Chapter 165 – Happy New Year

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On the morning of the eve of Chinese New Year, Jiang Qi had planned to sleep in his nest, but was woken up early in the morning by Mother Jiang.

“Get up quickly. Go to the supermarket to get seafood with your brother. There’s lots of things to do today. After getting the seafood, you still need to come back to help out with other things.” Mother Jiang knew that Jiang Qi was bad with cold, so she didn’t dare to directly flip open the blanket. She patted Jiang Qi above the blanket.

However, the blanket was thick. Jiang Qi couldn’t feel a single thing. But upon hearing Mother Jiang’s voice, he struggled to open his eyes and yawned with sleep heavily ladened in his eyes.

“Got it. I’ll get up now.” Jiang Qi sat up befuddled and quickly wore his coat.

Mother Jiang watched as Jiang Qi got up. She nodded with satisfaction and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Jiang Qi sat on the bed for a while before sobering up. Then, he took his own sweet time to wash up.

At the same time when he walked out of the room, Jiang Bu, in the opposite room, had just walked out while yawning.

Looks like he didn’t get enough sleep too.

The two brothers left the house after their breakfast and drove the car to the seafood market.

Because it was close to the New Year’s, all other ingredients were already purchased. But seafood had to be bought on the day itself.

On this day, there were several times more people than usual in the market. Jiang Qi and Jiang Bu squeezed through the thick crowd towards the store they wanted to go to.

The Jiang family loved eating seafood, so they usually bought many varieties of seafood and considerably more quantity of each.

Whenever New Year’s rolled around, the price of seafood would shoot up. So all the common seafood would cost 70-80 yuan per 0.5kg, let alone types such as abalone and sea cucumber.

The seafood market was packed with people. They finally bought the seafood with much difficulty. Jiang Qi and Jiang Bu helped Mother Jiang and Yun Hui to wash and prepare the seafood.

At this time, Father Jiang took out the Spring Festival couplets1or Sping Festival Union. Its a concise beautiful text of well wishes. Jiang Qi helped Father Jiang to paste them. He grabbed a small chair and placed it outside. Jiang Qi stood on it and Father Jiang judged if the couplets were pasted straight.

The neighbour facing their house had also come out to paste their own Spring Festival couplets, and saw Father Jiang and Jiang Qi pasting. They greeted and chatted with Father Jiang. The female owner of the other house asked Father Jiang, “Does Jiang Qi have a girlfriend? Do you need me to introduce any to you?”

Jiang Qi wanted to reply but Father Jiang beat him to it. “No need. Xiao Qi has a partner already. But thank you for your concern.”

The female owner heard and quickly followed, “That’s great if he has a partner.”

Father Jiang gave a smile.

After pasting all the decorations, Father Jiang said goodbye and went into the house with Jiang Qi to help Mother Jiang.

When the Jiang family was busy all over for the New Year’s, Ke Yan woke up in the morning with nothing to do. Although it was New Year’s and the helpers all took leave, a couple of helpers who lived close-by came to help out in the morning. Furthermore, Auntie Li was a live-in helper, so Auntie Li would have the New Year’s eve family dinner with the Ke family almost every year.

Thus, Ke Yan had no need to help out. If anything, he found time to be so suffocatingly bored . He brewed a cup of tea and read a book on the balcony, feeling extremely bored.

As for Yang Shao Yu and Lin Zi Rui, they naturally went over to the Yang house. Because it was agreed prior to the day, the Lin family didn’t force Lin Zi Rui to return back for the New Year’s. Putting aside the thoughts of Zi Rui’s parents, Eldest Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin gave Zi Rui a call and told him to have a good holiday at the Yang house. They even told Shao Yu to take good care of Zi Rui.

Although they didn’t say much to Zi Rui, Eldest Brother Lin explained the situation to Yang Shao Yu privately, “Not sure of what made them suddenly think it through, but they wanted to have Zi Rui to stay for the New Year’s these two days. But when Lin Le found out, she threw a tantrum and didn’t agree. But this time round, the two actually didn’t cave into her. Instead, they realised that Lin Le’s attitude is too barbarous and insensible. They are now racking their brains to find a solution to change her for the better.” As Second Brother Lin spoke, some slight sense of helplessness was discerned.

Yang Shao Yu wasn’t interested in knowing what kinds of patterns Lin Le had. He knew that once the Lin parents had changed their mindset, they would have a conscience and have a limit to their pampering. At least now they would still care for Zi Rui in their hearts. He wasn’t worried about Lin Le.

Although he told Zi Rui that it was alright even if Zi Rui’s parents didn’t care about him and told Zi Rui not to be sad as he still has the Yang parents to love him, Yang Shao Yu still wished that Zi Rui’s parents would truly love Zi Rui. It was finally all settled nicely with this.

Lin Zi Rui and Yang Shao Yu went to the Yang house together. Mother Yang had great culinary skills. Even if she didn’t usually cook much, she would definitely cook the dishes personally on this day. Sister-in-law Yang didn’t cook as well as Mother Yang, so she helped to prepare the ingredients with the other helpers.

Since everyone was family, Yang Shao Yu didn’t buy much before entering the house. But Lin Zi Rui bought Eldest Brother Yang’s son a toy and some presents for Father and Mother Yang.

The two of them went back on the day of the New Year’s eve. In fact, they could actually go over yesterday, but they spent the entire day clinging to each other and lazing at home. So they drove over to the Yang house bright and early today. 

