Chapter 167 – Tying The Knot

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On the next day, Jiang Qi realised that the house was so silent that one could hear a needle dropping on the floor. It was as if no one was home. Where could they have gone?

At first, he thought that everyone was still sleeping. But it was already this late, so how could Mother Jiang have not woken up?

Jiang Qi walked to Mother Jiang’s room and knocked on the door. However, there was no other sound other than his knock echoing in the house.

Jiang Qi opened the door. The room was indeed void of people.

Jiang Qi called Father Jiang and wanted to ask for their whereabouts. But no one picked up the phone. Not only his but even the call to Mother Jiang’s phone went unanswered. Jiang Qi was a little concerned now. He then called Eldest Brother Jiang, unsure if they were together.

Eldest Brother Jiang only answered the call after a long while. Jiang Qi asked, “Brother, where are you? Are Mom and Dad with you? How come they didn’t pick up my call?”

“Oh, yes, we are all together. Don’t need to worry. We are outside and won’t be home today.” Eldest Brother Jiang talked on the phone as he walked to a less crowded place, preventing Jiang Qi from hearing anything.

“Where are you guys? Why didn’t you let me know when you left?”

“Oh we had some last minute business. Since you haven’t woken up, we didn’t want to disturb you. You can be alone at home today.” Eldest Brother Jiang spoke with a guilty conscience. He hung up after speaking.

“Okay…..” Jiang Qi hadn’t finished speaking before getting hung up on. There was a strange doubt lingering in his heart. It had been present since returning home yesterday. He kept feeling as if everyone was hiding something from him.

It had to be said that Jiang Qi’s gut feeling was pretty accurate.

Alone at home, Jiang Qi finished the breakfast Mother Jiang specially left for him. Then, he gave Ke Yan a call. Today was the second day of the Spring Festival and he wondered what Ke Yan was up to.

But Ke Yan didn’t answer his phone.

En? Jiang Qi frowned. He wanted to call again but Ke Yan sent a message—— I don’t have time now, I’ll see you tonight.

Jiang Qi read the message and didn’t think much about it. He only thought that Ke Yan would have a lot of people at home today, so he might only be able to meet him at night. Jiang Qi could only watch the tv listlessly.

But there weren’t any interesting programmes on now. Majority of it were rerunned shows and Jiang Qi didn’t like the other original programmes. 

Jiang Qi yawned a couple of times. At this time, the doorbell rang. Jiang Qi put down the remote control and walked towards the door. The door couldn’t open.

Jiang Qi didn’t overthink it. He merely pressed the release lock but it still didn’t barge. Jiang Qi stared dumbly for 2 seconds before reacting. The door was locked from the outside.

But fortunately, as long as he had the house key, he could open it from the inside.

Jiang Qi searched for it in the hand-woven basket on the top of the shoe rack. But…… the key was missing?

Jiang Qi remembered that when he came home yesterday, he casually threw it here. Yet it was missing now.

The doorbell rang twice again.

Left with no choice, Jiang Qi could only say to the person outside, “Sorry, please wait for a while.”

Suspecting that his memory had discrepancies, he searched throughout the house. But he still wasn’t able to find it. He could only explain the situation to the person outside. That person was Mother Jiang’s friend, Aunty Zhang. She brought over some products her son bought her and wanted to give Mother Jiang. Aunty Zhang listened to Jiang Qi’s explanation and didn’t know if she should cry or laugh as she joked, “This is what you call ‘locked in your house’. Nevermind, I’ll come over another time.” Saying so, she left.

Aunty Zhang’s voice was so loud that Jiang Qi, who was separated by a door, could hear her words clearly and knew that Aunty Zhang would come over again.

Jiang Qi gave a helpless sigh.

As for the key that Jiang Qi couldn’t find, it was in Jiang Lu’s bag. Early in the morning when they left the house, Jiang Lu took Jiang Qi’s keys and even locked the door from the outside.

Unable to leave the house, Jiang Qi spent the day tucked in at home. After watching the tv for a while, he brewed himself a cup of milk tea and went to the study to read books.

When afternoon rolled in, he cooked some rice and took out the leftovers from yesterday, heated it and had his lunch.

After eating, he had nothing else to do so he nestled back in the study.

At around 4pm in the late afternoon, Jiang Lu and Mother Jiang rushed home from the other side. Jiang Lu used her key to open the door. Mother Jiang dashed into the house and without even removing her shoes, she hurriedly went to Jiang Qi’s bedroom but didn’t see Jiang Qi there.

Coming out from Jiang Qi’s room, Mother Jiang said to Jiang Lu, “Why is your brother not home? Did he go out?” She checked the time as she said.

“He’s definitely at home. I even took away the key and the door was locked in reverse…….” Jiang Lu said as she walked towards the study. As she expected, she saw Jiang Qi the moment she opened the door.

Jiang Qi saw that Jiang Lu was back and asked, “You guys are back?”

Mother Jiang had also rushed into the study. The moment her eyes landed on Jiang Qi, she didn’t speak a second word and snatched the book away from Jiang Qi’s hand. She tugged him up from the small sofa.

Mother Jiang dragged Jiang Qi all the way back to his room. Mother Jiang took out a suit from the wardrobe and handed it to Jiang Qi, “Quick, return to your room and change into this.”

“This is……” Jiang Qi looked at the white suit in his hand. This was the suit that Ke Yan and he picked out for the……

Jiang Qi’s heart quickened a few beats involuntarily. Could it be…….

