Chapter 161 – Yang’s Youngest Brother

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Today was the promised day where the whole family would eat together. Thus, Lin Zi Rui changed shifts with his colleague in the afternoon, then went to the airport with Yang Shao Yu to fetch someone.

It was actually Eldest Brother Yang who was supposed to fetch, but he couldn’t leave the company. Father Yang and Mother Yang were too far from the airport so they intended to let Little Brother Yang take a taxi home by himself.

Coincidentally, Yang Shao Yu had already told Ke Yan that he was taking leave in the afternoon, and so, the only ones that were free to pick him up in the afternoon were Yang Shao Yu and Lin Zi Rui, who had changed shifts.

On the journey to the airport, Lin Zi Rui recalled that he only knew that Yang Shao Yu had a little brother travelling overseas and nothing else. He asked, “Shao Yu, what kind of person is Little Brother?”

“He is a little rascal. He wears flamboyant and flowery clothes all day, yet he has a pretty cultured name. He’s called Yang Shao Wen. But his personality is pretty good, carefree and frivolous, kinda like Dad.”

“Is Little Brother usually overseas?”

“Nope. There’s a period of time every year where he would travel overseas. When he’s in the country, he will help out at the office. When you see him later at the airport, you’ll definitely not be able to recognise that he’s my brother.”

“Really?” Lin Zi Rui’s curiosity towards Little Brother was piqued. 

At the Lin house, Mother Lin opened her wardrobe to take a look, then closed it. She couldn’t help recalling her eldest and second eldest sons’ words from last night. Sitting on the bedside, she hesitated a little, unsure if she should go tonight.

As she thought back to the past, she remembered that no matter what or when, they, as parents, had spent most of their time and attention on Lin Le. On the contrary, the time spent accompanying Lin Zi Rui was the least.

Regarding the feeling of guilt towards Lin Zi Rui, they perhaps did feel so when Lin Zi Rui was younger, but as Lin Zi Rui grew older, the guilt diminished. This was because all their attention was placed onto Lin Le. 

Father Lin walked into the room and saw Mother Lin sitting there in deep thoughts. He asked, “Are we going tonight?”

“I don’t know.”

Father Lin remained silent. He was the same as Mother Lin. On one hand, he was angry about the matter of Lin Zi Rui liking men and didn’t wish to see him. But, he also couldn’t help thinking about Lin Zi Rui, wondering if he was doing well.

“We should go take a look.” Father Lin decided. “Just merely taking a look, and having dinner at the same time.”

“Okay.” Mother Lin agreed. She opened her wardrobe and picked out the clothes she wanted to wear for tonight.

Due to traffic congestion, the two men only arrived at the airport when Yang Shao Wen’s flight would have landed if there wasn’t any delay. They went to the arrival hall and went to see if the plane had any delays. There weren’t. Yang Shao Yu took out his phone to call Yang Shao Wen, wanting to check on his current location.

“The number you have dialed is unavailable……” Power off. Yang Shao Yu ended the call, “Shao Wen’s phone is turned off. Let’s just try to find him. If we can’t find him, we’ll just let him go home by himself.”

“Okay, let’s split up and search.”

“Right,” Yang Shao Yu reminded Lin Zi Rui again, “If you see someone wearing very odd and strange clothes, that person is Shao Wen.”

Lin Zi Rui and Yang Shao Yu split up to search, but with so many people in the airport, how could it be easy? Furthermore, he forgot that he didn’t even know what Yang Shao Wen looked like. Lin Zi Rui thought about the description Yang Shao Yu used: Dressed flamboyantly, strange and odd, very eye-catching.

Looking around all over, Lin Zi Rui’s line of sight paused. He had indeed caught sight of a person dressed very exaggeratedly; flowery green cardigan resembling a green glow stick, very bright pale green, dark green long pants paired with a pair of black shoes. He was pulling along a luggage, wearing shades and a head full of curly and slightly long hair. The brightly coloured clothes on him not only didn’t look old-fashioned, it even looked pretty good.

However, based on his appearance, Lin Zi Rui had an impression that he was someone who was a little showy.

But, was this person Shao Yu’s brother?

Lin Zi Rui stared at that person so hard that he didn’t even realise when Yang Shao Yu reached his side.

