Chapter 166 – Visitation

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As Jiang Qi slept late the night before and was woken up by Mother Jiang early in the morning, he crawled back into bed the moment he ate all the longevity noodles.

According to tradition, they must eat a bowl of longevity noodles with two eggs in the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year1eaten to symbolise longevity together with a pair of hard-boiled eggs which representing fertility or life. the longer the noodles, the longer you live~.

On Ke Yan’s side, he had risen early in the morning. After having his noodles, he notified Father and Mother Ke before carrying away bags of presents and driving towards the Jiang house.

At the Jiang house, Mother Jiang opened the door with an apron around her waist.

Mother Jiang delightfully gave a smile after seeing Ke Yan coming over so early. “Ke Yan, you’re here so early. Come in quickly.”

Ke Yan entered the house and said to Mother Jiang while smiling, “Mom, Happy New Year.”

“Good, good, what a good boy. Happy New Year.”

Ke Yan stared dumbly for a moment after hearing an elder praising him as a “good boy” just like a child. He hadn’t heard such a tone in many years and smiled after coming back to his senses.

Placing the presents on the living room table, Mother Jiang saw and commented, “This child, if you’re going to come here, then just come over. Why bother bringing gifts too?”

“Mom, this is just a small regard to show my filial respects to you and Dad. No need to be so polite with me.”

Hearing Ke Yan say so, Mother Jiang’s smile brightened. “How thoughtful. Xiao Qi is still asleep. After he got up in the morning to eat his noodles, he went back to sleep.”

“Is that so?” Ke Yan let out an indulgent smile, “Jiang Qi’s work is also pretty tiring so we can just let him sleep. Fortunately, I have something to discuss with you and Dad too.”

“Looking for me?” Just as Ke Yan’s voice fell, Father Jiang’s voice could be heard.

Father Jiang was reading books in the study and came out after hearing Ke Yan’s voice from the living room. Coincidentally, he heard Ke Yan mention his name.

“Yes, Dad. Happy New Year. I have something to talk about with you and Mom.”

“Come in then.” Father Jiang invited Ke Yan to talk in the study.

Ke Yan carried a bag in his hand as he walked into the study with Father and Mother Jiang.

At this moment, Jiang Qi was still sound asleep on his bed, not knowing that Ke Yan was currently in secret talks with Father and Mother Jiang.

After conversing with Mother and Father Jiang, Ke Yan walked out of the study first, leaving the other two in there to talk to each other.

As Ke Yan came out of the study, Jiang Lu had also come out to pour a glass of water. She noticed Ke Yan and the sleepy bugs immediately ran off. She sobered up immediately.

But Ke Yan didn’t see Jiang Lu as he made a beeline for Jiang Qi’s bedroom and entered it.

Jiang Lu hesitated for a moment before putting down her cup and sneakily walking to the door of Jiang Qi’s bedroom as she tried to eavesdrop.

Ke Yan walked into Jiang Qi’s bedroom and just as he expected, he saw a rounded hump on the bed. Jiang Qi’s entire body was nestled in the blanket, only revealing the top of his head. Walking further in, he then realised that even Jiang Qi’s nose was stuffed into the blanket. Ke Yan quickly pulled down Jiang Qi’s blanket.

Jiang Qi’s face was flushing a little red, not knowing if it was due to the stuffiness or the high temperature of the heater.

Ke Yan bent his waist and gave a heavy kiss on Jiang Qi’s lips.

Jiang Qi was kissed awake and saw Ke Yan. He froze a little. “So early?” Then he thought about it. Maybe he slept in too long. He immediately started getting up, “I’ll wash up now.”

“It’s okay, no rush.” Ke Yan didn’t let Jiang Qi sit up. Instead, he lied down next to Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi lifted one side of the blanket, gesturing to Ke Yan to get inside the blanket. But just as the blanket was flipped open, it was stopped by Ke Yan. Instead, he helped to cover Jiang Qi well with the blanket. “It’s okay, I’m not cold.” Saying so, he lay next to Jiang Qi, hugging the burrito Jiang Qi into his arms.

