Chapter 164 – Going Home For The New Year’s

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It was nearing the New Year’s. Whenever it was close to the holiday season, the company would be in a state of frenzied business. Even Ke Yan had to work overtime.

And today, Ke Yan was going to do so. Jiang Qi closed shop early as usual. It was such a cold day so he released the employees early to go home quicker.

After locking the entrance, Jiang Qi went to the company to find Ke Yan. 

Originally, at this time, the office would be noisy and full of ruckus because it was the time where everyone clocked off. But these few days, it has been very quiet. Everyone sat properly on their own seats as they worked past their usual hours.

Jiang Qi took the elevator to the 39th floor. Several secretaries were staring at their computer screen as they did their work. But he didn’t see Yang Shao Yu there. Jiang Qi didn’t disturb them and went straight into Ke Yan’s office.

Once he entered, he saw Ke Yan working with his brows furrowed.

He didn’t even realise when Jiang Qi came in.

Walking to the front of Ke Yan’s desk, he bent his waist and rubbed the tight crease in the middle of Ke Yan’s eyebrows.

Ke Yan froze a little. Then, he lifted his head and saw that it was Jiang Qi. His brows relaxed as he spoke, “When did you come in?”

“Just now. Why are you frowning?”

“Nothing much. I unconsciously frowned…….”

“Oh. Where’s Shao Yu? How come I don’t see him here?” Jiang Qi remembered that he didn’t see Yang Shao Yu when he walked in.

“Shao Yu’s younger brother came back today so they are having a family dinner.”

“Oh. Then continue on with your work. I’ll wait for you here.”

Ke Yan continued to work while Jiang Qi read his book on the sofa. Sitting for a while, he adjusted and sprawled tummy down over the sofa. After sprawling, he felt a little tired so he flipped and read his book while lying on his back. After reading for a while, the book drooped slowly and slowly, then finally, dropped on the carpet. He fell asleep in a short moment.

Unknowingly, time passed. When Ke Yan lifted his head from the pile of work, it was already 8pm.

Upon seeing Jiang Qi asleep on the sofa, he knelt in front of Jiang Qi. Ke Yan caressed Jiang Qi’s face, then quickly organised his files and locked up the important ones. 

Covering Jiang Qi with his suit jacket, Ke Yan carefully carried him up.

Jiang Qi was sleeping so soundly that he wasn’t even disturbed.

The beautiful secretaries looked at the time. It was close to 9pm. Why was the President still not clocking off? If the President did not get off work, they couldn’t too.

Just as they had that thought in mind, the doors of the President’s office opened. Then, they noticed President carrying a person out.

The secretaries collectively froze. Was that person Manager Jiang? How did they not see Manager Jiang entering?

The few unwedded secretaries felt mentally worn out. They were still thinking that they didn’t even have a boyfriend, how would they reply to their parent’s chasing once they went home? Manager Jiang was really lucky. Who knew that President was such an absolutely exceptional man? He was usually cold and icy but was so warm and gentle in front of his lover, even showing his care and love openly.

Although Jiang Qi wasn’t the departmental manager anymore, the people in the company continued to habitually call Jiang Qi, ‘Manager Jiang’.

“You can clock off. Good work today.” Ke Yan said.

“Yes.” The secretaries nodded.

Carrying Jiang Qi to the carpark, the security noticed the President carrying a person. After the President unlocked the car, he cleverly ran over to help Ke Yan open the door.

Ke Yan placed Jiang Qi on the seat carefully. Jiang Qi startled awake and he opened his eyes.

“Sleep for a while longer. I’ll wake you up once we’re home.”

Jiang Qi heard and closed his eyes again.

Back home, Ke Yan woke up Jiang Qi and ate the ready made dinner together.

For the following days, Ke Yan was very busy. But very soon, this busy period passed and the company gave out thick bonuses.

Jiang Qi pushed forward the employees’ probation period. All of them were promoted to official employees and were given red packets. Then, Jiang Qi’s vacation started.

Afterwards, it was time for the year end holiday.

Jiang Qi and Ke Yan went to their separate homes on the eve of the New Year’s.