Yang Shao Yu informed Mother Yang of Lin Zi Rui’s favourite dishes, so Mother Yang specially made two more plates of Lin Zi Rui’s favourite food. Seeing how that Zi Rui kid was so skinny, Mother Yang specially boiled more fish soup. She noticed that Zi Rui enjoyed the soup on his previous visit and took note of it. Since everyone was home today, Mother Yang specially told Father Yang to bring back two more fish when he went fishing yesterday.

Lin Zi Rui wasn’t proficient in cooking and Mother Yang didn’t permit him to help out in the kitchen, so he had nothing much to do now. He sat with the Yang brothers on the sofa and chatted. Father Yang joined them and prattled merrily. Lin Zi Rui loved to see Father Yang’s joyful appearance as he looked very amiable.

At this time, Father Yang was sharing something interesting that happened when he went fishing. Lin Zi Rui was so amused that he joined in the chorus of laughter. After laughing, he lowered his head to drink a mouthful of the tea Yun Hui brewed. He blew out a relaxed sigh. What a great feeling this was.

Although everyone was busy on this day, it was all for the preparation of the New Year’s. Although busy, the exceptional delight of being together with one’s family made it all worth it. Within the day, the tasks left in the day should have been completed and night was the time where the family gathered around for a reunion dinner.

Back in the Jiang house, Jiang Qi gave Elder Brother Jiang’s son and Jiang Lu red packets.

Although she was already in her 20s, Jiang Lu still thickened her skin and accepted it.

The Yang family was also preparing to start their dinner too. This wasn’t the first time Lin Zi Rui spent New Year’s without his family. But this was the first time he spent New Year’s with such a warm and loving family.

Lin Zi Rui was feeling incredibly blessed.

Yet at this moment, in the Lin house, Lin Le was so angry that she locked herself in her room. The reason being Lin parents bringing up the topic of having Lin Zi Rui back for the New Year’s two days ago. When Lin Le heard it, she immediately opposed it. She thought that her parents would react the same way as they did in previous years, agreeing to whatever she said. However, Father and Mother Lin ignored her and continued to talk about bringing Lin Zi Rui home.

It was then that Lin Le started throwing a tantrum. It was all because Mother and Father Lin did not listen to her. 

Yet, seeing how Lin Le was so insensible, they became angry instead and told Lin Le, “How are you so big yet so impassive? Zi Rui is your brother. How can you not allow your brother to come back?”

Lin Le immediately felt wronged, “But didn’t you guys not bother about him in the past years too?”

The Lin parents froze. It might be the truth, but when Lin Le verbalised it, it was a little embarrassing. Especially so when they were trying to talk sense into Lin Le.

Furthermore, the key point wass that Lin Le’s words made them even more aware that they didn’t treat Zi Rui well at all.

“No need to say any further. We are going to bring Zi Rui home for New Year’s.” Father Lin insisted.

Lin Le also followed and said, “If you guys bring Lin Zi Rui back, I am going to starve myself.”

Mother Lin felt her heart going soft for a moment. But seeing Lin Le’s current willful appearance, she couldn’t help getting angry, “If you want to starve, then starve. We’ll see how long you can last.”

Lin Le immediately stomped into her room then slammed the door heavily with a loud “PENG!”. She locked the door firmly thereafter.

Mother Lin sighed, “Looks like we spoiled and indulged in that kid too much.”

Father Lin heard and also gave a sigh. He couldn’t fathom the reason why their relationships were so stiff and tense when they clearly were a family. Thinking about it, they, as parents, didn’t play their part well.

Despite saying the harsh “see how long you can last” words, Mother Lin couldn’t help getting the helper to send food to Lin Le’s room when it was meal time.

Lin Le was spoiled since young. She could still survive after going hungry for one meal, but after two meals, she couldn’t hold on and secretly ate the food which the helper brought up. But she still refused to leave the room.

Mother Lin was relieved when she saw Lin Le starting to eat something. As for being shut in the room, they toughened their hearts and didn’t bother her. They wanted to wear down Lin Le’s bad temper. Up until New Year’s Eve, Lin Le still refused to come out. Mother Lin didn’t even coax Lin Le out for the reunion dinner.

Lin Le was angered to the utmost.

After having the reunion dinner, the Spring Festival Gala was about to start broadcasting. The Jiang family had already prepared cut fruits and snacks as they got ready to watch the tv together.

Jiang Qi took the opportunity to call Ke Yan before the program started. Not long after he held his phone, Jiang Qi’s phone rang. The moment the call connected, Jiang Qi said first, “Happy Chinese New Year, Ke Yan.”

Ke Yan gave a gentle laugh over the phone and said warmly, “Happy Chinese New Year, Jiang Qi.”

When Jiang Qi heard Ke Yan’s voice, he was unable to refrain from releasing a foolish smile. Then, he noticed Jiang Lu casting over glances full of gossip.

“What are you doing now?” Jiang Qi turned around and went out to the balcony.

“Watching tv.” Ke Yan was seated with Father and Mother Ke on the sofa as they watched tv.

Jiang Qi felt a little chilly on the balcony and tightened his coat around him. He gazed up at the sky and suddenly said, “Ke Yan, we have been together for so many years and every year, I’m always so happy and blissful. For every year in the future, we must remain just as happy, all the way till old age.” 

“Jiang Qi, no matter if it’s 1 year, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years or even 100 years, we will still be in great bliss. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Jiang Qi replied softly and gave a smile as sweet as honey.

Jiang Qi believed that he and Ke Yan would always be happy for all of time.


T/N: What a great timing! Happy CNY~! May 2022 bring us more BL and more love <3

Countdown to Finale: 2

Editor : CarelessPurple 

Proofreader: Celare

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    or Sping Festival Union. Its a concise beautiful text of well wishes


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