Chapter 157 – Biting His Finger Means He’s Hungry

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Jiang Qi carried Xiao Ke, and Ke Yan stared directly at Xiao Ke in his bosom. Xiao Ke didn’t cry when his mom left him here and didn’t cry when he saw Ke Shao leaving. Instead, he grabbed Jiang Qi’s finger that was holding him and put it inside his mouth, nibbling and licking.

Jiang Qi hadn’t reacted to Xiao Ke’s biting but when he felt the itch from Xiao Ke’s lick, he quickly took out his finger from Xiao Ke’s mouth. “My finger is dirty, no putting, inside mouth.” Saying so, he thought that Xiao Ke didn’t understand what he said and used another clean finger to caress Xiao Ke’s face.

Ke Yan pulled out two tissues to wipe Jiang Qi’s hand. Looking at Jiang Qi’s happy expression, he couldn’t help feeling better too. “Are you excited?”

“En.” Jiang Qi nodded, but he was also worried. “But I’ve never taken care of a child before.”

“Didn’t Sis say that he is easy to raise? Relax.” After saying that, he looked down at Xiao Ke who was dressed in many layers, looking like a ball in Jiang Qi’s bosom. “How does he look exactly like a mantou?”

“Pfft!” Jiang Qi snickered, “She was just scared that the child would feel cold. Do you want to carry him?”

“Don’t want to.” Ke Yan rejected.

“He’s very adorable. Just carry him, even a little while is fine.” Jiang Qi directly placed Xiao Ke on Ke Yan’s leg. Ke Yan reached out a hand to support Xiao Ke.

Xiao Ke didn’t cry when he sat on Ke Yan’s leg, but he shifted uncomfortably.

Jiang Qi adjusted Ke Yan’s hugging posture, “You must carry him. He won’t be able to sit steadily and comfortably if you just support him.”

Ke Yan carried Xiao Ke properly then looked at Jiang Qi. “Once we have kids, they must call you ‘Mommy’.”

“Why? Shouldn’t it be ‘Dad’?”

“Because you look more like a mom, child’s mom.”

Jiang Qi faked an angry appearance and glared at Ke Yan, “When there’s kids, you mustn’t say such things in front of them. If the kids really call me ‘mom’, you’ll be sleeping alone in the future.” As he spoke, he carried over Xiao Ke.

“Understood, my wife.” Ke Yan’s smile became deeper.

“Chee Poo…” Xiao Ke didn’t understand what the two adults were talking about and he pouted his lips. He sucked on his fingers and even his pinky was not spared.

Jiang Qi realized this and removed Xiao Ke’s hand from his mouth, wiping them clean with a tissue.

Xiao Ke was originally happily sucking his fingers in contentment, but had the fingers suddenly pulled out. He wanted to put them back into his mouth but his hand was gently held by Jiang Qi. Xiao Ke gathered up the strength accumulated by drinking milk but was still unable to free his hand. His mouth flattened unconsciously and his face scrunched up, as if he was about to cry.

As expected, once the face had completed its scrunch, with an “AH——”, he started crying. It was a thunderous cry that made others feel pity. His tiny face became all red.

Jiang Qi panicked, “Ke Yan, what should we do? What happened to Xiao Ke?”

“Don’t worry, don’t panic. Let me see if Sis has written anything.” Ke Yan also had not a single clue about kids. Remembering Ke Shao mentioning about the note, Ke Yan stood up and opened the bag that Ke Shao brought, digging through it to find the aforementioned note.

Jiang Qi was trying to coax Xiao Ke. He stood up and swayed, walked around as he hugged and coaxed him, but Xiao Ke continued crying badly.

When Ke Shao left the office, the door wasn’t fully shut, so the office and the outside area weren’t separated by anything. Once Xiao Ke cried, all the secretaries outside, who were typing, paused and everyone went still. They glanced at each other and had a face full of gossip. What was going on?

Yang Shao Yu was curious too and he directly stood up and walked into the office. When he entered, he didn’t forget to close the door.

