Chapter 160 – Incoming Return of Yang Family’s Youngest Brother

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The next day, Jiang Qi woke up and saw Xiao Ke lying next to him. He gave Xiao Ke a kiss before getting up.

For breakfast, he made something simple. When it was about time for Ke Yan to wake up, Xiao Ke got up too. Jiang Qi changed Xiao Ke’s diapers and put on a clean set of clothes for him.

After making milk for Xiao Ke, he then had breakfast with Ke Yan.

Today, Xiao Ke was going to spend the entire day with Jiang Qi in the bookstore. Thereafter, Ke Shao would pick Xiao Ke up in the late afternoon.

So before they left the house, they packed Xiao Ke’s things into the bag, including the little fluffy toy puppy which was bought yesterday.

Xiao Ke was relatively obedient. He didn’t cry in the bookstore and played by himself at the side. Jiang Qi was occasionally busy and his spare time was used to accompany Xiao Ke.

At this moment, Jiang Qi’s phone rang. It was Mother Jiang.

“Xiao Qi, are you coming back for the Spring Festival1spring festival and chinese new year are referring to the same festival. New Year’s will be used interchangeably with chinese new years! this year?”

“Of course I’m going home for New Year’s. Don’t I do that every year?”

“Not that. I thought that you’ll be spending the New Year’s in Ke Yan’s house.” No matter how Mother Jiang thought about it, Jiang Qi always seemed to be the bottom one, so that was practically the same as being Ke Yan’s wife. Didn’t that mean that he had to follow Ke Yan home for the Spring Festival? 

“Oh, Ke Yan and I discussed this. We’ll celebrate New Year’s eve at home and we’ll make our New Year’s greeting at Ke Yan’s house on the first day of the Spring Festival.”

“That’s good too. Then I’ll go do my own things now. I’m making rice cakes this year.”

“Okay, won’t disturb you.” Jiang Qi hung up the phone.

Before Ke Yan and him came out to their parents, not only could they not spend the New Year’s together, they also had to call each other secretly. But this year, they could visit each other’s families through the main door.

When lunch time came, Jiang Qi went to find Ke Yan, then requested the canteen’s chef to prepare Xiao Ke’s lunch.

After that, Jiang Qi and Xiao Ke took an afternoon nap on the 3rd floor of the bookstore. When they woke up, it was already past 3pm.

Carrying Xiao Ke down, he saw Ke Shao sitting downstairs, reading a magazine.

“Sis, what time did you arrive?” Jiang Qi walked over and handed Xiao Ke over to Ke Shao.

“I just came not long ago.” Ke Shao hugged Xiao Ke and immediately gave him 2 kisses. “You two took good care of Xiao Ke.”

“En. Are you going back now?” Jiang Qi felt a little reluctant to part with Xiao Ke.

“En, you can see him when you come back for New Year’s. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have to rush back before my in-laws reach home, I will have let you hug Xiao Ke longer.” Ke Shao could also notice Jiang Qi’s reluctance, but today was the day where her in-laws were coming back from overseas. They said that they wanted to see Xiao Ke, and should be reaching anytime soon.

“Go on then, have a safe trip.” Jiang Qi helped Ke Shao to put Xiao Ke’s bags and the newly bought toy into the car that was parked outside the store.

“You even bought him a toy? Then I’ll make my move first. Remember to come back for New Year’s.”

“Okay, bye Sis, bye Xiao Ke.” Jiang Qi bid his farewells.

Once the car drove far into the distance, Jiang Qi called Ke Yan. “Xiao Ke and Sis are going home together. You said that Xiao Ke will call me ‘Uncle’ very soon, but Xiao Ke still hasn’t called me yet.”

“Uh, don’t worry. When you call him tonight, he will be able to call you ‘Uncle’.” Ke Yan smiled lightly as he comforted Jiang Qi.


“Really.” Ke Yan wasn’t too sure himself, but he still guaranteed.

“Carry on with your work.” Jiang Qi got his assurance and hung up.

Ke Yan ended the call and made another call to Ke Shao. “Sis, I have a request.”

“What’s wrong? You call me ‘Sis’ so conscientiously today, what request do you have?” Ke Shao felt a little flabbergasted at her own brother actually asking for a favour.

“Teach Xiao Ke to call out ‘Uncle’. He must be able to say it by tonight.”

“Uncle? Why?  I taught Xiao Ke for so many days just for him to call me ‘Mama’. With just a short amount of time, it’s practically impossible.”

“I don’t need you to do it, as long as Xiao Ke can, it’s good. Jiang Qi wants to hear Xiao Ke calling him ‘Uncle’. I’m begging you, then I’ll hang up first.”

Unsure of whether his sister would be able to make Xiao Ke call out ‘Uncle’, Ke Yan left work and went to pick up Jiang Qi at the bookstore.