Jiang Qi nuzzled his face in Ke Yan’s embrace.

And at this moment, Jiang Lu quietly left Jiang Qi’s door with a sullen face. The sound proofing was too good. She couldn’t hear anything at all.

The two lay together for a while.  After Jiang Qi changed his clothes and walked out, the whole Jiang family, except for Jiang Bu’s son, was sitting on the sofa watching tv.

The two didn’t lie down for a long time. It was just that when they knew Ke Yan was here, they all got up.

Ke Yan wished everyone a Happy New Year and chatted for a while. Then, Jiang Qi and him got ready to head towards the Ke house.

The two walked to the entrance hall. Jiang Qi threw on his coat but before he could wear it properly, Mother Jiang had handed over the gifts she had prepared for Jiang Qi to bring to the Ke family. Jiang Qi received it with two hands and just as he was about to put the presents down to wear his coat, Ke Yan had already finished getting ready. Very naturally, he adjusted Jiang Qi’s coat, zipped it up, then grabbed the scarf Jiang Qi hung on the rack. With a serious expression, he wrapped Jiang Qi’s neck with it securely, ensuring that not a single whiff of cold wind was able to float in.

Thereafter, he took the presents in Jiang Qi’s hand to make hands for him to wear his shoes.

Jiang Qi bent down and casually put on his shoes. He stood up, “Okay, let’s go.” He immediately turned to leave.

“Wait.” Ke Yan blocked Jiang Qi. He put the presents aside and squatted down. He crouched in front of Jiang Qi and attentively tightened the shoelaces that were slightly loose.

After that, he straightened up. With one hand carrying the presents while the other linking his and Jiang Qi’s hand together, he announced, “Then we’ll make a move first.”

The Jiang family were in a daze as they watched the two. Seeing how Ke Yan’s actions were so well-practiced and natural, then seeing how Jiang Qi had the attitude of natural enjoyment, they could instantly discern the pattern of the two’s daily life. With just one glance, it was obvious that Ke Yan took care of Jiang Qi.

Waiting till the two left the door, Jiang Lu suddenly took a harsh bite on the pillow. “Next time, I must marry a man like him. So considerate and can take care of someone so well. This is practically a textbook example of a good man among good men. He treats Brother so well, it really makes people envious to the point of hatred.”

When Mother Jiang heard Jiang Lu’s words, it was as if she suddenly recalled something. She smiled, marriage, huh… With such a good man, marriage is indeed very good.

Jiang Qi and Ke Yan went down together and put the gifts that Mother Jiang prepared into the car boot. Then, they finally started driving towards the Ke house.

It wasn’t too late when they reached the Ke house. Once they entered the door, Mother and Father Ke could be seen sitting in the living room. Ke Shao was also back and seated on the sofa too, while Ke Shao’s husband was accompanying Xiao Ke to play with toys.

Jiang Qi gave the presents to Lan Ru Yin and smiled as he greeted everyone, “Dad, Mom, Happy New Year. Sister, Brother-in-law, Happy New Year.”

Jiang Qi wore his new clothes today. The deep navy blue coat brought out Jiang Qi’s milky fair skin. Looking at him, he was handsome and gave others a favourable impression.

“Good, come and sit down.” Lan Ru Yin smiled. Now, the more she looked at Jiang Qi, the more pleasing he was to the eye. 

Once Ke Yan and Jiang Qi settled down, Ke Xin said, “Once the New Year’s have passed, shouldn’t you two be considering settling the marriage ceremony? Although you can’t get a marriage certification in the country, you can always go overseas.” Homosexuality was still yet to be recognised in the country, but overseas, many others had already recognised it.

“No need.” Jiang Qi smiled, “Ke Yan and I feel that there is no need to make it so troublesome. Anyway, it’s still the same with and without the marriage certificate.”

