon seeing the two’s wedding photo.

Sun Nian Qing was rather shocked. Her thoughts were: Based on Ke Yan’ family background, how could they accept Jiang Qi? How could Ke Yan actually dare to have a wedding with Jiang Qi so openly?

Wasn’t he scared of the media?

But in actuality, Sun Nian Qing had looked down too much on Ke Yan. How could Ke Yan be afraid of all these things?

Besides, based on Ke Yan’s prowess, he would definitely make these media speak only of good things.

The next day, Xiao An woke up close to noon and turned on her phone to check for updates. She was momentarily stunned by shock. Why did her phone have so many messages? Xiao An opened up one message and almost went crazy.

She,she,she, what did she do last night?

Xiao An quickly deleted the photo but many had already saved the photo. Especially those girls in the company. Some even made the photo their screensaver.

Xiao An hesitated as she mulled over whether she should tell Jiang Qi that she messed up. But thinking about it, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan were going on their honeymoon trip today. If she called now, would it disrupt their mood?

Xiao An thought about it and decided to send Jiang Qi a text message. Afterall, she was the one who messed up. How could she not tell Jiang Qi?

Jiang Qi and Ke Yan hadn’t boarded their flight at this time. After receiving Xiao An’s message, Jiang Qi passed his phone to let Ke Yan read too. After looking at it, Ke Yan replied with 2 words—— Doesn’t matter.

When Xiao An received this reply, she immediately relaxed and let out a sigh of relief. Xiao An, who understood Jiang Qi well, guessed: Was this reply from the President?

Very soon, the holidays were over. It was time for work. On the first day of work after the holidays, there actually wasn’t a single employee late. Everyone seemed to have made a unanimous decision to come to work early in the morning.

Once they reached their seats, some female employees took this spare time to drink coffee in the tearoom as they gossiped, “When I saw the photo, I thought it was PS1photoshop.” Female employee A said as she poured some water.

“I was completely stupefied, okay? Indeed, all good men like men.” Female employee B spoke with a regretful tone.

“Actually, if you think about it, could they be together from long ago? Weren’t Manager Jiang and President university classmates? Could they be together since university?” It had to be mentioned that this employee hit the bullseye.

“How can it be? If they have been together since college, doesn’t that mean that they are together for many years?” Someone retorted.

“How can that not be? Thinking about it, I finally realize why the President would be completely unfazed and untouched when a great beauty like Manager Wang is in front of him. Because his heart had long been occupied by someone.” Even if Wang Si Qi didn’t openly speak about it, everyone who had eyes in the company knew of Wang Si Qi’s little intentions.

“That’s true.” The crowd nodded.

Suddenly, a female employee spoke with some pity, “I’ve always been thinking that if the position of the President’s wife isn’t me, it will still belong to a beauty. Unexpectedly, the President’s wife is a man.” As a matter of fact, which young ladies in the company hadn’t fantasized being together with Ke Yan? He was handsome, rich, clean and honest.

This was basically the white prince of their eyes, alright?

At this time, the two subjects of everyone’s gossip were having their honeymoon overseas and would be back two days later.

Thus, Yang Shao Yu, who had even more work to settle after the holidays, could only wish for Ke Yan to return earlier. 


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