Jiang Qi was coincidentally locking up the front entrance. After that, he got on to the car.

“Ke Yan, I thought about it. It seems like calling me ‘Uncle’ in a short amount of time is difficult for Xiao Ke. I think I’ll just teach him personally next time when I visit him.”

“Were you reluctant to say goodbye to Xiao Ke today?” Ke Yan didn’t dare to guarantee if Xiao Ke could or could not say ‘Uncle’, so before confirming it, he wouldn’t bring the topic back up.

“Yeah. But we can see him again when we go home next time.”

“Oh right, after our marriage, the child can be almost brought back to our house immediately.” Ke Yan was talking about the matter of adopting a child.

“Really? Then when are we getting married?” Jiang Qi was a little eager.

“Are you feeling anxious? After the New Year’s.” Ke Yan didn’t mention anything else. Jiang Qi knew that Ke Yan wanted to give him a surprise, so he didn’t probe for more.

At home after dinner, Ke Yan took the opportunity when Jiang Qi was bathing to call Ke Shao, “Sis, how’s it going?”

“Xiao Ke’s pretty clever this time round and can call out ‘Uncle’. But I don’t know if he’ll call out later. He just refuses to say ‘Uncle’ at times.”

“Can I hear him say it first?”

“I’ll try.” Through the phone came Ke Shao trying to get Xiao Ke to say the word ‘Uncle’, “Xiao Ke, come, say ‘Uncle’, ‘Un-cle’.”

But for a long time, Xiao Ke didn’t say the word.

“Who are you on the phone with?” Jiang Qi came out from the bathroom. “Is that Sis?” Jiang Qi asked expectantly.

“Yeah. Come over.” Ke Yan put the phone on loudspeaker. Jiang Qi sat next to Ke Yan and called out to the phone, “Xiao Ke?”

“Ah, ah.” From the phone, Xiao Ke could be heard to have excitedly made some noises.

Ke Shao quietly whispered next to Xiao Ke’s ears, “Say ‘Uncle’.”

“Ah-coo?” Xiao Ke called out two sounds with incorrect pronunciation.

“Xiao Ke called for ‘Uncle’? What a good boy, Xiao Ke.” Jiang Qi smiled, and that smile could be called ‘excited’.

After chatting with Xiao Ke a little more, they hung up the call. Jiang Qi hugged Ke Yan. “It feels really great.”


Over on the other side, Yang Shao Yu received Mother Yang’s call. “Shao Yu, your youngest brother is coming back tomorrow afternoon. We’ll have dinner at a hotel. Do you guys have time for a meal together?”

Yang Shao Yu naturally said that they were free.

Once Mother Yang ended the call, he informed Lin Zi Rui.

Lin Zi Rui nodded. “Of course there’s time. I’ll change shifts with someone in the afternoon and leave work earlier.”

“Okay, I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

The two discussed and came to a conclusion. At this time, Second Brother Lin called and asked if Xiao Rui had time tomorrow to eat together.

It was the company’s busiest period recently. Xiao Rui definitely would not be spending New Year’s at home, so since they had some time tomorrow night, they could have a meal with Xiao Rui.

However, Lin Zi Rui wasn’t free, “I’m eating with Shao Yu’s family tomorrow night. I’ll treat you and Big Brother to a meal the following night.”

“Alright then. But where are you going to eat?”

“XX Hotel.” Yang Shao Yu had mentioned this to Lin Zi Rui. Whenever their family went out to eat, they usually ate at that hotel.

“Okay, got it.” Second Brother Lin hung up the phone. Coincidentally, Big Brother Lin reached the house. Because the call was on loudspeaker, Big Brother Lin had heard it too.

Once they entered the doors, they saw their parents watching television on the sofa. Recently, the Lin parents were still up watching television in the living room late at night. Lin Le couldn’t be bothered to accompany them, so she went to her room after her meal.

Second Brother Lin didn’t understand why they still wouldn’t rest in their room and remain in the living room at such a late time.

Big Brother Lin had an inkling, but wasn’t sure if his guess was right. He then suddenly recalled the conversation just now, and pretended to talk to Second Brother Lin, “Xiao Rui said that he’s going to XX Hotel tomorrow for dinner, right? We should try that place out sometime.”

“Yeah.” Second Brother Lin nodded but couldn’t understand.

The Lin parents’ eyebrows twitched. Big Brother Lin didn’t know if they were indeed thinking of what he thought they were.


T/N: hmm what do yall think of this? And the Xiao Ke X Jiang Qi part in the beginning was so adorable >< HAPPY NEW YEAR!! may 2022 bring blessings to all and hopefully time won’t whizz by like 2020 and 2021 did~

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Editor: CarelessPurple 

Proofreader: Celare

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    spring festival and chinese new year are referring to the same festival. New Year’s will be used interchangeably with chinese new years!


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