“I didn’t find Shao Wen, how about you?” Yang Shao Yu asked.

Lin Zi Rui paused a little. “Shao Yu, over there, is that person Shao Wen?”

Yang Shao Yu’s line of sight followed the direction of Lin Zi Rui’s finger and saw a “glowing” Shao Wen. He said to Lin Zi Rui, “That’s right, he’s Shao Wen.” Saying so, he pulled Lin Zi Rui and trotted towards Yang Shao Wen.

“Shao Wen.” Yang Shao Yu called out.

Yang Shao Wen turned around and excitedly walked over when he saw Yang Shao Yu. “I thought that I needed to take a taxi home on my own.” 

“When I called you, why was your phone turned off?”

“Flat.” Yang Shao Wen said as he shook the phone in his hand.

“Oh right, this is Zi Rui, my lover.” Yang Shao Yu introduced Lin Zi Rui.

“I know, Mom told me everything.” Yang Shao Wen and Lin Zi Rui shook hands. “Hi Second Sis-In-Law.”

Second Sis-In-Law? Hearing this address, Lin Zi Rui could only helplessly raise the corners of his lips, “Hello.”

“You brat, don’t call him ‘Second Sis’, ‘Second Brother’ is good enough. Zi Rui will be uncomfortable if you call him ‘Second Sis’.”

“Got it. Second Brother.” Yang Shao Wen very naturally changed his address and called out ‘Second Brother’ towards Lin Zi Rui.

“Little Bro, you must be hungry after sitting on the airplane for nearly half a day, right? Let’s continue chatting in the car.” Lin Zi Rui might not have had the best first impression of Yang Shao Wen, but after interacting with him, his impression improved. This Little Brother really resembled Father Yang. Even though the appearance did not look too similar, the manner of speech and the laughter all sounded like Father Yang.

The three of them sat in the car. Yang Shao Wen sat at the back and chatted with Lin Zi Rui very excitedly, “Second Brother, when I heard that you subdued my brother, you have no idea how surprised I was. I thought that I heard about the wrong person.”

“Why so surprised?” Lin Zi Rui didn’t understand.

“Brother used to be a thorough womanizer, spinning around different women, basically unable to decide on one.”

Lin Zi Rui gave Yang Shao Yu a look. This look made Yang Shao Yu jolt, feeling as if his back was a little cold.

“Your brother really used to be such a playboy?”

“Yeah. You don’t know this, but my mom used to be afraid that my brother would not be able to get married for his whole life, continuing to linger amongst the flowers1referring to women.” Little Brother Yang completely didn’t know that his Second Brother’s heart was filled with panic, desperately wanting to seal that chatty mouth. That mouth was still jabbering on and on with Lin Zi Rui.

“Is that so?” Lin Zi Rui’s eyes wrinkled into crescents.

Yang Shao Yu really wanted to stop the car and explain to Lin Zi Rui clearly. But he was now on the highway, unable to follow his heart.

And so, he could only say to Little Brother Yang, “Shut up, go sleep and wake up once we reach.”

“But I’m not sleepy.” Little Brother Yang was having so much fun talking, how could he possibly fall asleep now?

“Just go to sleep.” Yang Shao Yu didn’t want to talk so much nonsense with Yang Shao Wen. Just where did he get this carefree and no self-awareness personality from?

“Ok, okay.” Yang Shao Wen pitifully listened to his Second Brother’s words and lied down to sleep. But he really couldn’t fall asleep, okay?

“Zi Rui, I admit that I was pretty much a playboy before I met you. But after meeting you, I have never done such things ever again.” When he said these, he wasn’t afraid of being embarrassed from letting his younger brother hear.

And now, Little Brother Yang then knew that he screwed up. He immediately closed his eyes and seemed to feel a little sleepy.

“Okay, just concentrate on driving. We’ll talk again once we’re home.” Lin Zi Rui wasn’t very angry. After all, he knew Shao Yu’s personality. He knew the love Shao Yu had for him was honest to a fault.

Yang Shao Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Lin Zi Rui trusted him. But his heart felt a little regretful, how could he have been so frivolous last time?

And the originally wide awake Little Brother Yang was currently asleep. His entire body was curled on the back seat, sleeping very soundly.


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