Chapter 158 – Don’t Tell Me He Pooped

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Jiang Qi followed Secretary Wu into the tearoom. As one of Ke Yan’s secretaries, how could she not know about Jiang Qi and Ke Yan’s relationship? It didn’t matter if she accepted it or not, as an employee, it’s fine as long as she didn’t speak out of place.

At the tearoom, Secretary Wu looked all over and finally found a pot to use for sterilising the bottle. The employees had used that to cook noodles.

Jiang Qi carried Xiao Ke as he watched Secretary Wu’s actions. He was trying to learn so that he could make milk for Xiao Ke when he’s hungry.

Secretary Wu started to boil another pot of water.

As they waited for the water to boil, Jiang Qi felt that it was a tad bit too quiet, so he started to chat with Secretary Wu, “Secretary Wu, how old is your child? Is he studying already?”

“One has started elementary school, the other is in preschool. Both are boys.” Secretary Wu gave a perfunctory smile and replied politely.

“You must have felt like giving birth to a girl, right? After my mom had my brother and I, she also wanted a girl.”

“Yeah, I do want a girl.” Secretary Wu heard Jiang Qi’s words and her smile wasn’t so forced anymore. She had developed a better feeling towards Jiang Qi. Before, she liked Manager Jiang as a person, finding him polite and respectful, not because he was the apple of President Ke’s eyes. Only after knowing about their intimate relationship, did she then hate him, not even dislike.

“Oh right, for a child this young, besides milk, what else can he eat?” Jiang Qi continued to seek advice from her.

“He can eat soft and short noodles or some porridge. You can use chicken stock to cook, but make sure that it isn’t too oily nor too salty, never add in seasoning. Do not feed him seafood too.” As a mother of two, she could go on continuously the moment she started talking. Seeing Jiang Qi’s studious appearance, she felt her mood getting better and treated Jiang Qi with a friendlier attitude.

At this time, the bottle had been well sterilized. Secretary Wu turned off the fire and scooped it out with well practiced moves. She also turned off the fire that was boiling the water and continued her instructions, “The hot water used for making milk should be around 40-60 degree celsius, not at boiling temperature.”

Saying that, she poured the water into the bottle and added two scoops of milk powder with familiarity. Covering the bottle, she gave it a shake. 

After that, she tested the temperature on the back of her hand then handed the milk bottle over to Jiang Qi to feed Xiao Ke.

Jiang Qi placed the nipple into Xiao Ke’s mouth and he immediately opened his mouth to suck the bottle. In a short moment, he had already drunk quite a bit, holding the bottle on his own.

“Thank you.” Jiang Qi smiled as he thanked Secretary Wu, then went back together with her.

As they walked to the entrance of the office, Jiang Qi took the milk powder can from Secretary Wu’s hand. Since he thought that Ke Yan was still having a meeting, he sat next to Yang Shao Yu, putting the milk powder bottle on the table.

Yang Shao Yu looked at Xiao Ke and gently pinched Xiao Ke’s hand as he held it, “Whenever I see a kid, I always feel like taking care of him must be really tiring.”

“Why are you exactly like Ke Yan? It’s not tiring at all, it’s just that I don’t know how to coax him when he cries.”

“You and Ke Yan are going to adopt one?”


“Zi Rui and I are only going to think about this after a couple of years.” Yang Shao Yu still wanted to spend many more years in their own explicit world with Lin Zi Rui.

“That’s alright too. After all, Zi Rui’s job takes up a lot of his time.”

“Go in quickly.” Yang Shao Yu put the milk powder can in Jiang Qi’s hand. “If you don’t go in soon, Ke Yan is going to come out and question us.”

Jiang Qi stood up with one hand holding Xiao Ke, the other holding the can. Yang Shao Yu opened the door for Jiang Qi and when he entered, the meeting hadn’t finished.

Jiang Qi greeted the Managers with slight embarrassment.

Ke Yan noticed Jiang Qi’s arrival and walked to Jiang Qi. He helped Jiang Qi to close the door and took over the milk powder can.

“I’ll go rest in the lounge for a bit.”

“Okay.” Ke Yan and Jiang Qi entered the lounge together.

Outside, all the Managers glanced at each other, especially the Manager who was in the middle of reporting. He sat back down with the file in his hand and calmly took a sip of his coffee, taking a short break.

“Whose child is Manager Jiang holding?”

All the other Managers shook their heads and didn’t respond, afraid that the President would come out of the room to see them gossiping. Furthermore, the object of gossip was the President and Manager Jiang. President would definitely continue the meeting with a frosty expression.