The secretaries outside who were excited for gossip had a look of disappointment as they continued doing their work. They hoped that when Assistant Yang came out, he would share with them the events happening in the room.

When Yang Shao Yu entered the office, he saw Ke Yan digging through a bag and Jiang Qi turning all over, trying to coax a child. Yang Shao Yu watched silently for 2 glances and immediately took the moment that Jiang Qi and Ke Yan hadn’t spotted him to run away. He didn’t want to be coerced into staying by Ke Yan to help calm the child down.

The secretaries outside watched as Yang Shao Yu entered and immediately came out of the room. And that made them even more curious. They all stared wide-eyed at Yang Shao Yu, hinting to him to let them all know of the happenings inside the office.

Yang Shao Yu didn’t give a response and had them all resume their work.

They noticed that Yang Shao Yu didn’t mention anything, so they stopped asking and continued on with their work.

Ke Yan flipped through the whole bag and looked for the note for half a day, before finally taking out the note that was wedged in the bag. Looking at it, Ke Yan knew that Xiao Ke was feeling hungry, so he took out the milk powder and bottle. Glancing at the note again, it wrote: Place the milk bottle in a basin of hot water or steam it first before making milk. The estimated water temperature for the milk must be around 40℃ ~ 60℃. After that, add in the correct amount of powder. Mix thoroughly.

Frowning, he hadn’t expected that it would be so complicated.

“What’s wrong? Is it very difficult?” Jiang Qi looked at the appearance of Ke Yan staring at the note while frowning. It seemed like making milk was pretty difficult.

“Yes. I’ll go make the milk.” Ke Yan helplessly took the bottle and powder, planning to make it in the tearoom.

“I’ll go instead. You can carry Xiao Ke.” Xiao Ke had stopped crying already. Because Jiang Qi was holding him, he couldn’t grab Xiao Ke’s hands. He now realized that he could stuff his hand back into his mouth.

“It’s better if you carry him.” The posture Ke Yan had while carrying Xiao Ke wasn’t better than Jiang Qi’s. He was afraid that he might drop Xiao Ke.

Jiang Qi still felt that it was better if he went to make the milk instead. Who in the right mind would let a President make baby milk in the tearoom during working hours?

“Knock knock——” The door was knocked. Yang Shao Yu came in to report, “All the Departmental Managers have arrived.”

Ke Yan then recalled that he had a small scale meeting to attend today and it was right at this moment.

“I’ll bring Xiao Ke back to the bookstore first.” Jiang Qi didn’t want to disturb Ke Yan’s work.

“No problem. You can feed the milk first then nap for a while with Xiao Ke in the lounge.”

Ke Yan said as he held the milk bottle and the entire can of powder in his hands, walking out of the office. Jiang Qi followed him with Xiao Ke in his arms.

The Managers outside who were waiting for the president saw Ke Yan coming out. Although they felt that it was impossible, they still felt that it should be the president calling them in, not the other way round. But once they saw the things in Ke Yan’s hands, they froze immediately, revealing a shocked expression.

Ke Yan ignored them and placed the bottle and powder on one of the secretary’s desks.

Secretary Wu was shocked as she lifted her head to see the president. “President?”

“I seem to recall that you have given birth before. Help me make the milk.”

“Ah? Yes, okay.” Secretary Wu might not have come back to her senses, but her body subconsciously took the bottle and powder and went to make milk in the tearoom.

 Jiang Qi followed. When he passed by Ke Yan, he was stopped. “Wait. Once the milk is made, come find me in the office. Don’t return to the bookstore alone.”

“Got it. Go back to your work.” Jiang Qi nodded and followed behind Secretary Wu.

All the Departmental Managers readjusted their expressions but couldn’t help guessing the identity of the child secretly.

“Come in.” Without Jiang Qi next to him, Ke Yan’s expression returned back to his usual cold and stern look. His attitude had also become unfriendly and fierce.

All the Managers entered the office thinking, Only when Jiang Qi’s around will the President no longer make people so fearful.


T/N: well…. KY also prefers to have JQ around too, just like the Managers!

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