Not knowing if it was a misjudgement, but Jiang Qi felt that Mother Jiang was exceptionally happy to see him come home for the New Year’s.

The moment he came home, he placed his things down and even helped her fry a batch of rice cakes.

Jiang Qi loved Mother Jiang’s fried rice cakes.

Cracking open the egg, beating the egg, then slicing open the cold and hard rice cake into pieces that were not too big nor small, he put the rice cakes into the beaten egg mixture. After the oil in the pot was heated up, he put the slices of rice cakes into the pot to fry.

After frying, Jiang Qi didn’t care if it was still hot and placed a piece of rice cake into his mouth. That crispy and fried smell of the egg and the soft chewy texture of the rice cake was really very delicious as he ate while huffing and puffing. 

Jiang Qi gobbled down a whole plate of rice cakes before he remembered to send a message to Ke Yan to inform him that he was home.

And when Ke Yan received the message, he had just parked his car at his house.

He entered the doors to see his parents chatting on the sofa.

Lan Ru Yin had also noticed Ke Yan’s return and looked towards the back of Ke Yan.

“Mom, what are you trying to find?” Ke Yan saw his mom constantly taking glances towards the back and asked, even though he knew the answer.

“No, nothing. But where’s Jiang Qi? He didn’t come back with you today?” Lan Ru Yin asked while donning an appearance of nonchalance. Yet in her heart she thought—— I really assumed that Jiang Qi would come home with Ke Yan.

“Of course Jiang Qi will spend New Year’s at home. Didn’t Mom say that you don’t want to see Jiang Qi?” Ke Yan sat on the sofa and said intentionally.

“That was in the past. But now I didn’t say that I don’t want to see Jiang Qi.” Lan Ru Yin hadn’t realised that Ke Yan was deceiving her and was feeling a little anxious. Jiang Qi couldn’t possibly be afraid of her, right?

Ke Xin couldn’t continue watching them and reminded his wife good naturedly, “Do you still not know that you’re being tricked by your son?”

Once Ke Xin said so, Lan Ru Yin then came to her senses.

“Jiang Qi’s spending New Year’s at home. He will come and visit you two on the first day.” Ke Yan saw that his mom was about to get angry and hurriedly confessed.

“Hmph, got it.” Lan Ru Yin acted as if she didn’t care.

Looking at Lan Ru Yin’s appearance of saying one thing but feeling another, Ke Xin couldn’t resist smiling.

Ke Yan suddenly remembered something. He raised the corners of his lips into a smile too, “Dad, Mom, leave some time for us on the second day (of New Year’s).”

“Why? Is there something going on?”

“You two will be attending the wedding of Jiang Qi and I on that day.”

“What?” Ke Xin and Lan Ru Yin exclaimed together. They were equally surprised. Ke Yan had never discussed a word about it with them so they thought that they would have to wait till the start of spring for the wedding preparations.

“Will it be too rushed? You haven’t sent out the invitations and all yet, right?” Lan Ru Yin was afraid that Ke Yan had no experience in preparing for a wedding and would be unsure of some customs.

“No need for invitations. Jiang Qi and I discussed it. We are only inviting some of our friends and family.”

“That works fine too. Anyway, if you need help, come and find me or your mom.” Ke Xin was confident in Ke Yan’s ability to handle business.

“Okay.” Ke Yan nodded. Now, except for notifying Jiang Qi’s parents, everything was in place. He even called Mo Lu and Ma Tong to get them to help out on that day. Jiang Qi was completely unaware of everything, but he wanted to give Jiang Qi a surprise. He liked to see joy appearing on Jiang Qi’s face. Thinking of Jiang Qi, Ke Yan’s entire being felt softer and warmer. A few more days and Jiang Qi and he would have their wedding ceremony.


Author’s note:

It’s ending in the next 3-4 chapters. At the beginning, there was Jiang Qi and Ke Yan because I liked this style of novel. Unexpectedly, I actually persevered through it and now I feel a little reluctant to end it.

T/N: It’s coming >< huhuhu…

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