“Alright, stop standing around, quickly change into this.” Mother Jiang smiled as she pushed Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi went back to his room and put the suit on the bed. He looked at the white suit and his eyes couldn’t help but heat up. He slowly removed the clothes on his body, changed into a white button-up. As he was fixing his buttons, he realised that his hand was trembling slightly.

After changing his clothes, he went down. There was a car sent by Ke Yan parked below the Jiang house.

Ever since he got into the car, Jiang Qi’s eyes were glued onto the scenery outside. From his expression, he looked calmed and composed. But only Jiang Qi knew just how nervous he was in his heart. No wonder everyone had been acting weirdly since 2 days ago. He didn’t know when Ke Yan had colluded with everyone……

The destination was slightly far from their place. So when they arrived, the sky had already darkened.

Jiang Qi stepped out of the car. Mother Jiang held Jiang Qi’s hand, “Go on. Ke Yan’s waiting for you.”

Jiang Qi froze foolishly as he took in the sight of the scene. He couldn’t verbalise his surprise.

White and pale green lights lit up throughout the forest. The path in front of him was headed deeper into the forest. Bordering on the path were many varieties of fresh-scented flowers and shrubs. There were even glowing mushrooms. And on this path was a mini train parked in the middle of it.

Next to the train stood a bunny as tall as Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi stared at the bunny for 10 seconds before moving 2 steps forward. The bunny saw Jiang Qi going over and got out its pair of fat stubby legs as it broke out into a small run towards Jiang Qi. It held Jiang Qi’s hand and walked to the front of the train, indicating for Jiang Qi to ride the train.

Jiang Qi sat on the train. This train had an open roof and the sky was in plain view. Besides the driver’s seat on the train, there was a seat at the back. The seat was padded with a soft and thick white cushion. Next to it was a display full of pink fresh flora. Behind the seat was a bouquet of flowers.

Jiang Qi took the bouquet and sat down. Thereafter, he saw the little bunny sitting in the driver’s seat, starting up the engine of the train.

Once the engine was on, there was a “Ka Cha Ka Cha” sound as it slowly traveled forward.

As the train chugged slowly, the lights dimmed slightly. The surprised Jiang Qi suddenly realised that there were several fireflies!

Where did these fireflies come from when it’s winter?

And as the train moved forward, the number of fireflies increased. At the place which gathered the most fireflies was actually a small lake. On the lake was a little bridge. With the white and pale green backlights and the fireflies wandering around in the forest, the entire scene was extremely romantic and mystifying.

The train carried on leisurely. There was a ray of light that came from the front. As they moved closer to it, the light became brighter and more dazzling. Jiang Qi saw Ke Yan standing in front, not too far from him, smiling as he waited.

The train slowed to a stop. Ke Yan interlinked their fingers as he helped Jiang Qi down from the train.

Ke Yan’s hand was warm and toasty. Jiang Qi held Ke Yan’s hand tightly. The two gazed into each other’s eyes as they walked forward step by step.

Jiang Qi noticed that there was a red carpet laid out in front of him. On the sides of the red carpet were seats filled with family and friends as they waited for them. At the end of the carpet was a priest carrying a light smile on his face as he looked at them.

Wedding bells sounded in his ears.

Slight perspiration came from Jiang Qi’s palm as his heart beat exceedingly quick. His entire body was feeling a little nervous and moved.

Even though he guessed it earlier on, seeing the actual scene playing out in front of him made him feel more emotional. He was also touched at Ke Yan’s efforts in arranging all these for him.

Jiang Qi and Ke Yan walked on the sacred and solemn red carpet. Jiang Qi couldn’t help but recall their first meeting, their first exchange of words, their first time holding hands, their first kiss……

Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan and asked, “Do you still remember how we first met?”

“Of course I remember. When I first met you, I only felt that you were a little silly and weird.”

“How was I weird? I wanted to thank you then but you directly closed the door on me. Your attitude wasn’t friendly at all.”

Ke Yan felt amused and pinched Jiang Qi’s hand, “Who asked you to have a stunned look on your face? Which men would like to be looked at like that?”

“That’s true.” Jiang Qi grinned.

“Besides, the person I was at that time didn’t know that I would like you, and be thankful that I could meet you, fall in love with you and share our lives together.”

Jiang Qi felt gratified at Ke Yan’s words and the curl at the corner of his lips couldn’t be restrained as he said in a deep voice, “So did I.”

The two walked to the front of the priest. The priest smiled as he looked at them and started the exchange of vows:

“Ke Yan, do you vow to always love Jiang Qi, no matter in poverty or riches, in sickness or in death, to always be with him, respect him and care for him from now on?”

“I do.” Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi and said unhesitantly.

“Jiang Qi, do you vow to always love Ke Yan, no matter in poverty or riches, in sickness or in death, to always be with him, respect him and care for him from now on?”

“I do.” Jiang Qi nodded, squeezing Ke Yan’s hand tightly.

“You may now kiss your partner.” The rings on their fingers were never taken off so there was no exchange of rings in this segment.

The crowd applauded, sincerely blessing Jiang Qi and Ke Yan from the bottom of their hearts. There were even many who started to cheer loudly.

Ke Yan lowered his head to kiss Jiang Qi with one arm slung around Jiang Qi’s waist, while the other hand cupped his face. Jiang Qi’s two hands hugged Ke Yan’s back as he closed his eyes and shared a kiss of promise with Ke Yan.

In this lifetime with you, there is happiness. Because you’re here, there will be contentment.


——The End.


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