Ke Yan nodded. With or without the certificate, Jiang Qi and his feelings would remain the same. But regarding this matter, Ke Yan had originally planned to bring Jiang Qi overseas for the marriage certificate. Yet Jiang Qi refused to go without even taking a moment to consider, thinking that there was no need to go through all that trouble.

So the two of them now shared the same opinion.

Ke Xin nodded, showing his understanding.

Ke Shao gave Ke Yan a look. She remembered a part of Ke Yan’s secret arrangements and smiled, “We can make do without the marriage certificate, but the ceremony must be held. Jiang Qi, has Ke Yan mentioned when he will hold the ceremony? Does he want to give you a surprise?”

Although Ke Yan told him to leave the ceremony preparations to him before, Ke Yan still hadn’t informed him the date of the ceremony. So Jiang Qi shook his head, saying that he didn’t know.

Ke Shao gave a mysterious smile and didn’t say anything. This was because she saw her brother giving her a look. Didn’t he just want to surprise Jiang Qi? She would definitely protect this secret.

Ke Shao wondered what kind of expression Jiang Qi would show once he knew about this surprise tomorrow. He must be very surprised, right? Regardless of gender, anyone would be very touched in this aspect.

Thinking of this, Ke Shao looked at her husband. In that year when her husband proposed, it wasn’t as romantic. But fortunately, her husband treated her well and was caring, so there should be no need to let him kneel on the washboard.

“It’s fine. Anyway, just leave this to Ke Yan.” Ke Xin said.

“Yeah.” Lan Ru Yin nodded. “Oh right, it’s about time we can ask Auntie Li to prepare lunch. After lunch, Ke Yan will send you home.”

Listening to Lan Ru Yin, Jiang Qi cast a dubious gaze at Ke Yan. He thought that he was staying overnight in the Ke house. Would it be too early to leave after lunch?

Ke Yan received Jiang Qi’s suspicions and merely nodded.

For Jiang Qi’s surprise event tomorrow, Ke Yan had a lot of things to settle in the afternoon.

Even though he was suspicious and didn’t know why he would go back so early, Jiang Qi decided to ask Ke Yan on the road home since Ke Yan had already nodded.

Auntie Li’s speed of cooking lunch was very quick. Not long after, they could start eating.

After their meal, they sat on the sofa and had some fruits for a while. Then Jiang Qi and Ke Yan left.

Outside, Jiang Qi asked Ke Yan, “I thought that I won’t be going back tonight, Why did we go back so early? Is there an urgent matter?”

“I have some things to settle in the afternoon so I’ll send you home first.” Ke Yan held Jiang Qi’s hand as he nodded.

“What’s the matter?”

“I can’t tell you that temporarily. You’ll know tomorrow.”

“You can’t tell me now?” Jiang Qi’s curiosity was piqued.

“Nope.” Ke Yan dropped several kisses on Jiang Qi’s face, rejecting Jiang Qi’s request.

“Okay then.” Jiang Qi didn’t probe further. The two got on to the car.

When the car reached Jiang house, Ke Yan loosened his safety belt and leaned over to kiss Jiang Qi on the lips and Jiang Qi responded to his kiss. Ke Yan caressed Jiang Qi’s face, “Then I’ll go first. See you tomorrow.”

“Okay. Have a safe trip.” Jiang Qi came out of the car and watched Ke Yan drive off before going up.

When Jiang Qi came home, Mother Jiang was watching tv in the living room. When she saw Jiang Qi, she froze a little. “Why are you back so early?”

“Ke Yan had some things to do so he brought me home.” Jiang Qi removed and hung up the coat Ke Yan put on for him.

“That’s true. Ke Yan should be very busy today.” Mother Jiang nodded.

“Do you know what Ke Yan is busying about?” Jiang Qi was even more curious as he asked.

Mother jiang hurriedly shook her head, “I don’t know.”

Jiang Qi was still dubious. Why was there this strange and odd feeling?

Was Ke Yan hiding something from him?


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    eaten to symbolise longevity together with a pair of hard-boiled eggs which representing fertility or life. the longer the noodles, the longer you live~


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