As a Departmental Manager, Wang Si Qi was present for the meeting too and was also quietly making guesses of the child’s identity.

However, she didn’t reveal her thoughts on her face.

Chang Qing didn’t join in the gossip. He worriedly took a glance at the lounge. Manager Jiang and President’s relationship is so good, it definitely couldn’t be a child from either of them.

In the lounge, Jiang Qi urged Ke Yan to hurry back to his meeting.

“Got it. After the meeting, we’ll go home earlier.”


Ke Yan left. Jiang Qi tilted his head to check if Xiao Ke had finished his milk.

Only to see Xiao Ke’s two tiny hands hugging the milk bottle, drinking in pure enjoyment. His mouth sucked strongly and his face followed the movements of the sucking.

It was so meng, so adorable, that Jiang Qi could feel the melting of his heart. He lowered his head to drop a kiss on Xiao Ke’s forehead. Xiao Ke paused his drinking and lifted his head to look at Jiang Qi, then resumed his actions of filling up his tummy. 

Jiang Qi lowered his head even further to sniff Xiao Ke’s neck. It was so fragrant. There was the smell of milk, resembling a milk bun.

When Ke Yan exited the room, all the Managers were sitting stiffly on the sofa. Ke Yan continued the meeting.

The meeting resumed but the speed hastened up. Everyone present were all experienced people who could read faces. Seeing Jiang Qi waiting in the lounge for President and seeing President’s poker face, everyone knew that the President wanted to end the meeting as soon as possible, even though there wasn’t an expression on his face.

Of course, this didn’t include Wang Si Qi, who very much wanted Jiang Qi to wait longer.

But under the ‘hard work’ of the Managers, the meeting ended quickly, albeit with the duration of 30 minutes.

The moment the meeting ended, Ke Yan went straight to the lounge, without even waiting for the crowd to leave his office first.

When Ke Yan opened the door, Xiao Ke was crawling around the bed. Jiang Qi’s back was facing Ke Yan as he squatted in front of the bed. He held the remote control in his hand, “Xiao Ke, come and take this.”

Xiao Ke dazedly looked at Jiang Qi for a while, then crawled over to Jiang Qi with his little hands and feet. After crawling halfway, he stopped then lied down, quietly staring at the ceiling.

Jiang Qi was a little disappointed but he turned on the tv with the remote control. The tv was broadcasting a cartoon at this time.

Ke Yan laughed silently. Holding back his laughter, he carefully walked to the back of Jiang Qi and carried him up suddenly. Jiang Qi was shocked out of his wits but calmed down after seeing that it was Ke Yan. He asked, “Your meeting is over?”

“En, you’re playing with Xiao Ke?” As he spoke, he placed Jiang Qi on the bed.


Ke Yan leaned down to kiss Jiang Qi’s forehead, then kissed his lips. Finally, he couldn’t resist moving downwards, kissing and giving Jiang Qi’s neck a lick. Jiang Qi felt ticklish from the kisses and lick. “Stop messing around, Xiao Ke is still here.” 

“Of course I’m aware of his presence. Otherwise, I would have long taken off your clothes and pressed you down on the bed……”

“Don’t continue, it’s so embarrassing. Get up quickly.” Jiang Qi pushed Ke Yan away.

“Kiss for a while longer.” Ke Yan continued to kiss and pulled down Jiang Qi’s collar, revealing the fair and tempting clavicle. Ke Yan’s eyes turned hotter. He sucked on the seductive collarbone and even took a few bites of it. One of his hands was already under his shirt, touching all over. Grazing over Jiang Qi’s two perky dots, Jiang Qi’s face turned fiery red and turned his head slightly. Coincidentally, he turned towards Xiao Ke’s direction. Xiao Ke met Jiang Qi’s gaze head on, as he stared at him.

Jiang Qi dare not move from that little gaze. His whole body turned to stone.

Ke Yan could also feel Jiang Qi’s stiffened body and didn’t forget about Xiao Ke. So, he kissed another two mouthfuls and released Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi heaved a sigh of relief while Ke Yan straightened up Jiang Qi’s clothes.

Jiang Qi noticed that Xiao Ke was still staring at him. Blinking his eyes, he suddenly smelled something in the air. Sniffing again, he wondered, what is this smell? Why is it so smelly?

“Ke Yan, do you smell it? Something smelly.”

“A smell?” Ke Yan sniffed. Thinking of Jiang Qi’s “smelly” description, he seemed to have made a connection. Then, with a dark expression, he stiffly turned his neck towards Xiao Ke who was playing with his own feet.

Jiang Qi had also reacted this time round. Did Xiao Ke pooped?


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